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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware County, PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Winthrop, Maine
Member since: Tue Jul 8, 2003, 04:38 PM
Number of posts: 9,022

Journal Archives

I used to really like James Bond movies.

When I was a boy, I LOVED going to James Bond movies. When "Goldfinger", "Thunderball" and "You Only Live Twice" came out I couldn't wait to go to see them in the theater. As a young pre-teen boy I loved the fights, shooting and, of course, the girls in bikinis.

Recently, however, as I've watched some of these movies, the perspective of a young boy has evolved into that ofa near58 year old husband and father, most especially in the treatment of women.

What was considered to be simply a man taking charge in the 60s, is what I consider to be rape today. Since I'm not a republican and since I am a very pro woman feminist man, I am not pro-rape. I'll leave that to the paul ryans, todd akins and little ricky santorums of the world. I prefer to respect women as I was raised to do.

Will I watch James Bond movies in the future? Yes.
Has my view of them changed forever? Yes.

I am so glad that the whole notion of the "Mad Men" era that all a man had to do to have sex with virtually any woman was to decide to do so is (hopefully) a thin of the past? Hell yes! I remember my bastard of a father living with that mentality well into the 80s and over the course of 2 marriages! Yuck!

Do I notice attractive women in bikinis at the beach or tight jeans at the stores? Yes.

Have I ever even considered being unfaithful to my wife? HELL NO!

Thanks for letting me rant.


I saw the BEST (maybe) bumper sticker today!

I don't remember just who this quote was attributed to "Obama isn't a brown skinned anti-war Socialist who gives away free healthcare. You're thinking about Jesus."

I'm not sure, but I MAY have posted this one before. If I did, I totally forgot about it. I have just one question, though.

My question is this: didn't bill orielley just announce that Jesus died for our taxes?


Is it me, or...

...did Sarah Palin(comparison) look like she had a snootfull of something that doesn't traditionally come in a Big Bulp cup when she raved at CPAC. Maybe she just always loks that bad these days?

In the interest of full disclosure, I didn't watch any of CPAC because I couldn't afford all the water that it'd take to get clean after their exposure to their drivel


From this DU Irishman,...

...Happy St. Patrick's day to you all.

Since Patrick was Italian, I've always wondered why this wasn't considered an Italian holiday also. However, growing up in the Philly suburbs and with many Italian friends whose parents frequentlu had me over for dinner, I can also say that when you're eating Italian, just about EVERY DAY is a holiday!

To give you my bona fides as an Irishman, I won't reveal my last name, but my mother's maiden name was O'Donnell and her mother's maiden name was FLANNIGAN!

So, to all DUers, Happy St. Pat's. To you lurking teabagger trolls, I say "The President is partly Irish, so SUCK IT"!


Sen. John Tester...

...is now following me on Twitter. I'm psyched!

He's the third member of Congress following me and the second senator. The other 2 are Sen. Amy Klobochar and Rep. Loretta Sanchez.

I just thought I'd share. Thank you for reading.


I have just a few things to say to and about SalmonChantedEvening and the Sunday LOL cats!

Thank you SOOO much!!!


One night mitt and queen ann are going over their expenses...

...and mitt says "queen ann, if you learn how to cook, we could fire the chef".

queen ann says "mitt, if you learned to f***, we could fire the gardiner"!

On edit: At the thought of firing 2 prople they both had an immediate climax!

Just a quick Monday morning joke, so please don't be TOO cruel!


I can't believe that I'm about to say something positive about willard romney.

Since marco rubio was such a total disaster for the GOPoop in giving the public the same talking points that got romney and the party as a whole shellacked last November, I have to say that the obviousconclusion is that willard is simply a much better liar than rubio or any of th other republican talkng heads. At least he is o accustomed to speaking with a mouthful of horseshit that he doesn't have to dilute it midsentence due to a very visible loss of bodily fluids.

He would still have been a disaster of a president, but at least he'd have ben more articulate than rubio.

Politically, however, I'd love to see a marco rubio/rand paul republican ticket in 2016. I don't expect much better regardless.

Thank you for reaing. I have to go take a shower now since I'd previously thought that I neve have to contemplat willard again. I'm so sorry that I was mistaken.


Rep. Loretta Sanchez!

Rep. Sanchez has just started following me on Twitter!

To use a phrase from the 80s, these are some seriously COOL BEANS!

Thanks for allowing me to share.


Something small happened today that I feel very good about.

My current job is to go to the homes and apartments of mentally ill people and help them with their daily living skills. Today, as I arrived a few minutes early at the apartment of one of my clients, I was gathering my things to go in. As I was doing this, a young woman was walking by on the sidewalk. When she saw me, she came into the street to my driver's side window and signaled me to roll down. I thought she was going to accuse me of checking her out (which I wasnt). Instead she asked for directions to a particular address that she identified as a recovery center. I gave her directions and she went to her car, which was a couple of spaces behind me.

I got out and approached her, told her that my name is Jack, and asked (politely and diplomatically) if she, as I, is an addicted person. She said that she is. She stated that she finally decided that it was time for her to do this. I shared with her that I've been in recovery for 23+ years. I told her that as bad as she feels today, that she's doing the right thing and that it WILL get better. I told her that someday, she'd likely be saying the same things to someone else what I said to her today.

She smiled a mile wide. We said our goodbyes and she tooted her horn to me as she was pulling away. I'd never seen her before and I'll likely never see her again, but I feel so good to see that a young woman, who may not have even been born yet (or at least was very little) when I went into recovery, has decided that she was going to take her first step today and that I got the chance to be a minute part of it!

Please allow me to ad that if anyone here is struggling with an addiction, and if you fear the difficulty of the choice to go into recovery, than it WILL get better and it WILL be worth it! I promise you that the wonderful woman who married me almost 15 years ago wouldn't have pissed on me when I was an active drunk and I wouldn't have deserved it. BUT, it IS a disease that you CAN put into remision one day at a time.

Thank you for letting me share. That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that.

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