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Gender: Female
Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Oct 13, 2003, 06:47 PM
Number of posts: 68,638

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I cook, paint, write, read, decorate, garden, and volunteer. I'm also a business owner, a mother and a wife. I love you.....no matter what you think of me.

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People Who self-identify as Black instead of African-American may be "suspect"? Getta outa here BS!

Conversation that I had today with an alleged African-American BS Supporter on FB.
Posted without further comments -

BS SUPPORTER WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS Here comes the electability argument again. As I pointed out before, it's too early for that.

As the book, "Winning in the White House 2008" pointed out, in a late January 2007 Gallup Poll, Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents said Barack Obama only had a 21% chance of beating the Republican nominee.

Barack Obama's perceived electability was low at this point, and guess what? He was elected.

As far as Democrats in Congress aligning with Hillary now, they'll align with Bernie if he wins the primary.
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FrenchieCat Here you go making that argument comparing Barney to Barack. That would be like saying that, if your White you can run espousing any policies that you want, No matter what the down tickets candidates believe. The only issue with Obama, was precisely that he was black, and possibly inexperienced, but he ran on a platform agreed-upon by the party.

Sanders, on the other hand is not just doing the exact opposite, but he also has other issues, like his age, his faith, Along with calling for a political revolution.

The only thing those two have in common, is that they are both senators, are/ were both running more of a people power campaigns,and they are/were both running against Hillary Clinton.

Sanders is not running against the George Bush administration, a failed financial system, and two ongoing wars, One of which was sold with lies... And that may be the biggest difference of all!

I will add that I don't personally think that Trump will get nomination. Republicans may be a whole Lotta things, but they are not totally out of their mind. They love power and money too much! They stole the 2000 election, and did it boldly, and I believe will do whatever it takes, to get back that White House, especially since it would result in A GOP trifecta.
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FrenchieCat Polls that currently show sanders beating most of the Republicans pre-Iowa, are the same polls that showed Obama losing to the Republicans at the very same time period. There's a reason for that, Because with Obama, Everyone automatically assumed that his race would keep him from winning. In the case of Barney, most people don't know who he is or what baggage he might have.

Obama had already spoken to the national Democratic convention in 2004, so Democratic voters knew exactly who he was and what he stood for. And it is when Oprah Winfrey endorsed him, that he really took off nationally. Barney has not experienced anything close
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BS SUPPORTER WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS With Obama, people automatically assumed that his race would keep him from winning. With Bernie Sanders, people automatically assume his being a democratic socialist would keep him from winning.
That's a fair basis for comparison.
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BS SUPPORTER WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS Even with his speech at the Democratic Convention, and even with Oprah endorsing him later (she had not endorsed him yet at this point in the process), 79% of Democrats and Democratic leaning voters saw Obama as unelectable at this point in the process, and he was elected.
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FrenchieCat No it isn't a fair comparison. Being black is not something you choose, while being a socialist is exactly that.

If Bernie's platform was so popular, Ralph Nader would've garnished many more votes when he ran, and the Green party would have more representation in Congress. But that isn't the case.

The fact that Obama is black, and Bernie is Jewish, and Hillary Clinton is a woman, those are similarities, but not what you're talking about.

If Obama have been advocating a socialist platform, and calling for revolution, he would not have gotten anywhere. Even in the running for the Senate, he wouldn't have won that! ...because Illinois, as a state is more representative of America then Vermont or/and Iowa.

