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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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A Decision that helped shape Michelle Obama, she..


WASHINGTON — She was born into the segregated Chicago of the 1960s, when public schools actively resisted integration. But in 1975, the city, under pressure to comply with the landmark Supreme Court decision desegregating public schools, opened a racially integrated high school for high achievers that changed the young woman’s life.

Michelle Robinson, a graduate of that integrated school, is now Michelle Obama, the first African-American first lady of the United States. In this season of civil rights anniversaries — in particular the 60th, on Saturday, of the 1954 decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kan. — she is talking in new and more deeply personal ways about race.


Thank you for your interesting OP from 3chicspolitico, she~

Oh Wow, William.. I put that same pic on my FB page! Here's another one taken by my friend..

Taken just now.. synchronized humpbacks!
— with Lucy Khemka and 11 others in Kawela Bay, HI.

Not too bad a place to visit.. or even live here..

Thank you for this, josh.. From your link..

"Most of this is economic. Russia's self-imposed economic problems started pretty quickly after its annexation of Crimea in March and have kept up. Whether or not American or European governments sanction Russia's broader economy, the global investment community has a mind of its own, and they seem to have decided that Russia's behavior has made it a risky place to put money. So risky that they're pulling more money out."

Oh thank you for that, SunSeeker.. I figured there had to be some reason..

and there it is. Details that are left out when they're railing against Pres Obama for Boggs.

very Tough!

"You and every other republican in Congress Voted Against Raising the Minimum Wage.. How does.. ?"

And another.. I don't think you have it anyway.. I got dizzy looking through there again..

Tweet-Pic from Rep John Lewis #BringBackOurGirls.. Update: Added Ellen's Tweet-pic~

John Lewis ✔ @repjohnlewis
My heart aches for these young girls. #BringBackOurGirls
11:40 AM - 8 May 2014

328 Retweets 181 favorites


Ellen DeGeneres ✔ @TheEllenShow
It can’t happen soon enough. #BringBackOurGirls

11:22 AM - 8 May 2014

18,220 Retweets 23,040 favorites

Mahalo Rep John Lewis and Ellen

Excellent example, max randb

Too bad about the negative ned dripping with venom .. this is really going to be upsetting..

POTUS Job Approval Surges to 49%, Dems +4% on Generic Congressional Ballot


Thanks for the quote from EW, PS.. and all the links that I'm putting in my Journal. :)

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