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Been awhile since we've had one of *these* threads...ugh

Man slaps girlfriend at the club, bouncers watch and do nothing

RT promo-propaganda that's too good not to post:

Utterly bizarre Russia Today video features an elderly Obama & Kerry fuming over Snowden becoming president:


Anyone still want to defend them?

Uber-Liberals Are Now Likening Hillary Clinton to Dick Cheney

The professional hysterics at Salon—and, Lord, some of the commentary over there these days is audible only to dogs—have been warming up the old Naderization facility in the fairly reasonable assumption that Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for president.​​

However, people change with time and Hillary Clinton has leaned to the right (all the way to neoconservative territory) on a number of issues, especially foreign policy. I wouldn't vote for Dick Cheney, therefore I'm not voting for Hillary Clinton.

​Here with an opposing view is Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader of the United States Senate:​

The Senate narrowly passed a bill Thursday that would repeal key pieces of the Affordable Care Act and strip federal funding of Planned Parenthood for one year.The bill, which only needed 51 votes to pass because it was being considered using a procedure allowing it to bypass typical Senate procedures which require 60 votes to advance a piece of legislation, passed 52 to 47. The bill is not expected to become law.

That may be the understatement of the millennium. The House will pass this bill on autopilot. Thereupon, the president will break out the stamp and the pen to veto it, if he doesn't simply set the thing afire on the White House lawn. It then will die a quiet death on Capitol Hill, living on only as a spectral presence in a hundred television ads aimed at gulling the rubes next fall.

Let us assume, for the moment, that the president has taken leave of his senses, or is sockless drunk, and actually would sign this dead parrot. What will then occur? Right off the top, millions of women will lose not only a significant portion of their health-care, but also the uncomplicated exercise of one of their constitutional rights. As to the rest of the country, the bill kills off the federal exchanges, which help millions of other Americans get their health insurance and it 86's the subsidies that do pretty much the same thing. Millions of Americans will get tossed back into the uninsured population, meaning that they will exchange a (largely illusory) tax penalty for medical bills running anywhere from 100 bucks to a shitload of money on the economic scale.

I may be naïve, but I don't see President Hillary Rodham Clinton signing this bill, either.


Marching forth with Stop the War

“DO WE have Syrians?” interjects a woman. A brief silence. The gathering in Manchester’s Central Library is pondering who might take the microphone at its upcoming protest against plans to bomb Islamic State in Syria. On the list so far: Labour Party MPs, MEPs, councillors, the Green Party, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, musicians, poets, trade unionists and “definitely a student of some sort”. Phone messages have been left, e-mails fired off and brains racked for names of old-time peaceniks. Only now has the idea of asking a Syrian arisen.

“There’s a big Syrian group,” murmurs one. “But they’re not anti,” continues another, disgusted: “They were lobbying for Britain to bomb Assad.” Those present sigh as one. On to the logistics of the event. It is decided that stewards should guard the mic, poised to fend off any “pro-war Syrians or imperialists”. After all, notes the chairman: “We know what we’re talking about here.” Would that BBC Manchester possessed such discernment. The station is interviewing pro-war Kurds tomorrow, to the group’s distain: “They dig ’em up.” “Amazing how they find them!”

Such is the eye-swivelling world of Stop the War, the organisation that, though not the same as the anti-war movement (dominated by decent, mild-mannered types), is its main organising force and has a record of sidelining the very peoples in whose interest it professes to act. Rethink Rebuild, the Syrian society in Manchester, requested a speaking slot at its Don’t Bomb Syria meeting there in October, but was ignored. It claims: “The Syrian voice was marginalised throughout the event.” Other Stop the War gatherings have followed that pattern. At one in Westminster Syrians criticising the unrepresentative panel were jeered at and the police called; in Birmingham a Syrian invited to speak was disinvited and branded a supporter of imperialism for backing a no-fly zone. This knack for alienating its notional beneficiaries goes all the way back to Stop the War’s foundation in 2001 by (among others) the Socialist Workers Party, an authoritarian far-left outfit. At one of its first conferences Iraqi and Iranian delegates quit when their motion condemning “Islamic terrorism” was defeated.

That is the thing with Stop the War. It is not anti-war so much as anti-West; a permanent howl of relativist anguish at NATO and its members. For example, the group could hardly be more indulgent of Vladimir Putin’s wars. It defended the invasion of Georgia as a reaction to “the ambition of the USA to exercise global hegemony”, called many of the Maidan protesters in Kiev neo-Nazis and excused Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine and the Crimea. Tellingly, at its “anti-war” demonstration in London on December 1st a poster emblazoned with Syrian flags and the slogan “Support For Bashar Al-Assad” was brandished above the crowd.


