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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 41,703

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ok, wtf. last years latham yellow rasberries

are now PURPLE.
not red, purple.

i do not have a clue.
tho, occurs to me now that i do also have reds. cross-pollinting?

silent thread in support of bowe bergdahl's family

report in lbn that bowe refuses to talk to his family. as a mom, oy.

argh. i cant believe it. i adopted 3 kitties. help!!!

i swore i would never have a cat. i just keep too many other critters. they dont play well w others. plus, i am allergic to them.
however, in the alternate reality where many of the neighbors to my farm live, this is a disney movie, i am a witch, and therefore control the beasts, especially the vermin.
in spite of the fact that they are seeing rats on THEIR OWN property, in their over stuff garbage cans, and their bird feeders, it is my property, where i waste almost no food, that must be the problem, right?
so, anyway, i got myself 3 feral kitties. there is a cook county program to teach people to responsibly manage cat colonies for rodent control. i have 3 vaxxd, chipped kitties, a brown tabby male, a brown tabby female, and a little calico girl.

i dont expect to make pets of them, but i do know that it is ALWAYS easier to take care of an animal that is half tame than not tame at all.

i talk to them when i feed them. teaching them- kitty itty, meow, kiss kiss, kitty momma is here, dinner time.
only one has a name so far. the male is kinda explosive, and came with the name of richter. i was thinking rocket before i was reminded of this.

i try to purr, which they do seem to except. the little calico was peeking out, and nervous, and when i started purring at her, she sorta sat down and stared at me.

that's about as far as i have gotten.
they are crated up to acclimate, so i have them under my thumb for a couple more weeks. i think i can turn a dog pen i have, where they are now, into their own little itty space. may see about keeping them in the larger enclosure for a bit. they should be able to hop the fence and get away from any dogs or coyotes that come around.

so, go ahead kitty friends, share your tricks and tips.
also, good kitty snacks and treats. would a kitty like a chicken wing? can a kitty eat raw meat?

i guess if i tame these little suckers, it tears it. i am a witch.
i already acknowledged a long time ago that i am a rhyming word.

eta- can kitties have eggs?

a thread for a newcomers- please introduce yourself.

have had a couple noobs put some serious posts in the pinned thread here.
this one just appeared from lost in america


i have a thought that, since this seems to happen here, where someone signs up to post, but cant start a thread, maybe we can have a newcomers thread.
i could pin it, but i think i will let it bounce a bit first.

perhaps the oldtimers can check in, then when someone new posts, it will show up for as many people as possible.

ah shit. i'm gonna have to fight the ex for doctor dog.

haven't posted much here since my bullies were pups.
it has been a battle, sadly.
tho i think he is about the sweetest dog i have ever had, he is, as i knew he would be, a handful.
he is allegedly my stbex's dog, but he doesnt have a clue about that. since the dog was housebroken, he has not lifted a finger to train or care for the dog. never even spent that much time around the house with him.
like so many dogs, he KNOWS he belongs to the mamma.

he is also, by rule of the heart, as well as original intent, my daughter's dog.
now, he is almost as much her petmate as he is mine. and we did get him because the kid (age 19) needed a puppy. her did a lot to heal her heart at a tough time for her.
she stays in a 2flat that we own a couple doors down. my farm is next to it.
we have talked for a long time about making him into a real therapy dog for her, as she was diagnosed with ptsd. she actually has epilepsy, which was the real problem, and is being treated. i dont discount that a he could do her a ton of good, nonetheless.
this plan, however, always hiring on a pro trainer for the dog. i cannot stand the one that got picked, especially as when she came to evaluate the dog, she just sat me down and told me to rehome one of the boys.

his trouble is that he has grown up with an aggressive and neglected dog on the other side of the fence. and a couple assholes in the hood who let their unleashed, intact male dogs pee right through the fence at my pack.
now we have a dog aggression problem.
plus the boy is 200lb of drive in a 100lb bag.

he is as good a varmint dog as a farmer could want.
he will retrieve aaallllll day long.
he relishes his job of guarding a big property.

i am the only one he really listens to, and he listens very well.
he sleeps with me.
he thinks he is my dog.

