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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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I love that.. I want to borrow it!

Thanks napkinz~

New Rule: If You Don't Acknowledge the Existence of the Federal Government..

What's he's "sad" about is your exposing eddie as putin's tool which many knew all along.

Marlboro.Stan @MarlboroStan
Snowden: Do you spy on Americans?
PBO: No.
Snowden: LIAR!

Snowden: Do you spy on Russians?
Putin: No.
Snowden: I'm good with that.

2:07 PM - 19 Apr 2014

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It's obvious Snowden's a Pawn for Putin.. effin' hypoicrite. USA BAD/Russia Good

Sooooo, eddie has no fucking clue he's pimping for putin?!


Snowden celebrates Pulitzer by turning into Putin’s propaganda tool,” former NSA general counsel Stewart Baker said in a comment posted on Twitter, referring to the Pulitzer Prizes awarded to The Post and the Guardian US this week for their Snowden coverage."

thank you, PS

So is Putin the Goat and Snowden the Sheep? Oh yeah.. "it's not about him".. except Eddie made

it about himself with his fucking stupid pandering to Putin and leaking to Al Qaeda.. and every other stupid thing that comes out of his mouth..

Taking a bow..

President Obama visits with people in the crowd following the seventh annual Wounded Warrior Project’s Soldier Ride on the South Lawn of the White House, April 17, 2014 (Photo by Pete Souza)


Thank you, DIrish~

It was a love-fest..

Snowden's no "hero"..

More Snowden leaks - and this time Al Qaeda is the surveillance target (+video)

".. But what caught my eye in one of the unredacted slides was the mention of Al Qaeda in Iraq being a particular target of the NSA's efforts. The slide reads: "Visual Communicator – Free application that combines Instant Messaging, Photo-Messaging, and Push2Talk capabilities on a mobile platform. VC used on GPRS or 3G networks." The next five words were what the Times tried and failed to redact: "heavily used in AQI Mosul Network."

The aim as described in the documents is to target mobile phone apps that can give away a target's physical location. The utility of this in tracking terrorists hardly needs to be stated. The document describes a program focusing on clear security interests – Al Qaeda in Iraq, now calling itself Al Qaeda in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) – killed thousands in Iraq during the US-led war there and continues to carry out suicide bombings and attacks on civilians there on a weekly basis. ISIS is also deeply involved in the civil war in Syria, and the groups ties to Al Qaeda make it an obvious security concern for the US.."


"..But his claim that "none of this has anything to do with terrorism" is not reasonable. That's pure nonsense -- as is his attempt to suggest that any revelations of eavesdropping techniques can't do any harm because terrorists already know all about it. Terrorists may know that the US is trying to spy on them as best it can (just as Germany and France know that). But knowing the precise method is another thing altogether."


We know Putin's lying his ass off but here it is in Black and White. The Putin and Snowden show..

Journalistic death toll in Putin's Russia

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