So Bernie may has some white privilege, but it is not going to get him where you think.
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BS SUPPORTER WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS Bernie Sanders faith is a big issue? To you maybe, and to the mainstream media that does not want him to win, but remember, the Republicans nominated a Mormon to run against President Obama last time around.
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FrenchieCat That is not what Bernie Sanders electability issue is, the fact that he is Jewish. It is the fact that he is non-religious at all.
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BS SUPPORTER WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS FrenchieCat, as an African American who was born in the sixties, I say yes, it is a fair comparison.
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FrenchieCat As a black person, born in the 50s, I'm saying that Bernie Sanders has a whole lot more to overcome in order to win an election then even Obama did! And I listed those issues.
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FrenchieCat In this country walking around while black is absolutely not the same thing as walking around being a socialist. So I will just agree to disagree with your contention that the two are a fair comparison.
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BS SUPPORTER WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS: Why didn't Ralph Nader get more votes when he ran?
Because he didn't run as a Democrat, and he had to overcome that party loyalty.
Running as an independent, I don't even think he had ballot access in every state.
Plus, he had to overcome people like you throwing out that unelectability line.
As a result, many, many people who wanted to vote for him didn't, so that's why so few people did vote for him. Bernie Sanders won't face the same issue, unless people fall for that unelectability propaganda.
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BS SUPPORTER WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS: Being a black person born in the 50's does not, by itself, make specially qualified to make that assessment.
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BS SUPPORTER WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS By the way, I noticed you said you're a black person, but you didn't say you're African American. Are you an American citizen? Do you live in America?
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FrenchieCat i'm a realist, and so when I look at an election, I handicap it from many different angles, because that's what one does if one wants to win. It's not good enough to simply say will the people that people shouldn't do that, because politics does not work that way. People should not have been questioning Barack Obama's pastor, but they did. People should not have been undermining John Kerry's veteran Bonafide, but they did. Voters should not have made fun of Al Gore because he allegedly said he invented the Internet, but they did. The opposition only needs enough of the people manipulated through an election cycle.
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FrenchieCat Yes I live in California. Yes I have been naturalized because I was born in France. That is why I don't use the label that you do, plus I come from an era where African-American did not even exist. Like Obama I am of A white l mother and a black father! I hope and prays that it makes me black enough, because I'm certainly not white!
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FrenchieCat But why are you questioning me about that? I've been a member of this Forum since 2011! Far as I'm concerned, it's very possible that people who have a black picture on their Facebook page, may not be black. These days anything is possible!
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BS SUPPORTER WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS Read my post again. I never questioned whether you were black or not. SMH...
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FrenchieCat That response was prompted by your post right before it, since you told me you were an African American born in the 60s
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FrenchieCat no, I was trying to figure out why you were questioning me about where I lived and whether I was eligible to vote. I don't know where you live or if you're eligible to vote. Me not calling myself African-American would not normally prompt those following questions of yours .... Because many people of my era label themselves black, which is exactly what I did. So I didn't say anything unusual.
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I really don't want to feel like I have to personally prove myself to Sanders supporters. I'm starting to feel a little bit like I'm living in Russia, since it appears that I need to answer questions about myself that are personal. Again I'll agree to disagree. It was a great discussion though
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All three of the Candidates on Stage were wonderful! They were so thoughtful & Gracious towards....

each other!

Vote for who you want, but what I like about them is they weren't nasty,
and they promoted themselves 98.5%,
and discussed their adversaries 1.5% of the time...if that!

Wish I could read the same here.....

That is all!

Hillary Clinton Is One of the Most Ethical (and Most Lied About) Political Leade

Hillary Clinton Is One of the Most Ethical (and Most Lied About) Political Leaders in America
By Peter Daou January 23, 2016
If the headline of this piece blows some minds, you can thank three decades of relentless lies and smears by the conservative attack machine and its mainstream media enablers, who have labored to create an aura of corruption around Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s detractors on the right, left and center reel off a laundry list of unsupported accusations with an air of absolute authority, as though it is simply a given that she is a terrible, horrible, no-good human being.

And that is precisely the intention: Taint her through innuendo and guilt-by-association, throw enough dirt at her that voters develop an instant negative association with her name. Accuse, accuse, accuse until the accusation becomes the reality, and may the truth be damned.

More... http://bluenationreview.com/hillary-clinton-is-one-of-the-most-ethical-and-most-lied-about-political-leaders-in-america/

Fighting for the Black Vote.....

How easy is it to win the Black Vote?

Perhaps it's as easy as comparing yourself over and over to Pres. Obama, in shadowing the hurdles Obama faced running for the Presidential nomination as a Black man.

