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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 193,687

About Me

Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

Journal Archives

This is disrespectful.. DO NOT RT


You'd think somebody would tell him he sounds stupid lying about himself all the time..

Yeah, he's on he cover all right..

You're Welcome, spanone.. one for the road..


You're a fuck up trump.. anyone has to be brain dead to believe

your continuous unabated Lies.



I agree.. I want to post this tweet on trump Lies

here for posterity..


Mahalo, miles Except I don't know how in control he is.. I'm thinking an out of control Liar

Whateves.. I think trump could pave the

streets with gold @ tax payers expense and his sucker brainwashed fans would bobble their heads approvingly and insist at least he's not as bad as Hillary's emails.. thanks to Russia and the US m$m.

Mahalo Stellar.. That was Stellar!

Now we know the story of President Obama sitting in a chair off to the side when they were zeroing in on bin laden.

And, some other juicy details.. like the little boy in the iconic pic is named Jacob.

Pete Souza is Awesome!!!

This is so wonderful right now

Thank you for that Detailed Report on the Reality of TPP, Grant.

President Obama fought for it because it was the best deal for the American Workers.. and now..

I really think Tom Perez will make the very best DNC chair..


Yes, you are sick MF. the internet is forever.. haha Thx, TUK

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