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All because of a sausage??

Speaking for the first time about his ordeal, mine worker Michael McFeat said weapon-wielding thugs tried to run him off the road as he fled the former Soviet country in fear for his life.

The 39-year-old sparked a diplomatic incident when he compared the chuchuk sausage – a hugely popular local delicacy – to a horse’s private parts.

His co-workers at the Kumtor gold mine were so enraged by his comment on social media they called a strike and demanded Michael be arrested for race hate crimes.

He’s now revealed he had to be smuggled out of the mine in the back of an ambulance.

His harrowing nine-hour escape ended with him being arrested at the airport and warned by police his comment could have started a war between Britain and Kyrgyzstan.

Now safely back home in Abernethy, Perthshire, with wife Amanda and two children, Abbie, eight, and Logan, five, Michael said: “I’m just relieved to be back in one piece.”

Michael’s troubles began when he shared a picture of his work colleagues enjoying a “fantastic Hogmanay feast” at a party in the mine’s canteen.

He added the caption: “The Kyrgyz people queuing out of the door for their special delicacy the horse’s penis!!!”.

While the post was widely thought to be a joke, Michael believed the traditional chuchuk dish was actually a horse’s penis, not a sausage stuffed with horse meat and spices.



WikiLeaks tried to make David Bowie's death all about Julian Assange and people are angry

Eight years earlier, in 2004, the magazine listed him at number 39 in their top 100 greatest artists of all time.

News broke on Monday morning that the music legend had sadly died, which prompted thousands of tributes to pour in on social media.

But WikiLeaks, which publishes leaked documents from anonymous sources, tried to make it all about Julian Assange - its Ecuadorian Embassy holed-up founder.

Assange was the subject of the Rolling Stone interview when Bowie last appeared on the front cover.
WikiLeaks tweeted...

Of the three people on this Rolling Stone cover, two are dead. https://t.co/yf0iGKNteH pic.twitter.com/O1Awnr6W5Y
— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) January 11, 2016

People are pretty emotional about it.

@wikileaks goddamnit dude take a break from the marketing julian
— Alexander Spamalot (@KendamaGendale) January 11, 2016

@wikileaks bad taste
— tem limite de caract (@sk0rcher) January 11, 2016

@wikileaks and the living one is a wanker who feels the need to insert himself into everything because attention. Fuck off
— Count Derpula (@purserj) January 11, 2016

@wikileaks Guys, not cool. This isn’t about you.
— Aral Balkan (@aral) January 11, 2016

@wikileaks @IanKerr Fuck off, arsehole.
— Sarf East Caff (@SarfEastCaff) January 11, 2016

@wikileaks wow. Are you mad?
— Jeremy Sear (@jeremysear) January 11, 2016

@wikileaks Fuck off. Really. What a thoroughly shameful tweet.
— Paul Niland (@PaulNiland) January 11, 2016


One tweet explains how twisted politics has become today:

Patrick Monahan @pattymo

PUBLIC: Whoa this guy's nuts

TRUMP: Say what you want about Hitler, but the man was organized
PUBLIC: Carry on

11:30 AM - 10 Jan 2016


Killer laughed after decapitating Army veteran, court is told

Daniel Wozniak told police that he laughed as he cut the head off the man he had shot to death a day earlier.

"I was actually smiling and laughing," Wozniak said in a videotaped interview with detectives that was shown last month in Orange County Superior Court. When one investigator asked why he laughed, Wozniak replied: "I don't know. I reached a point where I couldn't even believe I was doing this."

Prosecutors highlighted that and other gruesome scenarios Thursday as they closed their case against Wozniak, a 31-year-old community theater actor from Costa Mesa. Jurors convicted Wozniak on Dec. 16 of two counts of murder for the slayings of 26-year-old Army veteran Sam Herr and Herr's friend Juri "Julie" Kibuishi, 23, in 2010.

Prosecutors last month presented evidence that Wozniak shot Herr to death in a Los Alamitos theater on May 21, 2010, and then tried to cover it up. Wozniak used Herr's phone to lure Kibuishi to Herr's apartment, where Wozniak shot her twice in the head. The next day, prosecutors said, Wozniak ripped the pants off Kibuishi's body and propped her remains against Herr's bed to make it seem as though Herr had raped and killed her and fled.

