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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 9,259

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"The Invention of the White Race" by Theodore Allen


Fascinating and devastating. Everyone needs to watch this so you can understand the true meaning of "American Exceptionalism". You'll finally understand American history, and how and why the 1% always get the White working class to align itself against it's own interests.

I Hate To Say It, But The Tea Party Ruined Santa Claus For Me

I know it's stupid. And the guy is a fictional character. But whenever I see a depiction of Santa Claus now, I see an old racist white haired bastard. I know it ain't right but...

File it under stupid things that are irrational. Just one more of the many reasons that I hate the tea party.

Transcendental Meditation. I Love It! Anybody Else Doing It?

Cardiologist insisted on it so I learned it. I have been at it slightly less than 2 months. I look forward to my 2 sessions daily like they are vacations.

Okay. I Admit it. They Are Starting to Piss Me Off!

All over again. I thought once we got thru this election...

I hate the fuckers.

LOL. Drones Are People Too!

Hannity exposing yet another Obama scandal. One of our predator drones was shot at by Iran! My God! They missed it but what if they had shot it down? An American drone would have been killed!

Obama covered it up so we wouldn't know about it until after the election!

OK. Enough. I've Heard Enough. Obama Has Consistently Made It Very Clear What The Choice Is

It's not on Obama. He's given America a clear choice.
Let's see just how stupid Americans really are.

65.6 Million Saw That Asswhipping Last Night.


Oh. Oh. Now he's agreeing with Obama. After Obama Smacked Him Upside the Head.

Romney is a Cheater

The one word for me that describes Romney is that he is a cheat.

We all know he lies, but he cheats at everything. I don't think there's a thing he does where he doesn't cheat.

He does not have the capacity to know that cheating is wrong. He thinks its perfectly fine.

He is a cheater.

Bwahaa! "He Promised Unemployment Would Go Below 8%" Bellyaching Has Now Been Changed to 5.6%.

Sean Hannity cracks me up.
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