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Gender: Female
Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Sep 25, 2003, 02:04 PM
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If Senator Warren ISN'T Running for President

She's giving away the best material for nothing. Hillary won't pick this up, she can't even fathom what Elizabeth is talking about. The male politicos, insulated from middle-class reality, won't get it, either.

And the nearly psychotic-with-worry-and-mis-information lower classes will turn to the raging fundies, every single time, if there's no Democrat talking this talk.

Weekend Economists Pull the Easter Rabbit Out of the Hat April 18-20, 2014



How Christianity Was Created by Jesus's Enemies



This is the first work to apply to the interpretation of classical documents the methodology which courts of law in a democracy apply when reconstructing a sequence of events on the basis of documentary evidence referring to them. Among the principles employed here, which haven't previously been used by historians, are:

(1) For any alleged historical reconstruction, cite only the best (the most reliable) evidence (and exclude the rest under the best-evidence rule);

(2) Things that a cited document necessarily implies, rather than explicitly asserts, have higher evidentiary value (credibility) than any explicit assertions; and,

(3) Each explicit assertion cited in evidence must be questioned not just as to its accuracy, but also as to its honesty-of-intent. These three principles have never been applied to the documents concerning earliest Christianity. Applying them produces a radically new understanding of how Christianity began.


This first-ever legal/forensic exegesis of Paul's letter to the Galatians, and associated legal/forensic analysis of the four canonical Gospels, finds that Christianity started in or around the year 49 CE in Antioch (present-day Antakya, Turkey) as a direct consequence of a personal conflict which had arisen, during the prior 14 years, between Paul and the leader of this (at that time) Jewish sect, which Jesus had begun prior to his crucifixion at around the year 30 by the Romans for sedition.

The sect's leader was not Peter, such as Paul's followers who wrote the Gospels said, but was instead Jesus's brother James. Peter was and remained a follower of James, and he died (as did the rest of the sect) as a member of this Jewish sect, not as a Christian -- not as a member of the group which Paul started on this occasion. Jesus's sect soon itself expired.

What's known today as Christianity started with Paul, and was then developed by his followers, who wrote the canonical Gospels and the rest of the New Testament. The religion of the New Testament actually has nothing to do with the person of the historical Jesus: The NT was written and assembled to fulfill Paul's Roman agenda, not Jesus's Jewish one. This is shown to explain the entire Christian myth.

The conflict between Paul and James has to do with the circumcision-commandment, Genesis 17:14, which is Judaism's signature-commandment, by which a person signs God's contract in blood and becomes eligible to be a member of God's People.

Paul doesn't want to enforce it, because neither anesthesia nor antibiotics yet exist in this ancient era, and so any medical operation is an excruciating horror for these adult men, and frightening also because all operations have a high fatality rate from infections. James knows that if Genesis 17:14 is to be enforced upon Paul's men, then most of them will simply abandon Jesus's sect and will abandon Judaism altogether.

But finally in the year 49 or 50, right after the council in Jerusalem (which Paul refers to in Galatians 2:1-10), James does try to enforce it, and Paul calls James's bluff and refuses to comply. This is the moment when Paul first announces Christianity: the occasion Paul describes approximately four years later in Galatians 2:16-21.

The event that created Christianity is referred to in carefully veiled language in Galatians 2:11-21: James here changes his mind and decides that Genesis 17:14 will have to be enforced after all, and he sends Peter to Paul in Antioch to order him to have all his men circumcised. James also sends a back-up team to check up on Peter (who is very reluctant to do this), and to make sure that Peter does what he is told.

But when the back-up team arrives and sees Peter instead dining with Paul's uncircumcised men, Peter is startled and embarrassed to be seen dining with these non-members, and so he backs away from the table. At this moment, Paul responds to Peter by announcing, for the first time ever, Christianity, which is the doctrine that Paul states in Galatians 2:16-21.

Although Paul says that he's rejecting the circumcision-commandment because he rejects the entire covenant, he is actually rejecting the entire covenant because he rejects the circumcision-commandment. This is the only way Paul can keep his men with him; he simply can't admit to them that they are not Jews. So, from now on, he needs to be very careful about how he words things. Only gradually do his men come to recognize that they aren't Jews. Paul prepares them for this by telling them how horrible strict Jews are, such as he does in Galatians 1:13-14, 1 Thessalonians 2:3-16, and Philippians 3:2-8.

James is now trapped by circumstances: If he publicly announces that Paul's men are no longer members of Jesus's sect, then James will lose the vast majority of his sect's members, since Paul had converted them.

Furthermore, Paul's followers are Gentiles in a Gentile world ruled by Gentile Rome, during the time when Rome is at war against the Jews in Jerusalem. Jerusalem's Jews are a poor and defeated people. James is relying on the financial contributions coming in from Paul's many Gentile congregations, to support the Jesus sect. James therefore needs to remain silent about Paul's coup d'etat.

The "Jesus" who is described in the Gospel-accounts is written later, by Paul's followers, not by James's, and is written so as to add narrative flesh to the bones of Paul's agenda -- the agenda exposed in Galatians and in the other six authentic letters from Paul -- the earliest-written of all Christian documents...



To subdue the land that brought democracy to humanity would be a coup, indeed

I don't think they will succeed, because the laws of physics will see that unsustainable enterprises wither from lack of cheap resources.

But that doesn't mean they will stop destroying everything in their opposition, not until that opposition overwhelms them, after the cost of generations of suffering.

A well-read person, familiar with our human literature, would know these words

But we are no longer intent on creating well-read, well-rounded, thinking generations, are we?

