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woo me with science

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Member since: Tue Jan 13, 2004, 09:24 PM
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Another post about ponies or ivory soap?

One hundred percent is a very silly strawman. We have a much larger problem, which is that corporate purchase of our government is now bipartisan and systemic, to the point that the people aren't being represented anymore to any measurable degree.

Jimmy Carter: "America has no functioning democracy."

US Is an Oligarchy Not a Democracy, says Scientific Study






The record shows aggressive, proactive pursuit of a corporate agenda,
(This list does not show a president trying to enact a liberal agenda and being obstructed. No, it shows him aggressively and proactively implementing policies for the banks and corporations at the expense of the 99 percent.)

Just a Republican thing, huh? Assaulting the Constitution itself

Study: Obama's "Trade" Deal (TPP) Would Mean a Pay Cut for 90% of U.S. Workers
("A Republican is making me do it?!")

The Latest Betrayal of America and Americans in Favor of the Big Banks: TISA

Bombing Syria: The next step in the PNAC playbook, remember?

The "Justice" Department....even under Democrats

Look at the OFFERS

When the DLC connections to the Koch Bros. became well known, they just rebranded the infiltration

When you hear "Third Way", think INVESTMENT BANKERS

GOP Donors and K Street Fuel Third Way’s Advice for the Democratic Party

The Rightwing Koch Brothers fund the DLC

Same companies behind the GOP are behind the DLC

Posted by woo me with science | Mon Oct 27, 2014, 10:00 AM (3 replies)

Your impression is correct. Low wage work has replaced better jobs.

The jobs that have been created in this "recovery" are mostly low-pay service jobs. The truth is that it was not a recovery. It was a restructuring to benefit the One Percent.

April 28, 2014: Most Of The Jobs Added Since The Recession Pay Low Wages

Recovery Has Created Far More Low-Wage Jobs Than Better-Paid Ones

Low-wage jobs proliferate as middle class ones disappear: job growth patterns since the recession

Low-Wage Jobs Replace Middle-Income Work, Study Finds

Careers Are Dead. Welcome To Your Low-Wage, Temp Work Future

In addition, the TPP that Obama is hell-bent on supporting will DESTROY jobs and cut wages for over 90 percent of American workers:

No, the chocolate ration has not been increased.

Posted by woo me with science | Mon Oct 20, 2014, 11:37 PM (0 replies)

I think most people out in the country

are too busy working to survive to know what the actual policies are....They only hear the public speeches, which are full of lies.

The politicians proclaim loudly to care about all the same principles and policy goals of the old Democratic Party, while their actual policies quietly do just the opposite. And the MSM colludes by hyperventilating that they are all SOCIALISTS. No wonder people are confused and frustrated as hell.

Lies upon lies upon lies just this year:

Months ago: Obama's heavily publicized speech about reining in military involvement...followed immediately by a new war in Iraq, a new war in Syria, carpet bombing of a captive population in Gaza, and a TRILLION DOLLAR new nuclear weapons escalation.

Then: the shameless public claim to support net neutrality, when his own appointees are enabling corporate takeover of the internet.

Then: that jaw-dropping public proclamation: “If you blow the whistle-You should be thanked & protected for doing the right thing," when we have all watched first-hand this administration's treatment of Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, and the vicious, systematic crackdown on whistleblowing in the federal government.

Then: Advertising and bragging about his plan to impose limitations on biotech monopolies for protection of citizens...and even putting the anticipated savings in his budget,....all the while making specific proposals to do exactly the opposite through the TPP.

Let's not forget DiFi's vows to "reform" NSA spying, when the actual proposals she wanted would actually entrench and legalize the vast majority of it.

In my state, Third Way Governor Terry McAuliffe ran his gubernatorial campaign on all sorts of specific things he would do to force Medicaid expansion, got into office, and changed his mind.

And that's not even to mention the mass propaganda machines whose tactics Edward Snowden revealed, aimed at the government's own citizens.

This is what we have come to in the United States of America. This is our lying, manipulative government on corporate money, waving flags on the teevee while sticking knives in our backs for their corporate masters. This whole country marinates in propaganda that tells us that 2+2=5, and our politicians are more liberal than ever.

Freedom is Slavery.
Ignorance is Strength.
Torturers are patriots.
And we are not spying on Americans.

We all live in Oceania now.

