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Name: James Crackcorn (I don't care)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Anytown
Home country: Just browsing
Current location: On the Ramparts
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 627

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Ummm I uh Well, (cough) ......... Never mind..

Journal Archives

On a more positive note....

He has changed his mind about women breast feeding. Unfortunately Melania is not having ANY of it.


FDA WARNS ABOUT SCHADENFREUDE ABUSE: In the last few days a growing number of Americans have overdosed on schadenfreude as Donald Trump undergoes a very humiliating public flameout. The FDA's statement included the warning: "Enjoy schadenfreude in moderation. This is especially true if you have had to wait a long time to consume it. It's easy to forget how intoxicated one can get on the shame and misery of someone you despise, especially when they are as insufferably arrogant, twisted, stupid and shallow as Donald Trump." The FDA also warned against mixing schadenfreude with snark. "S and S use is on the rise and can be deadly to relationships. Frequent users often are oblivious to just how obnoxious their sneering commentary can be to people who don't share their views."

You know what? This is DU. Fuck the FDA

Dr Bornstein provides explanation for Trump's skin color and bitchiness

Dissociated Press: Donald Trump's gastroenterologist, Harold Bornstein announced he had solved the mystery of his famous patient's orangish hue and an explanation of why he goes after everybody "like a bitch." After top to bottom scopes of the corpulent codgers cavernous cavities (and cleaning up his own projectile vomiting), Dr. Bornstein called a press conference.

"This is the most jaundiced human being I have ever met," he said somberly. "There is literally nothing inside of Mr. Trump except a giant gall bladder producing gallons of bile and a twisted up colon generating more methane than an Oklahoma fracking operation. Other than those organs and dense pockets of dark hard stool, the man is totally gutless."

Bornstein said for some reason Trump could only execute excretory functions when large groups of people were willing to listen to him. "This campaign is the only thing keeping him from just exploding." Bornstein said, beginning to retch "And something else is eating him up inside but I couldn't stick around long enough to ...." Dr. Bornstein was not available for further questioning.

New video surfaces: Team Trump responds to unexpected female visitor to campaign planning meeting



Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim Offender: https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/DARVO

Nobody does it better (worse). Trump constantly says outrageous, hostile, dishonest things , makes nasty insinuations or accusation about others but as soon as his target reacts to his covert or overt message, he denies he did anything to deserve it, then goes on the attack as if he is the person who is being victimized

If you've ever been DARVO'd by a pro you know it is a major mind fuck. It almost always involves a complete fabricated retelling of what just happened and how completely wrong and evil minded it was for you to take it the "wrong way." Masters of this skill constantly make comments and critiques of someone in ways that they can later spin as harmless, insignificant or something noone should take offense at. When you do they can pour it on. And if you then get really angry or upset they use that as proof of your hostility or to dismiss you as crazy. He did it constantly in the Republican debates and paralyzed his opposition most of the time. He is a reptile.

Twas the Night before Debate

TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE DEBATE (with apologies to Clement Clark Moore and Steven Vincent Benet)

