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There is absolutely zero chance of this.

They might leave - I doubt it - but nothing of the sort will be done from the NATO side.

Also, ahem, who said Russia is the enemy of NATO? Are we at war with them? Is there somewhere we can vote on this?

Personally I'm not for any military alliances, I'm for scaling it all back and ending the international arms trade and interventions generally. That would involve sitting down with Russia while there's still time to prevent the insanity from spinning out of control. If there's still time.

Because our laws and customs...

are supposed to be based on freedom and rights (a basis on which the burqa might be challenged, by the way) and not on a dress-code supposedly mandated by God?

I'm glad you agree that arresting immigrant or refugee women for wearing burqas should be less of a priority in actually changing the situation with Islamic terrorism than cutting off arms and funds to "our" "allies" who foment it.

Now that's a rational contribution.

It's one thing if De Maiziere condemned the burqa as a hateful instrument that oppresses women, and wanted to do something about that.

In that case he could be more effective by calling for an end to military collaboration with Saudi Arabia, don't you think? Alongside, in any case. Have you heard any such indication from the German government?

It's another thing to put forth this canard that burqas are the disguise par excellence for terrorists, without which they'd be less effective. That's just turning it into a symbol of the Other, whom we should hate. He's competing for the AfD vote, not putting forth a serious proposal.

You also would not know if the fat guy in shorts...

had 30 pounds of explosives in his grocery bag.

It's important to separate the canard of "burkas help terrorists" from the reality of burkas are a cultural expression that oppress women.

As for the latter, if I'm understanding you right, you're saying the West needs to be more like Saudi Arabia? Tit for tat?

I'd like to see as much passion going into the idea of suspending all weapons sales and military aid to Saudi Arabia and other countries with such practices, who use these weapons and aid to murder around the globe. As long as they are "our" "ally," this seems incomparably more urgent. Where's De Maiziere's statement on that?

Do you agree?

No they did not.

They were already occupying Crimea, where they have 90+ percent support of the Russian population. I guess the coup d'etat government in Kiev should not have declared war on the Russian-speaking citizens of the Ukraine, encouraging the Crimeans to run to Moscow for protection.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the NATO propaganda about a threat to the Baltic states, which is setting up pretty much the dumbest confrontation ever. The neocon-neoliberal-neoimperialist posturing has barely been noticed in the U.S., where you can be certain most people would be horrified if they could actually figure out that the U.S. is setting up for a possibly nuclear war with Russia. This is in not in our people's interest!

"8.7 million members" of Republicans Abroad -- yeah right.

Clearly Trump's not the only one who qualifies for a DSM number on the basis of hallucinatory beliefs.

There is no "upswing" of violence in Germany, it's coverage only...

based on the current framing wherein a case of anyone committing any act of violence in Germany is going to be played in the media as potentially part of an "ISIS" terror spree = All Muslims (Arabs, German-born youth with an Iranian father and no religious background, French Algerians, whatever) are terror-programmed = Syrian refugees = that fucking Merkel let them in, serves her right!

See this thread! Some old demented man in Berlin shoots his doctor in one of X hundred murders that happened today, it's global news, and as the upshot you will find posts here attacking Merkel for taking in war refugees!

Corbyn is looking stronger by the day, even as the attacks continue.

Why don't the Blairites unite and run a candidate in a new leadership election?

Bastards and cowards, is all one can say of this tiny minority whose contempt for democracy is evident and whose influence is on the wane.

At the point of the vote, there were many.

I was here and debating a bunch of'em. That was the last time we had a major pre-war propaganda mobilization (rather than just starting it on the down low and seeing if anyone notices), and you may concede that a lot of Americans generally respond to that shit. And even if Bush is the usurper in chief, that's our CIA and Pentagon backing up those claims and they exist to defend us. You'll probably remember how dramatically war opposition dropped off immediately after the bombing started because now it was real and it's our country and our boys going to war, gosh darn it, sacrificing so that we can have our freedoms and freedom isn't free, etc. etc. etc... Don't tell me you don't hear any of this any more around here. I suppose we could go deep into the search and reconstruct a more precise picture.

The Wilpons didn't actually lose any money with Madoff - curious, no?

They actually lied about it at first, acted all outraged that their long-running family friend proved to be a financial pirate, and even claimed they had to cut the team's budget because of it, but later stories have established they somehow, magically, were among those who did not lose money with Madoff.

It takes a very special kind of fucked-up rich-privileged-people logic to come up with that Bonilla deal. As if 10% a year forever is some kind of divine right of the rich. Despite this kind of idiocy, they manage to keep failing up, like all good well-connected New York oligarchs (see: Trump). Like the Yankees, the Mets got about $400 million in subsidies, tax breaks and infrastructure spending to support their new stadium. Bloomberg bestowed upon them the project to demolish Willets Point and replace it with high-end development.

They are horrible people and a big reason why I can barely stand it any more to watch my beloved Mets. And what the fuck is Daniel Murphy doing in a Nationals uniform?!
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