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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 45,073

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cross posted from health

Onetime party drug hailed as miracle for treating severe depression

It was November 2012 when Dennis Hartman, a Seattle business executive, managed to pull himself out of bed, force himself to shower for the first time in days and board a plane that would carry him across the country to a clinical trial at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in Bethesda.

After a lifetime of profound depression, 25 years of therapy and cycling through 18 antidepressants and mood stabilizers, Hartman, then 46, had settled on a date and a plan to end it all. The clinical trial would be his last attempt at salvation.

For 40 minutes, he sat in a hospital room as an IV drip delivered ketamine through his system. Several more hours passed before it occurred to him that all his thoughts of suicide had evaporated.


flint water crisis stupid question-

ok, so, i saw a map of the water quality in flint. they said that the faster the water was transiting the pipes, the cleaner it was.
the map showed how the wealthier hoods having the better water.

this begs 2 questions, imho, but maybe i am stupid.

1-is this related to how many people have had their water turned off?
i realize that are a lot of other possible factors here, and not even assuming a cause and effect, but it does beg the question.

2-if this, or anything like this relating to lower water delivery to poorer hood, shouldnt there be a water bill amnesty? i mean besides on principle, but if water moves faster through those pipes, the quality improves.
suspend billing and encourage people to run the taps and flush as much shit as possible. (yes, i saw the pics of the hydrants. but still, all that water and sediment DOES have to be flushed out of those pipes, unless they are gonna get in there and get them replaced immediately. )

or am i stupid?

any madtown debate parties?

will be there to take the dog to uwm vet school.
would love to hoist a few.

ok, who's planting? who is drinking in the seed catalogues?

i'm predicting that el nino is gonna bring us a good growing season this year.
first round of seedlings started today. hot hot peppers. always slow to germinate for me, and often iffy. more to follow in the next week or 2.

pouring over seed savers right now. anybody spot any must haves in there?
have plenty of tomato, pepper and bean seed, and learned the hard way that squash family members are iffy to save seed. liked tigger watermelon and pattison panache squash. got a few fruits in a really awful year, which is a good enough sign for me. might do cukes, which i havent done in a couple years.

bought some novelty strawberry (blue and yellow) seed. looking at a fruit tree or 2. need a good crab apple pollinator.

had fun last year with a rainbow of carrots. all taste a little different.
need a couple beets. looking at cylindra, a long one.

should have a lot of volunteer lettuce, but will start some to sell.
mostly have enough herb seed leftover from last year.

back to shopping.


soooo. there is an option to delete all read but a far more useful option would be to delete all unread mail.
especially folks serving on mirt, and i assume hosts, who get a lot of notices that they can also see in their work forums.

makes it tough to find a message that you wanted to revisit if it is more than a month or 2 old.

to you guys and your families. hope everyone is fat and happy.

surprise surprise. my cobra is affordable.

ex told me that cobra would be $1500/mo, nearly twice what i was expecting for an aca plan. turns out that is the figure for the full family coverage that he/we have had. individual w scripts and dental is a little less than $600.
good news.

in the process of tracking down all the bills that he was paying, which, of course, he decided to make a little harder by not giving me any account numbers, etc.

he has been such a vindictive little shit. but, i get to talk to my kids and say- hey, that guy that hates me so much? nothing new. that guy used to come out and make my life miserable all the time. especially in a crisis. i could always count of him coming out to kick me when i was down.
who can live with that lurking around every corner?

anyway, everything worked out fine. i got a good settlement, all in all. i only got 7 years of fairly low maintenance, but i got enough assets to make up for that by actually making some money off my money.
gonna get it away from wall street and where it is actually investing in good things.
got some good real estate deals coming along.

all's well that ends well, i guess.

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my divorce party. jan 6, chicago

anybody interested in coming by to help me celebrate my freedom, please hit me w a pm, and i will give you the scoop.
live music, vintage whiskeys, and food, good food.
tours of the farm for the early birds.

please kick this up for visibility.

help me pick my next car. i need safety gizmos.

so, i am in a position to buy a new car. i am 61, and have never been the worlds greatest driver. i am not going to get any better. but i have another 30 years or so on this rock, and i dont want to be stuck without wheels.
i do a lot of city driving. occasional road trip, but not that often.

i would like a small, economical car, but something sporty would be nice. i like the little beemer 2 seater, and my all time fave car is the old benz 2 seaters from the 70's.

but above all, what i need is a good collision avoidance system.
solid warrantee service is also a must. i know that goes dealer to dealer, but want a good plan. intend to drive this car into the dust.
price matters, but long term value is more important than a low price.

whatcha think lounge?

5 more days

of being a smoker. i am really ready to quit. just turned a cold into a fairly major medical event. sick of that.
sick of the cough.
sick of the smell.

and of course, sick of waiting for the divorce to settle.

but thursday is the big day.
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