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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware County, PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Winthrop, Maine
Member since: Tue Jul 8, 2003, 05:38 PM
Number of posts: 7,855

Journal Archives

To continue my theme, mitt romney is STOOOPID!

I'm starting to believe that he's even more stupid than george w turdhead.

Either george w turdhead had that minute portion of wisdom to know that he's stupid, or his handlers were smart enough to know it. This is not the case with mitt romney.

It seems that mitt romney has surrounded himself, as he has his whole life, with a legion of well paid yes men who know that their incomes depend upon their continually telling their boss what a genius he is. It's like his hair cutting crony gang grew up and put on suits and found a different type of shears.

I truly believe that mitt romney is SHOCKED to his core that we, whom he considers to be mere peasants, have the audacity to doubt him about ANYTHING. I think that he expected the groundlings to just accept his affected teabagger "wisdom" without quetion, comment or the least bit of hesitation or thought. Why not? He is pandering to a republican base that prides itself on being called "dittoheads". The one positive that I see as a Democrat and Obama supporter is that if he is still trying to solidify his bagger base in mid September, than he (or the shit for brains advisors who are running the masive clusterfuck of his campaign) knows that he is in deep trouble.

mitt romney deserves to not only lose this election, but to lose it very badly. I say again what I will continue to say until the electorate puts this idiot out of his misery. mitt romney is STUPID!

BTW, mitt, where are the taxes?


I want to offer a hearty congrats to my 2 favorite tennis players!

Both Vica Azarenka & Serena Williams are in the women's final of the US Open.

Serena had been my favorite player since she was a teenager. Vica displaced her last January when she went on a hot streak that included the Australian Open Championship. Befoe you ask, I don't give the proverbial horse's patoot about Vica's grunting any more than I did about Monica Seles' grunting.

This year, Vica owned the spring, Serena has owned the Summer. While it's likely that the WTA computer will keep Vica in the # 1 position after this tournament, If Serena wins, she will be the best player in the world based on a Summer that included a Wimbledon Championship, an Olympic Gold Medal and a US Open Championship. If Vica wins, she'll be the best player in the world on the strength of 2 Grand Slam Championships in one year and defeating 2 great players in the finals of each; Maria Sharapova (whom I confess I've never really warmed up to) in Australia and the Serena whirlwind at the US Open.

While I'd love for Vica to win, I can truly say that I'll be very happy for either of these great players. I'm going to enjoy this match!


I don't have cable and my convention streaming didn't work out well, but...

...I can say this one thing for sure. Joe Biden is a national treasure and certainly a much better man to be 1 heartbeat away from the Presidency that his far rightist ayn rand loving lying opponent who MAY have a few more IQ points than sarah palin(comparison).

In the very little that I had the opportunity to see last night, the veep said one thing that took my heart and moved me almost to tears. He stated that a job is more than a paycheck, it's one of the ways we feel our dignity, our self respect and a way we may maintain our belief that we can care for our family's security.

Since so many of you were so supportive of my family and I last year when we went through a 10 month nightmare of my unemployment, You'll know what Imean when I say that when you don't have a job, you go to a very ugly place in your mind. While I WAS collecting unemployment compensation, I WAS NOT working. I went through the steps of working full time plus at trying to find a job, usually to not get anywhere often due to the grey in my hair and the birthdate on my driver's license.

I can't even begin to describe the depths of depresion and hopelessnes tha I approached in that time. It was ugly and in that whole time, I had to do my best to maintain a positive front in front of my family.

While most people look forward to weekends, I looked at them as times of dispair. I started every Monday morning with high hopes that I'd find something THAT WEEK, and reach Friday with feelings of helplessness.

While many people enjoy getting their child or children a treat when they go shopping, I always had to tell my son that I couldn't afford it becaue I didn't have a friggin' job or the friggin' money.

While self righteous teabagging asshole scumbags like steve king and his ilk were accusing people like me of living in luxury on the public's dime, we were trying to keep the wolves off our doorstep and our head close to the surface and to avoid living in our car.

