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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 45,648

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jury duty question

i notice when you expand to look at the thread, the alert abuse button shows.
so, it's ok to say- this post is fine, but it replies to a rule breaking post, so i alert on that?
or is that button not live in that box?

my phone is driving me nuts.

i am trying to empty my camera roll, as it is full.
i dont need most of the photos, but since my upgrade to el capitan i cannot connect to my phone to download.
i just made several attempts to upload the ones i want to the cloud. it says they are going, but they dont.
i tried to delete some videos, and it says it is deleted, but it isnt.
i tried to email them to myself, and they dont go through.
i even tried sending them to my fb page, still, nothing.

i still havent figured out how to dump the whole roll when/if i can get what i want.

just did a hard restart on the phone, nothing. this whole thing is making me nuts. i need to do some video for evidence in a court case. i need my camera back.

el capitan bug

so, when i upgraded, adobe bridge couldnt find my phone. i did use image capture once. but now not only does that not work, but iphoto cant even find my iphone.

i have a new phone in a box here that i was gonna send back. (lost mine, then found it). i suppose if i fire it up it will be all good. but i hate to stoop that low.

i have to delete some files, as i have maxed out the photo storage, and having a devil of a time figuring out how to do it. doesnt seem to allow the full photo roll to go to trash.
cant figure out how to upload the few files i need off the phone to the cloud, as i am over the free limit and dont want to pay. dont need the full storage, but it seems to only be able to see the full camera roll, not the album.

grrrrr. not in the proper frame of mind to persevere here.

my search engine has been hijacked.

i had been using google. out of nowhere, it became bing. the search setting in safari was still set to google.
then it became yahoo. is there a worse search engine out there? i cant believe there is.
tried setting it to duckduckgo, but no.

is there another setting beside the safari preference, or do i have some malware somewhere?

do words cause death?

has there ever been a war, "justified" or otherwise, that did not start w words?

whether step number 2 is to join your country's armed forces and fight under color of law and authority, or whether step number 2 is to pick up your weapon and march into the streets, it makes no difference.
all wars start w words of hate and fear, of grievance and justice, of pride and heroism. words of otherism. words that call to tribal instincts. words that call for "heroes"

yes, words like those spewed by trump, and so many other hateful, frightened, stupid people lead to death and war.

a bit of my small h herstory-


Trump: I broke glass ceiling for women in construction. Women in construction: Huh?

Speaking of glass ceilings.

The night before Hillary Clinton shattered the big one — becoming the first woman with enough delegates to lead a major party's presidential ticket — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump claimed to have busted through barriers for women in construction.


"No. 1, I have great respect for women," Trump told Bill O'Reilly Monday on Fox News. "I was the one that really broke the glass ceiling on behalf of women, more than anybody, in the construction industry."


ok, not to toot my own horn here, but one of the greatest things i accomplished in my life is that i was one of the founding mothers of chicago women in trades, an organization that exists still today.
as the article says, that glass ceiling is really a concrete floor, and despite the hammering, it has yielded very little in these last 35 years.

help me out here

i have a neighbor that has terminal cancer. we were friends for a very long time, but had a big fight a couple of years ago over my farm. long story.
now i am getting a lot of flack around the hood over my roosters. this person is directly across the alley from me. we recently talked, sort of, and she insists that the sound is so loud that it is driving her crazy.
folks who live closer, including me, just dont feel like it is. i can barely hear them in my house, and they are in my back yard. sympathy for this woman drives a couple of the other neighbors.

here is my question- can advanced cancer cause acute hearing sensitivity?
i have known other people who had strange things happen in their brains as the disease advanced, including stark personality changes.
could this be part of the problem?
i am not going to "use" this in my fight, i just want to know if this could be what has happened to my formerly dear friend. maybe this could help me repair some of the damage to our friendship before it is to late.
is there anything that might help, if this is the case? i have offered to foot the bill for sound deadening window treatments to at least let people who say they are affected get a better night's sleep. this got smacked down as attempting to shirk my problem, but it is sincere. i have sleep trouble myself and there are a lot of other noises here.

an advice for me?

sweet story about ali in chicago.

Muhammad Ali Secretly Funded Chicago Park District Boxing: EXCLUSIVE

SOUTH CHICAGO — In 1972, the boss of Chicago’s flat-broke park district launched a boxing program that only got off the ground thanks to an anonymous benefactor.


Clean water: Chicago takes a leap

Over the years, the commissioners who run the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago have made strides, often under regulatory or court pressure, to clean up the Chicago River and other area waterways.

Wednesday is a significant day in this vital effort. That's when the district launches a new $31 million facility built by Vancouver, Canada-based Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies. The aim: To scrub and recycle phosphorus from billions of gallons of wastewater that flows through the Stickney Water Reclamation Plant in Cicero.

Here's how it will work: Concentrated pollutants from treated water will be diverted into 43-foot-high stainless steel vats, called reactors, where phosphorus is recovered through a chemical process that adds magnesium to the water, extracting the phosphorus and nitrogen. That phosphorus and nitrogen then grow into small granules or pearl-like "prills," ready to be sold as an environmentally friendly commercial fertilizer component.


mwrd has been a very progressive group for a long time, and not that self-dealing, considering this is chi. over the last few cycles the board has become more and more female, and more progressive. i have supported several of those women in their campaigns, and couldnt be more proud.
sometimes those down ticket races are the most important.
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