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Gender: Female
Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Oct 13, 2003, 06:47 PM
Number of posts: 67,398

About Me

I cook, paint, write, read, decorate, garden, and volunteer. I'm also a business owner, a mother and a wife. I love you.....no matter what you think of me.

Journal Archives

About that Debate last Night...after much thought, I will admit.....

that everyone's assessment about last night's debate is somewhat accurate,

Sure...perhaps some got it almost right,
and perhaps some got it almost wrong...
but in the end y'all are simply super marvelous folks who want to win.....
and there ain't nothing wrong with that!!!!!

But here's the thing--this election ain't about who on our side is close to right about the debates
and who on our side is close to wrong about the debates....

This election is about each of us doing whatever we can in supporting and electing Democrats
in order to make sure that our future and that of our children's doesn't turn to total shit!
That's the goal, IMO....
not how insightful and totally right or wrong folks on this board analyzed last night's debate.

In otherwords, this election is about all of us. About our future and that of our children.

Let us not lose sight on what is important in this election, and let us remember how one voice can change a room,
and one room can change a block, and one block can change a neighborhood, and one neighborhood
can change a city, and one city can change a state, and one state can change the country, and how
one country can change the world.

This election is about how our votes pooled together should end with us having a victory,
and how we all have to pull our collective weight to get that done till the fat guy sings
that its over.


So as I end my own selfish rant, I just want to say that
I'm fucking fired up, and I'm fucking ready to go!
And what about you? Are you fired up and ready to go? Cause if not, you need to be....
remember that there are many folks depending on the actions of many folks as our future hangs in the balance
....and as you may already know, those many folks would be each and everyone of US!

Twitter: Romney's 'Big Bird' reference explodes online

Source: The Hill

According to Twitter, two of the most popular moments in the first 40 minutes of the debate were both references made by Romney, while discussing some of the federal subsidies he would cut as president.

Looking directly at moderator Jim Lehrer, the host of PBS's "NewsHour," Romney said he would cut subsidies for PBS, even though he likes Big Bird.

"Big Bird" and "PBS" each earned 17,000 tweets per minute, Twitter reports. That's nowhere near the high Twitter traffic during Obama's speech to the Democratic National Convention, which hit 52,757 tweets per minute, but it's more than Romney earned during his nomination acceptance speech at the GOP Convention, which hit a high of 14,289 tweets per minute. None of those numbers indicate whether users were for or against Romney on the "Big Bird" subsidies.

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/twitter-room/other-news/260161-twitter-romneys-big-bird-reference-explodes-online

Big Bird is exploding. Perhaps that's the "zinger" that Romney didn't count on resonating. Well, it has!

Romney lied his ass off, CNN skewed their insta-poll, and Ed-MSNBC blamed Obama.....

and many folks here articulated their "disappointment" in Pres. OBama.

In otherwords, just really Good Times a la 2010!

Just want to say...."thank you for that".....cause some things never get old!

Like me.....Anyone who is concerned about their future and is close or in their mid 50s

heard the President making the Medicare point about the fact
that Romney will be gutting Medicare,
Most likely doesn't think that Mitt won this debate.

In fact, most folks listening to the issues brought up at the debate,
realized after the debate that they are just as confused as heck as
to what Mitt will do and how,
and are very clear that this President has their back.

That is all.

Romney with his red upper lip, his beady eyes tearing up, and the weird way

in which he acted like a 13 year old excited school girl (including his walk),
combined with his many reversals of his own proposed policies,
including many lies didn't do it for me....

For those who think he won, I'm glad that it did it for you.

President's surrogates are doing a much better job having this President's back......

While the sky appears to be falling right here at this forum.

Got my "Before I go on Stage" email from Pres. Obama...and Sooooo

I donated $35.00!
(although I'm already on a monthly automatic Contribution plan)....

Does anyone care to join me on this Debate Night????

Thanks for donating. Now, help spread the word.

By reaching out to your family and friends about the importance of chipping in now, you'll help build the grassroots campaign we need to win

Mitt Romney, based on just on his taxable income of 13 million, earned $52,700 PER DAYin 2011...

when he woke up each morning!

Now I don't mind that so much....

but when he dares call 47% of Americans moochers,
when the average family income is $45,000 PER YEAR....
and he appears appalled that folks expect something like food when the
economy was taken over the cliff by policies he supports,
I get mad all over again! Grrrrrr!

(Note: Those stats were spoken about on a talk show tonight)

Hey Mitt....you wish it will just be 47% who will vote for Obama!

But in reality 53% of voters cast their last Presidential vote for Barack Obama!..
The 47% was not based on any actual election, just wishful thinking!

it will be MORE than 47%! Remember that, cause we will!

Just fact checking!

(R)Money can't buy Intelligence

nor buy these elections.....

That is all!
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