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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 2,285

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How did HRC gain such a big lead in delegates in southern states?

I feel you all have answered this before, but I am unaware how she got such a jump by campaigning in southern states.

Joy Reid is running a great show.

She had one of those blabbing, over-talking republic women on, who kept talking over reasonable speech, and Joy kept her shut up and then gave her a chance to say her stupid piece. Wish Tweety would take lessons from her!

When the chimpster stole the first election I became overbearing

I would start spittle-flecked raving tirades--pure wall-eyed hissy fits--whenever anyone mentioned certain topics. A couple of weeks ago, I asked my younger son who he was going to vote for. He started to groan. I simply said I was for Bernie, and did not press him. Then our older son who lives in TN called to say he had voted for Bernie in their primary. On our way to vote this morning in FL panhandle, I texted our younger son a simple reminder to vote. He texted back that he had voted for BErnie! So we have 4 Bernie votes in the bag (3 in Florida today).

Bernie Staffers: Someone needs to see that he gets a little rest,

feet up with hot herbal teas washing over his throat. Take care of the man.

Wonder which conservative/evangelical noticed a porn model in Cruz' advert.

They do watch a lot of porn.

Is there evidence yet that Bernie has security? nt

Posted by morningglory | Thu Feb 4, 2016, 08:57 PM (5 replies)

The good thing about Bama playing in the championship...

You know his mug will not be shouting down speakers on MSNBC in the morning. Safe to tune in.
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