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Who said they should be gender exclusive? They clearly are, since

with literally millions of people of all genders in the work and government-place, you'd expect a rather random result, and yet, you have tiny numbers of women in both areas. Bizarrely, we task women with raising the children, and so many of these ideas come from maternal caregivers who are contributing to their own oppression, much like Uncle Toms of old.

Nothing random about it - the good old boys protect their own at all times and at all costs.

I don't believe in military conscription, nor war, nor a military. I don't believe in going around the world killing strangers for the benefit of the money machine, so no draft, no wars, and no military for me, please.

See what you did with the kindergarten teachers? I did. You must feel that male teachers are pedophiles and should not be around children of that age. Please don't say you didn't say that - you did, so now you will have to own it.

That blurt is just another confirmation of the anti-woman, pro-rape society we swim in. Ask a fish how he likes the rain. Won't know what you're talking about, because they're wet all the time. Same here.

No value.

We don't even process the rape kits. How's that for value?

We've had our first black President of the US, but no woman yet.

There are 81 women in the House of Representatives and 20 women in the Senate, or about 19%, even though women are 50%+ of the population.

Women in equivalent occupations make about 77% of the wages that men make in those same occupations, holding constant time on job, education, and other qualifications.

Women currently hold 4.4 percent of Fortune 500 CEO roles.

So no, we don't value women, and there were no happy darkies singing the praises of Ol' Massa before the Civil War, either, although it gave great comfort to the oppressors to think so. Still does.

Here's a starting point:

1. Process every rape kit already taken and being ignored by the millions and prosecute every one of the offenders, and register each convict as a sex offender for life.

2. Assign in-school punishment to every male student who walks down the hallways with his hands over a girl's breasts, his crotch pressed into her body, his arm firmly around her neck. This is a major problem in the large urban school I teach in, and I call out each and every offender between classes. Unfortunately, it's not considered a punishable offense, so I try to make it a teachable moment.

3. Teach women that unwelcome contact is rape, period, and teach them to take action - to loudly object at the moment, to file charges, to get help from bystanders, to in every way signal that this bad behavior will not be tolerated, and to get away from these offenders as soon as possible and permanently.

Now there's a start.

Doesn't mean it's not, does it?

Truth is, millions of rape kits of evidence are never processed, because the society we live in places no value on women. We might find the men who actually committed those rapes if we processed those kits, and good lord, some of them might be influential community members or people with money!

So, we give them a pass without even looking to see if a crime has been committed.

That is a rape culture, where rape is invisible and undiscussable. Yes, the one we live in.

Not at all familiar with the seizure of assets from US citizens of Japanese descent, are you?


Yes, we took it, stole it, sold it, redistributed it to white US citizens who had not taken such good care of their property, and if the Japanese-Americans complained, they were threatened with prison. Since they were already in concentration camps, that threat sounded credible to them.

And we most certainly never compensated Native Americans for everything we simply took at gunpoint from them, either.

So why so squeamish about seizing assets from corporations, who are not even flesh and blood, have no feelings, and suffer no physical nor mental privations?

THIS is what being an American is all about!


The price of gas inauguration week 2000 as Bush comes in: $1.269
The price of gas inauguration week 2008 as Bush goes out: $3.068

I had to find this link because of all the stupid Republicans who think gas was $1.50 when Obama took office, and now it's $3.259, when it started at $3.068 and is NOW, 6 years later, $3.292

Yes, now that food, energy and rent have been removed from the cost of living index, it seems the only things left are meth and huffing fluids. The argument for removing those other things? "Too volatile."


Believe it. Those guys did more than pump gas - they checked tires, fluids, cleaned windows, vacuum

the floorboards, but a dumb 16 year old like me didn't appreciate that - hey! I could save 2 cents on gas and only pay 6 cents a gallon instead of the horrible 8 whole cents! Thank gawd we did that, or gas might be THREE DOLLARS a gallon! Um, I mean, oops.

Now when my 86 year old mother in law who lives 150 miles away in the Panhandle goes to the station, who pumps her gas in subzero wind chills? Yep, she does. Check her tires and all that? Nope. Well, what could go wrong?

These new checkout lines don't even pretend to give you a discount, and they provide no service like bagging, price checks on bar codes that don't scan, and the like. Our Albertson's here took them out after 90 days. I and a whole series of other geezers got onto the manager there ( a former student of mine) and told him that we disapproved of doing someone else's job for free, and that I wouldn't be back until they were gone. He called me at home at the end of summer to let me know they were gone.

This is not new technology, either - it's the same barcode scan a living employee would use, the same bags, the same weight scale. You just do the work, instead of them. And one more thing - when your purchases were taken to the car, every basket came back with the carryout person, ensuring they're all in all the time.

Now huge trains of baskets being pulled by a small tow vehicle gets some of the baskets in, but leaves tons of them out there to be stolen or damaged. Now please show how any money is saved there. Service is going to count for even more as we baby boomers age.

Do you teach?

I do. I teach inclusion classes at the senior high school level, economics and government this year.

What this means is that I have "regular" students, special ed, deaf, wheelchair, blind, 504 (dyslexic and other conditions not special ed which require modifications), 5th year (up to 8th year) seniors who are now overage 19-22 years old, exchange students, students on probation or parole, English Language Learners, with an average of 32 in the classroom, which has 3 student computers and a smartboard for technology.

I have a special ed inclusion teacher for 5 of my 6 classes every day, and I have a deaf interpreter one period.

The room is 22' x 24', and is part of the 1946 addition to our 1909 high school, renovated in 1988 to include air conditioning.

Here's the sum total of my rules for handling 32 students and up to three teachers at a time:

Special note on classroom behaviors and etiquette:
Mutual respect is the key to civilized behavior. We will all use normal courtesy when dealing with each other at all times, such as saying “Please” and “Thank you” and by listening attentively when others are speaking and by having something to say when talking. “Content-free” comments are a waste of everybody’s time.

In addition, I have no problem with bringing drinks to class, provided that all trash ends up in the trash can at the end of the period. Please, no food. No one, including me, will be excused during class to purchase snacks or drinks from any source, including vending machines and the cookie fund-raiser across the street.

Absolutely no hats or electronic devices will be permitted. They are unwelcome distractions to our learning environment.

Cheating is unprofitable, and therefore, will not occur.

Please just throw out all the rules there that you find stupid. Thanks.

(Oh, I forgot to mention that 85% of my students graduate each year and have for 18 years now.)

The real problem is for the students who need the structure and can't operate well in a chaotic

environment with people talking, taking phone calls, texting, eating, walking around the room, and otherwise disturbing any chance of a routine.

And of course, you can coast for a while on previous knowledge, but there is going to come a time when you will really need to know how to closely read for meaning, take efficient notes for recall without having to do the whole sequence again, and learn how to work with other people.

The idea that results can be divorced from process is stupid, really.

Process is all we have in the end, because simple "facts" change often in our lifetime as new analyses are done, new discoveries made, more curious questions answered. I give this program three years at the most. It'll take a decade to straighten out the mess it leaves.

Easiest thing would be to prohibit the corporation as a business organization.

Adam Smith didn't think corporations should be allowed to exist. Neither do I. They're a dodge to avoid personal liability for economic crimes.

Anytime you have a chance to lose everything you own, pauperize your family, and/or go to jail, you get a bit more responsible, a little more law abiding, and somewhat more interested in customer service.

The corporate form of business is at the root of all economic problems in the world today by creating a way for business to make money other than their actual business - stock manipulation.

So kill corporations and enjoy the benefits.
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