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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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"And to think that there was a big white guy who put his hands on a small black woman to 'talk some

sense into her' about her 'behavior and rudeness' during netroots makes my blood boil."

Really? So sorry, brave, that they are so freaking clueless en masse.

Exactly, Hillary.. and she was talking about this on June 20th in San Francisco..

Hillary was talking about racial inequality on June 20, 2015 in San Francisco at the Conference of Mayors..

Started out talking about the massacre in Charleston that had just happened.. and making a good eloquent case for common sense gun laws. Receiving a standing ovation!

"We need to tackle this problem With urgency and conviction. Mentions President Obama kindly 3 times.

"..Take racist violence head on.. struggle with racism is far from finished.."

"Race remains a deep fault line in America.. states racial inequality.

"Can't hide from hard truths on racial injustice.."

Poignant story about Debbie Dills.. I didn't know that.

Encourages "Cities against racism.. and preventing gun violence.."

We have to be too "Too busy to hate" "Need more love and kindness in this country."

No wonder Hillary is doing so with the African American Community on the whole.. she really speaks to them.

JaneyVee http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1251&pid=463135

Mahalo, William~

Speaking as one Hillary supporter.. I backed #BlackLivesMatter long before I became

a supporter of hers.

This is about #BlackLivesMatter and standing with the Protestors at NRN.. and I will post tweets from the Black Community's reactions on how it has affected them.

When Sanders first started his campaign there were Black members of DU asking why he hadn't mentioned concerns they have and about his strategy. They were immediately scorned and tried to be silenced and accused of "calling Bernie a racist!". All of us were, too, who dared to question him.

It couldn't have been further from the truth.. and here we are after NRN.. and now they're accusing HC backers of creating a "wedge issue".. sorry, this is about #BlackLivesMatter.. their people are dying.. and some are goin' on about "wedge issues".. really?

Thank you again for your OP, gollygee.. I hope the concerns you have about your candidate are positively solved.

2 pics.. one of Jon and President Obama talking between segments.. mahalo apple~

TheObamaDiary.com ‎@TheObamaDiary
President talks with Jon Stewart between segments of The Daily Show (Photo by @PeteSouza)
3:13 PM - 21 Jul 2015 36 36 Retweets
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"There is a history of black communities voting Democrat.. that is, when we are actually allowed to


from your link..

"A bizarre phenomenon has developed out of this — Bernie Sanders supporters lurking in the dark trolling shadows of Twitter to condescendingly tell black people what’s best for us inside a system designed to crush us. One person even went to so far as to call Sanders “one of the first Black Lives Matter Activists.” Others juxtapose his image with captions of Martin Luther King Jr. quotes, and thrust such egregious depictions at black Twitter users. Sanders supporters list his involvement with the civil rights movement as though they have now come to collect on his debt — black people must repay Sanders for his service by voting him into office.

I've seen the tweets.

This is what Janessa Robinson means by "Dear white progressives: Stop telling black people how to vote".. most people get this.. but for those who don't.

Another really vital article, bravenak.. mahalo

"I’m not here to judge or support the manner in which these activists confronted Sanders. I’ll

simply note that many of the people criticizing them are the ones who have celebrated the same tactics when used in other situations: Exhibit A." ..

snip from your link//

"Any of that sound familiar? Zuky goes on from there with a description that sounds an awful lot like what happened both at Netroots Nation and in the aftermath.

From what I can see, though, a solid majority of white liberals maintain a fairly hostile posture toward anti-racist discourse and critique, while of course adamantly denying this hostility. Many white liberals consider themselves rather enlightened for their ability to retroactively support the Civil Rights movement and to quote safely dead anti-racist icons, even though their present-day physical, intellectual, and political orbits remain mostly segregated...Armed with “diversity” soundbites and melanin-inclusive photo-ops, they seek electoral, financial, and public relations support from people of color. Yet the consistent outcome of their institution-building agendas is to deprioritize and marginalize our voices, perspectives, experiences, concerns, cultures, and initiatives."


Wow.. from 2007.. I should have read it then.. I had no idea. DU enlightened me, though.

I can see why some people wouldn't like this.. and I know they don't like smartypants because she has always called out the ignorance of those who have railed against President Obama over the last 7 years and counting.

I, of course, like her.. she is very smart.

Mahalo brave

Hillary is about Diversity.. And, it's important to surround herself with people who

represent that, and who are able to forge real connections with her constituency.



Mahalo Janey~

Is it any effin' wonder?! And, his online fans who are dissing the Black Community are doing

him no effin good.

"Sort of. The thing about the Bernie Sanders fans is while they're very obtuse and they don't listen
..they are more polite than the people who just call you the n-word or a racial slur or something. It's more like that passive-aggressive "We're on the same side, man!" where clearly they don't want you to talk about anything that their candidate can do better, but they do want you to just vote for him."

