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Bernie Sanders is right: Saudi Arabia is more focused on the conflict in Yemen than fighting ISIS

"Saudi Arabia, turns out, has the third-largest defense budget in the world," Sanders said on Nov. 19. "Yet instead of fighting ISIS they have focused more on a campaign to oust Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen."

Sanders is correct that Saudi Arabia’s military budget is the third largest in the world. But is he also right that the Saudis aren’t prioritizing ISIS? In a word, yes.

Sanders said, "Instead of fighting ISIS, (the Saudis) have focused more on a campaign to oust Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen."

This is an accurate assessment. The Saudis have prioritized the conflict in Yemen over the fight against ISIS, as evidenced by the amount of resources it has committed to both crises.


Challenge fails to block Bernie Sanders from New Hampshire ballot

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will appear on New Hampshire’s Democratic presidential primary ballot.

The state’s Ballot Law Commission unanimously supported Sanders’ eligibility on Tuesday following a challenge based on his longtime status as an Independent.

The complainant was local attorney Andy Martin. He says Sanders’ self-identification as an Independent on the U.S. Senate’s website makes him ineligible to declare himself a Democrat in New Hampshire. The paperwork to run in the primary requires candidates to declare themselves a registered member of the party of the primary they intend to run in.

The New Hampshire Democratic Party and Democratic National Committee support Sanders’ ability to run in their party’s primary.


The Lifelong Republicans Who Love Bernie Sanders

Some conservatives are defying expectation and backing the Vermont senator.

When Tarie MacMillan switched on her television in August to watch the first Republican presidential debate, she expected to decide which candidate to support.

But MacMillan, a 65-year-old Florida resident, was disappointed. “I looked at the stage and there was nobody out there who I really liked. It just seemed like a showcase for Trump and his ridiculous comments,” she recalled. “It was laughable, and scary, and a real turning point.”

So she decided to back Bernie Sanders, the self-described “Democratic socialist” challenging Hillary Clinton. MacMillan was a lifelong Republican voter until a few weeks ago when she switched her party affiliation to support the Vermont senator in the primary. It will be the first time she’s ever voted for a Democrat.

These Republicans for Sanders defy neat categorization. Some are fed up with the status quo in Washington, and believe that Sanders, with his fiery populist message, is the presidential contender most likely to disrupt it. Others have voted Republican for years, but feel alarmed by what they see as the sharp right turn the party has taken.

Bernie Sanders' Brother Gives Glimpse Into Their Childhood, the 'Real' Bernie(video)

Bernie is "a little less intense" at home, says his brother and fellow left-leaning politician, Larry

In this longer video from that interview, Larry Sanders discusses what Bernie was like as a child (a bit of a jock), how both brothers became left-leaning politicians (they grew up in working-class Brooklyn, in the aftermath of the Holocaust, motivating them to fight for justice for all), and why Bernie's had such success raising money without relying on Super PACs. "He is a very honest person....People can disagree with his ideas, but they know where he stands," Sanders says. "And the crazy length of American political campaigns has in this case actually worked out (in his favor). People have had many months to get to know him."

Speaking of the Republican field's reaction to his brother's campaign, Larry says, "I think that they would be very foolish to underestimate a Bernie Sanders candidacy. And I'm not sure that the reason they don't mention Bernard (as much as Hillary Clinton) is because he's an easier candidate than Hillary Clinton. I think it may well be because they don't want to build him up."

What is the "real" Bernie Sanders like? According to his brother, an awful lot like Bernie Sanders the presidential candidate. "You probably do know much more about him than you will know about many people," Larry says, laughing. But he concedes that at home Bernie is "a little less intense... a little more humorous."


Bernie Sanders talks civil rights, helping 'poorest of the poor' at historic Penn Center

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders evoked the rich history of the Penn Center at a campaign stop Sunday afternoon on St. Helena Island as he called on the crowd of hundreds to help him lift up those who are vulnerable and in need.

Sanders, the junior senator in Vermont, pressed the issue of juvenile and criminal justice reform, which he envisions including an end to the private prison industry, the death penalty and criminalization of simple drug possession.

Those systems that disproportionately impact blacks and other minorities serve as remnants of institutional racism and do not serve the country, Sanders said.

"We are going to do everything that we can so when an African-American gets in a car, he doesn't get dragged out of that car because he failed to make the wrong turns and up in jail and dead three days later," Sanders said, referencing the July death of Sandra Bland in Waller County, Texas. "We are going to end the disgrace of unarmed African-Americans that are shot in the back or dying in police custody."

