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Gender: Female
Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Oct 13, 2003, 06:47 PM
Number of posts: 68,497

About Me

I cook, paint, write, read, decorate, garden, and volunteer. I'm also a business owner, a mother and a wife. I love you.....no matter what you think of me.

Journal Archives

How Sanders Cleared Way to Dump Toxic Nuclear Waste on Poor Hispanics

“Before the rally Sanders invited the three West Texans to meet with him privately, and the Texans eagerly agreed. The meeting was no longer than Sanders’ attention span - when it comes to Sierra Blanca. “He didn’t listen,” Curry said. “He had his mind made up.” Afterward, Bernie was giving his pro forma campaign speech, never mentioning nuclear power or nuclear waste. Sierra Blanca activist Bill Addington, who’d arrived just that morning to join the march, along with his neighbor María Méndez, had had enough, and he yelled from the crowd, “What about my home, Bernie? What about Sierra Blanca?”

Several others joined in. “What about Sierra Blanca, Bernie?”

Sanders left the stage, which surprised no one in the small Texas delegation. Earlier, he had told them, “My position is unchanged, and you’re not gonna like it.” When they asked if he would visit the site in Sierra Blanca, he said, “Absolutely not. I’m gonna be running for re-election in the state of Vermont.”

Beyoncé is no Aretha Franklin, says Cornel West

West seemed to diss Beyoncé, saying the “superficial spectacle” that is pop culture these days has more to do with money than talent. Beyoncé can move, he said, but Aretha Franklin needed only a microphone to thrill an audience.

West said 10 days ago.....
I just read about it though.


Like who are you Cornel West, and what have you done for the Black Community recently?

AR-15 Gun-Maker Seeks To Dismiss Lawsuit Filed By Sandy Hook Parents

The lawsuit was initially filed in state court in Connecticut in December of 2014, two years after 20 children and six adults were gunned down at the elementary school in Newtown, Conn. It then went to a federal court before being shifted back to a state court last fall, in what's seen as a possible advantage for the plaintiffs, who are acting on behalf of 10 victims.

The lawsuit seeks damages and an injunction against selling the AR-15 rifle; it names Remington and its related corporate entities, including Bushmaster Firearms, which manufactured the weapon used by Adam Lanza.
Remington and its parent company say they can't be sued for the criminal use of their products, citing immunity rendered by the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce and Arms Act.

Is this the law that Bernie voted for cause it wasn't "fair" to gun manufacturers?

Why was Bernie Sander's audience at Morehouse College, an HBCU, predominantly White?

What was that about? I don't get it....

Where did all of the actual Black Folks go?



Edited 2/19 to add video link.... https://twitter.com/maryaliceparks/status/699351962471505920

Is this some kind of joke? Or is this what we called "trying to Bamboozle"?

Edited to update & add:
And I thought the place was 4500 there.....
but capacity for this particular venue is 2900 or something like that...,
and it doesn't look full....
so I don't know what "image" the media is trying to create here? Answer me that!


Perfect moment to give a PREVIEW to the country of how the Revolution can bend the will of a Majority Republican Congress.

If they can get Republicans to approve a Democratic Bench replacement, then the Revolution will be acting, not just talking!


Question: What is Plan B for Bernie Sanders' Campaign?

Sanders is making grand promises of great programs in every speech he makes,
but his only answer when he is asked HOW will you get anything passed under a
gerrymandered congress, he replies that he will be leading a Revolution.

But thus far the fact is that voting by Democrats was down in both Iowa and NH,
than it was in 2008...
The last year that a sitting President wasn't running


2016 total Republican votes 284,127 vs. Democratic votes 250,747 in New Hampshire

In the New Hampshire Primaries of 2008, the Democratic vote tally was 287,557

In 2008, Barack Obama won New Hampshire in the general election with a margin of 9.61 percentage points.
In 2012, Barack Obama won New Hampshire in the general election with a margin of 5.58 percentage points.

So if the Revolution ends up not being televised....

What is Sanders' Plan B to make good on his grand promises?

Please note that there are many Black Folks who understand exactly what the word "Bamboozled" means.....

(note) This is not a thread about Hillary Clinton.

and thank you!

40 ACRES AND A MULE – A Political Tale

SOCIAL CHANGE doesn't happen swiftly as those who have participated in movements to change the status quo will testify. “Change is Gonna Come” isn’t a song that mentions quick fixes and easy times, but rather emphasizes that change is “a long, long time coming”. As minority groups have learned when looking back at their history, change takes enormous struggle, perseverance, and often time sacrifice just to take a few steps forward.