Wozniak then returned to the theater, where he dismembered Herr's body with an ax and a saw before tossing some of the pieces into a Long Beach park, according to detectives' testimony and Wozniak's videotaped confession. Wozniak killed Herr so he could steal Herr's ATM card and access about $62,000 Herr had saved from his Army service.



That's a sick-assed fuck... It took five year just to convict him??

Mom found dead, Dad ODs at Children's Hospital

Wesley Landers' stance and posture were unchanged for most of his Friday arraignment until his wife was mentioned. At that moment, Landers dropped his head, closed his eyes and leaned against the lectern in front of him.

His wife – Mary Landers, 31, of Trinity, Alabama, was found dead Thursday of an apparent overdose in the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center room of their 7-month-old daughter.

Wesley Landers, also of Trinity, was found unresponsive in the bathroom with a heroin syringe in his arm, needles strewn on sink, and a loaded and chambered handgun in his pants pocket, according to court documents.

Wesley Landers was transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for treatment and was arrested on charges of possession of drugs, carrying a concealed weapon, having weapons while under disability and possessing drug abuse instruments.

Facebook and GoFundMe pages linked to the Landers show they were in Cincinnati seeking medical treatment for their daughter. Posts state the family was seeking assistance with covering out-of-pocket expenses for surgery the baby was undergoing on Wednesday.


Libertarian Flip-Flops on Burka Ban

For 24 hours, the leading Libertarian Party presidential candidate seemed like he was to the right of Donald Trump when it comes to Muslims.

In a Wednesday interview with Reason, the former governor of New Mexico said that sharia law is one of his greatest concerns, and that he would ban the Muslim head garb.

“Under sharia law, women are not afforded the same rights as men,” Johnson argued, adding that a burka hides whether a woman has been beaten. “Honor killings are allowed for under sharia law and so is deceiving non-Muslims,” he added.

On Thursday afternoon, Johnson recanted.

Admitting that his decidedly un-libertarian proposal rankled the feathers of many libertarians (and non-libertarians), Johnson told The Daily Beast: “I would not sign that legislation because I think that it would end up being government intrusion on you or I.”


I love it when Libertarians paint themselves into ideological corners...

The British Left’s Hypocritical Embrace of Islamism

The desire to impose religion over society is otherwise known as theocracy. Being veterans of the struggle to push back against fundamentalist Christians, American liberals are well acquainted with the pitfalls of the neoconservative flirtation with the religious-right. How ironic, then, that in Europe it is those on the left—led by the Guardian—who flirt with religious theocrats. For in the UK, our theocrats are brown, from minority communities, and are overwhelmingly Muslim.

Islam is a religion like any other. Islamism is an ideology that seeks to impose any version of Islam over society. When expressed through violence, I call it jihadism. It is obvious to an American liberal that Christian fundamentalism must be made to respect personal choice. Likewise, it is as plain as the light of day to me—a Pakistani-British liberal Muslim—that any desire to impose any version of Islam over anyone anywhere, ever, is a fundamental violation of our basic civil liberties. But Islamism has been rising in the UK for decades. Over the years, in survey after survey, attitudes have reflected a worrying trend. A quarter of British Muslims sympathised with the Charlie Hebdo shootings. 0% have expressed tolerance for homosexuality. A third have claimed that killing for religion can be justified, while 36% have thought apostates should be killed. 40% have wanted the introduction of sharia as law in the UK and 33% have expressed a desire to see the return of a worldwide theocratic Caliphate. Is it any wonder then, that from this milieu up to 1,000 British Muslims have joined ISIS, which is more than joined the Army reserves. In a case that has come to symbolize the extent of the problem, an entire family of 12 recently migrated to the Islamic State. By any reasonable assessment, something has gone badly wrong in Britain.

But for those who I have come to call Europe’s regressive-left how could Islamist tyranny—such as burying women neck deep in the ground and stoning them to death—possibly be anything other than an authentic expression of Muslim rage at Western colonial hegemony? For don’t you know Muslims are angry? So angry, in fact, that they wish to enslave indigenous Yazidi women for sex, throw Syrian gays off tall buildings and burn people alive? All because… Israel. For Europe’s regressive-left—which is fast penetrating U.S. circles too—Muslims are not expected to be civilized. And Muslim upstarts who dare to challenge this theocratic fascism are nothing but an inconvenience to an uncannily Weimar-like populism that screams simplistically: It is all the West’s fault.