On Sunday, hundreds of people filled the space, lining the walls and craning their necks through the doorways to hear Sanders say that work is not done.

video at link

Bernie Sanders event draws thousands in Savannah

By the time the doors actually did open, hundreds were lined up outside the Civic Center. Varying ages, most in their mid-twenties, stood in anticipation of getting a good seat. Some literally ran to the front row as they entered the theater.
As 6 p.m. came and went, periodic chants of “Feel the Bern” rang out in anticipation of the Vermont senator. The venue reached capacity, which is around 2,500 seats, and volunteers frantically searched the rows to find vacant seats for the stragglers.

Finally, Mayor Edna Jackson took the stage amid, first, a chorus of cheers, and then, a chorus of boos.

She welcomed Sanders to the stage by talking about his longtime passion to break down walls of discrimination.

The thousands in attendance stood and cheered as Sanders took the stage, waving, followed by a chant of “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!”


In South Carolina, Sanders Makes Case for Family Leave, Social Security

ST. HELENA ISLAND, S.C. – Speaking to 600 people packed inside the Penn Center’s Darrah Hall, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday called for paid family leave for new parents and expanded benefits for seniors who rely on Social Security.

Sanders is one of 19 Senate co-sponsors of the Family and Medical Leave Act introduced by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. Rep. Rosa DeLauro is the chief sponsor of a companion bill with 112 co-sponsors in the House.

Under both measures, workers would be entitled to three months of paid leave to care for a newborn child. The legislation also calls for a small payroll tax totaling $1.38 a week for a typical worker.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton does not support Gillibrand’s bill, aides have said. Sanders urged all presidential candidates to join him in supporting the legislation.

The senator from Vermont also called on other White House hopefuls to join him in supporting a boost in benefits for retirees and the disabled.

With Social Security recipients facing a coming year with no cost-of-living adjustment for inflation, Sanders’ Social Security Expansion Act would make sure annual inflation adjustments are based on a formula that better measures seniors’ spending. Increasing medical costs and rising prices prescription drugs disproportionately impact seniors, Sanders told the audience here in South Carolina.

Legislation he introduced in the Senate also would increase Social Security benefits and scrap a cap on income subject to the payroll tax. Now, someone making millions of dollars a year pays no more than someone making $118,500 a year. Levying the same tax rate on annual income greater than $250,000 would only impact the top 1.5 percent of wage earners while boosting benefits for millions of retirees.

“I would hope that every Democratic candidate for president of the United States is prepared to lift the cap and expand benefits for millions of seniors in this country who desperately need to see those benefits expanded,” Sanders said.

According to published reports, Clinton has not categorically ruled out benefit cuts including an increase in the retirement age.

Sen. Sanders’ plan to expand and extend Social Security would boost the income of a typical senior making less than $16,000 a year by about $1,300 a year. It would also make sure that Social Security could pay every benefit owed to every eligible American for the next 50 years.


Bernie Sanders speaks to packed house

video at link. Will update later on the news

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is in Savannah as part of a three day tour through South Carolina and Georgia. He is holding a town hall meeting at the Savannah Civic Center in front of a packed house.

The doors opened at 5 p.m. and people piled into the civic center by the hundreds. Some supporters were lined up before 4 p.m.

The senator from Vermont has been in politics since the early 1980s and now he's putting in his bid for president. One of his priorities is education. Senator Sanders promotes dual enrollment programs for high school students to get college credit and he is an opponent of standardized testing. Rebuilding the economy is another focus for him. He wants to address the record high youth unemployment and is against tax cuts for the wealthy. Senator Sanders is also pushing for more affordable prescription medications and better care for veterans.

WTOC will have the latest on his appearance and what he told the crowd tonight.

Some pics from today

It's a packed house for the Bernie Sanders town hall meeting. Just 30 minutes until go time


"Somebody told me Georgia was a conservative state, I guess not" Bernie Sanders in Savannah

ommon Sense.. not "profit sense". People before profit..

Love these sweet @People4Bernie in Savannah, GA. Bless vibes are everywhere.


PHOTOS: Bernie Sanders Comes to Savannah


Almost every applause a standing ovation. From the Berni2016tv staff and people there. Some local news stations, and local newspapers

some of yesterday's pics, thanks to all on twitter

Wow #BernieSanders had quite a showing at the Silver Spring parade. Bigger than Hillary. Discuss.

Here is the @BernieSanders group about 1 hour before step-off. Lots of positive energy today!

5pm ET: LIVE from the Savannah, GA Town Hall Meeting with Bernie Sanders


Please join us TONIGHT for @BernieSanders rally in Savannah, GA! Coverage starts at 5pm ET.
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