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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 44,434

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A Psychologist as Warden? Jail and Mental Illness Intersect in Chicago

CHICAGO — Nneka Jones Tapia, who runs the sprawling Cook County Jail here, has an indelible childhood memory of police officers pounding on the aluminum walls of the family’s double-wide trailer home in North Carolina, riffling through cupboards and drawers, and arresting her father on charges of selling marijuana.

Dr. Jones Tapia, then 8, had to call her mother home from work.

Over the next several years, other relatives, including two brothers, and a number of friends also spent time in jail. She says she might have ended up there, too.

Instead, she became fascinated by psychology and earned a doctorate. She began working at Cook County Jail in 2006, and this spring became its unlikely warden when she was promoted to executive director — one of the first clinical psychologists to run a jail, underscoring how much the country’s prisons have become holding centers for the mentally ill.


interesting article about picky eating in children.


i wonder if this strikes a cord w anyone else. my most troubled kid was a crazy picky eater. still that way. puts worcesteshire sauce on everything to.this.day.

Rice revolution? New rice could help feed world, fight climate change.

A new strain of rice produces more and larger grains and reduces methane emissions from rice farming, perhaps the largest human-based source of the greenhouse gas. But it's genetically modified, which could lead to a backlash.


imho, people who reject all things gm are anti-science and little better than the anti-evolution crowd.

City fires investigator who found cops at fault in shootings

A Chicago investigator who determined that several civilian shootings by police officers were unjustified was fired after resisting orders to reverse those findings, according to internal records of his agency obtained by WBEZ.

Scott M. Ando, chief administrator of the city’s Independent Police Review Authority, informed its staff in a July 9 email that the agency no longer employed supervising investigator Lorenzo Davis, 65, a former Chicago police commander. IPRA investigates police-brutality complaints and recommends any punishment.

Davis’s termination came less than two weeks after top IPRA officials, evaluating Davis’s job performance, accused him of “a clear bias against the police” and called him “the only supervisor at IPRA who resists making requested changes as directed by management in order to reflect the correct finding with respect to OIS,” as officer-involved shootings are known in the agency.

Since its 2007 creation, IPRA has investigated nearly 400 civilian shootings by police and found one to be unjustified.


1 in 400 shootings unjustified? i'm thinking that one was one that was everywhere in the news.
man am i sick of cops.

hey cheeseheads, a little help? natural monuments in wis.

looking for images for a graphic design job.
need suggestions for natural beauty in wisconsin, preferably northern. madeline island has popped up, and lots of great shots available.
but looking for other suggestions.

also interested in great public art.

can you help?

my latest additions to the family.

well, it is way to quiet here without the doctor dog. but soon that will be cured.

meet jake and elwood, my recently sorta rescued orange wing amazons-

i bought them very cheap from a breeder who was dumping some extra birds. they are a bonded pair, but have not been bred recently.
orange wings are the sweetest of the amazons, in my experience. they are on the quiet side, and tend to be shy and reserved.

they are not the greatest talkers, like my timneh v a congo, but big talkers also make loud obnoxious noises. there is no talking bird that speaks english and makes no other noises. just not how birds work.

anyway, i was told they werent tame, but they have been pretty friendly to me. they take food out of my hand, and we chit chat in orange wing. i flirt and they flirt back.

they are fairly plucked up, tho no mutilation. i think the change in environment will work that out. they are kinda thin, too.
i feel badly for the pair of umbrella cockatoos that are still stuck there. but- no toos, no toos, no toos. they do not belong in cages.
at least they dont have to share their space w jake and elwood any more.

some slime going around.

a hillary supporter posted this on her fb page.
i wonder if folks have seen this. please debunk, and i will be happy to clobber her.

As far as Bernie's long held views, here's a passage from Ashley Smith writing for the socialistworker.org

"DESPITE HIS own claims, Sanders has not been an antiwar leader. Ever since he won election to the House, he has taken either equivocal positions on U.S. wars or outright supported them.
His hawkish positions--especially his decision to support Bill Clinton's 1999 Kosovo War--drove one of his key advisers, Jeremy Brecher, to resign from his staff. Brecher wrote in his resignation letter, "Is there a moral limit to the military violence you are willing to participate in or support?"

So outraged were peace activists over Sanders' support of the Kosovo War that they occupied his office in 1999. Sanders had them arrested.

Under the Bush regime, Sanders' militarism had only grown worse. While he called for alternative approaches to the war on Afghanistan, he failed to join the sole Democrat, Barbara Lee, to vote against Congress' resolution that gave George Bush a blank check to launch war on any country he deemed connected to the September 11 attacks.

Ever since, he has voted for appropriations bills to fund the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, despite their horrific toll on the occupied peoples as well as U.S. soldiers.

Sanders has been critical of the war on Iraq, but he has supported pro-war measures--such as a March 21, 2003, resolution stating, "Congress expresses the unequivocal support and appreciation of the nation to the President as Commander-in-Chief for his firm leadership and decisive action in the conduct of military operations in Iraq as part of the ongoing Global War on Terrorism."

He also opposes immediate withdrawal from Iraq, despite the fact that a majority of residents in his home city of Burlington voted for such a position in a town meeting resolution in February 2005.

