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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 9,226

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OK. Enough. I've Heard Enough. Obama Has Consistently Made It Very Clear What The Choice Is

It's not on Obama. He's given America a clear choice.
Let's see just how stupid Americans really are.

65.6 Million Saw That Asswhipping Last Night.


Oh. Oh. Now he's agreeing with Obama. After Obama Smacked Him Upside the Head.

Romney is a Cheater

The one word for me that describes Romney is that he is a cheat.

We all know he lies, but he cheats at everything. I don't think there's a thing he does where he doesn't cheat.

He does not have the capacity to know that cheating is wrong. He thinks its perfectly fine.

He is a cheater.

Bwahaa! "He Promised Unemployment Would Go Below 8%" Bellyaching Has Now Been Changed to 5.6%.

Sean Hannity cracks me up.

LOL. So Glad Obama Don't Listen To Handwringers on Du

It's like a broken record. Everything the man does. It's never enough. Everybody knows how to do it better.

All the man does is win.

Relax. Obama Won Because He's Honest

Everybody knows Romney lied.

People focused on the superficial. The contrast in character was made clear tonight.

Uh oh. They're Telling Mitt To Get Tougher.

Everybody asking him if he can get tough with Obama.

Train wreck coming soon.

Pressure to not be a wimp in the presence of Obama.

Put the boy in his place, so to speak.

A perfect storm.

That MF is constantly amending all of his returns, that's why he can't show them.

Probably still amending 1990 returns. Bastard

I apologize for the my language, but the mofo is really starting to piss me off.

Bwaahaa! Romney Demands Harry Reid To Prove It.

Listening to Hannity on the way home and mittwitt was a guest. Hannity played a clip of Reid saying Romney hasn't paid taxes over a 10 year period.

The mitster said it was a ridiculous lie and demanded Reid prove it.

How crazy is that? He's sitting on the proof of the pudding. Why don't he prove Reid wrong? Embarass the hell out of the guy?

I really think this fool thinks he can be president without showing his tax returns.

Americans aren't THAT stupid are we?
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