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Member since: Tue Jan 6, 2004, 12:46 PM
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Today, we honor the sacrifice of our nationís veterans and their families


Fight for 15 (video)

Joining hundreds of low-wage workers around the country who are on strike for a living wage and a voice on the job, Sen. Bernie Sanders called today for raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour and the right for workers to join a union.

Sen. Sanders in Vegas(pics)

BernieSanders: Our great country and our govít belongs to all of us and not just a handful of billionaires


I will establish immigration policies that keep families together, not divide them


Right before taking the stage

Bernie Sanders supporters rally in Balboa Park

Hundreds took to the streets at Balboa Park on Saturday afternoon to learn more about one Democratic presidential hopeful. Many in attendance said they were unfamiliar with candidate Bernie Sanders, so they met up for a rally and a march to discuss his campaign issues.

"Itís helping to get the word out because there are not a lot of people who know who Bernie is, I didn't know who he was until August myself,Ē said supporter Ellen Harris.

Members of Progressive Democrats of San Diego put on the event hoping to strum up support for Sanders.

"I think people are really fed up that our elected officials are so easily bought to do the bidding of these rich corporate elites, and I think that's what really brings people out today," said Jose Caballero, Progressive Democrats Of San Diego.


video at link
a woman in the video"I've never voted, this is my 1st time voting & I'm 55. It is time to stand up"

Bernie car was there

Weekly Address: If You Haven't Gotten Covered, Now's Your Chance

Source: White House

In this week's address, the President discussed the importance of reducing the number of people without health insurance. Because of the Affordable Care Act, more people now have the security of health insurance than ever before. As the lawís coverage provisions have taken effect, 17.6 million Americans have gained coverage, and the nationís uninsured rate now stands at its lowest level ever. The ACA is working, making health care more affordable, accessible, and of higher quality for millions of people. But there are still Americans around the country who are eligible for Marketplace coverage yet remain uninsured. The President encouraged those who do not have health insurance at this point, especially those whose communities are part of the Healthy Communities Challenge, to go online, take advantage of the open enrollment period that began this past weekend, and sign up for health care coverage.

Read more: https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2015/11/07/weekly-address-if-you-havent-gotten-covered-nows-your-chance

If you havenít gotten covered yet, or if you care about someone who hasnít gotten covered yet, nowís your chance. Itís open enrollment season for the Health Insurance Marketplace.

What that means is, with a few clicks on HealthCare.gov, youíll find private insurance companies competing for your business. You can compare plans and choose the one thatís right for your family. In fact, most Americans will find an option that costs less than $75 a month. Even if you already have insurance through the Marketplace, check it out. Shopping around can save you a lot of money -- last year, consumers who shopped saved almost $400.

What weíre talking about is no longer just a law, and it's certainly not the myths and scare tactics that the cynics have peddled our way for years. This is reality. This is health care in America. And the bottom line is, Americans like it. Theyíre happy with their plans and their premiums.

So join them. Give it a shot. Check out HealthCare.gov, CuidadoDeSalud.gov, or call 1-800-318-2596 to find a plan thatís right for you or someone you care about.

And by the way -- if you live in one of the 20 cities participating in our Healthy Communities Challenge, I want to see how many of your neighbors you can get signed up. Iíll come visit the city that enrolls the highest percentage of folks who arenít covered right now. Thatís a promise.

After all, this country is at its best when we look out for each other. And together, we can help more Americans get the security that they and their families deserve.

Bernie Sanders Slams GOP On Voting Rights: 'They're Political Cowards!'

"Maybe this is personal because I run for office. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win," Sanders said, when Rachel Maddow brought the topic up at Friday's MSNBC Democratic 2016 Forum."It has never occurred to me as a candidate to figure out a way to deny the vote to people because they might vote against me. People who do that are political cowards. They're afraid of a fair election."

He said the push for voting restrictions was a "a real crisis in this country" and said legislation or "maybe a constitutional amendment" was needed to guarentee that everyone 18 years of age is registered to vote.

"What Republican are doing is so un-American, so outrageous. It is literally beyond belief," Sanders said. "They're political cowards and if they can't face a free election, they should get another job."


Sanders Applauds Obama Rejection of Keystone Pipeline ( It is insane for anyone to be supporting)

ROCK HILL, S.C. Ė U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders issued the following statement on Friday welcoming President Barack Obamaís decision to reject an application to build the Keystone XL pipeline:

ďClimate change is a global environmental crisis of huge magnitude. It is insane for anyone to be supporting the excavation and transportation of some of the dirtiest fuel on earth. As someone who has led the opposition to the Keystone pipeline from Day 1, I strongly applaud the presidentís decision to kill this project once and for all.Ē


Bernie Sanders Launching Spanish Ads, Adding Staff in Nevada

The Bernie Sanderspresidential campaign is launching Spanish-language radio ads in Nevada ahead of his visit this weekend aimed at Latino voters.

Ads set to air in Reno and Las Vegas starting Thursday will tell the story of the Democratic presidential candidate's immigrant father. They start a few days before Sanders is scheduled to hold a rally Sunday at soccer fields in North Las Vegas, which has a sizeable Hispanic community.

Campaign officials also said they're planning a major expansion of their efforts in Nevada within the next two weeks. State director Jim Farrell said the campaign plans to open anywhere from seven to 12 offices in coming days, and bring on anywhere from 25-100 staffers.


Democrat Singas claims victory over Murray in Nassau DA race

Source: Newsday

Democrat Madeline Singas, a first-time political candidate, claimed victory Tuesday night over veteran Republican Kate Murray in the bitterly contested election for Nassau County district attorney.

With 65 percent of the precincts reporting, Singas, the acting district attorney, was beating Murray, the longtime Hempstead Town supervisor, according to the Nassau County Board of Elections.

Read more: http://www.newsday.com/long-island/nassau/madeline-singas-leads-kate-murray-in-nassau-da-race-1.11055207

Madeline Singas
58%112,600 Votes

Kate Murray
R C I Ref
42%81,748 Votes

ON THE ROAD: Grandpa

During a rare day off the campaign trail, Bernie went home to Burlington, Vermont, this past weekend. On Monday, he spent some quality time in his back yard playing baseball with his grandson, Dylan.

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