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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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So? It came to prominence as the name of a speech given by Hillary Clinton, the First Lady of the

Women's rights are human rights. The First Lady Hillary Clinton during her speech in Beijing, China. ... It came to prominence as the name of a speech given by Hillary Clinton, the First Lady of the United States, on 5 September 1995, at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing.


No one is saying the March is about Hillary.. but leaving her name off the Honorees for Women who have paved the way for Women's Rights was insensitive to Millions of Women who have been inspired by her.

Michelle Obama's and a lot of other Women who have paved the way were missing too.

Hillary Clinton's Name Was Omitted From the Women's March Honoree List and People Are Angry


On Thursday, January 19, the movement released a document about its guiding vision and definition of principles, which included the names of 27 women who have "paved the way" for equal rights. Clinton, who was the first-ever female presidential nominee for a major political party, was not among them — and people took notice.


A petition on Change.org was created in light of the omission. "As activists and allies, we are dismayed that March organizers excluded Hillary Rodham Clinton as an honoree who has inspired women around the world to serve and to lead," the request reads.


Don't those two have an original thought in their gd heads?

Wow! Mahalo demmiiblue

"We believe that Womens Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Womens Rights."

Excerpt from HRC's speech on September 5th 1995, in Beijing, China:

Oh that's the uncredited quote I've been hearing about.. thank you!

As NBachers said.. "Don't let them silence you, boston.. we

have every right to speak out about this.

Women's March LV
We honor those that have fought for us. That includes the woman that won 3,000,000 more votes! @HillaryClinton #WhyIMarch


Tweet pic regarding Michelle for you..

Nerdy Wonka ‎@NerdyWonka
First Lady Michelle Obama is all of us. She is not going to pretend she's here for this racist mess.


10:34 AM - 20 Jan 2017


They're brainwashed.. it's a scourge in our country..

who wouldn't honor these two invaluable women?


Barely hanging in there some days.. others I'm able to maintain.

Update: Obamas arrive at Thunderbird Heights in Rancho Mirage


Onlookers waited under the cover of umbrellas and raincoats near the airport to watch the former president arrive in Palm Springs.

Roughly two dozen people hid under the eaves of the Palm Springs Air Museum adjacent to the airport for nearly two hours, waiting to glimpse the former president and first lady. A staff member at the museum said they had received more phone calls about the Obamas’ arrival on Friday than any other previous visit while they were in the White House.

One of those onlookers, Susan Walker from Phoenix, said she was excited to see the Obamas, whom she called “fabulous people,” after a “tough day” for many Americans.

Hillary wore white for us, boston!

Yep.. glad Trevor mentioned it.. so obvious! Hillary appreciated it..

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