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Gender: Male
Home country: England
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 12,528

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Out-manoeuvred by the greed.

Politicians make laws.
Greed buys politicians (from council members to presidents).

"Police" agencies enforce laws.
Greed buys police agencies (from sheriffs to heads of national departments).

Environmentalists try to do the right thing.
Greed is immune from legal action and protected from illegal action.

Citizens with consciences are stunned into silence & ineffectiveness.
Greed laughs at citizens with consciences.

Agreed but I think you'll find that the ones who object to such a sensible suggestion ...

... are the poxy politicians (and their entourage of various categories of hangers-on) who
a) want the photo-ops; b) want the break away from their other duties; and c) want to get
all of the backroom, off the record, bribe-trading action kept away from any public sight.

If they were all debating on videoconference then it would be (even more) blatantly obvious
which politicians and which nations were deliberately blocking & de-railing any progress.

We(*) had a glimpse of the improvement possible back in 2010 ...

I loved it when Eyjafjallajökull erupted and we had no major aircraft flying over us for about a week!

The majority of air travel miles are unnecessary - personal indulgences, business meetings
that can (and should) be conducted by phone or video, shipping of luxury exotic foodstuffs from
distant lands to be wasted on supermarket shelves - and so the loss of them (temporarily or, as will
eventually be the case, permanently) is simply at the "inconvenience" level rather than anything
vaguely life-threatening.

On the other hand, continuing the incredible volume of unnecessary flights is life-threatening on a
global scale so when it comes to stopping it, I say "Do it and now please".

Bring it on!

(*) "We" = "UK & other NW Europeans" along with anyone else who was intending to visit/return from
those places in early April 2010. By way of comparison, the clear skies following 09-SEP-11 would
have given those on the NE USA a taste of it as well.

But, but, but ... I've been assured (stridently) that he is an environmentalist ...

> One might even take a speech of President Obama's two years ago in the oil town
> of Cushing, Okla., to be an eloquent death-knell for the species.
> He proclaimed with pride, to ample applause, that "Now, under my administration,
> America is producing more oil today than at any time in the last eight years.
> That's important to know.
> Over the last three years, I've directed my administration to open up millions of acres
> for gas and oil exploration across 23 different states.
> We're opening up more than 75 percent of our potential oil resources offshore.
> We've quadrupled the number of operating rigs to a record high.
> We've added enough new oil and gas pipeline to encircle the Earth and then some."

"Hope & Change"?

For all that the cheerleaders claim, there really isn't a shit of difference when you strip off the
paint job is there?

Agreed - very good post.

> People are flooded with pro-consumption propaganda every day of our lives.

That has been the case (as you note) for decades so it's not that surprising that the
multitudes of unthinking proles (cliche but accurate) are totally bought into the new
religion of "Consume!" even more than any of the older ones of "Repent!", "Hate!"
or "Conquer!".

> Modesty and caution have been viewed as qualities that needed to be curtailed
> in the population. There are so many "live for today" messages in corporate ads
> and media over the last 40 years that the single-mindedness beggars belief.

That is apparent in the simple case of the perversion of the term "Conservative".
If you "conserve" things these days you are regarded as a "hippy", a "liberal",
a "tree-hugger" (as if such things were bad anyway) while if you actively support
the destruction of everything that surrounds you, you somehow gain the title/epithet
of "Conservative".

Efficiency, reduction, recycling, re-use, ... all these things have been slandered
across all media as if the act of doing these things in public is somehow treasonous.

I try not to comment on people's personal beliefs but "Prosperity Gospel"?
How is that any less oxymoronic than "Military Intelligence" or "Republican Think-tank"?

Oh, very carefully worded there old chap ...

> (Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner) Hewitt said the police
> position “is that, on balance, it is a more probable conclusion that there was
> no other person present when Gareth died.”

Even putting aside the weasel words ("on balance", "more probable") the key
point in this "statement" is the phrase "when Gareth died".

It completes a nice hand-wave over the minutes immediately before he died
in order to project the impression that the entire thing happened while he
was alone.

The coroner was right. The corrupt copper is involved in yet another cover-up.

It's all OK ...

> Radioactive Water Streaming Out of Pennsylvania Fracking Waste Site
> Released into local streams has caused high levels of toxic contamination,
> including elevated levels of radioactive materials ...
> "We were surprised by the magnitude of radioactivity" downstream from the plant ...
> ... adding that other sites should be investigated.

I'm sure that this is just the harmless natural radioactivity rather than
any of that evil man-made radioactivity that causes such concern elsewhere
as otherwise we'd never hear the last of it and it would be shut down nationally
by hordes of "concerned citizens".

He has dirty hands because he is the *US* war crimes ambassador.

The reason why the different variations on "Why don't they arrest Bush first?" keep
arising is that no-one - seriously NO-ONE - in the US Administration is paying
any attention to getting US war criminals into the justice system but deliberately
and actively seek the advice of said US war criminals to generate the propaganda
necessary to kick off yet another illegal & immoral war (e.g., Kerry seeking advice
from Kissinger).

*That* is why the subject keeps rearing its head.

*That* is why people all around the world laugh with derision at the thought of
any American official accusing ANYONE from another country of being a "war criminal"
who needs to be "brought to justice".

We are sick of the "Look, shiny object over there - let's bomb it!" response from
successive US governments and the hypocrites who (willingly or unwittingly) keep
the propaganda going against "the other" whilst glossing over their own criminals
of far greater scale.

And the danger from doing that is ...

... a shitload less than the damage being done at this very moment in your own country
by something a lot less powerful than a typhoon:

>> “You have 100, if not thousands, of wells underwater right now and we have no idea what
>> those wells are leaking,” East Boulder County United spokesman Cliff Willmeng said
>> Monday. “It’s very clear they are leaking into the floodwaters though.”

>> "Our concern is that all of these sites contain various amounts of hazardous industrial wastes
>> that are now capable of spilling into the waterways and onto the agricultural land.
>> Many of these chemicals are carcinogenic, neurotoxic, and known disruptors of the human
>> endocrine system.

>> “There are over 20,000 oil and gas wells in Weld County alone,”
>> “Prior to the floods we knew that the oil and gas industry was left to police itself.
>> Now the rivers, agricultural zones and residences get to bear that decision.”

If people would just step away from their superstitions about "scary radiation" and
recognise the far larger problems around today, the world would be a lot better place.

As it is, the fossil fuel spokesmen/women are just pissing themselves laughing at
how TEPCO is being (rightfully) pilloried for their gross greedy incompetence while
NO-ONE does a damn thing about the historic & ongoing health damage from their
own fortune-building careers.

Poor Anglo American, BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Dow Chemical, ...

... Rio Tinto, Royal Dutch Shell, Suncor, Wal-Mart ...

If only they had paid a consultant to advise them on "green" policies & processes
(and other greenwashing activities), ideally from an independent, entrepreneurial, nonprofit
"think-and-do tank"
over the last 30 years then maybe they wouldn't have been listed
in the "Top 50 emitters" who threaten the Global Climate Change efforts ...

What's that? They *did*? *That* one?? Oh dear ...

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