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"The Sanders campaign did not respond to two requests for comment on supporters and the conspiracy..


I put that snip in my post, too, Bains. They are well aware of it.. I wish he would shut that shite down, too


yeah, some BS fans have gone that CT road.. we had some on here, too. “Clintons did it,”

snips from your link, workingclass.. mahalo

“It this a legitimate group? Have their official media accounts said anything concerning this? Could be paid subversion,” wrote another.

The doxxing began.

“Apparently one of the women, Marissa Johnson, was a Sarah Palin supporter some time back. You can probably draw your own conclusions…” wrote one.

Yeah, that was BFD on du.


It’s not everyone. On Reddit, it’s easy to find hundreds of comments discussing how best to understand, respond to, or support the activists. And it’s hard to tell the allegiances of online conspiracy theorists — and impossible to underestimate the penchant for mischief online. But many of the comments were similar to those heard in person at Sanders events over the last month.


"The Sanders campaign did not respond to two requests for comment on supporters and the conspiracy issue"

So they are well aware of how some of these supporters are acting in his name.

Tio Oso..

“It’s very insulting and completely tone deaf and really indicative of the level of vitriol and derision that very specific Bernie Sanders supporters are exhibiting and began to exhibit right away — which is 100% racist, it’s discriminatory, it’s very anti-black,” she said.



Sorry, I don't think President Obama has made any such "deal". He wants the primaries to play out,

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama isn’t planning to endorse his former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for president any time soon.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest says the president is
staying out because other friends of his may also run.

Although Earnest didn’t mention any one by name, that could include Vice President Joe Biden, who is mulling whether to enter the race.

Obama told reporters over the weekend that Clinton is a friend who he thinks would be an excellent president.

Earnest says it’s up to Democratic voters to choose their presidential nominee. But he says the nominee can be confident they will have the president’s support.


President Obama has been brilliant at changing our Country since 2009 and Hillary will build on

his legacy. She has Congress People and Senators Endorsing her.

Thanks to all the people who have voted all their lives to help as much as possible with regulations for Global Climate Change and keep SCOTUS as Democratic as possible.

I don't listen to those who let others carry our Democracy for them.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton are the most admired Man and Woman in the World..

I'm not shocked that the US "media"/AKA/rw goPropaganda big lie machine has managed to bring down Hillary's "favorability" as the front runner. But, that will change.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Extend Run as Most Admired


Oh, I've noticed and that's put them on the wrong side of history. And, that's where they'll

continue to be.. dissing our popular, accomplished President Obama.

The country isn't DU, thank Goodness.. the country appreciates him. Half of it anyway.. the other half is brainwashed by rwinger propaganda.

".. but given her history, and the fact that she's still standing after decades of battling the

forces aligned against her, it is rather ludicrous to even suggest that she requires any protection from anyone."


And, look who wrote the article.. Kristin Powers.. who's written "The Silencing"..

"Lifelong liberal Kirsten Powers blasts the Left's forced march towards conformity in an exposé of the illiberal war on free speech. No longer champions of tolerance and free speech, the "illiberal Left" now viciously attacks and silences anyone with alternative points of view. Powers asks, "What ever happened to free speech in America?"


Sound at all familiar?

LOL.. she's got all the bona fide rwingers giving her wave reviews..

But, one of her points is a little questionable .. I say it's calling out faux "news" for being fooking liars.. I doubt if that's just me.

"•How the illiberal left is obsessed with delegitimizing Fox News"

"Cornel West v. Barack Obama" by Melissa Harris Perry

"Professor West says that Obama has “a certain fear of free black men.” But this is a pissing match—not prophetic witness."


West begins with a bit of historical revision. West suggests that the president discarded him without provocation after he offered the Obama for America campaign his loyal service and prayers. But anyone with a casual knowledge of this rift knows it began during the Democratic primary, not after the election. It began, not with a puffed-up president but when Cornel West’s “dear brother” Tavis Smiley threw a public tantrum because Senator Obama refused to attend Smiley’s annual State of Black America. Smiley repeatedly suggested that his forum was the necessary black vetting space for the Democratic nominees. He needed to ask Obama and Clinton tough questions so that black America could get the answers it needed. But black America was doing a fine job making up its own mind in the primaries and didn’t need Smiley’s blessing to determine their own electoral preferences. Indeed, when Smiley got a chance to hold candidate Clinton “accountable” he spent more time fawning over her than probing about her symbolic or substantive policy stances that impacted black communities. Fiercely loyal to his friend, Professor West chose sides and began to undermine candidate Obama is small and large ways. Candidate Obama ceased calling West back because he was in the middle of a fierce campaign and West’s loyalties were, at best, divided. I suspect candidate Obama did not trust his “dear brother” to keep the campaign secrets and strategies. I also suspect he was not inaccurate in his hesitancy.

