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Hometown: Seattle, WA
Home country: USA
Current location: Seattle, WA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 2,687

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See how easy it is, and CHEAP, to be NICE?!?! Good for the LDS, even if their motives may be...

Even if their motives may be questionable, there is no doubt that people who are gay have won the battle of hearts and minds in America.

I'm no fool. I realize that the LDS church is playing long in an effort to eventually become the predominant religion in the US. I, for one, will work against them and their effort to proselytize everyone. Their exclusive, misogynistic fantasy religion will always be just that.

But when a bad player does a good thing, or when a sinner repents, or when a criminal changes their way, I will always be the first to offer kudos and gratitude.

Perhaps the very christ-like message of love and tolerance that the gay community has been practicing all along is starting to rub off onto the crum-bums who need it the most. At least, I'd like to think so.

Now, let's see if some of that love and tolerance rubs off on the Southern Baptists. Probably not, but I can dream!

What would the cost have been if the terminally ill defendant passed before The Bobby Bunch acted?

This is not the most imporatant election since the origin of man. Honestly, we're past that. But....

This IS the most important election on OUR time here in the United States.

We have won the war. Somehow, Obama has won the war and with such a humbleness as to barely claim victory. We have survived NineEleven! We have survived the junta that subjugated our very government to pull our economy down to nothing. We have, with our smallest grasp, held on to the hope for tomorrow. We have lived the dream, and in spite of our fortunes, have demanded the best future for us all.

WE are America's past, present and future! This is not an abdication. This is a resurrection. This is a fulminating froth from the middlings of our very selves to say that WE WILL NOT subject ourselves to the most profitable amongst us. WE WILL NOT inter our souls to the rivers of nowhere without a PURPOSE OF WILL. We WILL that we (not I, but WE) be held amongst the best amongst us, regardless of money or power or lust. When we hold ourselves to our highest ideals, we uplift all of our strengths and weaknesses to ... well, to emerge. To combine. We condone our combination! In other words, we decide to love ourselves more than hate ourselves! Now, is that so f'cking difficult to understand, eh?
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