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Hometown: New Mexico
Member since: Mon Dec 1, 2003, 02:42 PM
Number of posts: 19,263

Journal Archives

Marco Rubio says he is in Europe, found in Florida hotel running from constituent

Climate Scientist Debates Global Warming Skeptics and Climate Change Deniers

This is really well worth watching. He shreds the skeptics here.

Why don't major executive orders get run through the courts first before they are implemented?

So Trump is going to do another revised "Muslim ban". The first one was a fucking mess! All kinds of good people had no idea what they were headed into and it turned out to be in-constitutional. So can he just put out another piece of shit, fuck up a bunch of lives and then have it possibly get turned over again? Not sure the founders thought this through completely or we just have a fucking idiot not using common sense and perhaps himself checking with the courts first.

American's For Prosperity Attacking Trump's Mexico Wall Tax

This was posted by one of my Trump LOVING Facebook friends. I had to point out that it was Trump's idea. Notice they make no mention of Trump's wall in the video:


A short history of US Presidents

I don't believe Yiannopoulos was ever molested he made it up and now is using it for sympathy

When I first listened to his interview with Joe Rogan where he is bragging about having sex with the priest it sounded fake and made up. Typical shock jock BS. Rogan kept asking about it and then it sounded like he freaked out because he didn't want the father to get into trouble because it probably NEVER happened. So he is bragging about how he seduced this priest and acting like he conquered him even though he was younger and then suddenly when everything comes crashing down he SUDDENLY becomes the victim! Poor Yiannopoulos! NOW he is throwing the father under the bus! Now the story is how fucked up he is and after he was molested he got into drugs and his life went all to hell! Interesting how now that there isn't a book deal he doesn't give a FUCK about bringing down a priest who probably never did anything to him in the first place. He is nothing but a spoiled little brat, shock jock with zero morals. I don't believe ANYTHING he says!

Room Full Of Republicans Cheer Universal Healthcare

According to Right Wing media Sweden has turned into hell on earth

Muslim gangs roam the streets, people are terrified and the Gov. is outlawing bulletproof vests as millions rush the stores to get them.




Never mind it is listed as one of the safest countries on the face of the earth: http://www.atlasandboots.com/most-dangerous-countries-in-the-world-ranked/

Trump's Mob Ties Exposed

Another old one that is looking relevant again:

Donald Trump's business links to the mob - BBC Newsnight

Seems timely to post this again:

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