Twas the night before debate and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, except for one louse,
Hopes were hung high in homes cross the land,
For defeat of a bigot, most people couldn’t stand.
That bigot lay shaking in a four poster bed,
As humiliating visions danced in his head
Conway and Junior were outside of his room,
Thinking of ways to avert certain doom.
In the dark of his room Donald fell to his knees,
Begging for help from the powers that be,
He smelled something foul. Was it sulpher? Brimstone?
Just his own flopsweat or something unknown?
His room grew warmer as a spirit appeared
It wore a red suit and had a tail like a spear.
Still on his knees Donald started to beg,
The man shook his head, then shook Don off his leg.
The spirit looked angry, Trump knew that was bad.
But begged him anyway, looking contrite and sad.
The stranger looked grim, Don babbled like a brook,
Till the man pointed his finger at the craven old crook.
“Look here you bozo, you simpering dumb chimp,
You haven’t got the cred of a back alley pimp.”
You still owe me billions from past help I gave you,
You have nothing not already mine, you bazoo!
The Donald grew silent, he had to think fast,
Did he really have nothing of value at long last?
Wait! There was something he had and never once used.
His soul had to be somewhere around there, he mused.
His eyes opened wide, he spoke with conviction,
Although at the level of a twelve year old’s diction.
“Just let me win! Let me beat that old hag!
If I do then this election's in the bag.
I will give you this country, my soul for forever
Just give me the words that makes folks pull my lever!”
Satan’s grin grew wider, his eyes burning bright,
Donald stopped talking and started shaking in fright.
"Why are you smiling? Is that not a good deal?
I'll throw in Melania. I mean it for real."
The devil threw back his head, laughed loud and long
"If you think you ever had a soul, you're dead wrong.
Your pyre awaits you when you are expired.
And the first thing you'll hear is 'Donald, your fired.'
You'll be spit roasted forever, that seems only fair.
Your screams and begging just filling the air.
The debate doesn't matter nor does the election
And the same thing goes for your smallish erection.
So there won't be a deal, no help tomorrow,
Only more shame, despair and great sorrow.
But don't feel too bad, you still are a winner,
You're first rate, top notch, a world class sinner.
And when people say I am the father of lies,
I tell them its you who takes home the grand prize."
And with that the Dark Prince dissolved into smoke,
Leaving poor Donald the famed pig in a poke.
But the last thing he said, as clear as a bell,
Was, "So long you bastard, I'll see you in hell."

Fox TV and 24-7 hate radio minus Fairness Doctrine & Equal Time have normalized this "thinking."

But this abuse of the public airwaves gets little attention any more. Some states Supreme Courts have already ruled that news organizations can legally distort news and even present false information. Fox "News" facts have a dismal 40% relationship with reality. What exactly did we expect when right wing media owners have permission to let Rush, Hannity, Savage, Beck and local right wing hacks totally dominate radio for 30 years without any counterbalance? Those hosts have learned how to talk in code and with contempt about other races and reinforce racial animus in their listeners every day. But we pretend it isn't so bad or doesn't require balance and condemnation.

Has the Drumpfster made any tweets recently about how a terror attack might be good for his polls?

Just wondering, you know.....

Trump Wins: A Cautionary Tale

The 2016 election was finally over. After what people called the ugliest, most reprehensible and shameless election in world history, Donald Trump had been elected President of the United States. Donald tried to shake the sleep out of his head and took a long pull on his crack pipe. Then he leaned over and snorted a line of coke off the breasts of one of the Nubian slaves he no longer had to hide. The discovery that a candidate for the US Presidency was a serial sex slaver, specializing in exotic women of color would have finished lesser candidates, but the Donald only experienced a drop of 2 points for a few days and then polled higher than before.

Like most of the two year long electoral debacle the media couldn't or wouldn't explain much of it. The incident in Albany in late September when Trump had bodyguards drag Anderson Cooper on stage, had him stripped and then personally flogged him with a cat o nine seemed to quiet media criticism. Especially after the attorney general of New York was found in several landfills around the state.

Trump had been briefly worried the following week when Time magazine uncovered uncontrovertible evidence of his ties and debts to the Russian mob, KGB and Putin. Pictures of him cavorting with Russian prostitutes on a reviewing stand while dissidents were being pulled apart by horses found there way onto the internet. The story spread wildly over the world but strangely got little play in the US media. His polls sagged briefly but recovered quickly after he issuing a blanket denial of everything and refused to talk of it.

Even when his taxes were leaked showing he was near bankrupcy for the fifth time, his polls held or moved up in some states. The documents showed he was almost wholly owned and controlled by foreign agents, hadn't paid a penny in taxes or given one for charity for more than 10 years and had actually taken as business deductions bribes he paid to IRS agents and Republican politicians. Inexplicably people continued to see him as more truthful and trustworthy than Hillary Clinton who Trump had said had started the Zika virus and was rotting from the inside from venereal diseases from her husband's infidelities. A congressional subcommittee was formed to investigate these charges.

