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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 42,505

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(Bruce Rauner's firm) Deerfield drug company sued over heart treatment for premature babies

FTC accuses Ovation Pharmaceuticals of price gouging and antitrust violations

December 17, 2008|By Bruce Japsen, TRIBUNE REPORTER

A Deerfield-based pharmaceutical company gained control of the only two drugs that treat premature babies' heart defects, then raised the cost of treatment nearly 1,300 percent, the Federal Trade Commission said Tuesday in a lawsuit that accused Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. of violating antitrust laws. The FTC said Ovation engineered an unlawful acquisition when it acquired the drug NeoProfen in January 2006 from Abbott Laboratories, knowing it was buying the only rival to a drug it bought just one year earlier. Ovation already held the rights to Indocin I.V., a drug developed by Merck & Co.


his name is not mentioned in the article, of course, but my fb source tells me this is rauner's firm. dont have time to chase that down this minute. maybe someone can confirm or deny.

mitochondrial autonomic dysfunction.

well, my little girl, 21yo, may have found the answer to her many head scratching medical problems. the doc, wisely, has refused to tell her what he is looking at, but from what he did tell her, it looks like this is what they are testing for.
she gets the final round of tests on friday.

this, of course, answers all of my head scratching questions. he told her i def have it if she does.
and her sister, too, who has a somewhat different set of bizarro symptoms.
and at least one of my sisters.

my mom must have had it too. she was pretty healthy and strong all her life, but had at least one symptom that fits this, an occasional complete, fairly violent, emptying of her entire digestive system.

doc says i probably have a more latent version, but i intend to go see the same doc, and i'm thinking by the time i get done with him, he will take back that latent thing.

no treatment, no cure. i am sure the joy of finding the right answer will be short lived.

anyone else have this?

road trip anyone?

planning to gotv in wis 7th, wausau.
anyone want to be toe to toe with the kochsuckers and kkkarl for kelly westlund and mary burke?
if kelly wins, mary burke wins.

for people who really ought to be out knocking on doors-

point by point answer to city of chgo citations against my house and farm.
my house-

farm citation also at link.

du nonsense, mostly. unless you have the good sense to have the same fools on ignore.
thank dog for old friends.

friday news dump from illinois gubernatorial candidate bruce rauner.

Republican candidate for Illinois governor Bruce Rauner released his 2013 income taxes late Friday afternoon.
The release reveals Rauner made more than $60 million and paid more than $17 million in state and federal taxes. He also gave more than $5 million to charity.
“I’m nobody that nobody sent and independent of the special interests,” Rauner said in a statement Friday. “Unlike Pat Quinn, who put self-dealing and cronyism ahead of the people, I’ll put the people first and end decades of corruption in state government.”

Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Rauner-Releases-2013-Tax-Returns-278857661.html#ixzz3Fmx0cO48
Follow us: @nbcchicago on Twitter | nbcchicago on Facebook

meanwhile in the real world.


as i said in my earlier thread, complete strangers see this differently than du. to say nothing of folks who actually know me, and have been here.
a shame that a few completely baseless allegations have destroyed my connections here. a place i used to be so proud to belong.
makes me quite sad.

Question submitted by mopinko

The text of this question will be publicly available after it has been reviewed and answered by a DU Administrator. Please be aware that sometimes messages are not answered immediately. Thank you for your patience. --The DU Administrators

American Federation of Teachers Endorses Democratic Congressional Candidate Kelly Westlund

ASHLAND, WI - American Federation of Teachers (AFT) officially announced their endorsement of Democratic Congressional candidate Kelly Westlund. Westlund is challenging Rep. Sean Duffy in the Wisconsin 7th Congressional District.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of AFT,” said Westlund. “I'm proud to stand with our educators, public employees, and health care professionals in the fight for a better future for our children and communities.”

“AFT-Wisconsin proudly supports Kelly Westlund,” said AFT-Wisconsin President Kim Kohlhaas. “She listens and advocates for issues we value in Wisconsin, such as living wage, quality educational opportunities and community services. Kelly stand with families in Wisconsin and will fight to build a structure for opportunities for all.”

Kelly believes that access to quality, affordable education is a right to which everyone is entitled, regardless of their circumstances. Education is the great equalizer, and we all benefit from an educated citizenry whose members have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Westlund has been an outspoken advocate for increasing the minimum wage and for expanding opportunity so that anyone can succeed based on talent and merit, not their family net worth or their ability to exploit tax loopholes.

Sean Duffy voted in favor of the 2015 Ryan Budget, which would cut $18 billion in early education programs, $89 billion in K-12 programs, and $205 billion in higher education initiatives over the next decade. Duffy refuses to support raising the minimum wage to a living wage for working people, and then he complains that he struggles to get by on his salary of $174,000 a year.

Westlund served on the Ashland City Council from 2011-2014. She is a small business owner, operating a consulting firm that partners with local farms, small businesses, local governments, and civic organizations to work on economic and community development projects. Westlund previously served as executive director for the Alliance for Sustainability and was an adjunct professor of sustainable community development at her alma mater, Northland College.

She is a graduate of Leadership Wisconsin, a statewide leadership development program, and Emerge Wisconsin, an organization that trains Democratic women to run for public office in Wisconsin. Westlund grew up in a military family. She moved to Ashland 13 years ago and lives with her husband Caleb.

problems with the magnetic power cord on my new mac. anyone else with this?

i have a fairly new macbook pro. they switched the power connector to the one on the air. slim, dont you know.
but it seems like the thing only sticks when current is flowing. i keep plugging it in and coming back to find it has fallen off, onto the desk. this is fine as long as the thing is closed. but if i leave it open, the thing falls off, and i come back to a battery that is deader than when i left it.

it doesnt seem to click in as snappily as the old one.
this is starting to annoy me.

shit. little dog had 4 lumps removed. biopsy says 4 mast cell tumors.

this was after a bump-ectomy for a growth on her eyelid, and a general bump hunt. took off a bunch of what looked like warts and some skin tags.
before the hair had grown back, she had 4 new bumps. one started bleeding.
after those were removed, in less than a week, a small skin tag quadrupled in size.

they were rated 2 on a scale of 3, but it may just be that we caught them quickly. they were all still encapsulated.
the vet consulted an oncologist, but i havent gotten that info yet.

nothing showing on a chest xray. no real sign of infiltration, or discomfort.

doc said there is a vaccine available, but no idea how much that will cost. (she could have done this 6 months ago, when i was still married to that rich guy.)

maybe the saddest part is that i also have her belly sister. they are 11 yo rat terriers. not that old for a little dog. her sister is gonna go through this with her, and i wont be able to explain a damn thing to her.

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