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Ex-Florida state senator, a former Republican, likes Bernie Sanders in 2016

We caught up with former Republican Public Service Commissioner and state Sen. Nancy Argenziano, the Citrus County populist who was never shy about criticizing Florida's utility companies and her own party leaders if she thought they were hurting consumers. And ....well...let's just say she hasn't made much progress in mastering the art of soft-spoken diplomacy.

"If you don't agree with Jeb on something you're sh-- out of luck. If you don't agree with him on something, there is no making it better. It's my way or hit the highway," said Argenziano when asked about Bush's constant talk on the campaign trail about his record of forging consensus and finding common ground with people who might disagree.

Argenziano quit the GOP in 2011, saying her lifelong party had been hijacked by extremists and special interests, and ran unsuccessfully for the state House in 2012 as an independent candidate. Her preferred presidential candidate? Bernie Sanders, because he's talking about tackling the influence of big money in politics. If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, Argenziano will support her rather than any of the Republicans, even though Bush is the smartest of the bunch as "the cream of the crop."

"But he's still part of a party that does not care about science, that does not care about the environment, that does not care about women's rights," Argenziano said. "And if any damn Republican tells me there's not a war on women, then come and talk and sit and debate with me because there certainly is, and I can tell you as a woman who was inside the Republican party, they are not very friendly to women. And the women that they do have probably are just puppet heads with two brain cells."

Once a shrinking violet, always a shrinking violet.

Ricky Martin: It’s time for Latinos to unite against Donald Trump

by Ricky Martin |

The fact that a person like Donald Trump, a candidate for the U.S. presidency for the Republican Party, has the gall to continue to freely harass the Latino community day after day makes my blood boil.

Why would he assume he has the right to make absurd, incoherent, and ignorant comments about us? From the beginning, his intent has been clear: To basically tell lies and offend us to stay in the public spotlight.

Yesterday’s episode involved one of the most admired and respected journalists in Hispanic media, Jorge Ramos, and it went too far.

Jorge Ramos was doing his job as a journalist in a press conference, which he attended representing one of the world’s most important television networks for Hispanics and exercising his right of freedom of the press. Yet, Trump verbally assaulted and removed Jorge from the event without any apparent reason.

I am not surprised Trump would aim so low. I am surprised that we Hispanics continue to accept these aggressions and accusations by individuals like Trump who continue to attack our dignity.



Kansas' Kris Kobach Exceeded His Election Authority, Rules Judge

Source: Tribune News Services

A Topeka judge has denied a move by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to quash a lawsuit challenging the state's two-tier voter registration system and said Kobach has exceeded his authority with the way he runs elections.

Micah Kubic, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union in Kansas and Missouri, called the ruling a "great day for voting rights and a great day for Kansas."

The ACLU filed the lawsuit on behalf of voters who have been frozen out of state and local elections because they registered to vote using federal registration forms and didn't provide proof-of-citizenship documents required by Kansas law.

Kubic said now that Kobach's motion for summary judgment has failed, the ACLU will file a motion seeking summary judgment in its favor. If the judge rejects that as well, the case will go to trial at a yet-to-be-scheduled date, Kubic said.

Read more: http://www.governing.com/topics/politics/tns-kansas-kris-kobach-judge.html

A beautiful, ethereal installation of 100,000 balloons comes to London’s Covent Garden

Take a walk through London’s historic Covent Garden market and the ceiling will be an ethereal cloud of shifting white light. As you shop, Charles Pétillon’s installation “Heartbeats,” which opens today (Aug. 27), will softly pulse above you.

The sculpture is 177 ft long, 40 ft wide, and made from 100,000 white balloons. It’s part of a larger series by Pétillon, who tells Dezeen that the sculpture is about fragility—”represented by contrasting materials and also the whiteness of the balloons that move and pulse, appearing as alive and vibrant as the area itself,” he says.



