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GOP candidates shy away from Nevada housing crisis

Las Vegas -- As Joseph and Christina Hetherton listened to Newt Gingrich speak this week at the Las Vegas factory where Joseph was laid off last summer, they thought about how their home could go into foreclosure at the end of the month - and how nothing they've heard from presidential candidates in town for today's Nevada GOP caucus sounds like it would help.

Not only do the Hethertons have to come up with $1,429 in three weeks, they also need $175 by then for insulin to help treat Christina's diabetes. Neither of them has health insurance.

If Christina, who works at a bakery, hadn't hit lucky $3 pulls on the slots twice in the past few months, they would have been in peril sooner. This week, their daughter in nursing school took a second job because her husband lost his construction job.

Their story is typical in Nevada, which has the nation's highest unemployment and foreclosure rates, and where 58 percent of the homes are underwater - worth less than what the lender is owed. Nationally, 22 percent of homes are underwater.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2012/02/03/MN3N1N2TB2.DTL#ixzz1lQpOEixB

edit - to add photo - "I like pictures"

Occupy has given America so much - we need to thank them

We are finally talking about Income Disparity in our media at a national level. Lawmakers have even proposed "The Buffet Rule" which would treat compensation in excess of $1Million annually with a minimum tax.

Nationally - and thanks to President Obama, he have finally begun to address our vanishing Manufacturing sector in America. Once the backbone of America's Middle Class job strength, and the path to upward mobility for many many American families. These jobs have been outsourced for the enrichment of a select few on Wall St and the demise of the Working Class.

And last but not least - Foreclosure Fraud. This issue alone has the power to win the White House this year, and I believe no candidate can win without proposing serious investigations and penalties be imposed on those that have perpetrated this fraud on a national scale. To those that ushered in the current recession through Wall St Greed, skirting Federal regulations, and profiting from disastrous financial products they knowingly sold World Wide.

To Obama's credit, he is actively addressing many of these issues.

But it the coming months in the lead up to the 2012 Election, the Monied Elite, the 1%, will seek to change the National Conversation from these issues through $Billions in Super Pac money while their political lackeys work to water down or sideline legislation addressing these issues.

Don't let the 1% Win

Support Occupy

Grover Norquist Aiding Iran's Bloody Mullahcracy Through Group Tied to NIAC

I have long worked to expose Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the GOP, most pointedly Grover Norquist. He wears the mask of "fiscal respomsiblity" and "tax reform" while infiltrating and subverting the party with dirty money and traitorous alliances.

Back in October, Republican Rep. Frank Wolf outed Grover in Congress. Thank you, Rep. Wolf. Any Republican who associates with Norquist is complicit in the subversion, and should be shunned and exposed.

Norquist has also carried water for Islamic supremacist attempts to weaken anti-terror efforts. Frank Gaffney revealed that "Norquist was also a prime-mover behind efforts to secure one of the Islamists' top pre-9/11 agenda items: the abolition of a section of the 1996 Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act that permits authorities to use what critics call ‘secret evidence.' ... Norquist was an honoree at an event held by Sami Al-Arian's National Coalition to Protect Political Freedom in July 2001, two months before 9/11. The award was for being a 'champion of the abolishment movement against secret evidence.'" Al-Arian in 2006 pleaded guilty "conspiracy to make or receive contributions of funds to or for the benefit of Palestinian Islamic Jihad." Palestinian Islamic Jihad is even worse than Hamas; it celebrates the killing of Israeli civilians and calls repeatedly for the destruction of Israel.


Grover Norquist aiding Iranian regime through group linked to NIAC

- Grover Norquist's numerous unsavory ties to jihadists and Islamic supremacists are abundantly documented in Pamela Geller's expose - http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/03/grover_norquists_jihad.html

And on the House floor in October, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) said of Norquist, "Documentation shows that he has deep ties to supporters of Hamas and other terrorist organizations that are sworn enemies of the United States and our ally Israel.” He pointed out that “around the years 2000 and 2001, Mr. Norquist’s firm represented Abdurahman Alamoudi, who was convicted two years later for his role in a terrorist plot and who is presently serving a 23-year sentence in federal prison.”