I finally got a job in April of this year, got laid off by the bastards in August, and started my new job yesterday. I'm 57. If I don't advance within this organization by the time I'm 62, I'm going to follow my mother's lead, hit the silk and go for early retirement and drop down to working part time.

Even though I'm not taking that much more home than now than when I was on UI, even though we're no longer getting food stamps or MaineCare, I know that I'm working at WHAT I DO best!

I feel self respect, dignity and a feeling of being able to provide for my family. Since we're doing this based on my wife's income and in her name, we'll be closing on a house next week in Winthrop, Maine, where we've always wanted to live. While my wife IS considerably younger than I, this is our LAST MOVE. WE buy this house but it is our 12 year old son who will eventually sell it. We're leaving this house feet first. The way lifespans run in my family, that'll be about 30 years from now.

VP Biden is right. A job is much more than a paycheck, and the robme/lyin ticket can take their medicare vouchers & tax cuts for billionaires and shove them right up their monied and favored right wing asses.

That's my 2 cents, and quit possibly overpriced at that!


Yesterday I saw the funniest teabagger bumper sticker.

It said...

...I want my country back!
romney/ryan 12

Since I live in Kennebec County Maine and jobs are scarce and hardly anyone has a pot to pee in, I'm going to guess that this dude isn't a 1%er. Oh, the questions I could have asked this dipstick, but I've learned that you get NOWHERE by engaging a devoted bagger. Their little pea brains just can't handle anything but spouting out rush/glenn/ann/billo talking points. YUCK!

More and more, it seems to me that the only thing that the mitt/lyan ticket offers is that they're the 2 white guys. BOOOORING! Stupid, too!


One question that I have about akin's idiotic remarks.

In exactly WHAT universe are the words "legitimate" and "rape" appropriate to use together?

I haven't heard THAT question asked by anyone. Is this yet another case where We let THEM define the the terms of the debate?


Has anyone noticed what I have about republican candidates for office this year?

We know that the republican party as a whole is in the grips of the totally insane, but there is something that I've experienced on 2 occasions this election season, both this month.

Here in Kennebec County Maine, we are having an election for District Attorney and, of course, our seat in the House of Reprsentatives. The DA's office has been in Democratic hands since the 70s. Our Congresswoman is Chellie Pingree, who was first elected in 2006. The republican nominees in each of these races is a teabagger (shock of shocks!).

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were at an event called "The Taste of Waterville" and the republican DA nominee was doing the usual candidate's "Meet & Greet". One of his flunkies approached my wife and I and I identified us as friends of the Democratic Nominee, Maeghan Maloney, who is currently a state rep and, I hope, an eventual candidate for Governor of Maine.

Today, we and our son were at a sidewalk art festival in Winthrop, where we will be living in about another week. The republibagger nominee for Pingree's seat was doing a "meet & Greet" there. When his flunkies saw the Obama button that I am always wearing when off duty from my job and the black skin that my son is wearing every moment of his life, they steered their candidate a very wide path around our family.

Both candidates ducked me like romney ducks a straight question. To hear the baggers talk, they're all "tough guys".

At one time candidates looked forward to the chance to engage and possibly convert someone that they knew wouldn't support them. Apparently no longer. I wonder if anyone else has seen this level of cowardice with the republican candidates they've encountered this year.

BTW, on both occasions, the Obama button I was wearing has a picture of President Obama and the slogan "GM is alive, Bin Laden is DEAD".

Has anyone else experienced this also?


A general rule of thumb for selecting a running mate.

If you hear the sound of champgne corks popping from your opponent's supporters, you probably puaqued up!

mitt robme's campaign phaquing up? I'm shocked. Shocked I say...SHOCKED!


From this day forward I will describe mittens in one way and one way only.


I was starting to believe it with the tax and bain fiascos.

