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Yes exactly.

Although they are on a global level and there's been a small but not inisignicant diversification of the topmost wealthy group - in principle more than in reality.

But the economy more than ever is built for the very wealthy and their immediate operational servants in the transnational corporations and political realms. With old privileges not yet broken down at lower class levels, but no longer meaning strong household incomes down here, and with inequality worse and poverty more peristent than ever (whatever the ostensible macroeconomic measures say). And no fully rational direction in the face of the system's self-generated ecological apocalypse.

So the neoliberal age (if we may call it that) shouldn't be touted as an improvement. Do we agree on that much?

"Childish spite and hubris"

is a relatively minor part of it.

Clintonism is neoliberalism in economics and domestic policy and more than ever a hawkish foreign policy. Beneath the pandering and deception of sometime-progressive rhetoric and the identity politics (which accounts for much of the voter support), there is a core political substance that is hostile to the unapologetic and consistent New Deal politics of Sanders. What is she going to do to court his supporters, endorse single payer and tuition-free public universities? Denounce Kissinger and call for an end to military interventionism? Break with Saudi Arabia and endorse a peace initiative with Iran and the BRICS? Her options, if she wanted them, are also limited.

It's classic anti-protest ratfucking.

Like when 100,000 people show up to protest a war and instead of reporting that, or actually speaking with organizers or showing the speakers, the media instead shows pictures either of a) isolated, strange-looking hippies or b) someone angry or violent.

In this case they didn't have pictures of any violence so they sheer made it up. Maddow used WWE footage and spoke of chairs thrown, in the plural.

The trick is to define away the issues.

Let's not talk about the increased pesticide use, oh no.

Let's not talk about the ecological dangers through monocultures, oh no.

Let's not talk about the effects of the GMO propaganda, which sell the incredible lie that these are somehow a solution to world hunger (thus distracting from the actual causes and ways to solve world hunger).

Let's especially not talk about the business model, which amounts to Monsanto & Co. getting to claim ownership of life-forms so as to shakedown the world's farmers for an annual tribute, reaping unearned profits and destroying countless lives.

Let's focus on an aspect - their possible direct health effects on humans of the crops themselves - that cannot be definitively proven either way, because controlled conditions separating the effects of given foods out of thousands of others are nearly impossible to achieve.

Now declare that global fuck-over safe!

Next time we need a closed, DWS-only primary!

These people keep coming in to join and ruin everything!

We must protect the Democratic party against voters!

Trump will be their fault!

So where are the Hillaryans' alleged "Leaked Exit Polls" today?

Not feeling up to the usual pre-result message massage?

It's not an assumption, it's a description.

The speeches happened and the incredible fees were paid for them, that much is factual, no assumptions necessary. You can call that by whatever name you prefer. I call it a legal form of bribery or (if you prefer something less provocative) influence-buying, pay-to-play, etc.

The particular form in which the Clintons did it - through speaking gigs - is not at all unusual, but their haul is without precedent. They were pioneers, but what they did ethically is not unlike the totally legal campaign finance system, which on direct contributions favors the wealthy and lobbyists who can bundle millions in donations, and that also allows unlimited indirect soft-money donations by billionaires and corporations. It is not unlike the totally legal corporate media system, which produces "news" financed by advertising paid by corporations with political interests, as well as billions from political campaigns. These are also forms of influence buying and mutual political aggrandizement by the buyers and sellers.

If you think the corporations and organizations were not paying these exorbitant fees to the Clintons as an effort to buy influence with a potential president, and if you think the Clintons were not there to pander to potential donors for the expected HRC presidential run, then you can give it a different name.

Call these charity gigs, if you will. You wouldn't be the first.

One way potentially to clarify these issues would be for the Clintons to voluntarily release transcripts or recordings of the events. Many of which are likely to be leaked by parties with access who are hostile to Clinton, once she secures the nomination.

So have I understood? Words of the Clintons are meaningless?

They sold their words for $153 million in legal bribes from corporations and other entities -- entities who lobby governments on behalf of their own interests, and who otherwise engage in political influence.

But whatever they said, in exchange for $153 million, is meaningless and of no interest to "America."

Now if you think about it, that is an extremely insulting attitude regarding the words of the future president -- words that one would think are actually very important and meaningful words. Good words!

Most curiously of all, this dismissive attitude, that Clinton's words mean nothing, comes from her supporters in her defense.

Why do you support a person whose words mean nothing to you? Why do you prefer to be in the dark?

You ("we") and "the country" don't get to be synonyms.

"The country" you're thinking of is the one depicted by the corporate media whose owners mostly back Clinton but also love Trump as a ratings machine. They perhaps don't give a shit about her speeches... and actually they will, soon as these are leaked on Trump's behalf in the general campaign!

But think more deeply on what kind of person you have committed yourself to. Someone whose words don't count for "shit," as you say.

It's not just the awfulness.

It's the specific focus within the national security milieu and in the context of the last 20 years of war crimes under multiple administrations (which form a kind of coherent set preceded by the prior 20 years of war crimes under multiple administrations, etc.).

Here's one of the chief lawbreakers, at least on an administrative level, once again complaining about... secret-spilling as the highest crime! Clinton to me is the lead butcher of Libya, the backer of the Honduras coup, the one who probably got the Iran deal delayed and may want to return to confrontation, the one who's rushed ahead of the pack to support every damn intervention of the last 25 years and whose rhetoric now suggests much more in the works that we've seen under Obama.

I get that what she's done with the servers is a violation with an actionable history to it, but it is still being highlighted within a world of incredibly selective priorities on whom and what to investigate and prosecute, which in fact seem designed to reinforce the legitimacy or at least exculpability of far worse things (as well as likely do have a partisan background).

In other words, I'm all for her and all other politicians and officials involved in wrongdoing to have to face justice for their serious traffic violations, but it's a bit of a farce when they're not being charged for the drive-by murders they were careening their cars to and from. And it's also not excusable as "Caponing," since in this case it's Capones going after Capones.
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