What most successful social movements of the 20th and 21st Century share; Whether the Civil Rights Movement, the Gay Rights Movement, the Feminist Movement, the Labor Movement, or the Environmental Movement, the simple truth is, none of these movements are finished yet. Most took decades of painstaking organized work, sweat, tears and even death before being able to claim a respectful piece of victory.

Newly freed slaves were once promised 40 Acres and a Mule, but most received nothing more than words, and little else. We can also recall during the Great Depression, Americans were promised a chicken in every pot. Unfortunately, these promises, if we care to remember, rarely worked out as they had been packaged, sold and bought. Even one of the most progressive Presidents, FDR, still compromised Black people right out of the Social Security Act that he championed. Domestics (read Black women) and Agricultural workers (read Black men/sharecroppers) were originally excluded from the bill as it passed into law. In so doing, they were also excluded from various attached programs, e.g., Aid to Dependent Children which passed under the act in 1935 as part of the “New Deal” (for whom? Some may have asked). There are those who defend FDR by pointing out that Black people were not specifically omitted, neglecting to acknowledge that Domestics and Farming were the primary work available to that minority group.

Now in 2016, we hear of wonderful promises made this election year. Who wouldn’t want Free Health Care, Free College, Free Childcare, and a living wage for every person working? Many of us would also love to get big money out of our politics as we are aware of how it diminishes our vote. The big banks certainly took us for a ride, and it would be great compensation to watch them sliced and diced into tiny pieces. The issues are excellent; a liberal’s dream! So then, what's the catch? Is this really truly possible, we ask? Because as a people, we learned long ago that there is no such thing as a Free Lunch, even once you are permitted to sit at the lunch counter.

When Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Democratic Socialist, running as President is queried on how all of these promises will be fulfilled, his answer is eerily consistent; there will be a radical Revolution that he will be leading. This term “Political Revolution”, for some of us who have lived that long, harken back to the days of the 1960’s “War on Poverty”. It is a war that we fight today, and in so doing, we are also forced to fight race based stereotypes it put upon us, which have stubbornly lasted to our detriment since. It is the tried and untrue slur of how people of color always seem to want something without working for it, aka, something for nothing. The War on Poverty, while perhaps well-meaning in its intent, left an ugly-spirited stain upon us, that we have been trying to wash out ever since. The whole racist connotation of the “Welfare Queen” has, in fact, won many elections, year after year. It is a legacy that may have hurt us more as an entire race of people, than the benevolent benefits it ever intended.

As earnestly as Bernie Sanders may believe in his promises of these great programs to voters, upon closer inspection, there is a solid barrier in achieving the legislation needed for his goals, if he were to be elected. It is an odd but old term called gerrymander. Every decade there is a census taken, and at this time district maps for each state are redrawn. The last Census election was in 2010, which happened to have been the year that Democratic politicians all over the nation suffered steep losses countrywide. Pres. Obama used a not so delicate term in describing the loss; a “Shellacking”. Each map is demographically drawn by those in power, and affects exactly how electoral districts within each state are decided. As expected, the Republican majorities in many State Houses managed an artful job of making sure to give Republicans a ridiculous advantage in maintaining their majority. It is an advantage tight as a whistle.

If one is frank and anchored in reality, while reading the fine print of the changes Bernie Sanders offers, it should be known that they do not have any realistic chance of passage until the year 2020, after the next census election (which is a presidential year election, so there is hope there). When asked about the unlikely passage of any of Sen. Sanders’ promises, he does then admit that most likely nothing will likely get through any Congress in his first term. The 75 year old politician does allude to a possible 2nd term and that is when the Revolution, we have to figure, will be in full blast?

It’s hard to believe that those supporting Sanders aren’t aware of this BFD detail, although it may be that some just don’t care. You see, these third party Independents, and Green Party types Liberals (btw, thank you Nader) are ardent supporters who believe deeply in what Bernie Sanders says, regardless of the immediate future outcome.

But what about voters who don’t follow politics closely? Those who simply don’t know the consequences of a gerrymandered Congress and what that truly means; or how it will impact the true realities of this “New Deal”? The working stiff trying hard to make ends meet, but unknown to him/her that their vote won’t change their status anytime soon. They should know the devil in the details, but indeed most are largely unaware of the caveats attached to Bernie Sanders’ plans. Especially since the Media isn’t talking about it? (ask yourself… why?) Guess the corporate media is too busy with Trump’s hair, and Hillary’s emails.

