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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
Number of posts: 5,357

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Down to the basics: They want to impeach our President.

Sweep away all the noise, the blah blah blah and at the bottom of the well you will find their dirty not-so-dark-secret is that "government default" is an impeachable offense.

This reads like an overwrought teen-age drama of souped up hot-rods playing chicken on a dark country road.
They are driving this country into default and do not plan on blinking......for one reason and one reason only...impeachment.
They are bound together like blood brothers having taken a death till we part oath. Eric Cantor has the reigns...John Boner has no balls...and Mitch McConnell didn't get his one term wish....but is driving the bus toward impeachment.

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I am very upset and angry that the smart people didn't prepare for the Internet logjam

that signing up for health insurance would cause.

It is inexcusable because it gives the anti-Obamacare naysayers one more talking point..

The administration had 3 years to prepare for Oct. 1st - they had 3 years to figure out how to allow for huge numbers to sign up and didn't...

Oh brother.

I guess my rant is because I am depressed. Depressed because I am having a hard time processing how much hate there really is in this country.

I just feel like we need something big -one thing -any thing ...that can stand as good news.

The negative, pounding, organized, relentless GOP drumbeat against

Obamacare is blasting like a rocket into the stratosphere. They are desperate, strident and everywhere.

I watched David Frum on Bill Maher pound away at breakneck speed point after point why the American people hate it.....

The lack of push back whenever a Democratic surrogate is present is...stunning...allowed the GOP to seize the message when they could have said..."you lie." The GOP has gained traction in the polls..

Leadership opened the door that led to Summers withdrawal when

Tester, Warren, Brown, Merkley et al....stepped up and voiced their intention to vote no.

Once that happened, the long-running anti-Summers rumble among the base, turned onto a roar...

Have we changed, or have they? Is it possible for us to have another run at having our voices heard?

Re: Larry Summers. Sign here:

A 30 second effort - vote your voice!


Thank you, Sen. Sharrod Brown, w/Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen Jeff Merkley for

declaring in advance - they will vote NO should President Obama nominate Larry Summers.

I am emailing my support to these senators.

Dear President Obama; The anti-war roar resonating from

coast to coast has been a long time coming...and no disrespect intended, but shouldn't be a surprise.

It seems as though huge numbers of people who voted for you twice, have drawn their red line in the sand.

Supporters tried to heard on a whole bevy of important issues- wondered why you refused to put single-payer on the table BEFORE the debate even started, to the curious and hugely shocking way the financial institutions were essentially given a pass.

Unfortunately, of all issues it is Syria that has mobilized public opinion across party lines and sadly created agreement between people who hate you..and people who hate war.

It is sir, a mess.

Signed a loving but disheartened supporter.

Am I the only person here watching the presser from Sweden?

Has anyone here heard the President's remarks....?

Presser from Sweden..is a very clear example of why President Obama

doesn't talk to me enough.

I need to hear from him in detail, in depth, listening as he weaves historical context...

5 minutes on the run, here and there, rose garden....are not working for me.

I like it when he takes a lot of quality time to talk to me....just like he is doing right now in Sweden.

US Rep Alan Grayson via Big Ed radio..."at a minimum, a Billion dollars"

Who thinks there won't be retaliation?

What happens the day after the strike?

No one who advocates striking Syria can predict the outcome.

The law of unintended consequences at play.

What moral authority - the USA is broke, we owe every country...

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