Posted by woo me with science | Mon Oct 20, 2014, 09:34 PM (1 replies)

NO. ABSOLUTELY NO. We have organizations of Justice to punish crimes.

It is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS precedent to begin deciding who can and can't participate in social safety nets or receive government benefits based on things like this. In a country that is building a prison INDUSTRY and trying to eliminate social safety nets, suggesting that crimes can negate a lifetime of paying into Social Security is an extremely dangerous precedent. It is a weird thing to even be considering in this case, unless there is a motive down the road.

IMO this stinks to high heaven. Pedophiles will be next, because Americans can get behind stripping their retirement, too. Then murderers. Then people who have been convicted of domestic violence... Any felony, then only the really bad misdemeanors...
Posted by woo me with science | Mon Oct 20, 2014, 08:22 PM (1 replies)

How bad is it?

Medical Debt: A Curable Affliction Health Reform Won’t Fix

The high frequency of medical bankruptcy was often cited by advocates of health reform during the debate over the ACA. Yet the debate largely ignored the fact that most medical debtors actually have coverage. In order to protect Americans from bankruptcy, coverage must be truly comprehensive, that is, it must cover virtually 100 percent of all needed medical care. Unfortunately, the insurance policies mandated under ACA are required to cover only 60 percent of expected health-care costs.


56 MILLION Americans under age 65 will have trouble paying medical bills.

Over 35 MILLION American adults (ages 19-64) will be contacted by collections agencies for unpaid medical bills.

Nearly 17 MILLION American adults (ages 19-64) will receive a lower credit rating on account of their high medical bills.

Over 15 MILLION American adults (ages 19-64) will use up all their savings to pay medical bills.

Over 11 MILLION American adults (ages 19-64) will take on credit card debt to pay off their hospital bills.

Nearly 10 MILLION American adults (ages 19-64) will be unable to pay for basic necessities like rent, food, and heat due to their medical bills.

Over 16 MILLION children live in households struggling with medical bills.

Despite having year-round insurance coverage, 10 MILLION insured Americans ages 19-64 will face bills they are unable to pay.

1.7 MILLION Americans live in households that will declare bankruptcy due to their inability to pay their medical bills.

Three states will account for over one-quarter of those living in medical-related bankruptcy: California (248,002), Illinois (113,524), and Florida (99,780).

To save costs, over 25 MILLION adults (ages 19-64) will not take their prescription drugs as indicated, including skipping doses, taking less medicine than prescribed or delaying a refill.

Posted by woo me with science | Sun Oct 19, 2014, 01:13 AM (2 replies)

Huge K&R. I made an angry post yesterday or the day before,

after seeing yet another person struggling to afford health insurance receive a letter from the ACA provider notifying them of their impending twenty percent rate increase.

*Twenty percent.* Exactly as high as they can go....EVERY SINGLE DAMNED YEAR.

Actually, it's 19.67 percent. And they didn't even give the poor sap an entire year at the old rate before jacking it up. This will mean either going to a lower tier with even more exorbitant deductible, or more likely not being able to afford insurance at all...since Third Way governor Terry McAuliffe broke his Medicaid expansion promises and this person does not make *enough* to qualify for subsidies.

What an amazing coincidence, that the rate hike determined to be justified just *happens* to round up to the ACA-enshrined maximum!

Woo hoo for corporate health insurance. What a vicious scam.

*Remember, the ACA doesn't even require the company vultures to justify a hike until it goes over *ten* percent...When was the last time your salary increased by even half that much?

Posted by woo me with science | Sun Oct 19, 2014, 12:59 AM (0 replies)

The partisanship is all great theater.

The real agenda has nothing to do with party. It's about advancing the corporate policy agenda that enriches and empowers corporatists in both parties.

Corporate politicians want us to think they have fierce loyalties to party, too, but their real loyalty is to the agenda of the corporate masters who reward them. The only reason everyone is so confused about "weird" behavior is that we persist in believing that party is as important to them as it is to us. They'll use the parties any way they can, and they'll happily manipulate and collude across party lines, to get the AGENDA.

Posted by woo me with science | Sat Oct 18, 2014, 08:54 AM (0 replies)

Important, important OP. IMO we've learned that the real goal

of corporatists in both parties is divided government, not majorities. "Gridlock" is their excuse for continuing to shove a predatory corporate agenda down our throats in the guise of "compromise," even though the "compromise" never resembles anything either side out in the country wants.

