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Police shoot man in the back with both hands held High


and we all know they will claim "I was in Fear" and be cleared of all wrong doing


Just unfucking believable what has happened to America

Kill Unarmed Man First, Ask Questions Later: Anaheim Cop Lawyer

Kill Unarmed Man First, Ask Questions Later: Anaheim Cop Lawyer

An unarmed, 25-year-old man not wanted for any crime was exercising his constitutional rights to move away from Anaheim Police Department (APD) officers when 20 seconds later one of the cops, armed with a semi-automatic Glock, decided without warning to kill him with shots to the buttock and back of the head.

That's the story Dale K. Galipo, an attorney for the estate of Manuel Diaz, told a jury of six men and two women in his Feb. 25 opening statement at the excessive force and wrongful death trial inside U.S. District Court Judge James V. Selna's Santa Ana courtroom.

"Mr. Diaz had nothing in his hands," Galipo said. "He was no threat when he was shot . As he was going down to his knees, there was a second shot to his head . . . Diaz landed face down. The officers handcuffed him, patted him down and didn't find a weapon. They never found a weapon."

Steven Rothans, a Los Angeles-based lawyer that specializes in defending law enforcement agencies and cops in police brutality cases, told jurors that officer Nick Bennallack, had every right to kill Diaz because, even though he never saw the man holding a weapon, he "reasonably" assumed he had one in his waistband and might have been preparing to shoot.


The Supreme Court needs to call off the Dogs they turned lose with their decision

The Public Eye: Confidential documents cite interference in prison death review

Source: The Sacramento Bee

As California prison officials began looking into the September death of a breathing-impaired inmate who had been pepper-sprayed by a guard, they found themselves facing unusual interference and oversight from above, according to documents from an internal corrections investigation obtained by The Sacramento Bee.

A corrections psychologist whose duties included a review of the Sept. 7 death of 35-year-old Joseph Duran complained she was told to delete information she had obtained about the death and, in one instance, to remove a reference to the use of pepper spray, according to transcripts of interviews conducted in recent weeks by internal affairs investigators with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

The transcripts, labeled confidential because they are part of an internal affairs probe, show that at least three prison guards are under investigation for “dishonesty” in connection with Duran’s death, including the officer who pepper-sprayed Duran on Sept. 6. That officer reported that he had done so from a distance of 6 feet, but later changed his story to say he had done so from 2 to 3 feet, the transcripts show.

The transcripts also disclose details about how the guard used the pepper spray after seeing his sergeant silently nod at him, and how a nurse who found the inmate unconscious hours later called for help from guards but could not get them to immediately open the cell so she could try to revive Duran.

Read more: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/02/16/6161803/confidential-documents-cite-interference.html

Did the Gender Wars start when the Hilary Hopefuls came back

Is this what we have to look forward to all through the primary season

Is China's pollution causing California's 500 year Drought

This is UC Berkley's imagery of China's pollution hitting the West Coast of the USA

and now here is the ridge of High Pressure that has been blocking California's normal storm pattern coming off the pacific

China’s Off-The-Charts Air Pollution Is Making Its Way To The U.S.

China’s Off-The-Charts Air Pollution Is Making Its Way To The U.S.

China’s pollution has shut down schools and shortened lifespans in the country — but according to a new study, its not just Chinese residents who should be worried about their smog.

On the West Coast of the U.S., pollution blown in from China can account for 12 to 24 percent of sulfate concentrations on any given day, a study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found. That pollution caused Los Angeles to experience an extra day of smog levels that were above the federal health standards for ozone in 2006.

But though the pollution comes from China, the U.S. still bears part of the responsibility. That’s because about a fifth of China’s air pollution comes from the manufacture of goods for export to other countries, including the U.S., China’s second-largest trading partner. The study found that manufacturing for the export sector contributed to 36 percent of China’s sulfur dioxide emissions, 27 percent of its nitrogen oxides, 22 percent of its carbon monoxide and 17 percent of its black carbon — a pollutant linked to cancer, emphysema and asthma.

“When you buy a product at Wal-Mart, it has to be manufactured somewhere,” Steve Davis, co-author of the study and University of California at Irvine scientist told the Washington Post. “The product doesn’t contain the pollution, but creating it caused the pollution.”

China’s pollution has been setting records recently — in December, Shanghai was hit with a week of air pollution so bad that it cancelled flights and sporting events and forced children and the elderly indoors. And last week, Beijing experienced its first off-the-charts air pollution of 2014. China has implemented pollution reduction targets and a carbon trading scheme in some major cities, but in 2013 the country also approved the construction of $10 billion worth of new coal production capacity.


How many American Jobs will the TPP give away so MultiNational Corporations can collect Royalties

and maintain "Regional Pricing Schemes" for pharmaceuticals

Besides NONE of that money gathered from increased payments for Intellectual Property Rights will be "Repatriated back into the USA". All the Major Players assign those Intellectual Property Rights to subsidiary corporations sheltered in foreign tax haven countries.

