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I like the passively voiced headline, "actions were found"

These actions will be reprimanded forthwith! But, yeah, if money is speech, I don't see how the government can deprive GM's personhood of its inalienable speech-units, unless the money itself is guilty like in civil forfeiture cases, but I think only natural-person money can be seized without due process, incorporeal-people's money is sort of a free agent since there's no sense in slapping the wrist of the invisible hand.

something tells me the names don't really matter

If I understand what little I know about the Senate, the result was going to be 62-38 or 61-39 regardless, it's mainly a question of which team players needed to bring home the blue-flavored bacon for their perceived constituents. I mean, OK, maybe it's really like TV and there's a guy whipping votes up until the midnight hour, but I feel like there's a permanent middle-way caucus that basically writes all the laws, and the Sanders-es and his reactionary counterparts can choose to appear however they want to appear without upsetting the natural order.

you mean, "he had me at Goldman Sachs back pocket"?

You're always going on about my wife the Wall St. lawyer and, uh...? Opensecrets.org? Y'all have good taste in venal politicians, I'll concede, and I can't imagine you're buying much influence at the Bronze rate, but I imagine it means you can make a few phone calls, maybe bend the rules a little when you're (not personally) advising Goldman Sachs and their ilk on "cross-border withholding tax and reporting issues". The part I don't get is why you brag about it on DU like a James Bond villain... shouldn't there be an army of minions? (I mean, duh, but still...) I know DU means fuck-all in the world of politics, since you keep reminding us, but what do you get out of this then? Feeling superior to the schmucks who think politics is up for debate?

"literally scared to death"?

how'd that work out?

"the invisible knapsack"

Speaking of expressions that make white folk cringe. How about The Trapper-Keeper of Shame? I think it's more like a guardian angel who twitches her nose to bewitch police officers and make higher-paying job opportunities appear. I guess the framing problem is that the empowered class in question can't really lose their "privilege" without that 80s Eddie Murphy movie plot, so it isn't perceived as "constructive criticism", and anyway the problem isn't privilege, it's that everyone doesn't have equal access to it. (Or maybe that's what privilege means. I like this one, "White Myopia")

it seems to be the official strategy (or at least a trial balloon) at this point


OK, I dunno about "official" (or "strategy"), but I predict we'll see out-and-out misogynistic attacks on Warren by Team Clinton soon (something like "We need Warren to stay in the Senate and attend to her little pocketbook issues, because Hillary's the only woman who's fully internalized* the misogyny needed to win campaigns!"), not unlike the "hard-working...white Americans" stuff when that was expedient. My theory is they're still jealous of the Obama campaign (G.Ferraro: “Any time you say anything to anybody about the Obama campaign, it immediately becomes a racist attack”), and they still think he won on account of "black privilege" ("He happens to be very lucky to be who he is" -GF), not because he did and said the right things or offered a less bleak view of humanity than the Clintonistas.

* They try to escape by identifying with the oppressor, living through him, gaining status and identity from his ego, his power, his accomplishments. And by not identifying with other “empty vessels” like themselves.


I was the victim of a series of accidents, as are we all.

how did your 2008 prediction pan out?

Obama is not going to be elected President of the United States. The story is irrelvant.

7 posted on 3/10/2006, 3:34:36 PM by MineralMan (godless atheist)


In your defense, you did misspell a word.
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