Secretive fusion company claims reactor breakthrough

By Daniel Clery 24 August 2015 8:15 pm 79 Comments
FOOTHILL RANCH, CALIFORNIA—In a suburban industrial park south of Los Angeles, researchers have taken a significant step toward mastering nuclear fusion—a process that could provide abundant, cheap, and clean energy. A privately funded company called Tri Alpha Energy has built a machine that forms a ball of superheated gas—at about 10 million degrees Celsius—and holds it steady for 5 milliseconds without decaying away. That may seem a mere blink of an eye, but it is far longer than other efforts with the technique and shows for the first time that it is possible to hold the gas in a steady state—the researchers stopped only when their machine ran out of juice.

“They’ve succeeded finally in achieving a lifetime limited only by the power available to the system,” says particle physicist Burton Richter of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, who sits on a board of advisers to Tri Alpha. If the company’s scientists can scale the technique up to longer times and higher temperatures, they will reach a stage at which atomic nuclei in the gas collide forcefully enough to fuse together, releasing energy.

“Until you learn to control and tame , it’s never going to work. In that regard, it’s a big deal. They seem to have found a way to tame it,” says Jaeyoung Park, head of the rival fusion startup Energy/Matter Conversion Corporation in San Diego. “The next question is how well can you confine . I give them the benefit of the doubt. I want to watch them for the next 2 or 3 years.”

Although other startup companies are also trying to achieve fusion using similar methods, the main efforts in this field are huge government-funded projects such as the $20 billion International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), under construction in France by an international collaboration, and the U.S. Department of Energy’s $4 billion National Ignition Facility (NIF) in Livermore, California. But the burgeoning cost and complexity of such projects are causing many to doubt they will ever produce plants that can generate energy at an affordable cost.



Australian comedian perfectly sums up why other countries think US gun laws are crazy

Yesterday in Moneta, Virginia, local news reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward were shot and killed on live TV while broadcasting from a shopping center. The suspected gunman has been identified as Vester Flanagan, a former employee of the news station. Flanagan reportedly shot himself after being pursued by police.

Every shooting is its own private tragedy for the victims and their families. But events like this are also part of a much bigger problem. The United States has far more gun violence than the rest of the developed world. To Americans, that can seem like a regrettable but unavoidable fact of life. But to much of the rest of the world, the US attitude toward gun control seems absolutely crazy.

Australian comedian Jim Jefferies was the victim of a home invasion once. He was tied up and beaten, and his girlfriend was threatened with rape. So you might think he'd sympathize with the idea that Americans want guns to protect their families. Quite the opposite — he does an excellent job of summing up why so many foreigners are baffled by America's gun culture:

In Australia, we had the biggest massacre on Earth, and the Australian government went: "That's it! NO MORE GUNS." And we all went, "Yeah, all right then, that seems fair enough, really."

Now in America, you had the Sandy Hook massacre, where little tiny children died. And your government went, "Maybe ... we'll get rid of the big guns?" And 50 percent of you went, "FUCK YOU, DON'T TAKE MY GUNS."

He continues with a blistering smackdown of the idea that Americans seek guns to keep their families safe...

more with video


NASA: Sea level increase likely on upper end of predictions

Sea levels have risen an average of 3 inches worldwide since 1992, according to new data from federal researchers, who warned climate change is likely to ensure sea levels will rise at least 3 feet in the future.

Sea level changes vary around the world, NASA scientists said Wednesday: the west coast of the United States has actually seen its sea levels fall, while other parts of the globe have experienced increases of more than 9 inches.

NASA researchers analyzed 23 years of sea level satellite data to determine the changes, the agency said.
Climate scientists have long said that climate change will, among other things, lead to rising sea levels around the world. In 2013, United Nations researchers determined that global sea levels would rise between 1 foot and 3 feet by the end of the century.

NASA’s research suggests climate change has likely “locked in” an average sea level increase on the high end of those estimates, the agency said.



Gay couple turned away 3rd time by Rowan (Ky) clerk

MOREHEAD, Ky. James Yates and William Smith Jr. left the Rowan County Courthouse on Thursday, frustrated that clerks have now refused them a marriage license for third time.

The couple said they felt that Rowan Clerk Kim Davis was obligated to provide the paperwork after appellate judges refused to stay a federal injunction against Davis on Wednesday. But a deputy clerk said he was under orders to turn them away.

"It's just making us want to press more," Yates said. "She can't get away with this."

The couple said they plan to return and try again next week.


somebody need to go to jail for contempt.

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