Bottom Line - we'll lose countless jobs and not see 1 dime in revenues

China Asks U.S. to Lift Sanctions on Arms Proliferators, Iran Traders

China is asking the Obama administration to lift sanctions on five Chinese state-run companies that were hit with U.S. sanctions in the past for arms sales and other illicit transfers to rogue states.

According to Obama administration officials, the request to lift sanctions on the five companies was made within the past two months by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce as part of preparations for an upcoming meeting of the U.S.-China Joint Commission of Commerce and Trade. The next commission meeting will be held in November or December.


The company was also linked to a plot in 1996 to smuggle Chinese-made AK-47 assault rifles to Los Angeles street gangs.


The Chinese told U.S. officials that the sanctions on the five companies should be lifted as part of “requirements” from the fifth round of the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue held in July in Washington.


Arming Africa - The China Connection

In reading about the arms trade and speaking with U.N. officials, I knew that the most notorious arms smugglers -- like Victor Bout -- were Russian or from former Soviet states. Typically, these people were best able to profit from corrupt officials and poor oversight of the vast arsenals that were left unattended when the USSR fell. But as I looked through U.N. stockpiles of captured weapons, the majority of Kalashnikovs were made in China.


The Chinese link to Africa has existed since the 15th century, when an armada of massive junks is reputed to have followed the African coastline as far as modern-day Somalia, trading laquerware silk and ceramics for exotic spices, jewels and timber. For almost 600 years after this ambitious exploration, China turned inward, but today, the country's imprint can be found all over the African continent. Aided by central banks, government loans and Beijing's offers of massive infrastructure projects, Chinese oil companies have invested heavily in Guinea, Nigeria and Sudan, and resource-extraction companies are active across sub-Saharan Africa.


So while we send Food and Medical aid the Africa - China is sending weapons to create yet more carnage

Free trade not a licence to rip off Australia - "See were not the only ones getting Fucked"

Free trade not a licence to rip off Australia

Australians have long known that multinational corporations' regional pricing tactics deny them a fair price for many consumer products. We did not need a federal parliamentary inquiry to confirm we pay far too much for medicines, computer software and hardware, movies, music and computer games, as well as old-fashioned books. Still, in July, the inquiry called for an end to the market manipulation. It is alarming, then, that leaked details of a draft treaty among a dozen Pacific nations suggest Australia is not strongly resisting pressure to rewrite trade rules to enforce regional disparities.

The Age believes in free and fair trade. We also condemn the pirating of copyrighted or patented products. This is theft from the creators of intellectual property, which discourages further product development and innovation. But the draft of a Trans Pacific Partnership shows the US favours trade rules that will help multinational companies to continue charging more for consumer technology products in certain markets such as ours. The inquiry found we pay 42 to 66 per cent more than people overseas for software and hardware; about 60 per cent more for music downloads; and two to four times as much for computer games.

Intellectual property law expert Matthew Rimmer says the draft has ''little focus on the rights and interests of consumers, let alone broader community interests''. Australians elect their governments to put their interests first. Prime Minister Tony Abbott hopes a deal will be reached next month, yet consultation has been limited to ''industry sectors that could be impacted by the agreement''. The affected consumers, the vast majority of us, would be in the dark if not for WikiLeaks. Journalists were barred from industry briefings on the next round of talks starting this week.

The draft treaty's leaked details suggest a possible motive: in only one area is Australia clearly opposing US and Japanese trade interests. That is pharmaceuticals, for which the Commonwealth pays about $20 billion a year. The US is seeking ways to extend patents, which would restrict production of cheaper generic drugs.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/comment/the-age-editorial/free-trade-not-a-licence-to-rip-off-australia-20131117-2xp5n.html#ixzz2pxF950pq

See Australians don't like getting Screwed any more then the 99% do

Free Traitors (Trade) are NOT Democrats

I am sick and tired of countless discussions with RATpubliCON / Chamber of Commerce operatives posing as Democrats/Liberals/Progressives claiming "Free Trade" is good for the economy.

Some of these posers even live in the countries that EXPORT to the USA and they come here to DU and argue in favor of these lopsided treaties (Duh - I wonder why). Others I can only explain as "Wall St. Worshippers" whose only concern in life is IF they can just Kiss enough Corporate ASS maybe - just maybe - they'll let them in the Rich Boy's Club.

The end result of all this horse shit is exactly what we have now - A Top Heavy / Wealthy Elite 1% Economy which by design EXCLUDES the 99%. Healthcare for the Wealthy, and a Ponzi Scheme Retirement system - that or they just plain steal the retirement funds and stick the tax payers with the bill


Watch out Folks - they are coming out of the woodwork as the TPP nears a vote
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