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Hometown: Poway, CA
Current location: Leucadia, CA
Member since: Sat Nov 22, 2003, 01:17 AM
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Journal Archives

Reich regarding Republicans

Made my first batch of Canna Coconut Oil

36 grams of unmanicured bud (water leaves removed of course).
2.25 cups of Dr. Bronner's Organic Coconut Oil
1 heaping tablespoon of sunflower lecithin.

I wrapped the herb in foil and decarbed in the oven at 240F for 1 hour.
Let it cool and placed all ingredients in my Magical Butter Machine.
Ran 1hr cycle at 190F and 1hr cycle at 160F.
Poured out all into a container and froze it overnight.
Next morning I thawed out a bit and put it back in the MB2E for 2 hrs at 160F.
When done I strained it and poured into final containers.

I only sampled by licking my fingers during the final pour and I caught a mild buzz. That's a good sign.
This oil tastes so damn good. A nutty coconut flavor.
I'll take a teaspoon tonight to test it.

And after its cooled in the frig.

What is wrong with our Federal, State, and Local Governments?

They have been eroded by privatization. Profiting off of what should be a strengthening of "The Commons". A strengthening of the Public Sector.

Conservative/Libertarian answer? More privatization.

67 days old from seed today and almost ready...

The trichomes are mostly cloudy. I'd estimate 5 more days or so until harvest time!
I plan on making Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) and infused coconut oil among other things.

Details can be found here in one of my grow journals:


Bernie is failing bad

Malcolm X - The Police and the Press

Still relevant today.

Where's the Cliven Bundy crowd?

Where's the "fear the government" crowd?
Where's the "tyrannical government"folks?

Oh that's right, the people affected in Fergueson and Baltimore are mostly people of color.

Yeah I went there. I played the race card. Ya know why?
Because they're duplicitous racists assholes that's why and we all know a few don't we?

Someone needs to inform Bruce Jenner...

Since he also claimed he is a Conservative in the interview he should know...

It's not Liberals who are hiding behind religion to attack the LGBT community.

It's not Liberals who are actively working to limit Constitutional rights for the LGBT community.

It's not Liberals who ridicule, beat and murder those in the LGBT community.

Cannabinoids and Cancer:

Optimism and Healthy Skepticism by Jahan Marcu Ph.D. 2014
from Society of Cannabis Clinicians


My thoughts on not being 'specific'

Especially true in RWNT world.

People saying vague shit like "taxes are too high" and "government can't do anything right" drive me nuts. There are so many types of taxes. Some high and some very low. There are many forms and agencies of government also. Some work very well and others not so much.
Why aren't people specific with their complaints so an intelligent discussion can move forward?

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