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Member since: Mon Dec 1, 2003, 02:42 PM
Number of posts: 18,046

Journal Archives

Your Drunk Neighbor: Donald Trump

This Is How British Atheist Comedians Take-The-Piss Out Of Religion!

Why Detoxes Don’t Work

Neil deGrasse Tyson Verified account 
‏@neiltyson The likelihood that a person uses the word "toxin" correlates strongly with how much Chemistry the person does *not* know


Iranian President Calls GOP Anti-Iran Deal Rhetoric ‘Laughable,’ ‘A Form of Entertainment’

Stupid Cop doesn't know what he's giving me a ticket for. Pretty damn funny.

What would be your Dream Team President / Cabinet?

I were actually president I would want to really check all these people out first before putting selecting them.

Who would you pick?

President: Elizabeth Warren
VP: Bernie Sanders
Sec. State: Juan Cole
Treasury: Robert Reich
Defense: Lawrence Wilkerson
Attorney General: Loretta Lynch seems fine (need suggestions)
Interior: Robert Kennedy Jr.
Agriculture: Not sure
Education: Don't know but someone who supports Finland's style of education
Labor: Ed Schultz?? He seems like he would be a fighter but not sure.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Gavin Newsom
Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Max Cleland
Homeland Security: Wes Clark (However I was not happy about what he recently said about internment camps for radicals??? That might give me second thoughts)
Energy: Neil deGrasse Tyson or Dr. Michio Kaku
Transportation: Someone like Elon Musk but from the US

Fox Host Thinks Iran Funded 9/11 Attacks

Robert Reich is my hero!

There is no better teacher in this country when it comes to economics!

Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few

Video at link:


Republicans Debate Who's Nicer to Immigrants

My how things have changed. If they said this stuff now the audience would come after them with pitchforks.

The Nightly Show- Trickery Dickery Fox - Phony War on Cops

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