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Name: James Crackcorn (I don't care)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Anytown
Home country: Just browsing
Current location: On the Ramparts
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 651

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Ummm I uh Well, (cough) ......... Never mind..

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He did it too.

PRIEBUS: .......But that issue (Trump beating the birther nonsense) has been resolved for years now, and it's been resolved for at least two years in Donald Trump's mind. And to bring that up as justification for John Lewis questioning the legitimacy of a democratic activity that is -- has been around since the beginning of our country is wrong.
STEPHANOPOULOS: Just a factual point, he didn't stop raising those questions -- he didn't stop raising those questions until late in this campaign, not two years.
PRIEBUS: But look, George, that's not the point. The point is not where Barack Obama was born, the point is is that we've got congressmen on the Democratic side of the aisle that are questioning the legitimacy of President-elect Trump who won in an electoral landslide. That's the issue. That's where the outrage should be, not old news, but the fact that we are preparing for the transfer of power. and we have been working with President Obama, hand in glove, and I think that they -- including the president -- should step up and get his people in line and tell them to grow up and accept the fact that
they lost the election.
STEPHANOPOULOS: Let's move on to the issue of Russia.

Here is what he should have said:

"No, you're missing the point you dense jackass. Your candidate spent five years implying Obama was an illegitimate president and had to be forced to admit it was not true instead of being forced to admit he had lied his ass off about it because he did. He gave that admission all of 20 seconds. So the real outrage you lying sack of shit is that this same putz who was elected under deeply suspicious circumstances, and who won by the narrowest of electoral margins while getting drubbed in the popular vote now wants us to blindly accept his legitimacy. Fuck that noise, Riense."

What Chuck Todd should have said to Rience Priebus

when he said Trump flipped 250 counties, biggest landslide since Reagan blah blah blah,

"Look, I don't want to suggest you are being a dissembling troll but your guy won a very narrow victory in a few key states, almost entirely due to your party's excessive, potentially criminal gerrymandering, voter suppression, dismantling of voter's rights and heavy assistance from Russian hackers and WikiLeaks who were feeding him a constant stream of bullshit from stolen emails for two months. Not to mention collaborative efforts from the FBI who chose to suppress their investigation into Trump's Russian connections in favor of trashing Clinton and reopening the email issue with a bogus warrant. So don't come on my show and start out lying and trying to make it sound like he won some kind of amazing decisive victory when he didn't. Is that OK, with you? Or are in fact going to continue with more bullshit, you dissembling troll?

That was an interesting link on enneagrams.

The unhealthy levels 6-8 of Type Eight fit Trump very well and are truly terrifying to think about. If he is a very unhealthy eight as he appears, then he needs to be put out of office quickly before he can use that power to keep himself there regardless of what he does. But his tweeting reveals inner weakness. He must deter, intimidate or destroy his enemies immediately or be seen as a wimp. And yet the more he blusters and self aggrandizes the weaker and more insecure he sounds.

The Jungian concept of anima possession might explain why some say Trump tweets like a 15 year old girl. Think of the archteype of the spoiled rich girl. (Archie's girlfriend Veronica, comes to mind.) She gets whatever she wants. She wraps her boyfriends around her finger but has a fit if he doesn't come over when she says regardless of what he has to do. She can get Dad to buy her the BMW instead of the Volkswagen he was planning. She can get her male teachers to give her an A instead of the D she earned. Everyone has to listen to her all the time and she can go on and on and on. Trump's inner feminine partner seems like that; a vain bitchy,pretentious easily wounded gold-digger who can never get enough attention and has to be in control at all times.

How did he get possessed of this caricature of femininity? I don't know. Maybe he watched his father fooling around with young women behind his mother's back. Maybe his father took Donald along with him on his trysts teaching him how to be a real man and how to view and treat women at the same time.
The fact is that Trump was given everything he could want to be a success and were it not for his father's bankroll and friends he would have been an utter failure and probably be in some homeless shelter. Maybe that is what his anima is whispering in his ear all the time.

I keep thinking about his views of women which kept emerging throughout the campaign. In the "pussy grabbing" video he sees them as shallow, fawning playthings to be fondled or fucked and then discarded. In his sneering dismissive contempt of Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina he was saying they were ugly old crones unpleasant to look at and without any value now. He even hinted that he could understand Bill's unfaithfulness. In his interviews with Howard Stern he talked openly about his daughters sexual desirability and his wish to date her. He invited Stern and his audience to consider her a nice "piece of ass." She responds to him by showing him her perfect smile and teeth and allowing him to nearly grope her openly. As long as she does that she is perfect. The man is twisted.

