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Totally justified.

It's a geopolitics.

It's mistaken about its presumed benefits to the U.S. or its ruling class, although it does make profits for some and it has a purpose: to prevent the emergence of rivals on the regional or global level. Also, to justify this war machine, since there are nothing but chaos and supposed threats out there. Also, looking ahead 20 years to some supposed redrawn, rebuilt Middle East.

Here's a sample:

Steven Cohen said something I don't like...

He reminds me somehow of Chomsky.

Therefore, Chomsky!!! Putin, Chomsky, Putin!!! It's the Left!!!

Very logical.

Unbelievable! From the same U.S. government that...

refuses to meet Venezuela's request for the extradition of the terrorist , Luis Posada Cariles. The CIA agent Cariles masterminded the bombing of a civilian flight, killing 73 people, and then escaped from Venezuelan custody during his trial, only to reappear in the U.S. as a player in the Iran-Contra machinations.

The U.S. refuses to extradite him for trial. But they're plenty willing to make up "drug kingpin" charges against Chavez's circle, and make use of international enforcement on that score.

Screw the CIA terrorism and screw the war on drugs!



Cuban-born terrorist Luis Posada Carriles (1928 - ) began his use of torture and violence as a member of Cuba’s security forces during the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista (1952-1958). After Fidel Castro’s revolutionary army overthrew Batista on January 1, 1959, Carriles and others fled to the United States where they received direct support to try to prevent the revolutionary government from consolidating political, social, and economic reforms on the island.

From 1967 to 1974 Posada Carriles served as Chief of Operations at the Directorate of Intelligence and Prevention Services (DISIP), a shady security agency feared for its use of violent tactics in supposed “anti-communist” operations against progressive and leftist Venezuelans inspired by the Cuban Revolution.

In 1976, frustrated by Cuba’s increasingly successful social transformations, Posada Carriles and admitted terrorist Orlando Bosch (1926-2011) orchestrated the bombing of Cubana de Aviacion Flight 455. On October 6, the plane was blown up in midair, killing all 73 people on board.

A week later, Posada Carriles, Orlando Bosch, and two others were detained for their involvement in the bombing. In 1983, after eight years in prison, Carriles escaped and fled the country soon after.




Two Venezuelan nationals, Hernán Ricardo and Freddy Lugo, had left the bombs on the plane, before disembarking in Barbados. Lugo later told police officials that Ricardo boasted that the 73 people he killed on the plane were “more than the Jackal,” alluding to the famous terrorist Carlos the Jackal. “Now I’m the one who has the record, because I’m the one who blew up that thing,” he told Lugo.

Ricardo confessed to Barbadian and Trinidad officials who were investigating the crime that he and Lugo bombed the plane and that they worked for the CIA and Luis Posada Carriles. He even drew a diagram for them of the detonator he used to ignite the C-4 explosives he placed in the aircraft. He admitted to receiving $25,000 for downing the plane.

Lugo and Ricardo were extradited to Venezuela by Trinidad and Tobago. There they were convicted for their role in downing the plane and sentenced to 20 years. After serving their time, they were released. Lugo still lives in Caracas, driving a taxi to earn his living. The Miami Herald reported that Ricardo is now an undercover operative in Florida for the Drug Enforcement Administration.


In 1985 Luis Posada Carriles was indicted and prosecuted as the mastermind of the murder of the 73 persons aboard that plane. But before the Venezuelan court could pronounce a verdict, he escaped from prison. Within a few weeks, he landed a job with the CIA in an operation that later became known as the Iran-Contra scandal. The United States has never bothered to explain how it was possible for an international fugitive charged with 73 counts of first-degree murder to so quickly land a $120,000-a-year job with the CIA, arming Nicaraguan Contras.


Why do you ask questions with a false premise?

There are reports of a synagogue attacked in Sarcelle, and I certainly have acknowledged this. That kind of action needs to be counteracted, it is not acceptable.

On "the other thread," there were reports of a synagogue attacked in central Paris, which the leader thereof refuted promptly in a TV interview as entirely untrue, even as he implicitly blamed the "rather sulfurous" JDL, a radical Jewish supremacist hate group.

On DU we see exaggerations of such incidents (in this case ignoring thousands of protesters and focusing on a handful), and also many blanket defamations of Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, or the supporters of the Palestinian cause, or all those who oppose the ongoing Israeli war crimes and massacres of civilians of occupied Gaza. There are attempts to characterize these groups as motivated solely by "anti-Semitism" or of just being plain "animals." That needs to be counteracted, too.

The synagogue in Paris was not attacked.

