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Member since: Sat Oct 4, 2003, 11:50 AM
Number of posts: 52,225

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I wasn't coming back to GD P but Skinner's post prompted me in a way to do so.

Does the party even acknowledge the issue of income inequality? I can't tell. And my name isn't bro. We'll see but working together requires mutual respect and acknowledgement. It requires a few basics, not "where else are you gonna go?". My thoughts. I'll drop in later. Thanks.

So why did SoS Clinton have a system set up outside

of approved channels and systems? Because she loved Blackberries too much? Just wondering.

I was glad to see Bernie first address the crowd outside of

Raleigh's Memorial Auditorium that couldn't get inside due to the overflow to see him. Also glad he picked up another endorsement. To the thousands who showed up on short notice, kudos.

If Clinton gets the nomination, what do you think

is the future for the progressive movement? How will it manifest itself? Is it officially over and will only be in our history books? Discuss.

Which side are you on?

I don't want to live under a Wall Street government anymore.

That is why the Goldman Sachs issue matters to me. It is why I support Sanders for President and Warren for Senate. eom

Massive wealth inequality, Too Big to Fail, Henry Kissinger praise.

This is not the Democratic Party that inspired me in my youth with the likes of Bobby Kennedy.

When was the last time any of you marched for civil rights,

lgbt rights, workers rights, environmental rights, and voting rights? For me it was last year and every year since 2010. I support Bernie Sanders and am also a disability rights activist. Your lines of attack are offensive to us that take the time to do these things. I wish I could explain the advantages of fusion politics and how we should advance together while still have proper debates on issues that divide America and that we should stand together in general terms. But I see that is out the window in some regards. What a pity at this time in history of our republic. The choice, however, still remains yours.

Both political parties seem to have a southern strategy

to divide the electorate along racial lines. Probably because they answer to the same interests. A people's campaign like Bernie's tries to bring people together.

Do you hear the people sing?

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