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Gender: Female
Current location: Earth
Member since: Tue Sep 23, 2003, 11:05 PM
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One of my friends voted for Clinton in the primary, and it shocked me when she told

me she voted for Clinton.

I'm still friends with her. Kind of. But I will never look at her the same way. I don't care what her reasons were. There are no valid reasons for anyone with a heart to vote for Clinton instead of Bernie, just as there are no valid reasons for anyone with a heart to vote for a Republican.

She's very well off economically. I now see her as more like the few Republican acquaintances and family members that I associate with, who are also very well off economically.

I have yet to see a single Clinton supporter, on DU or anywhere else, express what I consider a valid reason for voting for Clinton over Bernie

The disparity in comprehensive universal awareness between Bernie and Clinton is enormous, just as this disparity between Bernie and Trump, or Cruz is enormous. The difference between profound and shallow, the difference between authentic and plastic, the difference between wise and ignorant.

So, after much reflection on my friend voting for Clinton, I have concluded that we simply have very different value systems, and that this difference means that I cannot ever trust her enough to be any closer to her than shallow friendly acquaintances.

Because she's deliberately voting to deny my grandchildren the possibility for the critical progressive social, political, economic, and environmental changes that will guarantee my children, and my grandchildren, a future.

In my world, this makes us natural enemies.

All in all, she's just another brick in their wall.

Yes, they will definitely get what they deserve.

Unfortunately, as always, they are going to drag the rest of us into the same social, political, economic, and environmental toxic waste pit of a country they knowingly voted to create.

There's no going back. A Clinton nomination means corruption and idiocracy have reached critical mass, it's all downhill into the hopeless void of Neoliberal/Neoconservative Corporatist Oligarchy from there, no matter who wins the GE.

I've recently purged all unnecessary belongings, simplified my life, and will flee the country relatively soon, before the US comes under complete corporate oligarch ownership that can't be effectively politically challenged ever again.

"To begin with, I beg you not to confuse Resistance with political opposition. The opposition does not oppose power but a government, and its achieved and complete form is that of a party of opposition: while resistance, by definition (now useful) cannot be a party: it is not made to govern at its time, but to...resist." ~ Tomas Segovia

That is the 100% correct answer. We think for ourselves. Bernie's status as our

candidate rests solely on his merits as an aware, and capable, human being.

We are not cult of personality sycophants in any way, shape, or form.

The "economically disadvantaged" can join the military and get

good healthcare, education, and other benefits and opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach for them when working one of the $10/hr or less jobs that are the only logistically possible sources of employment that is available to them.

In this way, the 1% gets the poor to join the military roulette game, and fight and die in their wars for conquest and profit for them, protect their interests around the world, and ensure the status quo. With luck, a vet survives her or his stint in the military without significant damage to their body and/or psyche, and subsequently has greater opportunity for a more lucrative future. The 1% would greatly prefer to cut, or completely eliminate, veteran's benefits, but reluctantly view them as a necessary, but annoying, expense for protecting their interests.

If it wasn't for good people of conscience constantly struggling to maintain, and increase, veteran's benefits, the 1% would use the Republican party and Third Way to cut these benefits.

Those significantly harmed or killed during their military service, in wars begun solely for the interests of the 1%, are of no consequence to the 1%, except to serve as human sacrifices for 1% profit interests and the maintenance of the status quo. The lifelong suffering and grief of the families, friends, and neighbors of the maimed or killed being mere "collateral damage" to the 1%, just another necessary part of their "Business as Usual" program.

Just say "No" to the wars for profit and human sacrifice initiated by the 1%, whose only goal is to maintain their wealth, power, and place in our extremely stratified nation and world.

