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Profile Information

Name: James Crackcorn (Why should I care?)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Otisville
Home country: East Lexluthia
Current location: On the Ramparts
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 547

About Me

I am old, ODD and proudly in the way And ready for Festivus every damn day.

Journal Archives

Why Bernie Will Win it All; thanks to the RW Noise Machine

The good news is that Bernie will win the nomination and the Presidency. And the right wing noise machine will have played an important, maybe even crucial role. For almost 25 years, they have been pounding relentlessly on Hillary, and while you can point to mistakes she made, there is no way she deserved what she got from those assholes. They have hammered her to the point that even Dems are tired of hearing about her. This fatigue will enable Bernie to creep up on her and even pass her long before the big state primaries put him over the top. The noise machine will never let her go, even as she drops in the polls because their foam-at-the-mouth breathing readers and listeners think Hillary is Satan's own daughter. They demand their Hillary hate and they would elect anyone even BenitoTrump rather than her. If Hillary managed to survive the primary, the trolls would come out to vote in droves and maybe even threaten to drive Dems from the polls with automatic weapons.

But when they discover that their opposition is Bernie, they won't know what to think. They haven't been paying attention to him. The noise machine will then only have a little more than six months to reindoctrinate them and they aren't fast learners. Meanwhile Bernie will be having more and more exposure and even the zombie right will understand this is not an ordinary Democrat and realize he would be good for them too. Bernie will also rip their candidate a new one, even several new ones in the debates. The sudden hysterical pleading and teeth gnashing of Rush and Hannity et al will sound exactly like that to their base who will see that the choice is Bernie and an ignorant malignant narcissist or Bernie and yet another RNC stooge who will gladly screw them again. Without Hillary to vote against in November 2016, the bitter, broken, Republican base will either not show up or will come in and covertly vote for Bernie.

Now hold on. Both sides do this.

Let's remember when Al Sharpton said "George Bush is so slow because he is the product of centuries of aristocratic inbreeding from the same genetic source that produced Jeb's dyslexia and Neil's psychopathy."

And Jesse Jackson: George HW Bush is a racist killer who hates minorities and hates children. He helped slaughter Panamanians and Nicaraguans and learned this hate from his own parents who wanted to neuter 'mental defectives.' It's a wonder he didn't drown his own offspring."

Shirley Lee Jackson: "The Bush family is an American hating crime syndicate that is covered with the blood of innocents while they have tried to hide their financial connections to and dependence on the rich Nazi's that their family aided and abetted while the rest of the country was at war with them."

John Lewis: "This family isn't American. And never have been. They sold out long ago. They have no appreciation for America, the melting pot but they would like to melt us down just like their Nazi friends did to the Jews."

....oh, that's right. That didn't happen. But if it had Democrats would have sang their praises. So really it is just the same as if they had said it. **

** the above is sarcasm. I tried to mimic the horrible things that have been said about Obama by saying similarly horrible things about Bush and pretending they were said by black Democratic spokesperson and then using the demented logic of Faux to form a false equivalency to the delusional slander about Obama. Ha ha...... Sheesh.

I have said this before....this is no ordinary cognitive dissonance at work now..

Working people will keep voting for the Tea Party and Republicans just like the good people of Jonestown drank the kool aid. The more you invest in your folly and the longer you have been duped, the harder it is to admit it. I fear we will see this malignant cognitive dissonance in full display in a couple of weeks. PT Barnum ("There's a sucker born every minute.") and Jim Jones ("Bottoms up, everyone!) are the true spiritual leaders of the modern Republican Party with HL Mencken (Nobody ever went broke, underestimating the intelligence of the American public.") brought in as a consultant for campaign ads.

It is just slight of hand.

We need to remember that the people really running the Republican party don't really give a fuck about abortion. In fact they really don't want a lot of Medicaid babies, preemies, fetal alcohol syndrome, and otherwise deathly sick or addicted babies jamming up the neonatal intensive care and jacking up their state deficits. They would look like the reptillian slime they are if they shut off the oxygen and IVs on 18 oz preemies and hydrocephalics that would otherwise have been aborted. But they need these dimbulbed single issue voters and they needed a win to keep them juiced on the Republican brand. So this little victory does the trick and doesn't do much of anything else except fuck over the women of Hobby Lobby who will have to find other ways to get birth control. Of course it is wrong. It is also cynical as hell on their part because they know the Supremes will never outlaw abortion for the reason mentioned above. But they have to look like they will or the jig is up. The republican state legislatures are doing all the heavy lifting against abortions and SCOTUS has done nothing but tease them along, knowing they can shut it all down if it gets out of control and expensive.

Meanwhile the Republican controllers will make sure that their Lindseys, Ashleys and Penelopes have the best contraception money can buy and quick trips to Canada or even a write off trip to France should she forget her pill. This also is an issue that will frustrate and exhaust our activists so that is a bonus for them.