NO, we just need to produce rank upon rank of corporate clones who are rigid and blind to meaning and purpose of language, the struggles of history, the rigors of the scientific method, and the flash of genius.

The fruits of mindless globalism

THIS is one of the neglects of the New World Order. by trying to tear down all boundaries to greedy commerce, it is destroying whatever makes a local community unique.

Globalism disrespects the people, the environment, the human race, all in a quest for endlessly increasing profit. It breaks the circle of natural recycling and reset. It breaks the local culture. It would destroy the works of millennia of Man for a convenient landfill to hide the evidence of its wasteful destruction.

NEED, for sure...want?

Well, if the system were not so corrupt as to prevent any self-correction through free and fair and publicly funded elections and a free, fair, and uncorrupted press....

the entire question would be moot.

The feedback loop on Democracy has been severed by the $$$ Elite, with the connivance of the racists and bigots and misogynists. I know of no way to break up that cozy relationship, because as far as I can tell, the $$$ are racists, bigots and misogynists, too, with few exceptions.

There are very few people born democratic. It's not a normal animal response. Nor does family life function as a laboratory of democratic process.

Democracy is an acquired skill, acquired to satisfy an acquired, educated taste. And too many people no longer even get a whiff of it, to try it out. Modern religion is all about suppressing democracy...in the Enlightenment, America's mainstream religions fostered democracy and science and education. But then, the fundies came into vogue, and it's been downhill ever since.

If they went after the White Supremacy--they'd have to purge the military, the para-military

the State department, the Treasury, the whole damn government, really. The GOP AND the Donkeys.

It's endemic in this nation, a large part of the corruption we endure is based on pandering to the racists.

I just don't see the national will to come clean and return to the state of Enlightenment that founded the nation, and when confronted by racism from the Southern elite, even the Founding Fathers had to blink, and put in the 3/5 person abomination, just to get a start on a new nation.

We have a long way to go.

The Joke's on US: 5 Insidious Ways the US Has Tried Pulling Off Coups Through 'Democracy Promotion'





Funnies that aren't, so much

The sneaky way car insurers raise your rates: Data mining PICKS which customers will tolerate hikes


Car insurance companies charge higher rates if you’re poor, less educated or just plain lazy, two new studies show. The companies calculate which customers are least likely to shop around after price increases and then slowly bump up their premiums, according to a letter two advocacy organizations sent to insurance commissioners nationwide. And less-educated drivers and those with non-professional, non-managerial jobs, which are often lower-paying, pay almost $1,000 extra in premiums, the New York Public Interest Research Group found.

“It’s clear that some people are being charged more for the exact same coverage, and those people come from low income backgrounds or communities of color. We think that presents a serious problem, possibly a civil rights violation,” says Andrew Morrison, campaigns director at NYPIRG and an author of the study.

Inputting fictional information for a 30-year-old single woman on the websites of four of the five largest auto insurers in New York, the group found that on average, a bank executive with a college degree is quoted at $1,247. A college-educated bank teller is charged $30 more. The rate increases by $200 or more for bank executives, tellers and retail cashiers who only have a high school diploma. The quotes for this “30-year-old single woman” were taken from January to April, and based on a woman who drives a 2008 Honda Civic 7,500 miles annually and has driven for 14 years. Her home locations were across middle-income areas in New York, including Albany, Queens, Poughkeepsie and Staten Island.

Progressive gave the fictitious high school-educated retail cashier and bank teller quotes of $5,021 annually, $916 more than a woman with the same driving patterns who was a college-educated bank teller. Geico asked the less educated retail cashier to pay an average of 41% more than the college-educated bank executive. Progressive uses “many different rating factors, which sometimes include non-driving factors that have been proven to be predictive of a person’s likelihood of having a claim,” spokesman Jeff Sibel said in an email. Geico did not return requests for comment.

Advocates also say auto insurance companies are creeping up rates for consumers they deem less likely to shop around — a factor that isn’t associated with their level of risk. That makes a customer who has stuck around with the same insurance provider for years, despite rate hikes, more likely to see continued price increases.

“They’re maximizing profit by figuring out, how high can a rate go, prior to too many people leaving to make it not profitable,” says J. Robert Hunter, director of insurance at the Consumer Federation of America.

Sixty-three percent of auto insurance companies in the U.S. and Canada employ the practice called “price optimization” or plan to do so in the future, according to a survey of 73 representatives by Earnix, a company that runs a pricing analytics software.

“You can’t just charge people willy-nilly for certain things just because that’s what the market will bear,” says Birny Birnbaum, executive director of the Austin-based Center for Economic Justice and a former associate commissioner at the Texas Department of Insurance. “Price optimization is really just a fancy term for price gouging.”

The two consumer groups sent a letter to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, urging them to ban the practice. The NAIC declined to comment for this story. That letter calls out Earnix, the software company, for helping insurers set rates based on a consumer’s sensitivity to price changes. Meryl Golden, general manager of the company’s North America operations, said in an interview that insurers commonly make judgments on how customers will respond to rate changes and the company’s software offers an analytical, data-based tool to help reach those decisions.

“Every company is responsible for setting their prices and they make the decision of what their business goals are,” she says.

The insurance industry is seeing a “technical evolution” in pricing methods as data mining becomes the norm, and “responsible use of these techniques that imposes higher prices on truly risky behavior should be permitted,” according to a December 2013 report by the Treasury Department’s Federal Insurance Office.

“However, simply because data may be available regarding consumers does not mean that any data is relevant to determining the insurance premium they should pay,” the report reads.
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