In other-words, Hillary Clinton can be called on her Wall Street ties, her establishment links, one not to be trusted, that Republicans hate her and will come out just to vote against her so she can't win, and discussion made about her Husbands infidelities as they relate to her are pretty much par for the course. But discussing Bernie Sanders and his ideas and his chances at the general election are off limits and they cannot be analyzed or criticized, as he will then compare himself to Obama, a Black man? Is he intimating that the critiques about his campaign are racial? That he is actually Black and so these are racial insinuations?

I don't particularly think that is how a White man wins the Black vote....but maybe it is just as easy as that! Add in a Pic of you at a March that isn't really you, and presto chango, that Black vote is yours for the taking?

Sanders says the flak he’s getting from Clinton reminds him of what Obama got in 2008.
Remember that? Eight years ago, Obama was being attacked for everything. He was unrealistic. His ideas were pie-in-the sky. He did not have the experience that was needed. You know what? People of Iowa saw through those attacks then, and they’re going to see through those attacks again.”

Here's what I will say about running as President while Black-

First, let us agree that being born of a particular race is not something that one controls.

Let's also establish that in order for Obama to win as the first Black presidential nominee, he had to be "perfect" in terms of what and who he represented. Obama, in order to pass muster with the White electorate, had to be young, tall, handsome, hip, charming, and Christian! He also offered skilled oratory, a fascinating life story, a beautiful young family to show while having gotten the best of education; Columbia and Harvard Law and as Pres. of the Harvard Law Review. Even beyond that, he offered himself as a moderate Democrat who came from a large mid-west state with roots in another state (Hawaii), who had been elected to the senate for a short while.

After all of those qualifications were met, Obama than ran a campaign that had never been seen before on a Hope and change platform of restoring the Nation to a semblance of what it had been prior to Bush taking office with some improvements added! His platform was ending the wars while reestablishing our image around the world via diplomacy, bringing back our economy from the brink, providing affordable health care insurance to more Americans (as affordability was diminishing at an alarming rate). An overwhelming majority were war weary and financially fearful after America had suffered 8 years under Bush, who was at the height of his unpopularity throughout the 2008 election.

It is only my opinion that Sanders is not like Obama, as he doesn't have many of the personal attributes and qualities that Obama offered, but also because the circumstances and the particulars of each man and times are quite different. 2016 is not 2008! Obama ran in 2008, after Bush had screwed everything up. Obama was precisely able to win specifically because an overwhelming portion of the American electorate wanted change from Bush and that GOP disasters! Sanders isn't running in that environment!

Further, if Obama looked and sounded like Bernie Sanders, and shared some of Bernie Sanders other attributes and offered a similar platform, I don't know if Pres. Obama would have been elected in 2008. But of course, that's only my speculation!

The only similarities from my standpoint is that Sanders has, like Obama did in his election, captured the hearts and minds of the disgruntled Liberals (and honestly, most of them didn't appreciate Pres. Obama at all from day one...even if they voted for him) , the young idealists who believe anything is possible (since they know that electing a Black President was an impossible that did happen), the folks who aren't looking past the pro arguments that the Bernie Supporters have discussed because they like the platform so, and those who not only believe in what Bernie is offering but also quite dislike Hillary Clinton, and what they believe she represents. Beyond that, the two men are like Night and Day!

--I'm backing Hillary Clinton in the Primaries--

Why? Because only she can save us from a 100% GOP stronghold, and that's why she will have my vote!
She is our only hope not only to save our sorry butts, but to save much of the world.

I decided this 3 days ago after watching the News Media salivating at the thought of Hillary Clinton losing, and Bernie Sanders becoming our nominee!

Bernie Sanders has not yet been vetted, and the media hopes that won't happen until after the primaries....till then, it's Trump, Cruz, Trump, Hillary emails, and Bernie is Surging!

As a Corporate media Hater, I know their ways, and it is obvious to me now that they understand exactly that Bernie Sanders, once vetted, will not win Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia or Florida and perhaps some more states! Those are the states that are needed but are normally close enough and have in the recent past gone back and forth!

