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Here's what happens when Native Americans defend their land

Here’s What Happened When These Unarmed Native American Sisters Defended Their Land from the Feds

Like the Bundys, the Dann sisters tried a standoff with the BLM. But it ended very differently.

The double standard in the media’s treatment of Ammon Bundy and his gang at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is shameful, but the case of the Dann sisters underlines even further the disparity in how non-white activists are treated.

Carrie and Mary Dann, two elderly Shoshone women who have defied seizure of their land, have been repeatedly roughed up and harassed by federal officials and mobs of white ranchers for refusing to cede their claim to land that was illegally stolen from them 30 years ago.



Welfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction of the American West

It's what the Hammonds and Bundys do.
They are on welfare plus they destroy our public lands.



Where is the enforcement?

The Bundy Militia Raid on Burns: What the Media Left Out

Public lands are some of our most treasured lands in the nation. Opal Creek, Crater Lake, the Siuslaw National Forest here in Oregon to name just a few. The truth behind the Bundy influenced takeover of the Malheur refuge HQ should be exposed for what it is.



Who will protect our environment?
I am fully aware of the "good old boy" network that exists between public employees and these type of private yahoos. Many are related by family.
I saw it in the Forest Service in rural Oregon where I worked for the CETA program doing trail maintenance in the early 1980's. It's a wink and a nod as logging interests violated environmental laws meant to protect watersheds.

When the law didn't come down forcefully on the Hammonds the first time

Nor the Bundy Ranch.

And when I say "the first time" I am talking about the Clinton Administration era (see link).

The sad thing is it has put BLM and other Federal agents lives at risk.
Many of these employees are trying to protect wetlands and endangered species.
Our government appears to be abandoning our public servants.


When you learn just how horrible these ranchers are...

...It's harder to laugh at them.

Shame on our Federal Government for not nipping this in the bud.

Showdown in the Malheur Marshes: the Origins of Rancher Terrorism in Burns, Oregon

On one occasion Hammond told the manager of the federal refuge that “he was going to tear his head off and shit down his neck.”

According to the affidavit, Hammond threated to kill refuge manager Forrest Cameron and assistant manager Dan Walsworth and claimed he was ready to die over a fence line that the refuge wanted to construct to keep his cows out of a marsh and wetland.

Hammond’s son Steve showed up and began calling the government men “worthless cocksuckers” and “assholes.”

...including one call threatening to wrap the Camerons’ 12-year-old boy in a shroud of barbed wire and stuff him down a well. Other callers warned Mrs. Cameron that if she couldn’t get along in the cow town, she ought to move out before something “bad” happened to her family.


"It's a purchase"

Robert Reich on FB regarding the differences between Bernie and Hillary

“I don’t see much difference between Bernie and Hillary,” a friend said this morning over breakfast.
“Wrong,” said my other friend, also at breakfast. She then went through the list:

"Bernie wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Hillary wants to raise it to $12 an hour.

Bernie wants a single-payer health insurance system. Hillary wants to strengthen Obamacare.

Bernie wants all public higher education to be tuition free. Hillary wants community colleges to be tuition free.

Bernie wants to bust up the biggest banks. Hillary wants to make it more expensive for banks to be very big.

Bernie wants to resurrect the Glass-Staegall Act that separated commercial from investment banking before Bill Clinton joined Republicans in repealing it. Hillary doesn’t think it’s necessary to go that far.

Bernie wants to tax speculative trading on Wall Street. Hillary doesn’t think that’s necessary, either.

Bernie wants to expand Social Security by raising the cap on income subject to the Social Security payroll tax. Hillary wants to protect Social Security as is.

Bernie wants to allow states to legalize marijuana. Hillary wants to put marijuana on a lower drug enforcement classification but doesn’t want it legalized.

Bernie isn’t taking money from corporate PACs or Super PACs. Hillary is."

“See?” she said. “The difference is huge. Bernie is leading a movement for fundamental change. That’s why he’s generating so much enthusiasm, and why he’ll win the primaries.”

“Wrong” he said. “Bernie's too radical. He doesn’t stand a chance.”

What do you think?


The brainwashing of Americans is breathtaking

Since the inception of the USA it has been engaged in the abuse and all out war against others.
Whether it be the Native Americans, slavery, attacks on the third world to extract natural resources, and of course the middle east.

But yet somehow many many Americans believe we are the "victims".
Bottom line is, and the cold hard truth is, our lifestyles here are at the expense of the poor.

"The rich man's living is the poor man's Hell" - Peter Tosh

In this country right now

We have white males (mostly) who open carry their weapons and advocate against our government with some advocating a violent overthrow.

Now imagine for a moment a darker skinned group doing this be they Muslim, African American, or others.

What would the tolerance level be then?

Oh but we've moved past racism in this country.

VA can't afford drug for veterans suffering (dying)

This is outrageous. These veterans were infected by our government and now our government, and the drug company, are turning their backs.
To top it off it was our tax dollars that helped develop this life saving drug which costs $1,400 to make.
The manufacturer Gilead is charging $84,000 for treatment. $42,000 for the VA yet the VA says it has treated just 35,000 of the estimated 250,000 infected vets. All others are on hold.

So we can develop this drug with government money (our taxes), give these vets HepC via blood transfusions and vaccines, but then when it's time to save their lives it's too expensive?

This is so fucked up.
I'm livid.

VA can't afford drug for veterans suffering from hepatitis C - CBS News


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