Contrary to the story that has caused such stir and impassioned condemnations of anti-Semitism, here is a French TV interview with Serge Benhaim, the president of the Rue de la Roquette synagogue in Paris. He confirms in certain terms that the synagogue was not attacked by pro-Palestinian protesters, and that what actually happened was a street fight nearby between a small group of the protesters and a small group of followers of the Jewish Defense League. Benhaim describes the JDL as being outside his congregation and having a "slightly sulfurous reputation," saying of the the incidents outside the synagogue: "On the use of weapons by the JDL, the president of the synagogue of the Rue de la Roquette also confirms that the JDL has 'broken chairs and tables to go and deliver this face-to-face' it 'not endorse'." (It meaning the synagogue, sorry for the Google translation.)

Benhaim leaves no doubt that there was no attack on the synagogue, as so many are repeating without basis, also on DU:

Incidents rue de la Roquette: Serge Benhaim disclaims any attack on synagogue


The president of the synagogue of the Rue de la Roquette is very clear from the beginning, his goal was "to put things in their context and in their measure." And what follows is eloquent. "Not a single projectile on the synagogue." "At no time have we been in physical danger," he says. So where did this rumor come from? Serge Benhaïm think of a "confusion" between the events near a synagogue in Aulnay-sous-Bois , and those of the synagogue of the Rue de la Roquette.


Have we seen another reflexive rush to judgement against Palestinians? Seems so.

French speakers, go to it.




And now the plot turns.

Yatsenyuk's coalition has broken up with the withdrawal of junior partners including Svoboda, and he has resigned. Whether the present parliament can yield a new coalition is an open question. Now this is an opportunity for immediate negotiations and a cease-fire, and it depends largely on Poroshenko, now truly the one man who can take charge. But from his rhetoric (as given by the German report in Rheinische Post, or Rheinische Pest as wags prefer to call it), it seems likelier there will first be a massive intensification of the attempted military solution. What are the odds that U.S. will decide this brink is far enough and rein him in, or that Germany-EU will take a more active role in deescalation? (This is where the demonization of Putin brings things closer to inevitability, since you can't negotiate with Hitler, right?) Fact is, there has been little pacification on the ground, only massacres, and it's very unlikely there will be peace in the east in time for a credible vote there.

The big story otherwise is that before breaking up the coalition passed a law to institute a draft from among all men aged 18-50. This could bring the people back into the equation. If Kiev follows the path of escalation and goes ahead with the draft, there may come sufficient resistance in the western Ukraine for a new squares movement, this time against Poroshenko.

Basically the neo-con justification for U.S. imperialism.

The indispensable nation! We must have total dominance to make the world safe for democracy! Only we can be trusted, only we are fully civilized, the rest are benighted and dangerous!

A "citizen of the world" is not at all abstract. They're called human beings, and unlike the nations they make, they've been here the whole time.

Foreign neo-Nazi fighters in Ukraine (BBC report)


16 July 2014

Ukraine conflict: 'White power' warrior from Sweden

By Dina Newman
BBC News


In a telephone conversation from an undisclosed location, Mr Skillt told me more about his duties: "I have at least three purposes in the Azov Battalion: I am a commander of a small reconnaissance unit, I am also a sniper, and sometimes I work as a special coordinator for clearing houses and going into civilian areas."

As to his political views, Mr Skillt prefers to call himself a nationalist, but in fact his views are typical of a neo-Nazi. "It's all about how you see it," he says. "I would be an idiot if I said I did not want to see survival of white people. After World War Two, the victors wrote their history. They decided that it's always a bad thing to say I am white and I am proud." Mr Skillt believes races should not mix. He says the Jews are not white and should not mix with white people. His next project is to go fight for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad because he believes Mr Assad is standing up to "international Zionism".

Not all of Mr Skillt's views are widely shared in the Azov Battalion, which is about 300-strong in total.... Mr Skillt says there is only a handful of foreign fighters in the Azov Battalion and they do not get paid. "They see it as a good thing, to come and fight," he explains. However, Mr Skillt is expecting more foreigners to join soon: he says there is now a recruiter who is looking for "serious fighters" from outside Ukraine.

The key figures in the Azov Battalion are its commander, Andriy Biletsky, and his deputy, Ihor Mosiychuk. Andriy Biletsky is also the leader of a Ukrainian organisation called the Social National Assembly. Its aims are stated in one of their online publications: "to prepare Ukraine for further expansion and to struggle for the liberation of the entire White Race from the domination of the internationalist speculative capital... to punish severely sexual perversions and any interracial contacts that lead to the extinction of the white man." This, according to experts, is a typical neo-Nazi narrative.

The Azov Battalion was formed and armed by Ukraine's interior ministry. A ministerial adviser, Anton Gerashchenko, got angry when I asked him if the battalion had any neo-Nazi links through the Social National Assembly. (...)


Read more

I have a new dream.

This would be an amazing trip. During your research, did you figure out the total train cost? Also, assuming one has the time... who needs to sync'em up. Might as well spend a few days enjoying various stops.
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