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Hometown: Poway, CA
Current location: Leucadia, CA
Member since: Sat Nov 22, 2003, 12:17 AM
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Reccomend this thread if you love Senator Harkin

If we could only turn back time and elect Tom as our President.
I remember catching grief for my "Harkin for President" bumper sticker but I displayed it proudly and history has proven me correct in my choice.

Goodbye Senator...you will be missed!

Tom Harkin for President 1992 Campaign Brochures:

1. End George Bush's supply-side, trickle-down, tax-breaks-for-the-rich economics.

2. Use Tom Harkin's INVESTMENT BASED ECONOMICS to invest in America -- our workers, our schools, health care and our infrastructure.

3. Stop subsidizing the defense of our allies. And use that money here at home. Invest in America.

4. Get tough on trade and stop exporting American jobs to foreign countries.

5. Help America's working families with national health care, parental leave, child care and pay equity.



Owning weapons will not free us from...

...having to go to work everyday to barely scrape by.
...getting our urine tested to get a job.
...having our internet and phone activity monitored.
...the fact that our democracy is being destroyed by privatization.

just sayin'

Why are the Manti Te’o lies so "shocking"?

Hell, the Bush/Cheney crime syndicate lied us into two wars. Those are REAL FUCKING LIES!!!!!!!!

I swear to God sometimes I think I am living the movie "Idiocracy".


The GOP's Rotten Core

The party of wealthy old white males and the working-class followers that are duped by the corporate media.
The sucking up of our tax dollars to provide welfare to the military/industrial/complex, the vaginal probes, "legitimate rape", the electrified fence ideas, the privatization schemes of our Commons to benefit the Corporate State.

Yeah, the GOP has some image work to do but their rotten core remains.


Gun-nutz "fearing the government"

Yet at the same time cheering on the beat down of the Occupy Movement.


U.S. drug czar says there's no "war on drugs"

U.S. drug czar slams medical marijuana during S.F. event
By: Chris Roberts | 01/07/13 7:46 PM
S.F. Examiner Staff Writer

The nation’s top drug cop advocated a “different approach” to narcotics enforcement — and stressed that there is no “war on drugs” — but had stern words Monday for the San Francisco-bred medical marijuana movement.

Drug users need treatment and education rather than jail terms, according to Gil Kerlikowske, the former Seattle police chief who now heads President Barack Obama’s Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Speaking at a gathering of law enforcement officers at the University of San Francisco, Kerlikowske also said that calling cannabis medicine “sends a terrible message” to the nation’s teens. High school students are more likely to smoke marijuana than tobacco due to the growing “perception” that marijuana is less harmful, he said.

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner: http://www.sfexaminer.com/local/2013/01/us-drug-czar-slams-medical-marijuana-during-sf-event#ixzz2HsKhm02V


"Drug users need treatment and education ..."

That statement right there is a fucking psychological war.
As if marijuana cannot be used responsibly.
As if Obama keeping this war on marijuana alive helps anyone.


Topics we truly need to be having a National dialog about

Republicans Debating Republicans: Social Welfare Cuts
Wednesday, 19 December 2012 15:05
By Thom Hartmann and Sam Sacks, The Daily Take | Op-Ed

...President Obama should be putting progressive solutions on the table. Things like a financial transaction tax, which could reduce the debt by $1.8 trillion over the next decade.

Or, cutting off taxpayer subsidies to big oil, which total $40 billion over ten years.

Or, ending the massive "capital gains" loophole which sets income taxes on hedge fund managers and vulture capitalists like Mitt Romney at a maximum 15 percent, less than half of what working people can pay.

Or, common sense cuts to our bloated and wasteful Defense Budget.

Or, raising the minimum wage to stimulate the economy and, thus, over the long haul, reduce our debt.

Or, breaking up the big banks to prevent more costly, deficit-expanding bailouts in the future.

Or, creating a single-payer healthcare system to reduce deficit-inducing healthcare costs.

If all of these were on the table, then this would be a robust debate that reflects the political leanings of a center-left nation.
But, they're not, which shows not just of the weakness of President Obama, but also the weakness of the progressive movement when compared with the hard-right movement funded by cranky billionaires like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson.


Would you like a side of the flu with your order?

Submitted by louisehartmann on 11. January 2013 - 8:16
All around us, people are coming down with the flu – and the Centers for Disease Control warn that it could be the worst flu season in ten years. And to make matters worse, our national workplace policies are helping to spread the flu. Despite the CDC recommending people “stay home and avoid contact with other people,” most workers don’t have that option, as the United States is the only developed country that doesn’t guaranteed paid sick days to its workers.

As a result, 40% of private sector workers and 80% of low-income workers don’t get any paid sick days. In the food industry, where the chances of the flu spreading are highest, 79% of workers say they receive no paid sick leave. Our lack of protections for workers is directly responsible for more flu illnesses around the nation. As a 2009 study in the American Journal of Public Health found, there were as many as 5 million additional cases of the H1N1 flu in 2009, due to a lack of paid sick time.

Giving workers what they have earned – which is paid sick days – isn’t about workers rights. It’s about national security, and saving millions of Americans from needlessly contracting the flu when they dine out or go to the grocery store. Unfortunately, the billionaire class running Corporate America has squeezed every bit of profit they can from their workers – denying them union representation, healthcare, and paid vacations and sick leave.

This is insanity – and we should protest with our wallets and pocketbooks. Before dining out, call the restaurant and ask if they offer paid sick days to their employees. If not, then eat there at your own risk.



What a country...

Something to tell your RW, government hating friends

Hating our government does nothing to solve the real issue which is the fact that wealthy, private, corporate interests have bought it away from us.

Hell, even the vote counting is done on privately owned machines with proprietary software.

All hating our government does is distract the anger away from the wealth hording private sector where it should be placed.
Remember...lobbyists and corporate influence have no "term limits".


When my conservative friends are losing a political discussion

Here are the two "go to" responses from them:

1. "I am an 'independent' voter."
The more emphasis that is put on this claim the more I know they are further to the Right Wing.

2. "Both sides are messed up."
The old 'false equivalency' tactic which used to try and throw off the conversation. This is used more times than not in a fit of exasperation when really falling behind in the discussion. A last ditch attempt.

So predictable.
And so common.

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