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SAVE-Sounds like a plan, William.. there's so many people invested in

trying to make sure RT is the only news source that's viable concerning Russia's actions in the Ukraine. it's mind boggling.


Interesting.. bookmarking. Thank you, BG

In December of last year, the leader of this neighboring authoritarian regime, Vladimir Putin, offered a deal. From Russia’s hard currency reserves accumulated by the sale of hydrocarbons he was willing to offer a loan of $15 billion, and lower the price of natural gas from Russia. Putin had a couple of little preoccupations, however.

The first was the gay conspiracy. This was a subject that had dominated Russian propaganda throughout last year but which had been essentially absent from Ukraine. Perhaps Ukraine could join in? Yes indeed: the Ukrainian prime minister began to explain to his population that Ukraine could not have closer cooperation with Europe, since the EU was interested chiefly in gay marriage?

Putin’s second preoccupation was something called Eurasia. This was and is Putin’s proposed rival to the European Union, a club of dictatorships meant to include Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Again, perhaps Ukraine could join? Yanukovych hesitated here, seeing the trap—the subordination of Ukraine of course meant his own subordination—but he did allow himself to be jollied along toward the necessary policies. He began to act like a proper dictator. He began to kill his own people in significant numbers. He bloodied his hands, making him an unlikely future partner for the European Union.

Enter a lonely, courageous Ukrainian rebel, a leading investigative journalist. A dark-skinned journalist who gets racially profiled by the regime. And a Muslim. And an Afghan. This is Mustafa Nayem, the man who started the revolution. Using social media, he called students and other young people to rally on the main square of Kiev in support of a European choice for Ukraine. That square is called the Maidan, which by the way is an Arab word. During the first few days of the protests the students called it the Euromaidan. Russian propaganda called it, predictably enough, the Gayeuromaidan...


Thank you MysticHuman.. K&R&Bookmarked!

I've been wondering that, too, malaise.. but, I got your pics right here..

President Obama Visits NYC, Takes Surprise Shopping Trip to The Gap

"Apparently even President Obama knows that New York City is a great place to shop. During a trip to the Big Apple today, the president made a surprise stop at the Gap. Obama checked out some khakis and sweatshirts. A cheery saleswoman talked him through a few options, including a V-neck pink sweater. Obama said he was worried the V-neck would “slip” off his daughter’s shoulders. He ultimately settled on a light pink crewneck for Sasha and a bright pink one for Malia.

A White House official explained the president’s impromptu stop: “In his State of the Union address, the President called for businesses to raise workers’ wages, and today the President will visit a Gap store to show his support for Gap Inc.’s decision to increase wages for their US based employees.” During his visit to the store, Obama also picked out navy blue zip-up workout shirtfor the first lady. The president then greeted the woman behind the counter, who told him he was better looking in person. “You hear that?” The president said to reporters. “I think the ladies will be impressed with my style sense,” the president said as his items were rung up."


President Barack Obama shops at a GAP clothing store in Manhattan during his unannounced visit. Obama used the visit to talk about raising the minimum hourly wage standards and applauded the GAP, who earlier in the year announced it was raising minimum wage for its employees

President Barack Obama greets cashier Sonia Del Gatto at a GAP clothing store in Manhattan during his unannounced shopping visit


Miss ya bigtree~

Snowden Leaks From Russia..

BuzzFeed Benny ✔ @bennyjohnson
Snowden condemning unwanted and illegal government interference in peoples lives from Russia
6:42 AM - 10 Mar 2014 104 Retweets 41 favorites •Reply


Who Does Putin Think he is?

Pic of the Week?..

Photo of the Week? @petesouza: A young student uses a stethoscope on President Obama at Powell Elementary School in DC


@WhiteHouse: President Obama’s #budget invests in his vision of giving every 4-year-old in America access to quality preschool.


Early Education and Care Prioritized in President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Proposal

On Tuesday, President Obama released his fiscal year 2015 budget proposal, calling once again for significant new and ongoing investments in high-quality early education and care. The proposal closely mirrored his 2014 budget proposal for preschool. .


Yeah, we need this to go VIRAL, napkinz!

Thanks to Addictinginfo and you!

Yeah, there was one another one.. Obama Gives Putin Historic Death Stare At The G20 Summit"



YouTube Stars Talk Healthcare at the White House~ Imon Crosson(AlphaCat) is there!

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