i just dont like this trainer they are bringing in, is the big problem.
here are some things she says-

dogs dont give kisses. they dont have lips.
dogs are simple.
once there is fighting, the trust is broken and cannot be repaired.
he shouldnt be allowed to chase the rabbits on the farm because that will cause him to be confused and uncontrollable on walks. (and btw, for all our training, he has very little leash training. i have struggled with severe carpal tunnel and nerve damage that left me totally unable to do this. besides the fact that they dont know what they are doing, nobody stepped up for that. dad took him for about 2 walks. this kid-0, other kid, who we sent to dog training school with this woman, a couple walks, and trips to the vet. number of dog fights that broke out-3)
i must rehome one of the dogs. neither of which she has really even met, just based on questionnaires.

now, the boys do not FIGHT with each other. they play like a couple giant bulldogges, but it is completely under my control, and has never gotten serious.
they are, however, completely jealous of each other.

where the fights happen is at the fence, with the neighbor dog. now 2 dogs, with a yo pup that was starting to join in the fun.
this dog comes flying at the fence, hair up, teeth out, and especially, headed for me.

i finally flipped with these people, who i love. LOVE. and they are managing them well now. not how i would. bark collars. but....
but i always felt that what happened on my side of the fence was my problem. i worked it, and worked it hard. at this point, he barely looks at the dog, sometimes even when it is barking at him. he will stop dead if i call him midleap.
but shit always happens.
i had a bunch of kids in my yard a while back. kids who knew the dogs, and some that didnt. but all were having fun. i was watching from the window.

the neighbor lets both dogs out, they charge the fence, he just stands there, not like he can do much anyway. did my dogs defend a bunch of little kids?
boy howdy.
but the redirected aggression on my side of the fence was bad. add my 2 little terriers to the mix, and it was about 60 seconds of bedlam.
we didnt know it at the time, but doctor took a good bite. didnt find it till it popped. made an icky wound. and of course, that would be right when the trainer comes over.

oooo. oooo. this can never happen again.
rehome rehome.

the original thing the trainer was SUPPOSED to do, was to actually measure his aggression level, and fitness as a service dog. that never happened.
the plan that i was signed on to was that there was a trainer who would take him for a 6 week intensive, someone who specifically trained pits and other bullies for service work. that never happened.
but now daddy and the kid are all hooked into the idea that she will take the dog and soon.

i could accept that this was a better thing for him, and that he will be very happy as a service dog. he would be in heaven.
but i do have to question his fitness until he is really assessed.
the trainer is nonetheless giving her support and advice, but not actual training, and sending her out strapped to this bombshell.
and i hate these three way conversations to begin with. but ex has been NOTHING but nasty, and i am barely talking to the kid again. he is gripping on to her, and putting her in the middle of conflict, like he always does. she is so hungry for daddy, that she cant help believing she finally has one.
one that will fight mommy for her.
so now we have to argue over whether or not to let my farm dog chase my varmints.

well, i already told me lawyer that i wanted custody of the dog. he is not ready. she is not ready. and i need him too.
he needs me.

and even tho he will be right there for now, he is part of her plan to get more independence, and she has future plans i am not privy too.

this is really the only little thing i wish to argue about. that and my farm. the rest is just stuff. even money is just stuff.

fuck all.

anyone using new mac dictation?

been trying it. i need to do some writing.
i think it might work for me for outlining, spitballing, but unless i can get into some of the auto correct controls, it seems like a whole lot more trouble to me, because i am a snot with my own rules.

trudged through the usual suspects, and did manage to turn it off in general, but i cant find the specific dictation controls.

also if anyone has tips on how to train the damn thing. its not doing a real great job so far, even if i go somewhere quite, instead of in my favorite writing chair. lots of birdsong here. it seems to filter it out, but i think it is applying the same filter to my voice. loosing the sharp notes. i actually beachballed it yesterday trying to get it to spell rape.

nice to have a shiny new mac, tho. a little early b-day present to myself, and a shove to get some writing done.


this is not my rant. this is the rant from a psyche worker in chicago public schools. karen lewis.

this is a neighbor and a local blogger friend. she has much experience and big time credentials. she shares my very low opinion of karen lewis. regarding rumors of her running for mayor, we both say, what the heck, give it a go, take your best shot. maybe some good will come of it.
but some people make me like rahm more and more. she is one.

I hope she runs, it will be the most enjoyable campaign ever.

On two counts, her instigation of the strike, and her instigation of riot like behavior among parents, which were deplorable, reprehensible and totally self serving, cause me to question whether you're aware of all the angles here. Though I like unions, they need regulation, and if those who are charged with the care of our young don't need the most regulation of all, WTF does?? Her behavior during negotiations was atrocious, with no regard for the the students, the budget, or the city, all she cares about is protecting the welfare of teachers.

