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Hometown: Poway, CA
Current location: Leucadia, CA
Member since: Sat Nov 22, 2003, 12:17 AM
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Senator Sanders and the "free stuff"

You may be a corporate conservative if you're against...

1. A stock transaction fee to pay for public college.
2. Removing for-profit health insurance, their ghastly copays, high premiums, deductibles, and dismal coverage in favor of a system similar to Canada's.
3. Ending insane trade deals that give enormous freedom to multinational corporations to plunger and pillage.
4. Stopping foreign intervention and "regime change".

I know it's much easier to start flinging "BernieBros, unicorn, fairy dust, unrealistic and socialist" insults rather than just admit you prefer the status quo.

I remember years ago here on the DU you'd be banned for posting up pro corporate conservative bullshit against what I have listed.
Today it seems even the DU has allowed a creep to the rightwing.


Ahhh...look at this cute picture

Neocon War Hawks Want Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump. No Surprise
They’ve Always Backed Her
With Trump’s impending nomination, neocons are reaffirming what they’ve always thought: Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy is right up their alley.



"Free the Nipple" at rally last night

And yours truly is noticing then taking a pic. Mine turned out blurry BTW.

Yep that's me with the cap and blue shirt.

I'm so busted...LOL


I made the newscast in San Diego tonight!

Blue shirt, ball cap, about in the middle close to the camera. Can't miss me. I'm in it a few times.


Berta Cáceres Singled Out Hillary Clinton for Backing Honduran Coup

AMY GOODMAN: Let’s go to March 2010. This is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveling to meet with the Honduran president, Porfirio "Pepe" Lobo, whose election was boycotted by opponents of the coup that overthrew Zelaya. She urged Latin American countries to normalize ties with the coup government.

SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON: We think that Honduras has taken important and necessary steps that deserve the recognition and the normalization of relations. I have just sent a letter to the Congress of the United States notifying them that we will be restoring aid to Honduras. Other countries in the region say that, you know, they want to wait a while. I don’t know what they’re waiting for, but that’s their right, to wait.

AMY GOODMAN: That was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton endorsing the coup. What is the trajectory of what happened then to the horror of this past week, the assassination of Berta Cáceres?

GREG GRANDIN: Well, that’s just one horror. I mean, hundreds of peasant activists and indigenous activists have been killed. Scores of gay rights activists have been killed. I mean, it’s just—it’s just a nightmare in Honduras. I mean, there’s ways in which the coup regime basically threw up Honduras to transnational pillage. And Berta Cáceres, in that interview, says what was installed after the coup was something like a permanent counterinsurgency on behalf of transnational capital. And that was—that wouldn’t have been possible if it were not for Hillary Clinton’s normalization of that election, or legitimacy.



This is just gross and is not getting the press it deserves.
This, Kissinger, Lybia, etc...I hope that Bernie can overcome the candidate that the system prefers and advocates for.

Will my Debit Card work in Canada?

My ATM card doesn't have a chip in it.
I have heard conflicting reports that it will and it won't work in ATM's in Canada.

Will it work?

What is Hillary's plan on health insurance cost & coverage

The individual market for health insurance is horrendous if your income is anything over about 200% of the Federal poverty level.
We have Blue Shield PPO Silver under Covered California. We get help however we are near the 400% of FPL so we pay $650 per month for a $1,300 plan. That is high for our income.
And this plan sucks. No dental. No vision. High copays and no "out of network" coverage to speak of. Plus the deductibles only apply to total "out of pocket" in a very limited way. It's a sad joke. It's expensive.

Bernie wants a public option. A Medicare for all.

What's Hillary's plan to contain the ever rising costs?

Something is wrong

For people to think $15 minimum wage, universal-comprehensive healthcare, and tuition free college are not attainable in the wealthiest country in the world.
Who, by the way, spends trillions on war and death.

For people to consider these pipe dreams or otherwise unattainable I say they are terribly brainwashed.
Pawns and fools.
Tools of the system that oppresses them.

Break the chains.

Walmart for Hillary!

Hillary Clinton Just Received a Massive Donation from America’s Most Hated Oligarch

Amanda Girard | February 26, 2016

Newly-revealed campaign finance records show a wealthy Walmart heiress gave a donation exceeding a third of a million dollars to Hillary Clinton’s “Victory Fund.”

Alice Walton, who ranks #12 in the Forbes 400 with more than $32 billion in personal assets, gave $353,400 to the victory fund — one of the funds backing her 2016 presidential campaign. While the donation was made in December of 2015, the record of her contribution wasn’t made public until this week. Alice is one of the most controversial Walton heirs. In 2011, she was arrested for drunk driving, but ultimately got off scot-free despite having a blood alcohol level of 0.16. Walton famously told her arresting officers, “I’m Alice Walton, bitch!”

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