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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 155,319

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Yes, and those whining about staying home because they saw no reason to vote are

only trumpeting about how ignorant they are.

How About a Collective THANK YOU to the Senate Dems & Indies Who VOTED NO on XLKeystone?

Richard Casarez @richcasa
2:15 PM - 18 Nov 2014 Grapevine, TX, United States

The Obama Diary

One tiny problem.. I get 42 Senators who aren't among those who Voted Yes.. so somebody didn't Vote apparently unless I'm missing something?

Baldwin, Tammy – (D – WI)

Blumenthal, Richard – (D – CT)

Booker, Cory – (D – NJ)

Boxer, Barbara – (D – CA)

Brown, Sherrod – (D – OH)

Cantwell, Maria – (D – WA)

Cardin, Ben – (D – MD)

Coons, Christopher – (D – DE)

Durbin, Richard – (D – IL)

Feinstein, Dianne – (D – CA)

Franken, Al – (D – MN)

Gillibrand, Kirsten – (D – NY)

Harkin, Tom – (D – IA)

Heinrich, Martin – (D – NM)

Hirono, Mazie – (D – HI)

Johnson, Tim – (D – SD)

King, Angus – (I – ME)

Klobuchar, Amy – (D – MN)

Kaine, Timothy – (D – VA)

Leahy, Patrick – (D – VT)

Levin, Carl – (D – MI)

Markey, Edward – (D – MA)

Menendez, Robert – (D – NJ)

Merkley, Jeff – (D – OR)

Mikulski, Barbara – (D – MD)

Murphy, Chris – (D – CT)

Murray, Patty – (D – WA)

Nelson, Bill – (D – FL)

Reed, Jack – (D – RI)

Reid, Harry – (D – NV)

Rockefeller, John – (D – WV)

Sanders, Bernie – (I – VT)

Schatz, Brian – (D – HI)

Schumer, Charles – (D – NY)

Shaheen, Jeanne – (D – NH)

Stabenow, Debbie – (D – MI)

Udall, Mark – (D – CO)

Udall, Tom – (D – NM)

Warren, Elizabeth – (D – MA)

Whitehouse, Sheldon – (D – RI

Wyden, Ron – (D – OR)


Thank you, Senate Dems for Thinking about our Environment~

And, a personal Mahalo to my Senators from Hawaii~ Mazie Hirono and Brian Schatz

Aloha moriah.. good question.. thank you. Sen Sanders on ACA/Obamacare today..

"Republicans Are Getting Very Nervous About Obamacare’s Success"

Sen. Bernie Sanders explained on MSNBC that Republicans are very nervous about the success of Obamacare, because the ACA proves their ideology that the government can’t help people wrong.


Senator Sanders believes Obamacare/ACA is actually helping people.. oooops.

It's going to have to blow up in their damn collective face before anything is done about the US


I got out in Nov 2002 and been waiting for the rest of those who are on to the goPropaganda Big Lie Machine to catch up.

Oh yeah, this would have been my tv back in the day had I kept watching.. now I don't even own one.. #1 b/c of money.. and I get to watch stuff from tv online.. so there, good.

Thank you, Eric Alterman and TomCA!

A Couple of Tweets, she..

Matt Murphy @MattMurph24
Remember when the Governor of Nevada called the National Guard in during the Bundy Ranch standoff? Neither do I.
11:28 AM - 17 Nov 2014 209 Retweets 93 favorites

Matt Becker @mwb1980
.@MattMurph24 White people with guns are not nearly as scary to the establishment as black people with voices.
11:34 AM - 17 Nov 2014 48 Retweets 24 favorites

John Fugelsang ✔ @JohnFugelsang
Despite a State of Emergency remember the #Ferguson cop is innocent until proven guilty. As opposed to, say, an unarmed guy he shot 6 times.
12:01 PM - 17 Nov 2014 673 Retweets 440 favorites

The Obama Diary

For Michael Brown and Ferguson, she~

Yeah, Mary.. and as the President says..

I think Mary would be much better than a repub but not on this important issue..

Mahalo Segami

Richard Dreyfuss on Obamacare.. "An Enormous Accomplishment"


Except that was an insurance scam and a lie propagated by the rwingers..

How "ObamaCare Cancelled Your Plan" is really an Insurance Co Scam to Rip You Off


However, Talking Points Memo has a story up today that all of us need to see, bookmark and start forwarding to each and every media outlet that continues to claim that the ACA has "Cancelled" anyones Insurance Plan.

Because it hasn't, that is A LIE - Obamacare didn't Cancel their plan.

Plans that were in place since March of 2010 (prior to the Affordable Care Act) were "Grandfathered" and excluded from many of the laws requirements so that they wouldn't be cancelled. ObamaCare doesn't FORCE those plans to remain, but it doesn't FORCE them to be cancelled either. TPM reports now that the Insurance Companies themselves have deliberately sent out these cancellation notices, along with automatic renewals into higher rate plans before Oct 1st as a means of preventing people from Shopping on the Exchange and finding better, cheaper plans.

In short, this is all an Insurance Industry Scam to gouge their customers, blame Obamacare for it, and prevent them from taking advantage of improved coverage and savings that the ACA actually provides.


Special Investigation: How Insurers Are Hiding Obamacare Benefits From Customers

Donna received the letter canceling her insurance plan on Sept. 16. Her insurance company, LifeWise of Washington, told her that they'd identified a new plan for her. If she did nothing, she'd be covered.

A 56-year-old Seattle resident with a 57-year-old husband and 15-year-old daughter, Donna had been looking forward to the savings that the Affordable Care Act had to offer.

But that's not what she found. Instead, she'd be paying an additional $300 a month for coverage. The letter made no mention of the health insurance marketplace that would soon open in Washington, where she could shop for competitive plans, and only an oblique reference to financial help that she might qualify for, if she made the effort to call and find out.

RELATED: What Really Happens To People Whose Insurance Is 'Canceled' Because Of Obamacare

Otherwise, she'd be automatically rolled over to a new plan -- and, as the letter said, "If you're happy with this plan, do nothing." and accessed tax credits at the heart of the health care reform law.

If Donna had done nothing, she would have ended up spending about $1,000 more a month for insurance than she will now that she went to the marketplace, picked the best plan for her family and accessed tax credits at the heart of the health care reform law...


Just had to add another one.. "McConnell Puts Cruz in his Place" ..

Dean on the Midterms..

Course, there were other reasons too.. like the repubs Cheating/Same as breathing.
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