Regarding school closings...
Please remember the schools were failing, and excessive violence existed before the moves. If the truth is hard to handle so be it, but in the long run those kids are better off out of those armpits.

Those students are now learning more effectively, they are safer, and the students are happier. I know you don't like or agree with what I am saying here, and I am clear on that, but the dismally ineffective teachers who were fired, and totally deserved to be, totally screwed any hope the students had for a smooth transition.

The hype that was spun by Lewis over the closings was not about kids, it was about the teachers bottom line. Lewis was destructive by deliberately imposing a difficult transition on kids with no regard for those children. If Lewis really cared she would not have incited hysterics among the parents and their kids. It was a selfish display of antics by teachers who didn't want to lose their jobs.

If Lewis really cared about the kids, and had put the students best interest first, she would have been reassuring to parents, and actually helped parents transition their kids. Instead Lewis were so pissed off they made freaking everyone out their top priority.

Closing the schools had to be done, that doesn't mean it was an easy choice, but the teachers really screwed those poor kids far worse than the closings. By creating trauma and spite, for both the parents and students, Lewis made the ultimate statement, teachers are the boss, teachers rule, and no one tells teachers what to do.

All the while their real motivation perfectly veiled with claims of concern for students, when that was never really their problem. Their problem was that their little classroom kingdoms were no longer being allowed to run amuck under Lewis's (iron clad contract) watch. It was an unbelievable display of selfish entitlement and insensitively by adults who are supposed to do what is best for students.

It would be great if my neighborhood school was good enough for my kids, but it's not. Public Schools are far from equal. Keeping kids segregated does not help, and neither does keeping teachers who are not effective.

The US is new country, and our education system is new, relatively speaking, we have a lot to learn, and yes, we have failed on many counts, but the TU has effectively protected teachers salaries, pensions, and benefits without acknowledging budget cuts and restraints.

While Europe is light years ahead, we are still restructuring, and regulating our system, with very limited funds. I am sorry for those kids, but their teachers made things exponentially worse for them and their parents, the TU was selfish, childish, and inconsiderate.

Sorry I am not saying what you want to hear, but as mentioned, we just need to agree to disagree.

doing a mother daughter hair date. cut and dye, or dye and cut?

i am so not a girlie girl and never was. i have worn my hair super short, maintenance free for most of my now long life. it is white now, and i actually love it like this. i get a lot of complements.

my daughters, not so much. girlie girls all 3 of them. my baby is currently in the nerdy blue and purple space. for her 21st, we are gonna get a dye job together.
my hair is easy- white.
all three have dark brown hair that is actually a deep auburn that is almost impossible to bleach. it goes carrot orange. i have tried to convince them all that they should go with it, and she is gonna give it a go.

which leaves me, ready to go purple, but now looking at doing the old bottle redhead thing. i have often made fun of that whole thing.
but my mom did it for ages, and i feel like now i can do a bit of an homage to my mom, and see if i am one of those people who can get away with that stuff.

been thinking about my celtic roots lately, and about the warrior queens in my genes. and the poets and the writers. the story tellers. but yeah boudica's daughter.
stuck with it.
might as well see if i can rock it.
it's gone in a month or 2 at the most if i dont like it.


but the question-

Question submitted by mopinko

The text of this question will be publicly available after it has been reviewed and answered by a DU Administrator. Please be aware that sometimes messages are not answered immediately. Thank you for your patience. --The DU Administrators

beware- there are now 2 kinds of colonoscopy.

it seems that the explosion in cancer screening colonoscopies has led to a stripped down version. lower anesthesia, basically, watching the little roller car go through the pink tunnels, as a friend called it.

found this out the hard way- i was due for screening, tho should have been asked anyway. i had bad breakthough pain my last 2, and that would have led to the higher level anyway. but they didnt ask.
i did, tho, get much sicker waiting for what was really ordered to address some current and serious issues. they should have noted this, as i tried to get seen before the test. and i also came in, unable to finish my prep, dehydrated, laying in a room on an iv all morning.
then i ended up being the last test of the day, tho this docs first, the anesthesia team having left, leaving me with- this is going to cause "serious discomfort", or go through this again another day.

holy moly hells bells.
i lived, but got a feeling that doc will never be the same. i did, however, resist kicking a nurse. not their fault.

so, yeah, if you are getting a diagnostic scope, make sure they know that.
oy oy oy.
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