Meanwhile Clinton's campaign was also hampered by large gangs of Aryan skin heads disrupting events with obscene chanting, beating her supporters and targeting the candidate on the podium with what they claimed were only laser pointers. Congressional Republicans responded with several new investigations into Benghazi and her missing emails, claiming the public had a right to know. Gargoylesque surrogate Rudy Gulliani who was offered the attorney general position in a Trump administration promised he would have her water boarded until she confessed or died.

The election stayed close right until the last poll closed. Bags of ballots had simply disappeared. There was evidence of wide spread voting machine hacks many coming from overseas. More than half of swing state precincts were marked by riots, shootings and in one case an elderly Hispanic woman had been hanged who showed up at the wrong polling station. But what finally cost Clinton the election was the low voter turn out. Less than 23% of eligible voters showed up on election day and Trump got 11.5176% percent of them. Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio were still burning and under martial law and the Donald had a slight lead in the votes that were found. He felt confident his lead would hold up.

But now that he had won, had proven he was bigger and badder than Obama, Trump was not looking forward to running the country. It frankly seemed like a lot of work and the pay sucked. Pence, that whiny piece of crap was already planning a Christofacsist state and was badgering him about the need for uniforms. Trump had let him order a couple hundred thousand brown shirts from one of his Haitian sweat shops and the same number of jackboots from his cattle rendering plants in India. But this was small potatoes. He was going to need some serious money.

He had woke Wednesday morning to a massive hangover with Melania's divorce papers stapled to his head and a bald swatzika shaved onto both temples. That bitch never could take a joke he thought bitterly. And then there was good old Ivanka threatening him with a massive civil suit over the abuse that had begun when she was a child not to mention the legal bills to contend with hundreds of new legal charges, indictments and suits that had ballooned over the last year.

It was a good thing that he still had the Trump Foundation. Their coffers had filled up almost overnight and he had a sneaky feeling he would require most of it himself. But he hadn't forgot the wall. He had promised a wall and he was going to deliver it. It would be taller, stronger, more beautiful and more heavily armed than originally planned. And it wasn't going to cost near as much as people thought. The entire White House grounds amounted to only 18 acres.

Dissociated Press Release: Trump campaign explains what happened in Mexico-"Depends"

Dissociated Press: Donald Trump, coward, corpulent con-man and incompetent candidate for Commander in Chief, was unable to explain why he sounded so subdued and somber after his meeting with Mexican President Pena Nieto. As reporters shouted questions the normally ebullient Trump could only shake his massive orange head and appeared to be struck dumb. His voice raspy, mouth opening and closing like a beached goldfish he offered only whines and whimpers. He finally slouched away from the podium leaving surrogates stranded on the stage.

Reporters peppered them with more questions as they huddled together trying to cobble together an explanation. "We wanted something that would hold water," said Kellyanne Conway. "We finally realized that was unrealistic because Donald himself doesn't hold water." Conway admitted that during the meeting with the Mexican leader Donald had wet himself and that only his dark suit concealed the obvious evidence. She stated that she recognized the boistrous bully was in trouble when he doubled up on his Depends right before the meeting.

Conway denied that the accident was fear based. "He was just pissed off that the super absorbent diapers he used in the states were not available in Mexico City and that Melania had forgot to pack extras." She stated that the aging fraud thinks better when he isn't wet and chafing. She pointed to his much stronger performance in Arizona a few hours later as proof. "Once he is changed and powdered he feels like no one can touch him and frankly no one does."

Conway also reminded reporters that Trump was recovering from recent castration surgery and a prefrontal lobotomy. "This only proves what his doctor said about his health," she said defiantly. "Few men his age would feel like doing anything after that, but Don felt sure he could handle anything that wetback could throw at him."

Conway dismissed one reporter's observation that it was Trump's back that was wet right up to his shoulder blades. "Mr. Trump wears fine Egyptian cotton and that stuff wicks like a mofo" she said irritably. "But to be safe we are giving him a suprapubic catheter with a two gallon leg bag. I hope you fucks are happy now."
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