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Member since: Fri Dec 19, 2003, 07:53 PM
Number of posts: 29,346

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MH17 Investigators Feel Very Comforatble and Very Safe Working With Separatists on Investigation

How about that. Good news.

Ukraine - MH17 like Shoot Down Predicted a Month Ago

Ukraine - MH17 like Shoot Down Predicted a Month Ago plus Russian Defense Chief in English


Ellsberg and Snowden Rock the House at Hacker Meet Up in NYC

Ellsberg and Snowden Rock the House at Hacker Meet Up in NYC
Michael Collins

Left to right: Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Snowden, and Free Press
Foundation moderator

The idea of prosecuting someone for revealing evidence of a crime has an odd ring to it. Revealing evidence of a crime is, in fact, criminal. Daniel Ellsberg

Being a patriot doesn't mean being obedient to authority. Oaths to authority are one of the most dangerous and corrosive things" If they expect us to stay silent , they shouldn't ask us to take the oath in the first place. " What we require, should encourage, are oaths to values. Edward Snowden

(New York City, Hope X Conference - 7/19) Daniel Ellsberg and Edward Snowden spoke to overflowing conference halls at the Hope X (Hackers On Planet Earth) conference in New York City today. Sponsored by 2600, the hacker's quarterly magazine, the hot topics at this tenth annual conference concerned freedom of the press and fighting government intrusion into the lives of digital activists and the rest of us.

Link: http://www.opednews.com/articles/Ellsberg-and-Snowden-Rock-by-Michael-Collins-Daniel-Ellsberg_Federal-Agency-NSA_Hope-X_Internet-Cybercrimes-140719-770.html

Ukraine President Once Agent for U.S. State Department

Michael Collins, June 9

Link: http://www.opednews.com/articles/Ukraine-President-Once-Age-by-Michael-Collins-Agents_Petro-Poroshenko_Russia_State-Department-140609-372.html

There goes the 'overcharge for water' market

Water scarcity could be liquid gold for investors
A world awash in water, but not enough to drink
Market Watch, 3/1/2013

"Vast Oceans of Water May be Trapped in Earth's Interior"

Discover Channel 3/16/2014

Researchers from Northwestern University and the University of New Mexico report evidence for potentially oceans worth of water deep beneath the United States. Though not in the familiar liquid form -- the ingredients for water are bound up in rock deep in the Earthís mantle -- the discovery may represent the planetís largest water reservoir.

LINK: http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2014/06/vast-oceans-of-water-may-be-trapped-in-earths-interior.html#more

Fasten your seat belts - Iran saving democracy in Iraq

Fasten your seat belts - Iran saving democracy in Iraq

Michael Collins

Fabian Bromann Creative Commons

When Tikrit fell, ISIL (also known as ISIS) threatened to march on Baghdad. That's when Iran made its presence known. By June 10, Iran Revolutionary Guard (IRG) units along with the elite Quds Force confronted ISIL in Tikrit. Iran's president, Hassan Rouhan i, announced, "We will combat violence, extremism and terrorism in the region and the world."

As the Iraqi Army fled the battle, Iranian forces challenged ISIL in Tikrit. Around the same time, the White House indicated that it was considering air strikes against ISIL. Reports by the Wall Street Journal indicate that Iran's effort in Tikrit turned the tide. In the meantime, Iraqi military forces are more engaged in defending their country.

Irony Abounds

Link: http://www.opednews.com/articles/Fasten-your-seat-belts--I-by-Michael-Collins-Hassan-Rouhani_Irg_Isil_Mosul-140615-520.html

Why does the US govt support attacks on civilians in Ukraine?

Why does the US govt support attacks on civilians in Ukraine?
By Michael Collins

Support by the United States government for Ukraine reached stunning levels of immorality with the clear endorsement of the Kiev government's attacks on civilians in the eastern part of that nation. Numerous reports (see below) in the world press indicate that the Kiev government is indiscriminately attacking the city of Slavyansk. That leaves no doubt that the Ukraine army and National Guard are attacking civilians.

In addition to the widespread news of attacks on Slavyansk, there are also on the scene reports of Ukraine bombardments of the following eastern Ukraine cities: Seemyovka, Slavyansk, Kromatorsk and Donetsk City.