The real question is when hearing all the promises, will the "Revolution of 2016" actually move a Republican Congressional majority to demand that their government administers their constituents’ health care, while doing away with Insurance Companies and Big Banks? Will a Republicans House vote to give young people free college? Because that is who will decide, not Bernie nor his voters. If Healthcare reform was easy to pass, it would have been done long before Obama! Hillary tried it, and they have hated her ever since. Even President Barack Obama couldn’t even get his own party to vote on his original vision, let alone any Republicans! The healthcare fight, as it currently is started in 2009, and generously gifted us with the Tea Party, and is a fight not yet finished, It virtually separated Americans into various groups. Those who are glad to finally get it; those now want something totally different, and those who have attempted to repeal Obamacare 7,000 times, and took it twice to the Supreme Court! Well guess who has the power in congress since 2010, and will most likely have it after the election of 2016?

If, in support of the Revolution, folks are willing to March day after day, while the reportage on Television omits you from our lives, as they did the many marches against the War in Iraq, or the invisible Million Man March just this summer. Are you willing to take a chance to elect a man with flaws not yet uncovered (and there are many, I’ll tell you) nor exposed by either the GOP or the media, only to have to wait until maybe 2020, when he will be nearly 80 years old, or maybe never? Are you willing to hand over your healthcare that we are still fighting for? Are you willing to see the Supreme Court hang in balance? If you are, and you know what you are getting into, then by all means go for it!

In conclusion, ask yourself if there is a lesson learned from past movements and past promises? Back in the days when irresistible offers of 40 acres and a Mule and a New deal was proposed to us? I know what I learned; that progress doesn’t happen overnight, and that anything promised or said is never a given, and that nothing is ever free.

PS: This was written for some different forums, but though I'd post it here as well.

White America’s ‘Broken Heart’

Much of the energy on both the left and the right this cycle is coming from white Americans who are rejecting the direction of America and its institutions. There is a profound disappointment. On one hand, it’s about fear of dislocation of supremacy, and the surrendering of power and the security it provides. On the other hand, it’s about disillusionment that the game is rigged and the turf is tilted. It is about defining who created this country’s bounty and who has most benefited from it.

White America is wrestling with itself, torn between two increasingly distant visions and philosophies, trying to figure out if the country should retreat from its present course or be remade.

I personally think Bernie Sanders is a Heck of Person.....

and I understand his goals,
and I respect him,
and I agree with many of them.....

I understand the message,
I understand the passion,
I understand the relief of hearing what he is saying on a national stage,
I understand the satisfaction of supporting a candidate on the rise after being discounted,
I understand the anger,
I understand the dissatisfaction,
I understand the frustration,
I understand the joy of seeing one's candidate getting good press,
I understand the "Revolution",

I just don't personally think that who Sanders is,
nor his election platform.
will win the Democrats the general election.
Revolution or no.

I think that out of everyone running, to the Left or to the Right,
Hillary Clinton is the person best suited to govern in these times,
for many reasons that I don't need to get into here.....
as you will hear from me about that some more

but that's what I strongly believe,
based on my handicapping the GE,
researching the two candidates,
and understanding that the Corporate Media nor the GOP want to vet Bernie as of yet,
which leaves me feeling suspicious of their motives.

Of course I may be proven incorrect in terms of how the majority of Democrats see it,
guess that's what these primaries are all about!

Whatever happens, in the end,
once all is said and done,
I will support our ticket.

No...this is not a pledge post, as I realize a lot here may not support Clinton/Sanders if she/he wins....
and they should do what they believe....
As I do,

and so this is simply my honest to goodness opinion....no catch!

I'm hoping for more votes on the Democratic side than the Republican side tomorrow.
This will tell us a tiny bit of something of what we will be facing in the GE in November....
whether they are as ready to defeat us as we are ready to defeat them....
in New Hampshire anyways.

For tomorrow's vote,
I say
Good luck to Bernie and His supporters,

But better luck to Hillary, her supporters and me.

Newtown Action Alliance Endorses Hillary Clinton

We, the Newtown Action Alliance (NAA), endorse Hillary Clinton for President of the United States of America.

The senseless shooting that killed 20 children and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, shattered millions of hearts across the nation. This day of terror mobilized a group of grieving citizens from Newtown to work to transform the community tragedy into meaningful action to end gun violence in our nation. For the last three years, the Newtown Action Alliance has been working with families of victims, survivors and dedicated advocates to honor all lives lost to gun violence by pushing for legislative and cultural change.
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