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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 147,200

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Every word is True and glad somebody wrote it down.

Mahalo, bears!

Put this in my journal and help pass it around.. so needed right now!

F**Cking Blame's on you, McCain.. couple of snips from your link..

"McCain is right; it could have been avoided. If, in the aftermath of 9/11, President George W. Bush had treated the arguments of Feith, McCain, and other advocates of the Iraq War with the disdain they deserved, we (and the Iraqis) wouldn’t be where we are today."

"The Iraq invasion and occupation was ill-conceived, ill-executed, and ill-fated. It had terrible consequences not just for Iraq but for many other countries. It illustrated the limits of American military power—the opposite of what it was intended to do—and it helped accomplish what Osama bin Laden could never have achieved on his own: drawing the United States and its allies into an open-ended global battle with militant Islam. When you hear Feith and other architects of the Iraq invasion criticizing Obama for cutting and running, it is well to remember that."

Oh, we do.. Remember the Big ol Cans of WhoopAss we had posted on DU back in the day? To signify what would Happen if bush Bombed Iraq like a fucking idiot? I do.

thanks sw

See all I've missed? No wonder

I'm so damned optimistic.

"..Like a Giant Pooper Scooper" should definitely go into the National

Lexicon, hopemountain.

This is David Brat..

Tea Partier David Brat LIES: He Didn’t Go to Princeton University


"Apparently honesty is not among Dave Brat’s “Christian” values. Alright, technically he didn’t “lie” — he simply allowed everyone to believe something that was not true, that untruth being that he attended Princeton University.

When the Washington Post contacted the University seeking information on his time there, University spokesman Martin Mbugua said, “We have no record under that name.”

As it turns out, he did obtain his masters in divinity at Princeton, which is a well respected theological institution but not the prestigious Ivy League school that Princeton University is recognized as.

Mbugua says that occasionally people “make an association between the institutions here in Princeton — an incorrect association.” Although the two institutions are located in the same town there is no connection between the two."

Americans Against the Teaparty

Brat wanted them to believe he went to Princeton University to make a cheap political point.. and in the process he sounds ashamed of the Princeton Divinity School that he did go to. Brat

Mahalo Don

"The Chief of all Chiefs is Here".. Mahalo, bigtree. #PrezRezVisit

Nerdy Wonka @NerdyWonka
Man in the crowd: "We love Michelle too!"
Pres. Obama smiles: "Of course you love Michelle. Who doesn't love Michelle?" #PrezRezVisit

12:01 PM - 13 Jun 2014
49 Retweets 32 favorites

President Obama interacts with children while flanked by First Lady Michelle Obama and Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman David Archambault II during the Cannon Ball Flag Day celebration at the Cannon Ball Powwow Grounds on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota

Nerdy Wonka @NerdyWonka
Native American leader to POTUS & FLOTUS: "This gift represents love and appreciation that my people have for great leaders" #PrezRezVisit
11:57 AM - 13 Jun 2014
40 Retweets 17 favorites

TheObamaDiary.com @TheObamaDiary
The President and First Lady are loving every moment of this, magical.
11:41 AM - 13 Jun 2014
59 Retweets 35 favorites

The last pic of yours, bigtree.. Typical Obama


Pertinent Tweet I just saw.. thanks onehandle..

John Nooney @noonski

Actually, it seems like Faux News personalities are ready to march into Iraq themselves. Oh, wait. They want soldiers to do the dying.

Jenaw1n @Jenasummerlin

@noonski @Our4thEstate Like all the "DICKS" whoops Cheney's of the world, they would never actually fight they are all cowards
3:12 PM - 12 Jun 2014
3 Retweets 2 favorites


LOL (See: "DC is running out of champagne".)

Mahalo madokie~

"In other words, Professor Brat, I have some bad news: it's all downhill from here. At least for you, personally. You are neither the death knell for immigration reform nor the prime mover of the GOP agenda. You are the victor in a 65,008-person vote that came down to rural Virginia. And your legacy as a harbinger of things to come is even more in doubt: there is no clean Tea Party electoral narrative at this point in the midterms – only Beltway political journalists believe in clean narratives anyway."

I learned how to spell "schadenfreude" quite awile ago..

Mahalo she~

She's a sweetie!

And, just because.. Tweet!

John Fugelsang: ".. but Karma's playing the long game.. "

John Fugelsang ✔ @JohnFugelsang
Eric Cantor killed extending unemployment benefits over 99 weeks ago, but Karma's playing a long game.
2:50 PM - 10 Jun 2014
798 Retweets 602 favorites

The Democrats ✔ @TheDemocrats
"The Tea Party's been a tremendously positive input, I think."
-Eric Cantor, Nov. 10, 2010
2:50 PM - 10 Jun 2014
505 Retweets 261 favorites

Adele Stan @addiestan
Remember that time Eric Cantor entertained racist secessionists in his office so as to be an authentic Tea Partier? http://bit.ly/1n4Loco
4:52 PM - 10 Jun 2014
40 Retweets 10 favorites

Then there's this..

Casey @pari_passu
Hey, @EricCantor. How's that blocky obstructiony thing workin' for ya? #p2 #VA07 #VOTE2014 #EricCantor
3:00 PM - 10 Jun 2014
332 Retweets 177 favorites




Much more at links..

So yeah, Karma playing the long game.

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