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Gender: Male
Hometown: Sisters, Oregon
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 4,759

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Reads like a more detailed version of the rationalizations I read right here.

Obama can only sign bills, Obama is handcuffed by Congressional Republicans Or the classic "if you expect more from Obama you must want a dictator . . . or a KING".

Perhaps the author is not considering another possibility. Obama's goal from the very start was to be a caretaker president who just wanted to re-establish the status quo in a time of crisis.

He's satisfied with his work as president. He preserved the existing system and many many fortunes and followed the neoliberal economic playbook to the letter.

As a finishing touch on his second term he can sign the TPP and put together a grand bargain with the help of a Republican congress. Maybe that's why he seems to be mailing it in right now. His job is done.

Harumph. That's right.

BTW Chained CPI is not a cut. It only means future recipients will receive far less than they expected after decades of paying into the system.

Well ok maybe thats a "cut". It's definitely not slashing though. Cut, not slash.

I read a few reviews and I see what you mean.

One of them was OUTRAGED about the show's open attacks on anything or anybody to the right of center . . . like Sarah Palin, Allan West, the Koch brothers or Fox News.

You know. Just a little bit right of center.

I think Aaron Sorkin hit a nerve here.

Anthony Bourdain does that sometimes.

If you step back and think about Dick Cheney as a food source in the face of starvation it adds up.

He's very well fed and he only eats the finest organic items at the best restaurants. The only liquids in his system are spring water and single malt scotch. The muscle tissue is tone and gets worked on a daily basis by his dominatrix.

It seems a little like Kobe beef . . . just sayin.

Looks like George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina learned a lesson in responsibility.

George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina is going to be hearing about this when he's 70 because the internet is forever.

It's too bad for him that his dating life will effectively end forever and the HR person who might hire him away from his caddy job will end up calling security to have his ass kicked out.

I just don't want to be around when his mother finds out.
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