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Gender: Male
Hometown: VA
Home country: USA
Current location: VA
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 37,262

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Question submitted by Blue_Tires

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OK, all right...I apologize...

Argentina is full of puppies and rainbows, and their soccer federation is stocked with upright gentlemen from top to bottom...

They still deserve to lose, though...

DU will stand in complete solidarity with the people of Germany

as they try to eradicate the world of Argentine scum....

What will happen when 3-D printers

Become advanced enough to make another 3-D printer???

Hundreds Of Twitter Users Believed To Be 4chan Trolls Posing As Feminists

Activists Are Outing Hundreds Of Twitter Users Believed To Be 4chan Trolls Posing As Feminists

Over the weekend, the hashtag #EndFathersDay was revealed to have been orchestrated by 4chan users posing as female social justice activists on Twitter.
Over the weekend, the hashtag #EndFathersDay was revealed to have been orchestrated by 4chan users posing as female social justice activists on Twitter.
As more details emerged, it became more clear that #EndFathersDay was actually part of a larger project called “Operation: Lollipop.”
As more details emerged, it became more clear that #EndFathersDay was actually part of a larger project called "Operation: Lollipop."
Operation: Lollipop is a propaganda campaign run largely by members of the Men’s Rights and Pick-Up Artist communities. The idea is to pose as women of color on Twitter and guide activist hashtags as a way to embarrass the online social justice community.

Twitter: @PhoebeKwon

According to one now-deleted Tumblr, this appears to have been going on since at least 2013.


why have threads accusing any dissenters of being 'infiltrators' become acceptable now??


It's getting to the point where posters are targeting me personally...

The House Passes a Journalism Shield Law and Nobody Notices

One of my little congressional obsessions is the under-the-radar success of Rep. Alan Grayson, the Democrat who became despised by Republicans in his first term (2009-2011), lost by 20 points, and after returning via a new, safe, seat, became a master of the amendment process. This week, he managed to attach this amendment to a mini-omnibus funding bill:

It worked -- the amendment sailed through, supported by 53 Republicans and all but 17 of Grayson's fellow Democrats.


Bravo, Mr. Grayson...Some like to talk about doing shit; while others go out and do it without the fanfare or publicity whoring...

Did I miss anything interesting on NBC tonight?

Was there real, honest-to-god journalism on display? Or was it another cookie-cutter hagiography from Williams, like this notable example from two years ago: http://www.salon.com/2012/05/03/nbc_news_top_hagiographer/

Please tell me that Greenwald did the honorable thing by stopping Williams mid-question to harshly rebuke his subservient, obsequious softballs and telling Williams what a disgrace he's been to the once-proud journalistic legacy of one of our nation's oldest networks...Please tell me that Greenwald hijacked the remainder of the interview so he could use the rest of the airtime lecturing everyone about the plagues of cowardly boilerplate PR journalism, selling out for access, shameless biases, paycheck copy, hypocrisy, revenge journalism, outright fabrication, etc., and the negative roles they play in shaping public opinion in our national psyche...And finally please tell me Greenwald topped off this rant by detailing with chapter and verse how *EVERY* mainstream journalist except him (especially those operating in that infamous, influence-thirsty D.C. Beltway -- New York corridor) has forever betrayed the very essence of the lofty ideals which gave birth to Amendment I of the Constitution for the United States of America...

Anything less than this; well, I'm glad I missed it...

Bashar al-Assad posts a letter of support from a Virginia state senator

A letter from Virginia state Sen. Richard Black praising Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was posted to the Syrian president's Facebook page Sunday. Black (R-Loudoun County) confirmed sending the letter in a phone call with The Post's Laura Vozzella.

"I write to thank the Syrian Arab Army for its heroic rescue of Christians in the Qalamoun Mountain Range," the letter begins. Black praises the Syrian army's efforts against the forces that have been challenging Assad's power for several years, which the letter claims are "dominated by our arch-enemy Al Qaeda." By protecting Christians in the country, Assad has "followed the practice of father by treating with respect all Christians and the small community of Jews in Damascus." Black provided The Post with a copy of the letter he sent.

"If we were to topple President Assad, then Syria would be taken over by al-Qaeda’s allies," Black said. "I don't need to debate anyone over whether he's a great man or not, but to me, the decision is a very clear decision between al-Qaeda and President Assad. Now President Assad and his father before him have maintained peace with Israel for 40 years and they have protected the 15 percent Christian minority in Syria during that time."

"Whatever a person's view is of President Assad, he certainly has never exhibited the savagery of these jihadist groups fighting against him."


Holy damn...If a Dem penned this letter the national media would have had a field day...

Another victory in President Obama's war on education:

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