When a man who has been running non-stop for president for almost a decade has NO CLUE that it's a common practice to release many years of tax returns, he's a moron. When a man runs for president based on his business experience and he has NO IDEA that his business practices will be looked at by his opponents, he'd an idiot. When you run based upon your "success" as the head of an Olympics and you belittle the work of other Olympic organizers, you're a dipshit. This idiocy is only compounded by the fact that President Obama and Ted Kennedy were good friends. The fact that romney seems STUNNED that the President is using some of the same tactics that Ted Kennedy used to defeat romney very handily in 1994 is only another sign of the level of severe empty headedness.

romney is too damn STOOOPID to know that when you're a guest in someone else's home (or country) you don't insult your hosts. If you're enough of a turdbrain to insult your hosts and they slap you down, you DON'T compound the situation by having your flunkies double down on the insults.

mitt romney is STUPID! He is an out of touch with reality reality tv version of Richie Rich, a moron who has had a lifetime of well paid yes men telling him that he's a genius and covering up his f*** ups. Does that sound like anyone we know?

12 years ago, the Supreme court installed a moron in the white house. We learned a painful 8 year lesson that morons don't make good presidents. They don't even make mildly bad presidents. They make HORRIBLE presidents.

I'm 57 years old. I thought that I'd never see a candidate as stupid as george w turdbrain again. I SURE AS HELL didn't think I'd see one that was even more stupid!

I will, of course keep bringing the other issues up, but my main focus from here on out is simple.

mitt romney is STUPID!

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


My historic perspective of morons, pricks and senility on republican tickets in the last 40+ years.

Here it is being run up the flagpole. Some of you may salute. Some of you may pee on the pole.

I have noticed that every election since 1968 has had at least 1 member of the republican ticket with a DEEP and, IMHO disqualifying, flaw.

The ticket members that I cite:

1968 & 72: agnew (moron who thought that he was a genius)
1976: dole (prick)
1980 & 84: reagan (BLAZINGLY senile)
1988 & 92: quayle (Moron)
1996: dole again (prick)
2000 & 2004: george w turdhead (moron)
2008: sarah palin (moron)
2012: twit romney (moron)

We were supposed to believe that twit romney was at least intelligent due to his business background, but...SERIOUSLY? Nobody with at least 1/4 of a brain would say and do as many truly dipshit things as he.

What's scary is that of those I listed, dole would appear to be the best of the lot because a prick can at least be a competent president.

What is even scaier is that they've gotten progressively worse. Bastard that he was, at least agnew could TALK! Also, when he insulted someone he was at least intending to do it! quayle, george w turdhead and sarah palin seemed to embrace stupidity as a virtue. romney seems to be too stupid to actually know what a dunderhead he really is. Of course, in romney's case he has also had a lifetine of well paid yes men to tell him that he was actually a brainiac.

When I first thought of this today, I wondered if they would eventually get tired of nominating dopes. Then I thought of how little anything resembling logic has been a part of republicanland since the "dawn" of saint ronald.

BTW, before you point this out to me, I deliberately didn't include the thieves, nixon and cheney. They were and are corrupt bastards, but they at least weren't STUPID corrupt bastards.

Also BTW, the reason that I always say sarah palin{comparison) is because I will never forget how she took the opportunity of her introduction as john mcsame's running mate to draw very self-serving and favorable comparisons between herself and Hillary. AS IF!

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


I'd admired and respected joe paterno for YEARS, but...

...obviously, my feelings and beliefs have done a complete about face.

I had a thought last night that took away all of the regrets that I had about the tearing down of his "legacy". I'm running it up the flagpole for you. Some of you may salute, some may pee on the pole.

One of the things that I'd always held against Ike as President is that he had such high stature with the public that he could have ENDED joe mccarthy's little reign of terror with a single sentence. The public would have rallied to Ike and mccarthy would have been finished and a whole lot of lives wouldn't have been needlessly ruined or ended.

it was an unnecessary absence of leadership on Ike's part.

The same could be said for joe paterno. He could have ENDED this with a simple statement to the university administration and started the ball rolling to get his sexual predator employee in jail for life.

It wasn't only an Ike-like absence of leadership, it was, in fact , compounded by the active cover up.

This is where the football fan in my went aside and the father in me took over. All of a sudden I saw my son's face whenever I thought of these young men who were victimized by sandusky and paterno's tolerance of his conduct. In a way I'm sorry that the statue is no longer on the campus. It would have been a good place to relieve myself if I were ever on the grounds of PSU!

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


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