Do I Love Hillary Clinton? She's OK with me,
and considering the alternative which is not Bernie Sander but a Republican,
She will do just fine, thank you!

Go Hillary!

PS: The polls citing that Sanders does better against Republicans in a General election are the same polls who had Obama losing by up to 12 points to John McCain right before the first Iowa Caucus!

Sweeter that sweet....

I received Valentine Hearts although I barely participate these days! Now that's super sweet! Thank you Secret Admirer...cause that's something!

I think many Democrats saw the mid-term election results coming.....

......as the Corporate News media kept insisting we would lose the senate for at least the last 5 months!

Could Democrats have done something about it? Maybe but maybe not!

Of course, we should agree that Democrats were a big part of the problem to begin with! Cowering Democratic candidates running from Pres. Obama's records cause the corporate media told them to (joke's on them, since most who did that lost), Young folks not voting (except for voting for contestants on the Voice), while too many believe that their votes don't matter anyways, and the rest only come out to vote for Presidential elections! Add to that, 2010 redistricting, repeated emotional breathless and scary corporate news coverage of Ebola and ISIS as the October surprise (read as the fault of the big black boogieman/ President) and Obama’s often reported "pummeling" poll numbers (no worse than Ronald Reagan around the same time in his presidency and wayyyy higher than congress) certainly didn't hurt!
As well, most Presidents in the midterm election of their last two years tend to lose the senate--see story). http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jonathan-hobratsch/the-secondterm-midterm-pr_b_6072276.html

Soooo, the GOP cleverly ran against the Boogieman Prez without being questioned about the facts and math of a stronger economy, lower unemployment numbers, healthcare for the poor (who we were paying within our premium at the emergency room level), lower gas price, and a record breaking stock market (as those issues were not highlighted by your paid and bought for corporate owned (not at all Liberal....not even MSNBC owned by Comcast) media. …and Democratic candidates were too busy running from Obama (as directed) to bother to mention any of those accomplishments!

If we understand that one of the elephants in the room is large but quite simple; a majority of White folks in this country are deathly afraid of becoming the Minority (which is coming anyways), and have, since President Obama was elected. These are folks who will gladly vote with the Corporate party especially if it means that the lower socioeconomically disadvantaged minorities can stay contained!

Look….Republican votes are made up of Christians who want to impose their religion on the country, White Southerners who automatically vote Republicans and have been taught to hate Gobermint (although ironically Red states get the most assistance from the gobermint), Those who want to identify with the party of the rich with hopes that one day they might be rich (LOL!), folks trained to hate on their neighbor in order to feel superior to anybody, and older folks who live on fixed incomes(SS & Pensions) that makes them comfortable and figures since they got theirs, others should just do what they did (even if circumstances are not the same)…..
These folks vote like clockwork!

Posting to state my strong support of Pres. Obama!

I haven't posted in a long time.....

But I just want to say that I do lurk, and I do very much appreciate this BOG forum!

I don't watch news any longer at all.....but fortunately, I don't think I'm missing much!

I pray that BOG(gers) are doing as well as I am!

Did Graham hold Bush Jr. "Ultimately Responsible" for 9/11/01?

Graham's quote here “Mr. President, don’t think for one minute I don’t hold you ultimately responsible for 9/11. I think you failed as Commander in Chief before, during, and after the attack."

Surely this is what Graham stated in public in that case as well, no?

Could someone find me that quote? And if it doesn't exists, why doesn't it?
Because, if Graham didn't hold Bush Jr. accountable then, shouldn't he just shut the fuck up now?

My recollection is that Bush Jr. enjoyed 80%+ approval ratings up to 18 months after 9/11.
Don't recall him being taken to task by Senate Democrats or Republicans two months out.

Shit! Michelle and Barack are making me cry!

Barack Obama never had a mean word to say about those who
have denigrated him every day.

Both Obamas are a super class act......
and nothing will ever change that.
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