The day after his election to the Senate, Sanders declared, "I don't think you can do a quote-unquote immediate withdrawal. I think the policy has got to be we will withdraw our troops as soon as possible, and by that, I mean that I believe we can have our troops out in the next year, and maybe a significant number of them before that. I don't think you can snap your fingers and just bring all the troops home tomorrow. I just don't think that's practical."

Even more shocking, Sanders scuttled any action on a wave of Bush impeachment resolutions that swept Vermont towns in 2006. Like House Majority Leader-to-be Nancy Pelosi, who had promised not to impeach Bush, Sanders argued that impeachment was impractical, and that activists should put energy into electing Democrats.

Outraged, Dan Dewalt, the organizer of the impeachment resolution campaign in Vermont, said, "We think we have quality politicians in Vermont. We're wrong. We have politics as usual in Vermont. Our so-called independent congressman, Bernie Sanders, can't get far enough away from impeachment."

Sanders voted for House Resolution 921, which gave full support to Israel's murderous war on Lebanon. He also voted for HR 4681 that imposed sanctions on the Palestinian Authority with the aim of removing the democratically elected Hamas government.

In response, longtime War Resisters League leader David McReynolds sent a public letter to Sanders, stating, "Because of your vote of support for the Israeli actions, I would hope any friends and contacts of mine would not send you funds, nor give you their votes."

Indeed, Sanders has consistently defended Israel through it worst crimes against Palestinians and Arabs. Unsurprisingly, some Sanders staffers have also worked with the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC)--including David Sirota, now a Democratic Party strategist, and Sanders' former communications director Joel Barkin.

Finally, in perhaps his worst betrayal yet, Sanders joined a host of liberal Democrats including Barbara Lee and John Conyers to vote for HR 282, the Iran Freedom Support Act--which bears a striking resemblance to the resolutions that set up the framework for the war on Iraq.

The act stipulates that the U.S. should impose sanctions on Iran to prevent it from developing weapons of mass destruction and distributing them to aid international terrorism. It also calls for the U.S. to support democratic change in the country, thereby establishing all necessary pretexts for a war on Iran. Democrat Dennis Kucinich voted against the act and denounced it as a "stepping stone to war."

eta link to original-http://socialistworker.org/2015/05/05/problem-bernie-sanders

yup yup

they play a hardball game, too.

shit on a shingle is what you get if you play their game.

well the dccc is at it again. but this candidate will stand up to them.

just had the pleasure of a phone call from du'er and '14 congressional candidate kelly westlund.
she is getting in for '16.

the d-trip didnt support her run last time, because she didnt want to turn her campaign management over to their chosen one.
in the meantime she has backed the "wrong" candidate to run the county party. she wanted a true progressive from her past campaign and the party wanted the same old same old.
and just been generally not going along to get along like a good little girl.

therefore, they will be primarying her. of course.

she will pop in soon with her official kick off, but she gave me permission to leak this.

no act blue page at the moment, but set aside a couple bucks for her, please.

dr doom update.

for starters, i am still fuming a month later after taking the doctor boy to uw madison vet school in search of new hips. i was told that only madison and ohio state vet schools do screwed down replacement joints. since he is a young dog, this was the needed procedure.
well, the assholes turned him down for the surgery because, get this, he is TOO YOUNG. yeah, giant wtf on that.
dont think they even listened to what was said at the intake. they do not have a grasp of how this is impacting his quality of life. to be honest, we didnt so much either until we decided to stop treating his pain when it was obvious, and to put him on regular pain meds. he is almost a different dog. his cranky disposition w his siblings and other dogs has improved greatly.

their communication since then has been a lot of bs, too. no reconsideration of the decision even tho i gave them info that they didnt grasp the first time.
on to ohio state.

but the other thing is that transfer of custody to my daughter is pretty well done. i was really worried about her ability to handle the dog, and keep up with him. but she has really stepped up to the plate.
i have to confess that it is much more peaceful around here without his explosive energy. he was always riling up the pack and hounding me to play. which i couldnt give into because he ended up hurting.

he has gone for training a couple times to a really good kennel, and she has done a great job of learning from the training sessions and following through with the handling recommendations.
he is a natural therapy/service dog that boy. daughter had set an alarm on her phone and taken a nap. when the alarm went off, he woke up from his nap, went over, and nudged her in the face until she woke up. since she uses the alarm mostly for her med schedule (she has epilepsy), this is such a win.
she also suffers from depression, mostly brought on by years of unexplained medical issues, she really needs this amazingly loving boy there to hang on to. he is a natural at empathy. you cannot cry in this dog's presence without being smothered in love.

she also has to walk him, whereas at my house he has a fenced in yard. this is great for both of them. and no siblings to bug him, or put him on guard over food and toys. we just dont leave toys laying around here, but there they are all his.

so, it is a win/win for her and for him.

me, i miss him something awful. he has kept me afloat through a tough year and a half here. i am grateful he was here for that. i am doing better, and the end is in sight for my travails.
suddenly it is so lonely here, tho. my son is also off on an adventure, so it is pretty much me and the chickens and the other 3 dogs.
big old doofus sized hole in my life.
i can visit him if i want, but i dont want to make my daughter feel guilty. she needs him more than i, and i am very happy to have such a gift to give her.

time to shed the tears and move on.
which is why i am writing this post.

love you all. so glad you are here.
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