It is my fellow Muslims who suffer most from this patronizing, self-pity inspiring mollycoddling. And just as American Muslims, with some reason, fear becoming targeted by right-wing anti-Muslim prejudice, British Muslims are being spoon-fed regressive-left sedatives, encouraging a perpetual state of victimhood in order to score their petty ideological points against “the West.” In the name of cultural diversity, aspiration is being stifled, expectations have been tempered and because Muslims have their own culture don't you know, self-segregation and ghettoization have thrived.


Lawyers for U-Va. dean: Jackie lied to Rolling Stone about gang rape, ‘invented’ story

Lawyers representing a University of Virginia associate dean in a defamation suit against Rolling Stone magazine say a sensational account of a fraternity gang rape at the school was based on a series of lies told by the story’s main subject, according to new court documents.

The Alexandria-based law firm representing U-Va. administrator Nicole Eramo has filed motions seeking communications between Rolling Stone and “Jackie,” a U-Va. student whose haunting tale as the alleged victim of a vicious gang-rape at a fraternity house stunned the nation and invigorated a widespread discussion on college sexual assault. But in new filings submitted in federal court, Eramo’s lawyers claim that Jackie is “a serial liar who invented” her account of being raped by seven fraternity brothers participating in a hazing ritual that had left her bloodied and emotionally scarred.

“Jackie was the primary source for Rolling Stone’s false and defamatory article that included her story about being the victim of a violent sexual assault,” said Libby Locke, one of Eramo’s attorneys. “But there is no evidence whatsoever that the story that Jackie told her friends, or the very different story she told Rolling Stone, actually transpired. Instead, it appears that Jackie fabricated her perpetrator and the details of the alleged assault.”

Rebecca Anzidei, a Washington lawyer who represents Jackie, declined to comment when reached by telephone Thursday. Two other lawyers who have worked on Jackie’s behalf did not respond to requests for comment. Jackie, who has previously spoken to The Washington Post and stood by her account, did not respond to a request for comment Thursday. The court documents redact Jackie’s last name, and The Post generally does not identify people who are purported victims of sex crimes.


Sheboygan County sheriff defends hiring of convicted killer

The Sheboygan County sheriff is standing by his decision to hire a convicted killer as a radio technician, despite questions in the community about whether it is appropriate for someone with that type of record to be working for law enforcement.

"I'm not going to throw him under the bus. I take responsibility for bringing him on," Sheriff Todd Priebe said of the technician, Rafael George Macias. "If I had known the gruesome details, I may not have taken him on, but what he brings to our agency is nothing but positive."

Macias was 20 and an airman at Carswell Air Force Base in Texas when he pleaded guilty to killing and dismembering his live-in girlfriend, Julia Adams, also 20, in 1977, according to news reports from the time. Police linked Macias to the crime after he reported her missing, the reports say.

Macias later told police he strangled Adams out of jealousy and put her body into a bathtub, cut it in half with a hacksaw and stuffed it into an Air Force packing crate. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison but was released after 13 after being given credit for good behavior.

Reached Wednesday, Macias, now 59, told the Journal Sentinel he argued with the woman and killed her in a "fit of rage."

"There isn't a day I don't regret it. There's no excuse," he said. "You just learn with experience, learn with age that life is short and life is precious."



I'm all for second chances and by most accounts Macias has been a decent person since the murder, but god damn! -- Can't quite call that an accident or a moment of anger, can we? At least say you took some bad drugs from questionable origin and they made you freak out...

Ex-officer in Md. sentenced to 5 years for pointing gun at man’s head

A former Prince George’s County police officer convicted of assault and misconduct in office for putting a gun to a Maryland man’s head was sentenced Friday to five years in prison.

Jenchesky Santiago received the sentence for the May 2014 incident in which the officer was trying to impress friends, according to prosecutors.

Department officials condemned Santiago’s actions, which were captured on a cellphone video, and fired him Dec. 18.

Santiago, 26, had two friends from New Jersey riding in his police cruiser when he pulled over in front of the home of William Cunningham in Bowie. Cunningham was in a car with his cousin when Santiago repeatedly asked the men what they were doing and insisted that they were illegally parked, which prosecutors said was not true.

Santiago pressed the two men even after they explained that Cunningham lived in the home and said they planned to get out of the car and go inside. The incident escalated as Cunningham headed to the front door of his home.

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