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Ryan Bundy Declares Himself An 'Idiot' Not Subject To US Courts

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupier Ryan Bundy filed a series of court motions late Thursday, declaring himself a sovereign citizen who isn’t subject to federal laws.

Bundy, who is representing himself in the conspiracy case against the refuge occupiers, declares himself an “idiot of the ‘Legal Society’” and not subject to federal law, according to the documents.

“I, ryan c, man, am an idiot of the ‘Legal Society’; and; am an idiot (layman, outsider) of the ‘Bar Association’; and; i am incompetent; and; am not required by any law to be competent,” Bundy wrote in a motion filed to U.S. District Court Judge Anna Brown.

The filings are the latest in increasingly defiant and strange behavior from Bundy, including an alleged escape attempt from the Multnomah County Detention Center.


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Official 2016 DNC Photo Was Shot with a 100-Year-Old Camera

On the first day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, attendees were asked to pose for an official photo. The video above shows how that photo was captured by photographer Abbas Shirmohammadi using a 100-year-old camera.

Shirmohammadi is the 4th generation photographer behind Panoramic Visions, which has been in business since 1984. The camera he used has captured many past Democratic Conventions as well as the past 6 presidential inauguration ceremonies.


For the panoramic group photo, all the attendees in the Wells Fargo Center were asked to look toward the center of the hall at Shirmohammadi and completely freeze. The camera, mounted on a tall tripod, was then panned in a circle to capture the entire hall.


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Press Release: New study reveals where MH370 debris more likely to be found

Figure 1: MH370 debris location and most likely origin compared to current underwater search area (Credit: Jansen et al., Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci (2016))

A team of researchers in Italy has used the location of confirmed debris from MH370 to determine where the airliner might have crashed, and where further debris could be found. The study is published today (27 July) in Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, an open access journal of the European Geosciences Union (EGU).

“Our result is the first to calculate the movement of the debris that best agrees with all five of the currently confirmed discoveries. This should make it the most accurate prediction,” says Eric Jansen, a researcher at the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change in Italy and lead-author of the study.

In March 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 vanished with 239 passengers and crew on board. Extensive search efforts in the southern Indian Ocean, where the aircraft is thought to have crashed, have yet to locate the main wreckage, though debris have washed up on the African east coast and Indian-ocean islands.

The northern half of the area where authorities are currently searching for the plane, off the coast of Australia, overlaps with the area the new simulation indicates as the most likely origin of the debris found so far. “However, our simulation shows that the debris could also have originated up to around 500 km further to the north,” says Jansen. “If nothing is found in the current search area, it may be worth extending the search in this direction.”


Transgender Identity Is Not a Mental Health Disorder, Study Finds

People who identify as transgender should not be considered to have a mental health disorder, according to a new study from Mexico.

The World Health Organization currently lists transgender identity as a mental health disorder, and the new study is the first in a series of research aimed at finding out whether this categorization is apt. The study will be repeated in Brazil, France, India, Lebanon and South Africa, according to the researchers.

In the new study, published today (July 26) in the journal The Lancet Psychiatry, the researchers investigated whether the distress and dysfunction associated with transgender identity were the result of social rejection and stigmatization or an inherent part of being transgender.

Experiencing "distress and dysfunction" is often considered a defining feature of having a mental health disorder, according to the study. But other factors can cause these feelings as well, including experiencing rejection or stigmatization.



Of Course it isn't.
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