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Member since: 2002
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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Thank you for the history on Washington.. don't think of him as having slaves but that's the

reality, BRDS.

As far as the "point of connecting with everyone in the country".. President Obama has done an excellent job of connecting to the People in all 50 States.


Happy Weekend to you

Watertown, South Dakota Greeters on Motorcade route..

People line the motorcade route as President Barack Obama arrives for a commencement address in Watertown

More pics from Watertown, SD.http://theobamadiary.com/2015/05/08/the-president-and-first-ladys-day-17/

Good on the President.. Pic of Jefferson Kindergarteners' Artwork Welcoming Obama..

Pete Souza: Backstage in Watertown, South Dakota.

President Barack Obama is presented with a handmade quilt as h a a gift from members of the class of 2015

President Obama gave the Commencement Address-May 8, 2015~


Mahalo former9thward~


"Obama lied to me"..

Boo HOO The clueless who spread untruths about the President.. but, "oh, he lied to me".

Oh, and I voted that the President is the best in my life time. that's the most important to me.

The White House @WhiteHouse
15h 15 hours ago
Let's honor the heroes who fought to protect our freedom.
Share the story of a WWII vet in your family with #VEDay70.


Thank Goodness we've had President Obama.

Poor Bernie.. can he take it? Looking into his record? I think so. Wee bit of hypocrisy going

though. After all the rw links posted with Hillary Clinton smears that have been on DU.

And, before anyone jumps on to label me one of the many epithets of those who don't think like they do.. consider this..

I haven't chosen a candidate yet.. I'm waiting to learn more.

"piling on".. What do you think the rw wing is going to do to whomever wins the Dem Primary?

Yes, there is that, babylonsister.. but, I respect President Obama more than

any of them. I've known his history and trusted him more and longer.

Senate sustains Obama veto of bill gutting union rules

It marked the second time that Congress has failed to override an Obama veto since Republicans took control of the House and Senate in January. The Senate fell short earlier in overriding Obama's veto of legislation calling for construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Proponents of the new National Labor Relations Board rules say they are modest reforms that would simplify and streamline union elections, limiting the ability of companies to drag out the certification process and buy time to fight the union.

Critics say the new rules give unions a chance to ambush employers with demands for votes on representation. Opponents say it could shorten the typical time between a union's petition for recognition from more than a month to less than two weeks.


Yes, there's been a trend of anti-Hillary members posting from rw sites.. haven't seen any rw sites

from Hillary people. And, the Hillary supporters I know.. respect Bernie.

Oh there's a few threads here and there that come out with dumb proclamations.. but, they get told to "STFU with their nasty finger wagging".. pure meta shit that's allowed to stand while other so called meta is locked.

Yeah but "both sides do it".. uh huh.


They want you to leave. Don't take orders from them.


The hysteria comes especially when they're using rw sites to try and make their rw talking points..

pathetic.. it's been a trend and they haven't learned yet that it only makes look them foolish.


I like Bernie too.. and, I can separate him from his rude obnoxious fans on the internet.

Really glad he's in the race.

Aloha there, 23~

State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby:

TheObamaDiary.com ‎@TheObamaDiary

Marilyn Mosby
7:22 AM - 1 May 2015


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