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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Oh yeah.. they want to drive out of here anyone who upsets their sensibilities and

you've been up to so much of that lately!

"Bernie Sanders marched with Dr. King in the 1960s, but in 2015, he marched off stage after mumbling something about fighting for civil rights for 50 years, and ignored the Black women who were standing right in front of him, asking him to speak to their concerns."

I finally found the DU one.. "Koch paid troll".. does DU proud, eh?! If it weren't so pathetically tragic it would be hilarious.

Your prediction is sound, brave.

Oh, they did Not want to hear from @theangryblacklady! too close to home. She

was much kinder to Bernie than his supporters who were harassing her..

Hard truths like that are a crap shoot with juries.. and they're kinda stacked against ya.

Classic! I love how she writes.. I use to go to her blog all the time in the early Pres Obama years..

"For the past several days, Sanders supporters have been calling Black people on Twitter “stupid” or “retarded.” Or they’re suggesting that Roderick Morrow—who created the #BernieSoBlack hashtag to mock the very Sanders supporters who are seemingly trolling Twitter for the sole purpose of attacking any Black person who doesn’t have a neck tattoo that reads “Feel the Bern”—is a Koch-paid troll or a shill for Clinton."


They want to try and smear the creator of berniesoblack as a right wing/Koch/Clinton shill troll?

Yeah, that won't end well.. for them. They'll get what they deserves for this shite.

Mahalo for the link, brave.. sorry about your Hide.. it was bad.

Thank you so much for this link, brave.. it's so poignantly compelling~ couple of snips..


Sandra Bland had just gotten her dream job, she had a college education, and she was the member of a prestigious sorority. But none of that was enough to save her life. I was disappointed that Sanders did not understand that income inequality is the symptom, but racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia are the disease, and when those intersect, the consequences can be fatal. If you aren’t prepared to address that, you aren’t prepared to be President of the United States.

Though I was disappointed in the candidates, I was even more disappointed in the people in the room. As I looked around, I saw progressive “allies” look annoyed, uncomfortable, and inconvenienced. As the protest was ending, I noticed one Black woman take off her Bernie Sanders button and leave her sign on the table.


I tried to engage with many people, until one guy cornered me at the Netroots Nation after-party, put his hands on my shoulders, and told me that the protestors had no class and that Bernie Sanders deserves our respect for 50 years of fighting for civil rights. I stopped engaging at that point. I no longer felt safe in a progressive space.


Wow.. and there it is.. it's unfathomable to me.

I just ran across this on The Obama Diary..

Donna NoShock ‎@NoShock
#BlackLivesMatter #SayHerName #SandraBland
6:42 AM - 22 Jul 2015
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That's taking victimhood to a whole new level of insane accusations. Here's

another one that's so precious..

"The anti-Bernie folks are not progressives."

We're either with them.. OR.. we're not Progressive.. we must be regressive, no? No.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

It sure does Not make sense to those who are behind #BlackLivesMatter and admire their passion, energy, and focus for what truly matters.. and wish them Victory in their Long and Arduous Uphill Battle.

And, anything we Can Do to Help~

"Its not about Bernie." Thank you so much for this, JoePhilly!! they're making bernie the victim

at their own peril.

"And to think that there was a big white guy who put his hands on a small black woman to 'talk some

sense into her' about her 'behavior and rudeness' during netroots makes my blood boil."

Really? So sorry, brave, that they are so freaking clueless en masse.

Exactly, Hillary.. and she was talking about this on June 20th in San Francisco..

Hillary was talking about racial inequality on June 20, 2015 in San Francisco at the Conference of Mayors..

Started out talking about the massacre in Charleston that had just happened.. and making a good eloquent case for common sense gun laws. Receiving a standing ovation!

"We need to tackle this problem With urgency and conviction. Mentions President Obama kindly 3 times.

"..Take racist violence head on.. struggle with racism is far from finished.."

"Race remains a deep fault line in America.. states racial inequality.

"Can't hide from hard truths on racial injustice.."

Poignant story about Debbie Dills.. I didn't know that.

Encourages "Cities against racism.. and preventing gun violence.."

We have to be too "Too busy to hate" "Need more love and kindness in this country."

No wonder Hillary is doing so with the African American Community on the whole.. she really speaks to them.

JaneyVee http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1251&pid=463135

Mahalo, William~

Speaking as one Hillary supporter.. I backed #BlackLivesMatter long before I became

a supporter of hers.

This is about #BlackLivesMatter and standing with the Protestors at NRN.. and I will post tweets from the Black Community's reactions on how it has affected them.

When Sanders first started his campaign there were Black members of DU asking why he hadn't mentioned concerns they have and about his strategy. They were immediately scorned and tried to be silenced and accused of "calling Bernie a racist!". All of us were, too, who dared to question him.

It couldn't have been further from the truth.. and here we are after NRN.. and now they're accusing HC backers of creating a "wedge issue".. sorry, this is about #BlackLivesMatter.. their people are dying.. and some are goin' on about "wedge issues".. really?

Thank you again for your OP, gollygee.. I hope the concerns you have about your candidate are positively solved.

2 pics.. one of Jon and President Obama talking between segments.. mahalo apple~

TheObamaDiary.com ‎@TheObamaDiary
President talks with Jon Stewart between segments of The Daily Show (Photo by @PeteSouza)
3:13 PM - 21 Jul 2015 36 36 Retweets
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"There is a history of black communities voting Democrat.. that is, when we are actually allowed to


from your link..

"A bizarre phenomenon has developed out of this — Bernie Sanders supporters lurking in the dark trolling shadows of Twitter to condescendingly tell black people what’s best for us inside a system designed to crush us. One person even went to so far as to call Sanders “one of the first Black Lives Matter Activists.” Others juxtapose his image with captions of Martin Luther King Jr. quotes, and thrust such egregious depictions at black Twitter users. Sanders supporters list his involvement with the civil rights movement as though they have now come to collect on his debt — black people must repay Sanders for his service by voting him into office.

I've seen the tweets.

This is what Janessa Robinson means by "Dear white progressives: Stop telling black people how to vote".. most people get this.. but for those who don't.

Another really vital article, bravenak.. mahalo

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