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Member since: Mon Dec 1, 2003, 02:42 PM
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Trump strategy is to cast doubt on the press tells me all kinds of shit is going to hit the fan

down the pike. I don't see why they would think it's a good strategy otherwise. His approval is going to be stuck in the upper 30's with the continual confrontational approach. This administration is off to the worst start perhaps in American history.

If Trump is indicted can't they get a warrant to see his taxes?

Seems that would be out best bet at this point.

British Reporter rants about Trump's Bizzare Inauguration

Kellyanne Conway on Trump before alternative facts

Lubbock man Goober Williamson celebrates inauguration with TRUMP tattoo

Yes, his name really is Goober

To be fair, those white spaces at Trump's inauguration were filled


The Inauguration of Donald Trump: The Daily Show

Are there any psychologists here? How well do thin skinned people cope with day to day negativity?

With Trump being so thin skinned and prone to be upset and bothered by negative news coverage, how will he hold up over time? It really seems like just the small crowd for his inauguration got under his skin. He really yearns to be loved but not just loved and admired, he wants it from everyone! If just the small crowd is bothering him so much is he prone to an eventual nervous breakdown? With the big protest crowds, low approval numbers and constant day to day hits on his self esteem I would think someone who's psychology is to be deeply bothered by any attacks or negative news coverage might eventually break under this kind of pressure and hostility. He also must feel the pressure that the whole world is judging him.

Most people who go into politics are built for it. They have an ability to tune out the negative or brush it off. Trump seems not just the opposite of this but the extreme opposite. Very fragile. In fact those debating him should have called him week and fragile.

Can anyone who has studied his type of personality weigh in? We are a day into his being president and there are four more years to go. He already doesn't seem to be handling this well at all. How much more can he take?

Those that predicted Trump would become president were just lucky

I keep hearing about these folks that predicted Trump would win are these brilliant masterminds with their finger on the American pulse. I think they lucked out big time for a number of reasons.

a. Trump got crushed in the popular vote

b. He squeaked by in the rust belt with paper thin margins. Minus the FBI bullshit and the constant leaks from Wikileaks and Russia I doubt this would have occurred though I do think Hillary took the rust belt for granted which was a big mistake.

c. Typically unless the outgoing president numbers are extremely high the other party is given a chance, so if Hillary had won she would have bucked this trend. By someone taking the GOP side early is not going out on a limb, it's looking at historical trends.

d. The media gave Trump billions of dollars in free exposure.

e. Well documented voter suppression in several states that Trump squeaked by in. Even the NY Times ran stories on this.

f. Had someone been leaking Trump's emails constantly (Can you fucking imagine what is in his emails) or the RNC's emails!

The fact is, had just a few thousand folks in the rust belt switched their votes no one would be talking about how "brilliant" these folks are for predicting Trump would win. They just got lucky.

There are two types of men in the world

See video at link:

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