They know that any party with strong majorities cannot continue to claim to be unable to respond to the will of the People,

The con game is very familiar by now:

Perhaps the administration is not really all that into having progressive majorities in Congress.

For so long we mysteriously fell short of Democratic votes for filibuster reform.

The Democratic Party’s deceitful game

And all the examples of bizarre support for candidates from the other side, or withdrawal of support from our own candidates who could have won, or attacks on the party's own base.

Both sides work to make sure that neither party wins too much. They get away with it because they keep us hyperpartisan and misperceiving their intentions and goals. We are taught to believe, and we want to believe, that our corporate-backed party leaders see elections the same way we do: as a battle between two fundamentally different parties, one of which we desperately want to win over the other.

They don't want us to realize that things have changed. They want us to remember when corporate influence lived only in one party and to maintain the old assumption that they have a deep attachment to one side or the other, too. They want us to assume that they are as invested in the partisan game as we are, when the truth is that their first loyalty isn't to party at all.

Their first and only loyalty is to continuation of the corporate agenda that enriches and empowers them. They don't give a whit which side actually wins, as long as the agenda can be continued and advanced. They don't want us to realize that they now happily use *both* parties, and manipulate our attachment to them, in order to keep that agenda going.

To pretend that politics today is about one party versus another is to entirely miss how corporatism works and fall for the theater and the con game. We have to keep remembering the corporate money that floods Washington on both sides of the aisle and watch *policies,* not party.

K&R, and I think this should go to the Greatest Page. I think this is a critically important OP. We have to rethink the game that's actually being played here.
Posted by woo me with science | Sat Oct 18, 2014, 12:48 AM (3 replies)

They're certainly working on it:

Poor minorities are worthless to corporations on the street. In prison they can bring in $40,000/yr

Poor Land in Jail as Companies Add Huge Fees for Probation

The Caging of America - Why do we lock up so many people

The Obama administration is aggressively growing private prisons

Obama's 2013 budget: One area of marked growth, the prison industrial complex

Obama selects the owner of a private prison consulting firm as the new Director of the United States Marshals Service (USMS)

Private prison corporations move up on list on federal contractors, receiving BILLIONS

Federal Private Prison Populations Grew by 784% in 10 Year Span

Prison Labor Booms As Unemployment Remains High; Companies Reap Benefits

Private Prison Corporation's Letters to Shareholders Reveal Industry's Tactics: Profiting from Human Incarceration

Financial growth of private prison industry...Profiting from caging humans.


We heard about private prisons...but do you know of the private probation industry?

NYT: Probation Fees Rise, Firms Profit and the Poor Go to Jail

No Safe Place: How Cities Are Making It Illegal to be Homeless

Thrown in jail for being poor: the booming for-profit probation industry

The exploitation of Ferguson I: In 2013 the town issued over 24,000 arrest warrants..

The exploitation of Ferguson II: The Seamy Underbelly Of Ferguson Starts To Appear

The exploitation of Ferguson III: Ferguson Feeds Off the Poor: Three Warrants a Year Per Household
Posted by woo me with science | Fri Oct 17, 2014, 01:11 PM (3 replies)

K&R. If our government weren't corrupt, this would be an emergency vastly dwarfing 911.

We would have politicians addressing crowds with bullhorns, expressing outrage about the gutting of our middle class and devastation of the poor, the destruction of major parts of our Constitution's Bill of Rights, and vowing a relentless response to restore this country to the people our government is supposed to represent.

Instead, what's on the horizon? Another round of food stamp cuts signed by our Democratic president. Implementation of a farm bill based on more "pension smoothing." A new extended war in the Middle East, that just happens to continue the PNAC playbook. A new trillion-dollar ramping up of US nuclear weapons from a Democratic President. Use of our money to carpet-bomb a captive population in Gaza. More defense of mass surveillance and secret laws and secret courts, and the impending imprisonment of a journalist who dared to promise confidentiality to the source whistleblowing about it. And two more massive, predatory "trade" agreements that will further gut jobs, force Americans to compete with Third World wages, and hand corporations the power to censor the internet and override democratic protections of human beings and the environment against their abuses.

Posted by woo me with science | Fri Oct 17, 2014, 01:05 PM (1 replies)
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