This represents a high-risk path for the Obama administration and the new cold warriors in Congress. It's one thing to kill civilians in the context of seeking to overcome the latest evildoers. It's quite another to support a government led by an oligarch that orders attacks on entire cities with irregular troops drawn self identified Nazi sympathizers and the nation's regular forces.

Why would the administration take such a risk?

Link: http://www.opednews.com/articles/Why-does-the-US-govt-suppo-by-Michael-Collins-Brand-Obama_Citizens_Donbas_Russia-140531-734.html

Crazy Erdogan? Turkey's PM Loses his Grip

Crazy Erdogan? Turkey's PM Loses his Grip
By Michael Collins

The Turkish Medical Association may have been right when it announced it was "terribly worried " about the emotional well-being of Prime Minister Erdogan." (March 16) (Image: WAFF)

The PM reinforced the medical opinion when he broke from reality in his remarks on the major mine disaster in Soma, Turkey. Erdogan casually dismissed the tragedy of the 282 dead miners. ...

These very public incidents reveal an increasingly autocratic and erratic PM. Erdogan doesn't know how to behave in the presence of mourners at the site of their tragic losses. He diminishes their losses by reducing them to a mere calculation. He shouts out at speakers who dare to disagree with his policies, as though it is his divine right. In the past, Erdogan's critics labeled him the sultan due to his imperious style. In the future, a reference to Vlad the Impaler may be more accurate.

Link: http://www.opednews.com/articles/Crazy-Erdogan-Turkey-s-PM-by-Michael-Collins-Disaster-Mining_Rejep-Tayyip-Erdogan_Turkey-140516-341.html

Hot War with Russia - The Saker

Hot War with Russia - The Saker
By Michael Collins

What's the likelihood of a shooting war with Russia over Ukraine? What are the military realities that U.S. and it's NATO collaborators see when they consider a real war in behalf of their proxy government in Ukraine? Leading edge blogger, The Saker, provides an extended analysis that answers these questions convincingly. Along with OpedNew's George Eliason's superb analysis, The Saker is taking citizen journalism to new heights. (Image: Thomas Williams)

A short time before The Saker's post, we got a bit of good news. The official propaganda organ of corporate America, Associated Press, ran this headline at 12:38 PM PDT - AP: Ignoring Putin, Ukraine Insurgents to Hold Vote. It doesn't take much to read these tea leaves. Putin is being let off the hook as the evil genius behind the people of Eastern Ukraine. After a little bit of corporate media rehab, Obama will be able to accept Putins ongoing offer to negotiate a reasonable ending to the mess that they reated (unless the neocons sabotage it).

Remembering the important lessons of the Cold War
The Saker at The Vineyard of the Saker

Link: http://www.opednews.com/articles/Hot-War-with-Russia--The-by-Michael-Collins-Brand-Obama_Donbas_NATO-Combat-Caveats_Peace_War-140508-928.html

Turnabout is Fair Play - Cuba and Ukraine

Turnabout is Fair Play - Cuba and Ukraine
Michael Collins

Russia's response to United States and European Union efforts in Ukraine represents a more restrained, lower stakes version of the response by the U.S. to the installation of nuclear missiles in Cuba by the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in 1962. Today, the headline above could be inverted to read:

Russia Blockades Ukraine, Tells US to 'Lay Off"

More than 50 years ago, U.S. President John F. Kennedy initiated a naval blockade of Cuba based on photographic evidence of medium range nuclear missile on the island just ninety miles from Florida. In his address to the nation of October 22, 1962, the president declared:

All ships of any kind bound for Cuba from whatever nation or port will, if found to contain cargoes of offensive weapons, be turned back.

Any nuclear missile launched from Cuba against any nation in the Western Hemisphere as an attack by the Soviet Union on the United States, requiring a full retaliatory response upon the Soviet Union." President John F. Kennedy, Oct 22, 1962

Link: http://www.opednews.com/articles/Turnabout-is-Fair-Play--C-by-Michael-Collins-Cuban-Missile-Crisis_JFK_Russia_Ukraine-140501-344.html
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