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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 9,196

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I Knew It!! The Fat Fuck Ducked His Radio Show Today

You know who I'm talking about. Asshole.

Stupid Zimmerman He allowed fox to use him in an attempt to diistract attention away from romney.

It didn't work. Meanwhile, he messed up his case further

Just think how bad its gonna look when they show romney's horse prancing in the Olympics.

Whooo eeee. Incredibly bad timing. Every "strength" is now a weakness with this guy. I don't see how he's gonna make it past the convention if he gets that far.

Poster boy for the rich leech lifestyle. Can't help of thinking about all the poor souls who lost a living so this guy can show off a prancing horse. I think others will be thinking that too when they see that horse.

Ba ba ba bad.

Romney's Trapped in the Corner And Obama's Pummeling Him

Somebody, Stop the Fight!

Cigarettes now cost more than marihuana. Another reason

why it can't be legalized.

LOL Limpballs crying about the villian in Batman named Bane

Bwaaahaaa, It's all a big conspiracy because millions will be seeing the movie and draw the comparison to Bain.

He's got it all solved though. Bruce Wayne is the millionaire trying to save the world, so Romney is really Batman, not Bane.

Cue up Romney wearing bat clothing over his magic underwear.

I think it fair to say Romney needs a Game Changer now.

That worked so well for them the last time.

"No Mas" This is How You Handle A Bully

You make him quit.

It will be interesting to see if Romney can withstand the whipping he's about to get.

LOL I need one of them 5 screen tvs.

The shows are all doing Baingate at the same time.

Finally! My God I am really enjoying this!

The democratic party has the republic party on the defensive. I have been peeking in at Limbaugh and Hannity and they have had to interrupt their daily Obama bashing to defend Romney's crap.

They are howling hysterically. Don't get me wrong. They are trying to interpose Obama bashing in their wailing defense of Romney, but the fact that they feel the need to spend so much time and effort responding to democratic attacks is a huge difference from the recent past.

I think the attack on Romney is working. I can't wait for the next piece of crap that falls out of the Romney closet. You just know there's more.
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