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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 164,938

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Good shot of Hillary and Senator Harkin, riversedge.. thank you!

What's this about accusing 1StrongBlackMan of being someone besides who he is? I missed

that. And, then 1Strong got a hide when he said he wasn't another person?

Who in the world would be so ignorant and so spiteful to accuse 1Strong of being someone else?

Thank you all .. who are signing on to President Obama's and SOS Kerry's Peace Deal with Iran!

Mahalo DMM~

98 Prominent Members of Hollywood's Jewish Community Sign Letter Supporting Iran Deal

http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/98-prominent-hollywood-jews-back-814855 via Hollywood Reporter

Yes, BRDS! "Good on the Real Progressives for calling out the hypocrisy" and the ignorance.

Notice how many of the same ones who insisted "President Obama's feet be held to the Fire" for 7 years are now proclaiming BS's feet to be off limits, so to speak.

Thank you for the reminder of the history of Fannie Lou Hamer in Mississippi.

I missed that part about a segment of DU railing against Bree Newsome for climbing the flag pole.. but, it figures.

No, just your sentence right here.. says you don't get it. you're the one who needs to learn..

and "understand". Not #BlackLivesMatters or their supporters.. it's all on you.

".. the BLM movement and the Black movement in general needs to understand.. .. " NO.

Tweet: #BlackLivesMatter did not ask that the Protesters in Seattle give an apology.. more spin

from BS supporters. They better watch that.. they're batting 0.

Mahalo 1StrongBlackMan!

Thom Hartmann has soul and compassion.. I will not listen to anyone whining about him.

I know several BS supporters who are reasonable people and do not insult people who disagree with them.

Some will take this to heart.. and some will continue in their same rut.. looking for hidden

motive and conspiracies and having as Thom Hartmann said.. " .. a reflexive white person's response."

Yes, Bravenak was explaining this all over the place.. and she wrote a letter to Thom Hartmann

about it.. and perhaps others did too.. because here we are discussing what he said on his show.. basically calling out those on DU .. who brave was trying to make understand.

And, Thom said it.. " that's a reflexive white person's response. "stop looking for hidden motives.."

Mahalo PeaceNikki

WOW.. he calls DU OUT on their Shite! Awesome, Number23! Brave told me

about this.. said she and probably others had written letters. and I've been too occupied until nown to catch it..

Wow.. I was never that much into Thom Hartmann but I am really Impressed!

And, that guy that called in.. he didn't know what was about to hit him.. the shite hitting the fan.. just 'cause he tried to blame it on Hillary or Soros or palin or someother shit conspiracy smear job.

Damn this is like Gold.. have some anonymous internet person whine about Marissa Johnson and post Thom Hartman in their face!



Thank you.. Can't hear it enough!

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