Here's the new plan for Iraq...

We should send our CIA over there to help assassinate Maliki and current leaders who need to die in order to set up a brutal strong man leader friendly to our interests. He needs to be a real SOB who will crush all dissent. Hell, he could even be the guy we pick to shoot Maliki. Later, if he gets too strong or a major PIA, we can manipulate him into making a mistake that we can use to gin up support for an international force and bomb the country halfway to the stone age. This will weaken him but we can leave him around to continue holding the place together till we can get all the oil out. If necessary we can eventually force him out of power with some trumped up bullshit national security reasons.

Seems like someone would have thought of this already.

Caveat Emptor (What You Need to Know about Your Mob Insurance and Healthcare Provider)

It's simple really. You have to know exactly who your insurance will or won't cover and/or how much of their services they will or won't cover and what medical services or procedures they will or won't cover. Then you need to know where your insurance will or won't cover you and how much they will or won't cover you in which places. You have to know if you have any coverage at all until you hit your deductible or if you have any coverage at all until you hit your out of pocket maximum. You have to know what percentage of which procedure or treatment is covered. You might get the surgery free in a network facility but still pay 30-50% of the jacked up hospital pharmacy and supply costs. You have to know all providers who your network doctor might choose to be in the surgery room and whether they are also in network or you might get socked with their whole fee. You have to clearly understand the nature of your surgical procedures and what facilities they can be performed in. Your hospital scheduled surgery might be possible in an outpatient clinic or doctor's office for thousands less. You need to know what medications you need now and might need in the future and if they are on your insurance companies formulary. Then you need to know what tier they are on and what percentage is paid on each tier. You also have to know how to review your multi page bills for "mistakes" like not deducting the network deductions, double entries, services not delivered and how to appeal that wrongly figured bill etc etc. Oh yes. You will also need to know how to appeal a wrongly issued denial of payment or incorrectly paid bill.

And if you are having to choose an insurance plan you will have to know all these things on multiple plans so you can compare price and features and choose wisely, grasshopper.

See? How hard is that?

Did I mention this is a fucking national disgrace? My heart goes out to you Will. I have experienced similar struggles with the health insurance shitheels. My settlement with one after they fraudulent denied my claim cost me about $6000 or more in unrecovered legal costs. (They paid the bill. Just not my lawyer fees).

I never suggested we walk away. I suggested we fight. But watch how the teabillies do it.

While Dems were waving their compromise flags in the US Senate, the Tea Party went back to the states and kicked our asses locally. Now they have gerrymandered the hell out of 2/3 of the states and practically rewrote all the rules of voting to exclude as many of our constituencies as possible and make it much easier to steal elections. We stood by and let them do it and let them use bullshit excuses and lies about protecting democracy. Those fuckers hate democracy. A few people spoke up a few times on MSNBC but that was it. It should have been on someone's lips on every Sunday talk show on every show a Dem showed up on.

How many bills did our Democratic leaders advance to overturn any of it?

How many bills did they advance to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine so that hate radio lies aren't pouring out of every hicks radio 24/7?

How many times did our guys stand up in front of the cameras and call the repugs what they are, what everyone can see that they are? You know....racist, sexist, homophobic, corporate ass kissers who never miss an opportunity to knife a working person in the back. Yes, you could say that a little nicer. But not much. Because it isn't a bullshit lie like calling Obama a socialist Kenyan. It's the fucking truth and you could prove it every time.

You want to know why people are pissed at Obama? It's because Obama looked and sounded like a fighter when he was running in 2007 and 2008. And with a few exceptions he hasn't looked like it since. If the Harlem Globetrotters were swishing them from half court and stuffing the basketball up to their armpit during warmups and then played like they "respected" the Generals during the game and didn't want to run up the score and lost more than half of their games, no one would come back and watch another game.

Politics is a blood sport. It is time we recognized it, played like it and left some of theirs on the floor.

All I am saying is the Republicans have never looked sicker, nastier and stupider than they do now.

And they still have a shot at the Senate. You think they won't have articles of impeachment on the table come November 5th? Here is a collection of stories from the last few days on DU.

Tom DeLay: People keep forgetting that God ‘wrote the Constitution’ |

Newly disclosed emails reveal racist jokes by Scott Walker's ex-aides

Tea Party protesters call Charlie Crist a ‘commie whore’ who looks ‘like an AIDS victim’

Arizona Governor Fears Government Regulation Could Ruin Bigotry and Hatred
“All I’m saying is, let’s leave it to the private sector.”

Boykin: When Jesus Comes Back, He'll Be Carrying An AR-15 Assault Rifle

GOP Candidate Allegedly Joked About Gunshot Patients’ X-Rays on Facebook

Walker caught lying his ass off again and facing Hatch Act violation charges.

Christie's closest circle of advisers and friends implicated or resigning or both

Obama is a Nazi....says future Republican Senator who may not have a Democratic opponent.