Christ, what an asshole....

Norwegian Man Uses Airport Threats in Hopes of Catching Flight at Philly Airport: Police

Philadelphia Police arrested a 30-year-old Norwegian man after they say he called in two bomb threats to Philadelphia International Airport because he was running late for a flight.

Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan told the Philadelphia Daily News the 30-year-old man -- later identified as Svein Johannessen -- called in the threats Thursday because he missed his flight to London and was desperate to catch the rescheduled flight.

Sullivan said the first call was made at about 3:25 p.m. and reported an explosive at baggage claim in Terminal A. A little more than an hour later, Johannessen made a second call demanding the airport ground all British Airways planes, said police.

Surveillance video from inside the airport showed Johannessen made the calls from a pay phone inside the airport, said police.


European rights court slams Russia for phone tapping

Source: AFP

Strasbourg (France) (AFP) - The European Court of Human Rights condemned Russia's large-scale mobile phone-tapping system Friday, ruling that it risked "destroying democracy".

Judges at the Strasbourg court said that without "adequate and effective guarantees against abuse... the system of secret surveillance set up to protect national security might undermine or even destroy democracy under the cloak of defending it."

The case was brought by Roman Zakharov, the editor-in-chief of a publishing house in Russia's second city Saint Petersburg, who claimed that the security services could tap mobile phone conversations without a warrant. He tried to contest this in the Russian courts in 2003 but his case was thrown out. Zakharov had complained that mobile phone operators were required by law to install equipment that "permitted blanket interception of communications".

The European court found that although Zakharov was not able to prove that he had been placed under surveillance himself, he had a justifiable complaint because the measures "affected all" mobile phone users.

Read more: http://news.yahoo.com/european-rights-court-slams-russia-phone-tapping-165128889.html

I'm sure Snowden, Greenwald, Timm, Assange, Applebaum, Manning, etc will get right on this...

When White Girls Deal Drugs, They Walk

Twenty-four hours after authorities arrested Sarah Furay on charges of drug possession and manufacture charges, the 19-year-old Texan was safe at home.

Inside the bedroom of her College Station apartment police found large amounts of Ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, and an LSD analogue. They also found packing materials and two digital scales. Following the seizure, Furay was taken to Brazos County Jail, where the evidently unruffled teen smiled for a mugshot. After posting $39,000 bail, she left.

In the days after her arrest, multiple news organizations ran stories focusing not on her crimes as much as her “photogenic smile.” Her picture was coined the “happiest mugshot in America” and the “jolliest in recent history.” Rather than a criminal act, her offense was called “an entrepreneurial approach to avoiding student loan debt." The icing on the cake was news (broken by Death and Taxes) that her father is a “head honcho” at the local DEA office—a fact that was treated more as a potential TV plot line than a damning fact.

But while the media’s virtual coddling of Furay is a story all its own, it’s demonstrative of an even larger problem: racial disparity in the war on drugs. The repercussions of reporters classifying a white teenage drug dealer as “adorable” are far different than those when law enforcement does the same. A story fueled by stereotypes can offend; an arrest fueled by the same can put individuals in prison for life.

Death and Taxes, one of the first to run a story calling Furay “adorable” wrote a heartfelt, formal apology for the mistake, admitting that the story “missed the mark.” The apology is genuine, with the editor conceding that her smile is likely related (at least in part) to the fact that “the criminal justice system works to her favor.”


Everyone in this lounge needs to go meditate and do some yoga...

I'm 100% serious -- Back away from the keyboard/put down the smartphone or tablet and do it now....

"Best Congresional Press Release Evar"(?)


Russia in Denial About Turk Shoot-Down

Putin couldn’t believe the Turks would keep their word by attacking a plane violating their airspace.

MOSCOW — On Tuesday morning after Turkish fighter jets downed a Russian Su-24 warplane, and even after Ankara confirmed the incident officially, Moscow at first could not or would not believe it was true.

Only late in the afternoon did President Vladimir Putin speak about "serious consequences" for the relations between Russia and Turkey. "We always treated Turkey not only as a neighbor but as a friendly state. I don't know who needed this, but not us, for sure," Putin said.

“This incident stands out against the usual fight against terrorism,” Putin said. “Our troops are fighting heroically against terrorists, risking their lives. But the loss we suffered today came from a stab in the back delivered by accomplices of the terrorists.”

Putin was angry that instead of immediately getting in touch with Russia, Turkey appealed to its NATO partners, "as if it were Russia who shot down its own plane. Do they want to put NATO at the service of ISIS?" Putin wondered.

The remarks came after a long day of confused responses.

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