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Bernie Sanders signs are everywhere as Burlington VT prepares for presidential announcement party.


Sen.Sanders Statement on Senate Vote on Job-Killing Trade Bill


WASHINGTON, May 22 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) issued the following statement tonight after the Senate voted 62-37 for a bill that would grant President Barack Obama accelerated power to complete a massive trade accord with 11 other Pacific Rim nations:

“The Senate just put the interests of powerful multi-national corporations, drug companies and Wall Street ahead of the needs of American workers. If this disastrous trade agreement is approved, it will throw Americans out of work while companies continue moving operations and good-paying jobs to low-wage countries overseas.

“Bad trade deals like the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership are a major reason for the collapse of the American middle class and the increase in wealth and income inequality in the United States. This agreement, like bad trade deals before it, would force American workers to compete with desperate workers around the world – including workers in Vietnam where the minimum wage is 56-cents an hour.

“Trade agreements should not just work for corporate America, Wall Street and the pharmaceutical industry. They have got to benefit the working families of our country,” Sanders said.

Sen. Sanders gets cooler every day.


Sen. Sanders: What do Republican governors like Brownback do?


Barbara Boxer Tells Bob Corker It's 'Reckless' And 'Irresponsible' To Vote Now On Iran Bill

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) on Wednesday evening asked Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) to postpone markup of his controversial Iran legislation until the U.S. and its five negotiating partners reach a final nuclear agreement with Iran.

The bill, which would require a congressional vote on any nuclear deal and temporarily suspend President Barack Obama's ability to waive economic sanctions against Iran, is scheduled for markup in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday.

“To force Congress to weigh in now on the Iran nuclear talks before a final deal has been completed would be a reckless rush to judgment," Boxer wrote in a letter to Corker. "It would undermine negotiations at a critical moment and could derail a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to deal with this looming threat.”

Boxer in March offered legislation that was widely seen as an alternative to the Corker bill. Her legislation would require the White House to update Congress on Iran’s compliance with any nuclear deal every three months, and would expedite the ability of Congress to reinstate sanctions if Iran violates the agreement.


President Obama fights back against Israeli critics of Iran nuclear deal

US president says framework is ‘once-in-lifetime’ chance to prevent Iran getting nuclear weapon and pledges to support Israel’s defences

President Barack Obama has answered continuing Israeli criticism of the framework agreement over Iran’s nuclear ambitions, telling the New York Times the deal is a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see whether or not we can at least take the nuclear issue off the table”.

The president added: “There is no formula, there is no option, to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon that will be more effective than the diplomatic initiative and framework that we put forward – and that’s demonstrable.”

Two days after the announcement of the deal between Iran and the major world powers – achieved in Switzerland after 18 months of talks and which must be finalised by the end of June – Obama spoke to the New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman at the White House for an interview that was published online on Sunday.

“There has to be the ability for me to disagree with a policy on settlements, for example, without being viewed as ... opposing Israel,” Obama said. “There has to be a way for Prime Minister Netanyahu to disagree with me on policy without being viewed as anti-Democrat.”


President Obama talks to Tom Friedman
Great job Sir

Farmer silences oil and gas committee with invitation to drink fracking water

Hearing on Fracking Wastewater Well in Sioux County, NE

Explaining that he has ties to the oil industry and that he is still on the fence about fracking, Osbourne explained fluid dynamics to the board while pouring out three cups of the sludgy water that could result from spills or from seeping into the water table.

Referring to earlier testimony, Osbourne said, “So you told me this morning that you would drink this water,” as he indicated the cups.

“So would you drink it? Yes or no?” he asked, only to be met by silence by the stone-faced group before a member explained they wouldn’t be answering any questions.

“Oh, you can’t answer any questions? Well my answer would be ‘no.’ I don’t want this in the water that will travel entirely across this state in three days,” Osborne said. “There is no doubt there will be contamination. There will be spills.”


John Fugelsang: "It's time to thump the Bible-thumpers with the Bible."


Bernie Sanders Stands Up For The Middle Class By Dropping a Huge Fact Bomb On The Senate (video)

In the midst of a Senate budget vote-a-rama that Republicans are filling with anti-Obamacare and economy killing votes, Senator Bernie Sanders took the Senate floor and dropped the fact bomb that raising the minimum wage is real job creator.


Sen. Sanders said, “The simple truth is that in America people working full time should not be living in poverty. Since 1968, the real value of the federal minimum wage has fallen by close to thirty percent, and people all over this country and in state after state on their own have voted to raise the minimum wage. And, by the way, in state after state where the minimum wage has gone up, more jobs have been created. Let us stand today with the tens of millions of workers who are struggling to put food on the table to take care of their families.”

The Sanders amendment to raise the federal minimum wage failed to pass 48-52. The good news for Democrats and the left is that Sen. Sanders fell just three votes short of passage as just a simple majority of fifty-one votes are required to pass budget amendments.


Sen. Sanders dropped a dose of reality on Senate Republicans today. If the 52 Republican Senators who voted no really wanted to boost the economy, the first thing they should do is reverse course and support raising the minimum wage.

Sen. Sanders:The rich get richer.

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