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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 43,276

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exciting news about chronic fatigue. it's not all in your head.

finally, clinical markers for chronic fatigue.


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can someone please do me a favor and

crash my ebay account?
after i had a shitty xmas, got next to zero presents, and looked back on my shitty year i decided i owed myself some fun.
i lost a storeroom this year, and made someone a ton of money.
i had huge boxes of fisher price little people that i had collected over the course of 4 kids. including a big bunch from my nieces, who are a decade plus older than my kids.

so, i bought a few little people. and a few more. and i got hooooooked.
i have a pretty huge collection now. my living room has turned into the little people city.
but i fear i cant stop.

so, could someone crash my account. i'll give you my password. just save me.

ada question- my daughter has epilepsy

and is still getting her meds adjusted. she is on ssi, but it is not much.
she has had a job for 6 months, in a bakery. she loves her job. they love her.
the management has been aware of her condition, but apparently word had not made it to the owner.
the other day, when she was changing med doses, she asked a coworker to keep an eye on her, as it made the chances of a seizure greater.
well, with this word made it to the top.
she received an email last night telling her that she could not work until she got clearance from her doctor.
if she cannot clear this up today, she will likely end up missing 4 days of work.
she cant afford that.
so, question is- is this legit?

i am afraid that even if she gets it straightened out, she will end up losing the job. up to this point they love her. but she has had to leave work early a couple times due to related issues, tho not connected to seizures.
she asked for an exemption from the attendance policies. in her six months she has missed a couple days to a bad cold, but has gone home early twice and been late once.

she has gotten glowing reviews, and has developed a regular clientele. she gets mentioned by name in online reviews repeatedly. and she just asked for a raise, and they were very receptive.

i feel so bad for her. she really WANTS to work.

worst of all, she got the email during a break in a drawing class that she and i are taking together. she was so excited about the class, and i am pissed that this has overlapped onto that.


a little story from yesterday

about the one day only craft beer from a pullman brewer.


dont think the jackie robinson flap has anything to do w racism?

read the comments on this article, if you have a strong enough stomach.
this is the world we live in, peeps.

me? having kids, kids who played baseball, i know that parents try to get their kids on teams that are a good fit. i dont think for a minute that those parents and kids thought about anything but playing on a team that would be good for those kids. i have no idea what the teams they were supposed to play on were like, but in the world shown in these comments, i would be picky about who my kids played for if i were their parent. lines on a map v a good coach and a good team? yeah, aunt millie is on the right side of the line, we can use her address, hell yeah. i'm there. bfd about your map. bfd about your rules. i am a black mom of a black kid, and i can get them on jrw? i do whatever it takes. you think there werent white kids and parents in that district that did what they had to NOT play on the black kids team?
welcome to chicago.
fuck the maps. i would want my kid on that team. i would use aunt millie's address in a heart beat.
if you think there is something wrong with that, read the comments, and wake up to the world.


and before anyone gets pissed at me for driveby posting, i am on my way to bed, but could not let this go by without posting.
i will check you in the morning.
try not to be jerks.

eta- please dont comment unless you look at the link. think about kids in that environment, then tell me you wouldnt want your black kid on an all black team.

just a little update.

divorce settlement is finally in the works, and demands that i give up doctor doom have been dropped. yeah!!!

also, little dog w cancer sees the vet today, it seems to be advancing now. more bumps and skin tags popping up. there is a treatment out there that is not crazy expensive, but will see. gonna do an xray to see how things are going on the inside.
big sad, tho, is that her sister is starting to show similar signs. that really blows.

greenhouse app. money in politics.

i installed this browser extension the other day, and am enjoying being able to take a quick peek at the money behind ALL elected officials.
it highlights the names, and when you click, it gives you a summary, and you can click to get the full report from opensecrets.org.

pretty fun.
get it.


i know i should play in cesspools.

but sometimes i get curious. turns out i have been given a high honor over at the cave.

(if you have no idea what i am talking about, consider yourselves lucky, and ignore this thread. )

so, i swore off this whole art thing.

i had been kicked around, beat down, betrayed, hung out to dry, hated, even.
and loved, of course. but still.

art is a giant sucking sound.

i was getting old and falling apart. i started a farm. done.

course, i learned some digital design, and can pass in that job. job.

course i use my creativity all the time. design a lot of things large and small.

but done. done.

till my daughter asked me to take her first drawing class at the art institute (alma mater) w her. continuing studies. we call it the little school, tho it came first. fine teachers. fine facilities. but cheap.
she is working on a tattoo portfolio.
she has had serious health problems. in fact was on her way to a very good college scholarship and got very sick. after a brazillion doctors she was finally found to have epilepsy.
she is finally feeling better, and working.

as it happens i also recently finished up a mural that i had started in my finished basement. she caught me in a weak spot.

now the juices flowing. shit. this always leads to trouble. exhaustion.
and fun.


eta- mural. my life in this house.
shoot, cant link the pic.
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