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No, he isn't the only one.. not by a long shot. That's the


We have Dems out there fighting for us too.. the spotlight shouldn't only be on BS.

Sanders shouldn't be making demands and using divisive, denigrating language..

He says we Dems lost because "we're out of touch"? But, he lost the Primary by all almost 4 Million Votes and Hillary won the GE by almost 3 Million votes. And, only lost the Electoral by about a 100,000 Votes.

So who is out of touch?

And, no one is "crabbing" as you so indelicately put it. We're voicing our opinion.

Exactly and why wouldn't he?


Mahalo, Maraya

NYT Practical way to cut down fake news!


Dunno.. but just saw this tweet and want to park it here..

Neil King Verified account 
Am told Senate Republicans are mortified at the prospect of even one Trump nominee going down.

Why? They fear he'll go rogue on them


Thank you Rude!

You can stop explaining the white working class rural conservative Christian farming folk, hot-takers and self-justifiers. Instead, why don't you explain liberalism to them? Why don't you explain that jobs are drying up and communities are dying not because of abortion and same-sex marriage but because of Republican economic policies that have favored the wealthy, most of whom live in cities, including a certain president-elect they voted for who took advantage of those very policies in order to stay rich? Ultimately, though, it won't matter. Because despite every fucking word to the contrary, the real problem is that those who voted for Trump are racist. They are sexist. They are Islamophobic. They are ignorant.

The whole thrust of these "let's learn about the yokels" articles is to imply that there are real Americans and there are coastal elites. Sorry, motherfuckers. We're all Americans. And if I have to suffer under your stupid, you have to hear about our smarts.


Yeah, and he tells them in such a way that is false, denigrating, and


He says we lost because "we're out of touch"? But, he lost the Primary by all almost 4 Million Votes and Hillary won the GE by almost 3 Million votes. And, only lost the Electoral by about a 100, 000 Votes.

So who is out of touch?

Epic! I hadn't read this but I just knew that's what's gonna

be happenin'!

I'm so following him when I get on twitter!

Mahalo, ailsagirl!

Thanks brave.. I know I really like Tom Perez for DNC Chair..

Tom Perez would make an excellent DNC Chair..

Tom Perez
✔ ‎@tomperez
Proud to be backed by United Farm Workers in the fight for the rights and dignity of every worker. More: http://www.ufw.org/_board.php?mode=view&b_code=news_press&b_no=19028&page=1&field=&key=&n=1213
9:10 AM - 20 Dec 2016
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The UFCW, the UFW and the Fire-fighters union endorse Tom Perez for DNC chair!

"The Democratic Party is at a crossroads, and it needs leaders with strong progressive voices as well as unique skills and experiences to lead the party forward. While there are a number of very good candidates in the DNC chair race, Tom Perez offers the party what it so desperately needs – bold leadership and ideas, strong experience managing an organization at the state and federal level, and someone singularly focused on rebuilding the party across the country.

He understands the realities faced by hard-working families all across America who are desperate for a better life. Our members saw firsthand his passion and commitment to improving the lives of union workers as he joined with us to push for safer working conditions at poultry plants, and as he fiercely advocated in favor of the Overtime Rule. As Labor Secretary, he not only pushed for progressive reforms, he helped manage a multi-billion dollar agency with thousands of employees.
In light of the challenges the party faces, Secretary Perez has the experience and vision for the changes the DNC must make, and is the right leader who can make these changes happen. We enthusiastically support his candidacy."


More~ http://www.dailykos.com/story/2016/12/19/1612780/-The-UFCW-the-UFW-and-the-Fire-fighters-union-endorse-Tom-Perez-for-DNC-chair

Today it became known that the International Association of Firefighters, the main union representing American firefighters, has broken with the AFL- CIO and endorsed Tom Perez too:

"In a statement, Schaitberger praised Perez as a "a tireless advocate for civil and human rights" who can transcend what the union president called "a narrow focus on identity and cultural politics that alienated" some longtime Democrats from the party.

"Tom Perez is the person who has the right mix of personal background, progressive values, experience and total commitment to all workers, in all regions and states across the country," Schaitberger said. "To have Tom Perez as the Chair of one of our nation's two major political parties would be a significant victory for workers across America."


And, he's bi-lingual!

In the meantime Tom Perez is also getting important Latino support.

The Latino Victory Fund are supporting his bid for the DNC chair, and I would urge everyone to read an excellent article written by Victoria DeFrancesco Soto over at NBC Latino:

She argues that Tom Perez is exactly the man the DNC needs now, because he appeals to Latino voters and minority voters because of his past relentless fight for civil rights, but also because he has a great appeal/ connection to the white working class because of his work as Secretary of Labor.

For everyone not really familiar with Tom Perez accomplishments as Secretary of Labor, I would recommend this article describing who Tom Perez is, and what he did standing up for workers’ rights, the 15 dollar minimum wage and overtime protection:

Opinion: Tom Perez is What the DNC Needs Now


As Labor secretary, Perez has been knee-deep on these issues and has a running start on establishing real, sustainable ties with laboring Americans. And given the likelihood of the repeal of Obamacare, wages will take on a much more important meaning for working Americans.


Helping the DNC with its Latino problem isn't just about Perez being a Perez. As Labor secretary he has deep linkages to the bread and butter issues that matter to Hispanics on wages, employment opportunities and working conditions. But Perez also has extensive experience combating voter and civil rights violations through his work in the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division.

Then again, there is something to Perez being a Perez. With a Latino at the helm of the Democratic Party it will not be as easy for the growing constituency of Hispanic voters to be put on the back burner.

Much more~http://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/opinion-tom-perez-what-dnc-needs-now-n697746

Thank you, Miles! Important shite there..

1). Putin ordered an "influence campaign"

2). Goals were to "undermine public faith in the U.S. Democratic process, denigrate Clinton, and harm her electability and potential Presidency"

3). Russian government developed a "clear preference" for Trump

4). Putin and Russian government helped Trump's election chances by "discrediting Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him"

Well it's like this..

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