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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
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dr doom update.

for starters, i am still fuming a month later after taking the doctor boy to uw madison vet school in search of new hips. i was told that only madison and ohio state vet schools do screwed down replacement joints. since he is a young dog, this was the needed procedure.
well, the assholes turned him down for the surgery because, get this, he is TOO YOUNG. yeah, giant wtf on that.
dont think they even listened to what was said at the intake. they do not have a grasp of how this is impacting his quality of life. to be honest, we didnt so much either until we decided to stop treating his pain when it was obvious, and to put him on regular pain meds. he is almost a different dog. his cranky disposition w his siblings and other dogs has improved greatly.

their communication since then has been a lot of bs, too. no reconsideration of the decision even tho i gave them info that they didnt grasp the first time.
on to ohio state.

but the other thing is that transfer of custody to my daughter is pretty well done. i was really worried about her ability to handle the dog, and keep up with him. but she has really stepped up to the plate.
i have to confess that it is much more peaceful around here without his explosive energy. he was always riling up the pack and hounding me to play. which i couldnt give into because he ended up hurting.

he has gone for training a couple times to a really good kennel, and she has done a great job of learning from the training sessions and following through with the handling recommendations.
he is a natural therapy/service dog that boy. daughter had set an alarm on her phone and taken a nap. when the alarm went off, he woke up from his nap, went over, and nudged her in the face until she woke up. since she uses the alarm mostly for her med schedule (she has epilepsy), this is such a win.
she also suffers from depression, mostly brought on by years of unexplained medical issues, she really needs this amazingly loving boy there to hang on to. he is a natural at empathy. you cannot cry in this dog's presence without being smothered in love.

she also has to walk him, whereas at my house he has a fenced in yard. this is great for both of them. and no siblings to bug him, or put him on guard over food and toys. we just dont leave toys laying around here, but there they are all his.

so, it is a win/win for her and for him.

me, i miss him something awful. he has kept me afloat through a tough year and a half here. i am grateful he was here for that. i am doing better, and the end is in sight for my travails.
suddenly it is so lonely here, tho. my son is also off on an adventure, so it is pretty much me and the chickens and the other 3 dogs.
big old doofus sized hole in my life.
i can visit him if i want, but i dont want to make my daughter feel guilty. she needs him more than i, and i am very happy to have such a gift to give her.

time to shed the tears and move on.
which is why i am writing this post.

love you all. so glad you are here.

i hope roof has a trial. hope he doesnt plead.

i hope that all this is spilled out to the media during a well publicized trial.
if the kid just cops a plea, it becomes so much easier to sweep it under the rug.

eta- followed by life in prison. a long, long, long life in prison.
what is going to happen to him when he finds out that there are black people in prison who are better men than he?

how much does the war on drugs have to do with the upswing in racism?

i know there are many contributing factors. hate radio, black president, all that.
but we have been treated to a near daily parade of black mug shots on the teevee machine since day one.

it seems to me that racism was dying out in the 60's and 70's. not dead, of course. it will likely never die.
but it has puzzled my what would breathe so much new life into such a stupid idea.

the war on black people using drugs has labeled the whole race as criminal, it seems to me.
black lives really dont matter to those that cooked up this little war. and lit the match with their crack.

looking for greener insulation.

still holding out hope that i will be able to build a little barn on my farm. want to be a model of green building. i have a basement half full of of windows and doors. i know where i can get most all that stuff recycled and very cheap.

anyway, i have been wracking my brain for a green form of insulation. it will have thick walls anyway with reclaimed lumber for the framing.
i refuse to use pink. i know if i dig i can find hemp.
but a thought occurred to my just now, and i wonder what folks think-
what about cardboard? cut used cardboard to the width you need, and put in a bunch of layers. i will be finishing the insides w old galvanized roofing.

would also like to come up with something good for insulating the stone walls that will be foundation. hoping to get the stone from said recyclers, who are taking down 2 limestone houses up on the north shore.
they are standardized blocks, 4"x10". so, it would need to be double coursed. maybe i can leave a gap in there and also fill it was several layers of cardboard.
hoping to hit r40-50.

what sez the brain trust?

eta- mostly it is my steel roof that will need insulation.

Preckwinkle’s Key Criminal Justice Initiative,

Reducing Automatic Transfers, Wins Approval in Illinois

The Illinois General Assembly today gave final approval to legislation that will ensure that nearly 70 percent of Cook County youth will no longer be automatically transferred to adult court when facing certain criminal offenses. HB 3718 passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 79-32. The bill previously passed the Senate on May 19.

The legislation will also require data tracking that will bring transparency to the process and finally allow Illinois to meet federal reporting requirements on disproportionate minority contact and transfer.

Restoring judicial discretion in the transfer of youth to adult courts has been Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle’s top criminal justice initiative this year.

“I am pleased this bill to end an unjust, overbroad, and misguided law received the support of a bipartisan group of legislators,” Preckwinkle said. “I urge the governor to sign the legislation and allow judges to make decisions after hearing from both sides and considering all of the evidence as to whether a child should be tried in adult court or if they are better suited for the rehabilitative nature of juvenile court.”


how the blue do it. i am sure rauner will sign this, as he has stated that reducing the prison population is a high priority.

shit shit shit.

i miss posting about my trials and tribulations in this group. i stopped doing it when i discovered that i was a target of the cave dwellers. they love this forum. so much comedy gold here, according to them.

wish i could have your feedback and support just this minute.
i know that it is not that consequential in the end, but wish i could blow the steam.

fuckers. scum suckers.

permies.com- really cool link.

friend turned me on to this site. really, really great to see people taking it to the next level, and trying to take over the world!!


one of the really frustrating things about my battle with the city is that they and the county have a lot of problems that could be solved with hugelkultur. flooding, denuded vacant land, etc.
had a long talk w the guy in the zoning dept that does urban farm stuff. at the end of the discussion i brought this up, and as we talked he realized that they really did have problems that could be solved with this technique. including the fact that the city is in violation of a state law to remove landscape waste from the waste stream.
he came up with the fact that they are somewhat at a loss when it comes to filling in basements when buildings are torn down.

i have started a conversation with a water reclamation district commissioner. they have huge problems with flood control, and also own large tracts of land that are basically a maintenance headache.
this could work so well for them.

meantime, it turns out that the only animals allowed on urban farms are bees and fish. not even chickens for eggs. wtf?

The Illinois House just passed historic legislation

making Illinois the 1st state in the nation to adopt a statewide Body Camera program and unprecedented police reforms.


that's all i have right now, except that my very great state rep, kelly cassidy says she is sure this will pass the senate and be signed into law.

mirt forum page length

it would be really helpful, since there is no search in the mirt forum, if the page length could be longer.
hard to find previous threads.
any chance?

the best kind of exhausted.

so busy planting these last few days. working till i get stupid.
sleeping like a baby.
god i love spring.
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