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Malcolm X - The Police and the Press

Still relevant today.

Where's the Cliven Bundy crowd?

Where's the "fear the government" crowd?
Where's the "tyrannical government"folks?

Oh that's right, the people affected in Fergueson and Baltimore are mostly people of color.

Yeah I went there. I played the race card. Ya know why?
Because they're duplicitous racists assholes that's why and we all know a few don't we?

Someone needs to inform Bruce Jenner...

Since he also claimed he is a Conservative in the interview he should know...

It's not Liberals who are hiding behind religion to attack the LGBT community.

It's not Liberals who are actively working to limit Constitutional rights for the LGBT community.

It's not Liberals who ridicule, beat and murder those in the LGBT community.

Cannabinoids and Cancer:

Optimism and Healthy Skepticism by Jahan Marcu Ph.D. 2014
from Society of Cannabis Clinicians


My thoughts on not being 'specific'

Especially true in RWNT world.

People saying vague shit like "taxes are too high" and "government can't do anything right" drive me nuts. There are so many types of taxes. Some high and some very low. There are many forms and agencies of government also. Some work very well and others not so much.
Why aren't people specific with their complaints so an intelligent discussion can move forward?

When Reagan Admitted He Was A Traitor

Reagan admits to being a traitor


A video for you to forward to your Reagan loving relatives.

Smoking Pot Is ‘Slavery To Vegetables,’

More silliness from Pat Robertson. He thinks cannabis is a vegetable.


I guess Frank saw this coming?


We protest war... they protest health care

Republicans hold the line against Medicaid expansion

The GOP are pro-death and the above is more proof.

American Sniper... from a Marine who was there

This is powerful because it is the truth.

American Sniper?
By: Ross Caputi

Chris Kyle built his reputation as a sniper during one of the most criminal operations of the entire occupation of Iraq, the 2nd siege of Fallujah.

What American Sniper offers us — more than a heart-wrenching tale about Chris Kyle’s struggle to be a soldier, a husband, and a father; more than an action packed story about America’s most lethal sniper — is an exposure of the often hidden side of American war culture. The criminality that has characterized American military engagements since the American Indian Wars, and most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan, is hardly noticeable in this film. And that’s exactly my point.

Your average American viewer might be surprised to find out that Chris Kyle built his reputation as a sniper during one of the most criminal operations of the entire occupation of Iraq, the 2nd siege of Fallujah. He or she certainly won’t learn this by watching American Sniper, which doesn’t even hint that Chris Kyle ever did anything in Iraq except kill bad guys and defend America. And this speaks volumes about how little we understand the wars that our country fights around the world.

Perhaps my argument seems strange — that the most insightful part of this film is what is not in it. However, I believe that these omissions reflect more than just what the director decided to be irrelevant to the plot. These omissions reveal an unconscious psychological process that shields our ideas about who we are as individuals and as a nation. This process, known as “moral disengagement”, is extremely common in militaristic societies. But what is fascinating about American Sniper is how these omissions survive in the face of overwhelming evidence of the crimes that Chris Kyle participated in. The fact that a man who participated in the 2nd siege of Fallujah — an operation that killed between 4,000 to 6,000 civilians, displaced 200,000, and may have created an epidemic of birth defects and cancers — can come home, be embraced as a hero, be celebrated for the number of people he has killed, write a bestselling book based on that experience, and have it made into a Hollywood film is something that we need to reflect on as a society.

MORE HERE: http://www.telesurtv.net/english/opinion/American-Sniper-20150110-0019.html

The Top 5 Special Interest Groups Against Cannabis Legalization

1. Police Unions
2. Private Prison Corporations
3. Alcohol/Beer Corporations
4. Pharmaceutical Corporations
5. Prison Guard Unions


Fuck em.
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