Thanks for the link, Janey http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1251&pid=463764

Imani Gandy ‎@AngryBlackLady
let me know how this "harass Black people into supporting Bernie Sanders" campaign is working out for y'all.
8:28 AM - 20 Jul 2015 87 87 Retweets
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Imani Gandy ‎@AngryBlackLady
👉🏾 RT @rodimusprime: If these Bernie Standers knew how many black voters they are losing with these tone deaf Twitter attacks...

7:29 AM - 20 Jul 2015 29 29 Retweets
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MOre Tweets http://theobamadiary.com/2015/07/20/a-tweet-or-two-302/

Link: http://www.vox.com/2015/7/20/9005855/black-twitter-bernie-sanders

More time, yeah.. but NRN stands with the Protesters there from #BlackLivesMatter and bernie lit out

instead of talking to them afterwards. Not impressed with him at all. And, his fans dissing the Black Community on this board are not helping their candidate at all.


"Sanders did even worse. Instead of expressing solidarity with the protesters, he talked about his pet issue—economics. He wasn’t “in the room,” and didn’t alter his pitch based on what was happening. “What Sanders should have done, when they said ‘Sandra Bland,’ you say ‘Sandra Bland!’” said political analyst and Blue Nation Review contributor Goldie Taylor, claiming that a simple show of empathy would have disarmed the protest. "He would have shut down the shutdown!"



Regardless of which version is true, what can't be disputed is that Sanders was incredibly dismissive and cranky towards the protesters. He didn't answer any questions, instead relying on his stump speech about income inequality and leaning on the fact that he marched with Martin Luther King in 1963. At one point he threatened to leave when his boilerplate answers didn't seem to sway the crowd.

The Aftermath

Sanders and O'Malley were both caught flat footed and their campaign teams let them down at Netroots but the reaction to yesterday's events is still unfolding. O'Malley apologized for his "White Lives Matter" comment within minutes of leaving the forum, and then went on to do interviews with prominent black news outlets to clarify his comments.

Bernie Sanders cancelled all of his remaining meetings that afternoon including one that had been promised specifically with Black Lives Matter activists. By Sunday the #BernieSoBlack hashtag started trending on Twitter, with people both chiding Sanders for his claims of black solidarity and crediting him for his work compared to Hillary Clinton."


Poor little cenk.. "none of it looks good.." to him. Netroots Nation Stands behind the Protesters..

And so does this Black online twitter community..


"In a statement, Netroots Nation Executive Director Raven Brooks stood with the protesters. “Although we wish the candidates had more time to respond to the issues, what happened today is reflective of an urgent moment that America is facing today,” Brooks said. Next year’s conference will take place in St. Louis, close to Ferguson, and local leaders of the #BlackLivesMatter movement will be directly engaged, Brooks added. “We plan to work with activists there just as we did in Phoenix, to amplify issues like racial profiling and police brutality in a major way.”


"Vox spoke to Morrow on Sunday evening about why he wasn't impressed with Sanders or his online fans.."

Another snip//

And it seems like any time black people bring this up on Twitter, there's all these people who, I don't know, they're just sitting around searching his name on Twitter or something, they just come and get in your mentions and start harassing you, they start saying the same things over and over to you, like, "He marched with Dr. Martin Luther King," and, "He was at a sit-in," and they send you a picture of him at a sit-in from 1960-something. That's all well and good, and I'm not denigrating that work, but it's almost as if they're trying to say, "You shouldn't expect him to continue this" or, "Because he's done stuff in the past, you shouldn't question him now."

Imani Gandy ‎@AngryBlackLady

If I see one more Bernie acolyte mention that he marched with MLK, I'm going to burn the Internet to the ground. @EdDescault @Eclectablog
4:23 AM - 19 Jul 2015

That @AngryBlackLady tweet, sent out to her 35,000 followers, inspired Roderick Morrow—who runs the “Black Guy Who Tips” comedy podcast with his wife, Karen—to launch the mocking hashtag #BernieSoBlack:


Which I thought was a funny joke. It's like they're almost trying to outblack us. "Oh, you're a black person, what could you possibly understand about our candidate? He was marching before you were even born!" Okay, that's cool, but you gotta stay on top of it. So I made a joke that's like, "Bernie's blacker than us! Bernie's SO BLACK!" That's how it feels when they come into our mentions and tell us that we don't know what we're talking about, and even though doesn't talk about #BlackLivesMatter right now, we should just kind of shut up. So I was just like:


Roderick Morrow:Sort of. The thing about the Bernie Sanders fans is while they're very obtuse and they don't listen, they are more polite than the people who just call you the n-word or a racial slur or something. It's more like that passive-aggressive "We're on the same side, man!" where clearly they don't want you to talk about anything that their candidate can do better, but they do want you to just vote for him.


Oh, people are "alienated" alright.. but, it's not the activists from #BlackLivesMatter who are doing it.

cenk and Bernie fans can keep dissing them all they want. We'll see how far that gets them.

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