Meanwhile he tweets self congratulating ignorance, hate, threats and ever more blatant lies getting closer and closer to a place of awesome power where someone like him should never be allowed. All I know is that he creeps me out more each day and I am truly frightened for the whole world if he is allowed to assume power.

Why Donald Trump tweets like a little child

is something the American people have a right to know. Some say he tweets like a little girl, others say like a little boy. Google the question and you see lots of Americans asking that question but no one has the answer or even a guess. Clearly this is a cover up. A 74 year old man who is supposed to be preparing for the most powerful position in the world is instead chattering, boasting and preening nonstop on Twitter.

Is no one willing to swim into the psychological weeds where the answer lies? Can no one offer possible sources for this bizarre behavior? I believe this community can break through the silence and offer explanations for this regressive exhibitionism. Extra points if you include Ivanka, Putin, his fetishes and his bizarre appearance in your answer.

Exactly. And the VA is getting huge numbers of older vets

Who have lost their jobs,or their insurance or can no longer afford it. Their care needs are often complicated so caseloads should be lower but instead there is a shortage of providers leading to higher caseloads more burnout fewer providers etc. I think their biggest problem has been a bonus system that rewarded incompetent managers for cutting costs and increasing service delivery. Without adequate staffing for their numbers of patients it lead to scheduling tricks that covered up the real problems. My personal view is that in any bureacracy bonuses should go only to clinical staff or workers while middle management needs to be given actual productive work or they willl invent processes that fuck things up for everyone.

We better start arming and training.

I know many Trump supporters and none of them are gunless. All them have more guns and ammunition then you need for home defense. Some of them way more. A lot of them are veterans. Many are swimming in a Marianas Trench of cognitive dissonance. They are proudly, defiantly ignorant and Trump has encouraged and blessed their fear and hatred of others who look and think differently.

Those "others" include liberals and progressives. A surprising number of Trump supporters are preppers fully expecting the dissolution of civilized society followed by home invasion from starving desperate minority members. They are preparing for war against these enemies and their supporters and enablers. That's us folks. Trump has an army of ready and willing brown shirts who just lack a galvanizing event and some chaos to act on their well cultivated fear and loathing.

Look whose going to be in the White House. That chaos is gathering. We need to be as ready as they are. And we are no where close


Did anyone watch Trump's long self adoring, onanistic oratory from Alabama today? I mean other than the clueless cheering bozos in the stadium. I can't watch but was channel surfing and it seemed like it went on for hours. If this was a perp parked in a car they would be arrested for exhibitionism. If it were a child you would tell them they had to do that kind of thing in the privacy of their own room. Then you'd drop them off at a long term pediatric neuropsychiatry clinic. (If you still had insurance.)

Dear Republican Leadership:

Dear Republican Leadership:
Ever since a minority of American voters filled with fake news and xenophobic fears collaborated with their corporatists owners and Russian agents to elect Donald Trump you have been eager to begin destroying what's left of the New Deal. We get that. But could you impeach Trump and do it with Mike Pence? Having a DINK (Demented Ignorant Narcissistic Know-it-all) President, refusing intelligence briefings in favor of victory tours where he can offend our allies, demoralize our security agencies and threaten nuclear armed countries is starting to make some of us nervous. After all a Christo-fascist state is really what you want and there is a better chance Pence can get you there without making the world uninhabitable.


A majority of American voters and sizeable majority of those who sat out the election thinking "Ain't no way."

PS: You need to do this pretty damn quick. This is a guy who could fumble the nuclear football on a bad hair day and he has a lot of those.


On a more positive note....

He has changed his mind about women breast feeding. Unfortunately Melania is not having ANY of it.


FDA WARNS ABOUT SCHADENFREUDE ABUSE: In the last few days a growing number of Americans have overdosed on schadenfreude as Donald Trump undergoes a very humiliating public flameout. The FDA's statement included the warning: "Enjoy schadenfreude in moderation. This is especially true if you have had to wait a long time to consume it. It's easy to forget how intoxicated one can get on the shame and misery of someone you despise, especially when they are as insufferably arrogant, twisted, stupid and shallow as Donald Trump." The FDA also warned against mixing schadenfreude with snark. "S and S use is on the rise and can be deadly to relationships. Frequent users often are oblivious to just how obnoxious their sneering commentary can be to people who don't share their views."

You know what? This is DU. Fuck the FDA

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