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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 9,946

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Question submitted by opiate69

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Woman Arrested After Confrontation Over Drone at Beach


MADISON — A Westbrook woman faces third-degree assault and breach of peace charges after police say she attacked a 17-year-old who was flying a drone over the beach at Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison.

Andrea Mears, 23, was charged May 12 after a confrontation at the beach. State Environmental Conservation Police released her on her a promise to appear in court. She is due back in Superior Court in New Haven June 19.

A video purportedly showing the assault was posted to YouTube and LiveLeak this weekend. The video, which Austin Haughwout of Clinton said he took with his phone, shows a woman pulling on the neck of his shirt and clawing at his face while swearing at him and calling him a “little pervert.”

Police said Mears called the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection emergency dispatch center on May 12 to report that someone was flying a remote-controlled aircraft with a camera on it over the beach.

Read more: http://foxct.com/2014/06/09/woman-arrested-after-confrontation-over-drone-at-beach/#ixzz34SJz9YJh

Friendly's Restaurant asks nursing mother to cover up or stop nursing.

My niece (the mom's step sister) contacts local news. Story blows up. (Connecticut law allows for unfettered public nursing)
Proud uncle, I am.

.. but then...

If they ignore people, they can't stack juries against them.. or something...

Report: Colin Kaepernick investigated for alleged sexual assault

Posted by Michael David Smith on April 10, 2014, 12:29 PM EDT
Colin Kaepernick
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has not been charged, but is reportedly being investigated for a possible sexual assault.

TMZ reports that police are investigating an alleged incident at the Viceroy Hotel in Miami this month.

The investigation is described as in the “beginning stages.” No details were provided about the nature of the allegations against Kaepernick.

TMZ reached out to Kaepernick’s agent and the 49ers and neither had any comment

Say it ain't so, Squidward!

Porn Stars And Prostitutes Picket Anti-Porn Conference

Porn stars, prostitutes and strippers "do not need to be rescued" by anti-porn feminists. That was the rally cry at a London protest on Saturday, with a gathering of around 50 sex workers and industry figures calling for an end of the "demonisation" of pornographers.
The 'Don't Censor Me' demonstration was called by the Sex and Censorship campaign, in response to the UK launch of 'Stop Porn Culture', an anti-pornography feminist movement led by US academic Gail Dines.

Oh look, it's everybody's favorite transphobic bigot, Gail Dines. That imbecile still manages to get other imbeciles to pay her to hear her spew her ridiculous shit?

Can We Learn About Privacy From Porn Stars?

LOS ANGELES — I DIDN’T expect to become a porn star. People rarely do. I was 19 years old, and my photographer roommate had an offer from a website to buy some nude pictures. We did a shoot and then waited two weeks in case I woke up in a panic over the idea of releasing naked photos of myself into the world. But I didn’t, and so I turned to the required paperwork. One of the boxes to fill in read “Stage Name (if applicable).”

Stage names are common in the entertainment industry — whether in Hollywood, rap or pornography — and they’re used for all sorts of reasons. But at a time when people can be whoever they like on the Internet, when we are all negotiating who we are in which setting and for which audience, somehow the combination of a woman whose job is fantasy and her fantasy professional name can make people lose their minds.

Consider the recent hysteria over the Duke University student who moonlights as an adult film starlet. Although it didn’t take long after the news broke for her fellow students and strangers to gleefully post her legal name online, “the Duke porn star,” as she has been called by media outlets from Forbes to The Guardian, has tried to control what she is called where. She used the pseudonym Lauren when giving interviews, and the pseudonym Aurora for her stage name in those same interviews. Finally, this week, she acknowledged her actual stage name — Belle Knox.


Great read.

Former Tacoma teacher sentenced to sex-offender treatment, home detention.

Former Tacoma teacher Keshia Shaw was sentenced Tuesday to receive sex offender treatment after pleading guilty to raping her middle school student.

The former Gray Middle School teacher was charged in 2012 with five counts of rape of a child in the second degree. She pleaded guilty to two of the charges in October and has been in the Pierce County Jail since then.

Pierce County Superior Court Judge John McCarthy ordered Shaw to complete two more months in home detention with an electronic monitoring device and to begin sex-offender treatment.

Read more here: http://www.thenewstribune.com/2014/02/25/3066570/former-tacoma-teacher-sentenced.html?storylink=fb#storylink=cpy

Question about MIRT and long timers..

Good morning.. I just wanted clarification, if you could. If a member of MIRT suspected a long time (say 2+ years) member of being a sock or zombie, is proper protocol to post a thread in MIRT, in an attempt to bring it to your and Earl's attention? Or is a DU Mail to admin the correct course of action. Thanks.

Stalker Zero –End the Japanese “Culture of Silence” toward crimes against women!

Petition to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe from Miss International, Ikumi Yoshimatsu.

Dear Prime Minister Abe,

As you know, I am the first Japanese woman to be crowned Miss International in the 52-year long history of the pageant. Since winning my crown in October 2012, I have been the victim of stalking, intimidation, threats, extortion and blackmail by a powerful Japanese talent agency executive known to have ties to organized crime.

This man tried to abduct me from a TV studio, made threatening calls to my family, and hired private investigators to stalk me, peep into my windows and photograph my home.

The Japanese organizers of the Miss International 2013 world grand prix even asked me to “Play Sick” and “Keep Quiet” in order to appease my stalker after he made threatening phone calls to their sponsors. Because of this, I became the first Miss International titleholder in the 52-year history of the pageant prevented from passing my crown to my successor. I fear for my life and require 24hr security.

I went to the police with more than 30 exhibits of evidence including recordings and photographs. As is typically the case in Japan, the police did nothing more than offer to increase patrols in my area. They did nothing to assure my safely or to punish my stalker

Continued here
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