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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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omg.. Shailene Woodley compares Bernie to Nelson Mandela and MLK Jr

Bianca Buono ‎‎@BBuonoABC6
Shailene Woodley compares Bernie to Nelson Mandela and MLK Jr @ABC6
6:13 AM - 24 Apr 2016
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Nerdy Wonka ‎‎@NerdyWonka
He could not handle 1/10th of what they went through.
This is offensive and white liberals need to stop this BS
2:31 AM - 25 Apr 2016
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Nerdy Wonka ‎‎@NerdyWonka
To compare Bernie to Mandela and MLK?!
He changed parties. He didn't give his life to right the wrongs written into the law of the land.
2:47 AM - 25 Apr 2016

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Nerdy Wonka
April 25, 2016 at 8:56 am
The ignorance of black history and history in general is so disgusting.

His surrogates are horrible spokespeople. This is why Al Giordano said over and over again: train your representatives on field work, public speaking, etc.

Then he wonders why black people want nothing to do with him


Hillary's Group~Mahalo

Aha, thank you for this Squinch!

Way to keep it alive!

(Democratic Underground et al) will tone down their rhetoric and will call for reconciliation. But for those of us who have seen the damage these sites have done to the Democratic Party over the past eleven months, a simple "Sorry, my bad" will not suffice. These sites sold their soul in an effort to gain community members and raise their online revenue. They helped create a dangerous environment where the #BernieBros could flourish and attack community members simply for voicing an opinion different from their own. These sites posted links to pro-Hillary sites and articles and openly encouraged their members to disrupt those sites. These pro-Sanders sites even went to far as to become the kind of sites that would serve as a cesspool for the kind of members who would go on to create "hit lists" for both superdelegates as well as regular Twitter users who just happened to support Hillary Clinton.

I love it, too.. Mahalo, rivers! This is a grand OP!

It's a pattern... Yes, like the campaign like the presidency.. I ask that question, too..

Do they hear themselves whine?

Bros4Hillary ‎‎@Bros4Hillary
Debate coach winner Todd Graham gave @HillaryClinton A= and #berniesanders a D. #DemDebate #ImWithHer

4:02 AM - 15 Apr 2016
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RiotWomenn ‎‎@RiotWomennn
Bernie's signature promise & he hasn't thought about how he would achieve the thing promised. That would bother me

9:35 AM - 6 Apr 2016
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Question is.. When are his fans going to get a clue?


Excellent from Chez Pazienza!

But see, that's exactly the thing: When the woman introducing you at one of your own rallies is bringing up Monica Lewinsky, your people are not focusing on real issues. On the contrary, they -- and by extension your campaign -- are focusing on crap. You can't pretend to be running an exclusively above-the-board operation, one far more above-the-board than the opponent you call corrupt, and have supporters and spokespeople coming on minutes before you claiming your political adversaries are "whores" or bringing up 20-year-old scandals that have no bearing whatsoever on the race. But that's what Sanders is doing more and more as the clock winds down to oblivion on his Cinderella candidacy. He's still claiming the moral high ground while his closest surrogates are given free rein to behave like petty political hitmen.


That doesn't say much for how he would have been as a president, does it? 'Course anyone

who's been paying attention already knew that.

Why would you even admit something like?! Can you imagine if it were Hillary or President Obama?! they, of course, do call the shots.. that's what Presidents do.

“You have to ask Tad.” ?! JHC, BS!

Mahalo, Iaaa~

Whadda mean "if", BS? that ship has sailed. Brilliant summary, pandr!

And, Hillary's not being bent to anyone's "will". she's worked too long and too hard to submit to anyone... especially burnie ******* sanders who has no accomplishments. big rallies? meh.. we saw how that worked out in New York.

She's more Progressive because she gets it done..


Mahalo mucho, pandr~I like your last sentence, too.. nice touch..

Yes, The Voters Love Hillary, Surya~ He has to start coming to terms with that..

Hillary Clinton speaks with attendees during a town hall event at Cumberland United Methodist Church in Florence, S.C.


And, stop with the useless excuses he and his team of crack BSrs come up with.. besides that he's either lying or doesn't know what he's talking about, A-gain.

From the link...

Sanders has lost Democratic voters with household incomes below $50,000 by 55 percent to 44 percent to Clinton across primaries where network exit polls have been conducted. (He has lost by a wider 21 percentage-point margin among voters with incomes above $100,000, and by 9 points among middle income voters.)

Mahalo, Blue~Thank you!

Awww... I'm glad you feel that way, Fla Dem..

I Love this group.. and so grateful other Hillary Supporters feel the same.

I also Love your graphic with the hands made into a heart!


Reasons Why Sanders is Not Winning the Nomination..

Sanders says he has lost primaries to Clinton because ‘poor people don’t vote’

rivers http://www.democraticunderground.com/10141426518

Just his latest lame excuse. It's the Southern States, They're not caucus states, not enough people know about him.. even though he has Mega Million $$$$$$ rallies with thousands of people that do NOT translate into votes.. whose fault is that? Anymore excuses to whine about? How about that interview with the NYDN?! I think we got to know him all too well and how much he doesn't know.

Hillary's Group~Mahalo

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