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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 42,667

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finding out who your real friends are.

been doing a lot of this during this truly tough year.
nothing like a little trouble in your life to have the fair weather folks peel off.

anybody got an inspirational story to convince me this thing has a silver lining?

looks like record turnout

polls are overwhelmed here in wausau wis.
could be a long night!!!

hey wisconsin. friends of wisconsin. relatives of wisconsinites.

first of all, if you are anywhere near wausau, kelly westlund needs your help. go to the labor temple, and lend a hand.

but any of you who have a friend or relative anywhere, really, but especially up here in the 7th district, please, please PLEASE, give them a call and get them out today.

this is such a huge district. the bigger towns have been well covered, but these rural areas, where voters are a mile apart, and the tiny little towns have not been hit like wausau, etc.

so please please, just turn out ONE voter for kelly westlund today.

and knr this thread.
show her what you can do.

ps, calling helen wheels. will you be there tonight?

today i am driving up to help kelly westlund spit in the koch bros faces.

wish us luck.
i will try to pop in and let you know how it is going up there.

but how about some wind for kelly's sails, du?


whoever may be suffering due to charter schools, here in chicago it is the pedophiles.

i have said this many times-
charter schools in chicago, which are run by largely non-profits, are not taking students from district schools so much as they are from the catholic schools.
i believe the clergy abuse scandals are driving a mass exodus from catholic schools in chicago.
they were mostly the only "anything but my local district school" option available. now that cps has made many more options available to families, the catholic schools are collapsing.
charters are only a part of this, with many open enrollment cps specialty schools.
there are a few small chain charters. but most are either university run, or ethnic/language focus non-profits.

this is about the 3rd or 4th mass closing for the archdiocese.


note the comments.

doctor doom is at boot camp.

he is spending 2 weeks at a boarding/training place here, called found chicago.
good folks, smart trainers. they also do rescue.

he is gonna come home a perfect dog, i think.
they put up a daily youtube of what they are doing. so far it goes along with my own philosophy and methods. so, they are building on what i have done with him.

helps me get over missing him. also eases my mind about spending 5 days in wisconsin for the election. good timing.

non-citizen voting

anybody else see this? going around fb.
aside from the ridiculously low sample ##, wtf?

(Bruce Rauner's firm) Deerfield drug company sued over heart treatment for premature babies

FTC accuses Ovation Pharmaceuticals of price gouging and antitrust violations

December 17, 2008|By Bruce Japsen, TRIBUNE REPORTER

A Deerfield-based pharmaceutical company gained control of the only two drugs that treat premature babies' heart defects, then raised the cost of treatment nearly 1,300 percent, the Federal Trade Commission said Tuesday in a lawsuit that accused Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. of violating antitrust laws. The FTC said Ovation engineered an unlawful acquisition when it acquired the drug NeoProfen in January 2006 from Abbott Laboratories, knowing it was buying the only rival to a drug it bought just one year earlier. Ovation already held the rights to Indocin I.V., a drug developed by Merck & Co.


his name is not mentioned in the article, of course, but my fb source tells me this is rauner's firm. dont have time to chase that down this minute. maybe someone can confirm or deny.

mitochondrial autonomic dysfunction.

well, my little girl, 21yo, may have found the answer to her many head scratching medical problems. the doc, wisely, has refused to tell her what he is looking at, but from what he did tell her, it looks like this is what they are testing for.
she gets the final round of tests on friday.

this, of course, answers all of my head scratching questions. he told her i def have it if she does.
and her sister, too, who has a somewhat different set of bizarro symptoms.
and at least one of my sisters.

my mom must have had it too. she was pretty healthy and strong all her life, but had at least one symptom that fits this, an occasional complete, fairly violent, emptying of her entire digestive system.

doc says i probably have a more latent version, but i intend to go see the same doc, and i'm thinking by the time i get done with him, he will take back that latent thing.

no treatment, no cure. i am sure the joy of finding the right answer will be short lived.

anyone else have this?

road trip anyone?

planning to gotv in wis 7th, wausau.
anyone want to be toe to toe with the kochsuckers and kkkarl for kelly westlund and mary burke?
if kelly wins, mary burke wins.
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