Texas Tea Party candidate: Calling immigrants ‘wetbacks’ is as normal as breathing air

Virginia Republican Says A Pregnant Woman Is Just A 'Host'

Kansas Tea Party group urges state senators to legalize discrimination against LGBT citizens |...

Lively: Putin Will Restore Tsarism, Defeat 'Marxist' United States And 'Global Homosexual Agenda'

It's been like this for months. These howling lunatics and hundreds more like them are who Democrats are running against. It should be like shooting fish in a barrel. Not a day should go by without prominent Dems including the President shaming the Republicans for fielding and tolerating such corrupt, nasty, mean spirited ignoramuses. But no. We can't have that. That would be mean. Obama invites the Repug governors for tea and Bobby Jindal takes a dump on the rug and wipes himself on the curtains.

It is more than simple cognitive dissonance allowing Republicans to remain not only viable but competitive. This is a mutated metastatic version of it and it appears half of the country is infected. They need woke up. They need a smack in the face every day until they do. A middle or lower class person voting Republican at this point is like asking your morbidly obese and acutely psychotic doctor who chain smokes, drinks sterno and injects meth into his temples during your appointments to help you develop a healthy lifestyle.

And then following his advice.

America is approaching a Jonestown moment. Polls are showing that despite everything right in front of their faces Americans may vote in a Republican Senate. In Guyana it was aging radicals, hippies, blacks and liberals wanting to believe in Jim Jones phony socialism. Walled off from facts they stopped listening to anyone but Jones and doubled down on their craziness and died in agony. The politicians who tried to rescue them discretely and quietly died running away too. (You don't bring a microphone and camera to a gun fight).

One loud bold voice in that camp needed to say "Take a good look at your Mr. Jones and the jack booted thugs he surrounds himself with. Are you going to actually listen to and follow the directions of this fraudulent bozo who stole your money, this perp who is groping your asses?" It would have got messy when the emperor was exposed but if well prepared for almost everyone would have just walked away. Right now half the people who have been voting Republican have decided it would be too humiliating to admit how crazy their beloved party has become and are ready for their final kool aid test this May. The other half have already drank it and are zombies already. They are slow and stupid and in small numbers easily handled. But you get enough of them......

Take the fucking gloves off. Now.

I used to think that....

But the Cock Brothers are spending a fortune buying up state legislatures and the nastiest most compliant stooges they can find to run and funding them to the hilt. They wouldn't be trying so hard if it was all in the bag. No. There is something wrong with the Dems that the Repugs can be out baying at the moon and running batshit crazy candidates that want to gut the social safety net and turn us into some third world country run by aristocratic pricks. Meanwhile we can't even loudly and forcefully defend social security let alone call them out on their shit for fear of sounding unreasonable and liberal. If this is scripted it is a pretty stupid script.

What's wrong with the Democratic Party? I'll tell you...

The Democratic Party: What's wrong with them? For starters they are almost the Washington Generals of politics. They show up, get a lead and then fall apart, blow a huge advantage and walk off shaking their heads. "Maybe next time." I say 'almost' because if there is one thing the Republican party ISN'T, it is the Harlem Globetrotters. The Dems are getting beat by a bunch of ignorant loud mouth hypocritical assholes who can barely dribble the ball. So it is really more like the Harlem Globetrotters rolling over for the Teabilly Shitstompers. You wouldn't tune in to watch that. And that is how I am feeling about the Dems. I don't think it is by design either, they just are afraid they might offend someone by being partisan. "Oh, the poor Shitstompers don't need to be hung by atomic wedgies in front of the Senate and mocked for their ignorance and tiny appurtenances. "No" say the Democrats, "They need us to set a good example of sportsmanship." Screw that noise.

Obama: As someone else said when he was first elected "He could have turned us into freaking Norway." Instead Obama wanted to show everyone what a harmless, cooperative fellow he was. So he ignored his base, tried to make nice, threw out single payor and made a whole bunch of pointless concessions before there was even a demand for it. Why? Just so a bunch of hateful wingnuts and inbred racist crackers can call him a mongrel and thug and an uppity n-word who they can hardly wait to impeach. And they will if they take the Senate and they may anyway just for shits and giggles like they did with Clinton. And you can hardly find one Repug anywhere who will do more than give some tiny weenie rebuke and then heaping the miscreant with praise for being such a stalwart Nazi on gun rights and abortions.

Obama's response? He talks like Congress is dysfunctional, not just the flaming assclowns of the GOP who would burn down the country if there was one chance in a 100 that Obama would get part of the blame, who have filibustered or threatened to filibuster almost every one of his judges, who have been willing to throw the entire country into default rather than pay the bills their guy ran up. Unbelievable cowards, shit heels and dumbasses but not to hear Obama. He might make a little joke but that's it.

You know who we need for President? We need Eldrige "Penis Pants" Cleaver.


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