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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 9,868

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Got an eCig a week ago this past friday..

Wasn`t really intending to quit cigs altogether, but over the last 10 days, I cut down from almost 2 packs a day to just about 4 packs in the 10 days since I got the eCig... and, I haven`t actually had a cigarette since about 7am yesterday... This may actually be do-able

180 years ago today, Johannes Brahms was born in Hamburg, Germany...

Today, he is best known for his Third Racket..


Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman dead at 49

Source: Billboard

Slayer guitarist and founding member Jeff Hanneman died earlier today of liver failure. He was 49.

The band's longtime publicist issued the following statement today:

"Slayer is devastated to inform that their bandmate and brother, Jeff Hanneman, passed away at about 11AM this morning near his Southern California home. He was 49. Hanneman was in an area hospital when he suffered liver failure. He is survived by his wife Kathy, his sister Kathy and his brothers Michael and Larry, and will be sorely missed."

Hanneman co-founded the thrash metal greats with Kerry King in 1981; their breakthrough came in 1986 with the landmark album "Reign in Blood." Hanneman wrote or co-wrote the set's standout tracks, "Angel of Death" and "Raining Blood."

Read more: http://m.billboard.com/articles/news/1560534/slayer-guitarist-jeff-hanneman-dead-at-49

RIP, Jeff.

the reason Warren DeMontague is no longer welcome in Vegas

Happy Birthday, Hef!

87 years young today. I`m sure there`s a hell of a party at the mansion today.

Best Rock/Metal album cover?

I have to go with this:


I'm da bes'

Call me Kreskin.


Thinking of switching from Comcast/Xfinity to CenturyLink. Yea or nay?

I was recently sold on a bundle from Comcast (internet & TV), and was told first 30 days would be free, yada yada. Long story short, they haven't honored anything the sales rep sold me on. Unfortunately, it looks like my only options in my neighborhood are Comcast or CenturyLink. Looks like I can get CL for a little bit better speeds, at a slightly lower rate with basically the same TV package. I've never used them before though, so I have no idea if they're any good or not.

The best thing about French Toast...

when you have some of the cinnamon/vanilla egg mixture left over, and toss it in the pan and cook it up like scrambled eggs...

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