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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
Number of posts: 5,357

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I was surprised to learn that Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown

is attending Bibi's speech. I expected better from him.

What did the Dems do...have a little coffee talk amongst themselves to pick and choose who goes who doesn't?

Why, for once damn it, can't the week sister Dems take a collective stand? On something? Anything?

Hugely disappointed in Sen Brown.

Some days, the crazy just gets me down. The stupid GOP US House,

the Stupid GOP judges, the stupid talking points about the stupid ruling on Pres. Obama's immigration executive orders.

These stupid GOP people are however, very smart. They know that their brand of Stupid isn't caught by the most Stupid of all, American voters.

Not one person in my political inner circle fully understood the simple fact that the immigration executive orders did not take affect immediately (executed in Nov 2014) but dates well into 2015. This would have given the GOP the opportunity to write their own immigration bills.

Why this simple concept - why the words and behaviors - have not been comprehended by voters is disturbing, depressing, and worse of all, foreshadows that the stronghold the Stupid GOP has on messaging, has no end in sight. That's why.

Please someone. Explain to me how people close to Chris Christie

have "lawyered" up, been served by the Feds and are possible targets....and Christie is clean???

In the interview Steve Kornacki had with WNBC reporter Brian Thompson, Thompson said that Christie is not a target so far, and that he volunteered to talk with the Feds. Thompson said that if Christie WERE a target of the Feds, such a such a sit-down would not have happened.

Is Christie going to walk?

How many times can a person be killed?

1. By questionable means at the very hands of those who are supposed to be protectors.

2. By a system that allows "prosecutors" to control the grand jury oversight of one of their own.

3. By the media.

4. And now, killed once again, by the supposed protectors who blame free speech demonstrators, a mayor and every other person, animal or thing, except themselves.

Has the pendulum finished swinging to its most extreme height?

Morning Joke=Eddie Haskell=change the channel

I freely admit that MSNBC has been my morning background noise for years.
No longer. It's been off 3 weeks now.

The production concept is an epic failure, trying to bring late night-talk show style programming with political over tones to morning TV - in the Morning Joe style, is stale. The boring inner circle of backslappers along with the syphancont Mika - have become a cartoon.

While many of you are smarter than me - abandoning Morning Joke long ago - I have to be honest, having MSNBC on was a bad habit.

Joe has ALWAYS portrayed Ed Haskell to me - I had long held hope that Mika would provide the counter balance - but no - her role continues to be sexualized, body language and her deference to Joe along with promo photos shows that - and she has allowed herself to become the biggest cartoon of all of them - sickening because I think she is smarter than allowed to be.

i hope the Eddie Haskell sinking ship doesn't take down the entire lineup.

The biggest question of all "was there anything you could have done to prevent..?"

Wilson = "no"

That alone should negate him or any other person from EVER being an officer of the peace.

Potential officers SHoULD be screened for being adult, clear thinking, with a personality that reveals they are trainable and without narsasisstic personality disorder.


Ferguson presser so far is disrespectful bullshit. Once again, tone deaf

pols with their own blah blah blah. This decision has been hanging in the air too long to be prefaced by such posturing. Just ugh.

Every few days here at DU, OP's about Hillary pop up.

Typically these OP's love, hate, challenge, support, chastise, and more.

Regarding 2016 Presidential primary season....I intend to listen and read about all of the candidates.

I intend to start with as clean a slate as possible. I intend to listen for words and statements that telegraph positions. I intend to read the position papers of each candidate.

Including Hillary.

I will not make a predetermined decision until I hear and read to determine if the candidate has evolved as I have known them to be in the past. Have they moved more right, or left? Expanded or contracted their positions? Will they stand on the shoulders of their experience and display the gravitas to talk about poverty and other issues that affect the people who are not registered voters.

Including Hillary.

I don't know about you, but I have changed my thinking and experienced valuable personal growth in the past 15 years. I'm still learning.

It's money...plain and simple...it trumps everything

GOP has tons of it...add in Citizen's United...Corporation have free "political" speech...equals negative ads...plus low information voters...suppresses turnout....equals outcome.

Simple. In the doctors waiting room. TV on. Negative ads every commercial break. I could not believe how people stared, like zombies, eyes fixated on the stupid TV.

Low information voters HATE politics. They HATE having their TV programs taken over by political ads. They HATE both parties. Sorry, but the ground game does NOT WORK on low information voters. Don't call, don't knock, they DON"T care.
Both parties are the same, no good. Why VOTE? Not me!!! You won't catch me giving up my time to VOTE!!

The GOP has found nirvana in the bank accounts of the corporations. Negative mailers, negative TV and lies work to suppress voting. The GOP does not want thinkers, does not want people to vote.

A quiet movement has started. Move to Amend. https://movetoamend.org

Please join.
(It took women 72 years to get the vote. Thank goodness they didn't bow to the intellectuals that said it would never happen.)

It really is a good place to start to make a difference. https://movetoamend.org

Sec Kerry addressing questions about ISIL -

Noticed a man in a red tie over Kerry's left shoulder sporting a "badge" clipped to his waist and ear piece. secret service ?
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