West may have had principled, even prophetic reasons, for choosing this outsider position relative to Obama, but it is dishonest to later frame that choice as a betrayal on the part of the president. After what I had written about Senator Clinton during the campaign I wasn’t expecting an offer from the State Department.

Much more..

Yeah, we'll see if BS is as enthused about Cornel as some of his supporters.

I'd love to see that.. BS & Cornel VS President Obama. I'm thinking the candidate who wins the Dem Nom will want to have the Obama Coalition to help them win the Presidency.. not someone who's been pissing on him for years even before the Inauguration.. like Cornel.

Michael Eric Dyson on Cornel West BRDS..



"Cornel West and Tavis Smiley do a disservice to African Americans"


That is why it pains me to say that Smiley and West have let me down. Sure, I'm not really anyone important to them, but I represent a generation of African-American men who looked up to West and Smiley – only to see them damage their legacies by engaging in embarrassing public roasts of President Obama.

I've looked up to Smiley and West since I was a teenager, gathering an appreciation for race relations and my own personal understanding my place in this country. I've always dreamed of having even a fraction of their respective impacts on American discourse. So I can't help but be disappointed when I see these two men relegated to bickering, insult-tossing self-parodies, especially when it comes to discussing the president.


When I was in college, I wanted to grow up to be Cornel West or Tavis Smiley. They had that sort of influence on me and millions of other young black Americans. Now, I see the way they're conducting themselves and I just feel sad about the opportunities they've wasted by letting pettiness and pride overshadow their desire to effect actual change.

Perhaps, Smiley and West can look at the recent backlash aimed in their direction and try to scale back the personal attacks. Perhaps, they can really lead deeper discussions about Obama's presidency and what it means for black America. But until that happens, they'll still be letting us down.

More.. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/jul/26/cornel-west-tavis-smiley-disservice-african-americans

And, a huge disservice to themselves.

"Calling Obama a ‘global George Zimmerman’? No. No.”: Michael Eric Dyson sounds off on Cornel West,

Obama & his critics."


When African-American friends defended the president, he went in on them. West called MSNBC’s Perry “a liar and a fraud,” claimed Sharpton was the “bona fide house negro of the Obama plantation,” and attacked “the Michael Dysons and others who’ve really prostituted themselves intellectually in a very, very ugly and vicious way.”

It’s true that as Dyson’s TNR piece bemoans the nasty ad hominem nature of West’s attacks on Obama, as well as on him and his colleagues, he gave almost as good as he got, first praising West as “the most exciting black scholar ever,” then charting his intellectual decline. “His greatest opponent isn’t Obama, Sharpton, Harris-Perry, or me,” the Georgetown scholar’s article concludes. “It is the ghost of a self that spits at him from his own mirror.”


But that’s part of what stung me when he turned on Obama in such ad hominem ways, as you wrote in your piece. First, he tears into Obama for appealing to white people and reaching out to white people – when that used to be a core of West’s politics, too – and then he harps on the fact that the president is half white, too close to his “white brothers” and “Jewish brothers,” allegedly afraid of “free black men.” The trademark generosity of spirit was gone entirely, and we were left with a kind of racial essentialism – and borderline anti-Semitism, with the “Jewish brothers” crack. Who’s the real Cornel West? What happened? It was shocking. And I didn’t feel like people addressed it enough at the time.


Now there are legitimate criticisms to be made, and I’ve made them. And there are white folks who criticize him, and it’s not from racism. However, the structural features of his presidency, the fact that this man is assaulted in so many ways and methods that assassinate his character — he has not been physically, thank God, assassinated — but there have been such rhetorical assaults on him. It’s unprecedented that a president didn’t automatically get the debt ceiling raised. Unprecedented that 47 senators would write our “enemy” compromising national security; it’s an unconsciously racist motivation, that I feel safe in saying. People see it, black and white…

Much More..

Yes, cornel west hates President Obama.. starting when he didn't attend tavis smiley's Black State of the Union and offered to send Michelle Obama instead.


Tavis Smiley was never an ardent supporter of President Obama. That of course is his right. His antagonism of the president during the 2008 Democratic Primaries hit a crescendo when the president did not attend Smiley’s “State Of The Black Union” forum in New Orleans even as Hillary Clinton did. In a further display of uncalled for arrogance, he rejected then Senator Obama’s request to have Michelle Obama represent him at the forum. Further he castigated Senator Obama for distancing himself from Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and for not attending African American events Smiley deemed he should attend. The height of this man’s arrogance, lack of scope, and self-serving hyperbole makes him an unfit spokesman for the cause of the poor and disenfranchised. That Dr. Cornel West has allowed himself to be Tavis Smiley’s sidekick speaks poorly of his judgment.

More http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/11/24/1164307/-Naivet-of-Tavis-Smiley-Cornel-West-Attack-On-Obama-Danger-To-Poor-Blacks
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