Norquist, reported Wolf, “also associated with terror financier Sami Al-Arian, according to Mary Jacoby’s reporting in March 2003, in the St. Petersburg Times. Al-Arian pled guilty in 2006 'to a charge of conspiring to provide services to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), a specially designated terrorist organization, in violation of U.S. law,' and is under house arrest, according to a Department of Justice press release. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s ‘paramilitary wing—the al-Quds Brigades—has conducted numerous attacks, including large-scale suicide bombings,’ according to the National Counterterrorism Center.”

As if all that weren't enough, now it comes out that Norquist has been working with a group linked to both Hamas-linked CAIR and the stealth Islamic Republic of Iran lobbying group, NIAC -- a group led by the likes of Trita Parsi and Reza Aslan.


Minnesota Voters: We Can't Afford Another Two Years of Bachmann

Saul Relative

Unsatisfied with a career of numerous gaffes, lies, misdirections, half-truths, and misapplied statistics that could fill a small book, Rep. Michele Bachmann announced Wednesday, according to the Associated Press, that she was planning to run for her fourth term as a representative of Minnesota. Apparently, she's willing to turn a novella into a full-sized novel. But here's the thing, Minnesota: The rest of the nation would rather she filled that book as a civilian, outside the congressional offices on Capitol Hill.

Fresh off her futile candidacy for the GOP nomination for president (because if she thought she would be the next Republican nominee, she was one of the very few individuals that did), Bachmann has decided that inflicting the nation with her ethnocentric, jingoistic, homophobic, religiocentric positions and statements required getting paid at taxpayer expense to do so for another two years. But why give her the chance, Minnesota? It's not as if she's worth the price tag. Literally.

In the five years she has been in office, Bachmann has yet to see any bill she has sponsored, not that there have been that many, pass through Congress. Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty pointed out this sad fact, an assertion that was backed up by Politifiact, just before he dropped out of the presidential race. And Bachmann has yet to sponsor any major or meaningful legislation, although she did make headlines with her firm defense of the right of companies to manufacture incandescent light bulbs. While she was running for president, she neglected her duties as a paid representative of the people. According to GovTrack.us, the Minnesota congresswoman missed 335 House votes out of 455 taken on various measures between July and December.

While she was running around Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina looking for windmills that exist only in her head (like preserving the sanctity of marriage and defending the U. S. against the Soviet Union) and missing votes that affect not just the people of Minnesota but people in the other 49 states and five territories as well, she was paid half of her yearly congressional salary of $174,000.


Pres Obama "Transformed" my Frothing at the Mouth Tea Party friend

By "Frothing at the Mouth" I mean this guy has actually advocated "Shooting the Dog Catcher" because the dog catcher is a parasite on the tax payers

He called me to tell me he was actually enthused by Obama's speech last night and especially Obama's proposals on changes to the Tax system. How ever he was a little confused because one of the RATpubliCON talking heads following the speech claimed under Obama's proposed plan, folks like Mitt Romney would pay less taxes.

His words: "I might have to switch and vote for a Democrat"

GOP policies Prohibit Job Growth for Political Gain in 2012 Elections

The President laid out some very well thought out proposals that the American Working Class has been demanding for years and the GOP reply is to ask for a return to the same policies that cause the "Great Recession"

Trickle Down Economics got the USA here - Income Equality is the ONLY way out

ForeclosureGate penalties LESS then 1/5 of Wall St Bank Executive Pay

An analysis by The Wall Street Journal found that pay and benefits at the top 25 publicly traded banks and security firms on Wall Street hit a record of $135.5 billion.

It simply is NOT ENOUGH to fine the Banksters as they will promptly add it to the "Cost of Doing Business" and increase the Usury Banking Fees on the American Consumer as we have seen in the past

Any settlement that does not force the banks into restructuring loans for troubled homeowners is simply UNACCEPTABLE

Peirs Morgan interview with Mrs Biden on NOW


If Obama lets the Banks "Off the Hook" I think his re-election is a "Non-Starter"

It just crosses too many political, and social-economic lines. American earning less then $1,000,000 per year have too much of their "Life Savings" tied into what is now an "Under-Water" investment.

And once again the Banks will profit - I don't care how carefully political pundits attempt to spin it - Working Class folks are just not going to accept it as a "Good Thing"

Its just too big of a hurdle to over come. The PACs are going to jump all over this and blast it 24/7 across the Air Waves from now until November. Anger at the State of the Economy and Wall St Profits over Main St Jobs has been fomenting for years and it may actually erupt into the streets this time.

But one thing is for sure - they won't show up at the polls for him - but they might show up to vote against him
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