Yep. May Day, 1970, on the Green. Jerry, Dave, Kunst, and me took some Owsley

that Abbie brought up from Cambridge for "guidance" the night before. Abbie said the fuckin' fascist pigs had tanks by the side if the road on the way in. Allen was straight, and reciting poetry and doing Omms. Suddenly all hell broke loose when Nixon's agents provocateurs let loose with some rocks and bottles at the pigs. I remember Jerry grabbing the mike on the Podium, shouting something like "Don't go down there, this is total shit!" before the pigs hit us with the tear gas. National Guard was all over the place...a band was rockin' the Green...and then, the girl, surrounded by a strange white light, (it could have been Hillary), appeared out of nowhere and flashed the peace sign from the podium. The band stopped playing in this surreal moment when time stopped - and that's exactly when Ingall's blew (Nixon's people again), glass and concrete flyin' everywhere.

The mystery girl in the white light disappeared into the screams and thick smoke. I looked for her later, to no avail. No one knew who she was.

Was it her? Or was it just the Owsley playing tricks with my head?

I guess we'll never really know.

Merrily, sad to say, the video below illustrates exactly what we're dealing with:

Ignore is our friend.

Before I ever agree to vote for Hillary in the GE, I will need the Dem Establishment to give me the

pet Unicorn that I ask for, prior to the vote. After suffering through years of abuse, my vote is my vote and mine alone, and it can no longer be taken for granted by the Third Way. Not ever again.

This is known as "leverage". (pun intended)

Right now, my preferred pet Unicorn looks a lot like a set in stone contract for an Executive Order, publicly backed by the Dem Establishment, shutting down all fracking operations in the US. I already know that Bernie Sanders has a plan to give me my pet Unicorn. I don't expect Hillary will get the nomination, but I'm making my needs known just in case the unthinkable occurs and she wins the Dem nomination fair and square..

Empty promises, lip service, and simply "being better than a republican" will no longer accepted as satisfactory payment for my vote. I expect the utmost in integrity and service from the employees I elect to serve me.

Show me the Unicorn!

But if she stops lying about Bernie, what will she have left to campaign on?

Maybe her surrogates could start lying about Bernie supporters, too, and use that to campaign on.

Oh, yeah, wait...that didn't work out so well either, did it? Now they've gone all the way back to the 50's and Joe McCarthy for some red scare material to campaign against Bernie with.

Someone should tell Secretary Clinton that red scare McCarthyism tactics didn't work out so well for Nixon in 1960. And thank heaven for that, if people had fallen for Nixon's red scare BS, we would never have had John F. Kennedy for our President.

Speaking of lying, and "I am not a crook" Nixon, let us hope Secretary Clinton's various issues that she is reluctant to reveal and clarify don't result in a headline similar to the one below a year from now:

There are many other reasons as well. The turnout of Left Independent voters in Michigan

is one example of why Clinton cannot beat Trump in the GE. Similar minded voters exist in every state in large numbers.

Independents and most millennials nationwide simply will not show up for Clinton. They, like traditional Democrats, want Bernie in the WH. Right or wrong, they feel the difference between Bernie and Clinton is little different than the difference between Bernie and a Republican.

The urban electorate that accounts for the majority percentage of the Clinton votes is not at all representative of the overall electorate in most non-urban, and some urban, areas of the US. Take Michigan, for example. Wayne County alone, where Detroit is located, gave Clinton 163,886 of her statewide total of 576,723 votes.

That's roughly about 35% of her total votes statewide in Michigan. One county gave her 35% of her total vote count.

Clinton may win the battle of the Democrats, but she cannot win the nationwide war. Bernie is the sole candidate that can beat Trump in the GE.

Because my state has closed primaries, a critical part of our ground game here has been registering Independents as Dems so they can vote for Bernie in the primaries. I've had more than a few left leaning Independents practically spit in disgust when I explained to them that, in order to vote for Bernie in the primaries, they had to register as Democrats. Some even got angry at me and told me that there was no way they would register as a Democrats. I hope they changed their minds later on.

This is the legacy of the *Third Way New Democrats*. Driving traditional Democrats from the party, and alienating left leaning independents to the point where they would rather stay home and deal with a republican in the WH rather than vote for a fake Democrat.

"Looks like we're still in Kansas, Toto"

Bernie! Wooohooo!

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