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Gender: Male
Home country: England
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 12,754

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We affect those things that we can affect.

I totally agree with you about the difference in scale between what we as individuals
can do and the effect of the war machine (and also the pollution from the extraction
of the fossil fuels themselves, never mind just from burning them).

The underlying problem is greed - the desire to get more of "whatever" for oneself .

The war machine is a means to an end: it uses people & things to feed the greed of the
decision makers.

The overpopulation issue is an accelerant: it amplifies the effect of each individual's greed.

The disparity of wealth is a reinforcement, a positive feedback mechanism that ensures
that the plutarchy stays on top and that their decisions are carried out.

The issue driving all of these is greed ... and that isn't going away until the world changes.

And there we have the pro-Israel attitude in a nutshell ...

> "I don't view it as one"

(where "one" refers to "an atrocity" in the post to which he/she was replying)

Innocent children being maimed & killed?
"I don't view it as an atrocity."

Innocent women being maimed & killed?
"I don't view it as an atrocity."

Innocent men being maimed & killed?
"I don't view it as an atrocity."

War-crimes every day?
"I don't view it as an atrocity."

A world full of pain & misery?
"I don't view it as an atrocity."

No wonder that events are judged in terms of their theoretical monetary potential.
No-one with that attitude actually gives a shit about the human impact.

No wonder that exceptionalism is so widespread.
No-one with that attitude understands (much less tolerates) "difference".

No wonder that hypocrisy & hatred prosper around the globe.
No-one with that atttitude cares about anything except their own little bubble that
starts with "Me first" and ends with "Maximising profit at all external costs".

The underlying attitude is "Huh, *I* don't view it as a problem."


The rest of the world already "recognize who the good guys are" ...

> I can't understand anyone against the U.S. and PBO's government aiding our allies.
> There are good guys and bad guys and thank God that Harry Reid, PBO, Barbara Boxer
> and others in our caucus recognize who the good guys are.

"The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the
political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important
for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy
of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth becomes the greatest enemy of the State."

History doesn't really change anything except the colours of the uniforms and the flags
they wear upon them.

That just about sums it up doesn't it?

> World stocks rise as Ukraine plane tensions ease

That is ALL that some people - the "leaders" - care about.

Nothing about the 298 dead people on that plane.

Nothing about the 700 killed in Syria.

Nothing about the hundreds killed in Gaza.

Nothing about the devastation to the environment done every day.

Nothing about the impact of climate change.

Nothing else.

Just that the fucking stock price rose slightly.

"determined to find the cause of an unprecedented earthquake epidemic"?

If Mr.Holland was appointed "Oklahoma’s seismology chief" for scientific rather
than political reasons then he already knows the cause. It isn't rocket science.
It is well proven and there is abundant evidence for the linkage.

What he has to do is find the courage to tell people.

He knows that the minute he pops his head up to open his mouth, he (and his
family, friends, colleagues & supporters) will be the target of unbounded hatred,
libel, slander & physical threats. He will be at risk from every retarded redneck
with a gun (or access to explosives) who will be deliberately driven onwards
in their ignorance by the corrupt & greedy owners of the state (and country
for that matter).

In sharp contrast to the case of brainwashed religious morons, it is a very
hard decision for an intelligent objective person to knowingly become a martyr.

As if the article wasn't bad enough ...

... reading some of the comments on that page really bring it home
that there is no hope for humanity as long as there are red-necks
on the planet.

Suddenly, I understand why American foreign policy has been basically
"finding the next easy target to pillage", why so much of the US budget
is given to the arms industry and why Republicans keep getting elected.

It is all down to the vast numbers of sub-humans (definitely not homo sapiens)
that have been allowed to take over and thus globally & forever tarnish the
name & image of the birthplace of those intelligent liberals unfortunate enough
to have to share the same patch of land as those yeast-like creatures.

You have my sympathy with your valiant fight against inbred stupidity.

Screw 'em. Let them drown. Maybe the survivors will vote in sapient representatives.

There comes a point where it really isn't worth arguing with the nutcases any more.

Just cut off any federal funding to states who have failed to prepare themselves - they are
making their beds, they can lay in them.

Or, to re-phrase slightly, ...

> Young voters tend to support ideals, and not parties or people.
> A focus on party politics tends to come with age and experience.
> If there are no politicians running who are promoting their ideals, they're not going to vote.

A focus on party politics tends to come as a defence mechanism in response
to repeated failures of trust.

When the ideals that you had are betrayed, time after time, by people who
claimed that they supported the same thing, you can defend your pointless
support of "the less bad option" by falling back to blind party politics.

That's the kind where you can defend "your guy" doing the same thing as you
were shouting down "the other guy" for doing just a few years earlier.

The kind where you don't have to admit that your faith in "your guy" has been
betrayed by their actions after the election because you can always pull out
some excuse or other for "why it didn't work out quite right".

The kind where you can ignore the insanity of doing the same thing as before
yet hoping for a different outcome this time.

The kind where you can gloss over the real differences, the real problems,
the real issues in society and the world at large by concentrating myopically
on an artificial distinction between two sub-groups of the majority in order
to preserve the profits & well-being of the rich, powerful, self-selecting minority.

The most active supporters of any extremist political party tends to be
the young & inexperienced as they have not gained the wisdom to see through
the lies, the inconsistencies and the hypocrisy of the leadership.

"Age and experience" can provide that wisdom but it can also provide the
incentive to ignore the wisdom so gained and fall back to the same mindless
partisan cheerleading that can so mislead the young & inexperienced.

Now *that* is something that the world should be worried about ...

> hydrocarbon development project on the Arctic shelf.

This is something that affects the entire world rather than a petty squabble over
the latest re-drawing of lines on a map.

The absence of unified resistance & opposition to such stupidity as drilling oil & gas
in the Arctic is the biggest sign yet of just how corrupt & bought-out all of the
governments really are.

Corporations own all presidents, prime ministers and administrations.

"We the people" are shit outta luck - as are all of the non-human life that is
being wasted for the sake of petty greed.

"Censored" is appropriate when the science is being suppressed ...

... purely to benefit the powerful bodies involved in the suppression.

Especially true when it is done explicitly to reduce the pressure to agree to
*anything* at the next international climate farce, sorry, "negotiations".

>> In other parts of the summary, objections from rich nations resulted in the
>> removal of a line saying: “In 2010, ten countries accounted for about 70 per
>> cent of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion and industrial processes.”

>> They also demanded, and won, removal of a line reporting that ethical mitigation
>> of climate change would require the developed world to transfer “hundreds of
>> billions of dollars per year” to non-OECD countries to invest in green technologies.

>> Objections from "upper middle income" countries resulted in the deletion of
>> a graph that showed the stunning rise in emissions from those countries in
>> the decade to 2010, compared with other parts of the world.

Physics, chemistry and the biological response to changes really aren't interested
in "consensus" and the longer that the chief polluters deny the problem, the worse
will be the result.
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