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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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I hear ya, LL.. I don't think they made it as a "snub" against the Prez, either.. in fact..

Comment on TOD.. This person's perspective..


May 13, 2015 at 11:20 am

"This procedural vote for the trade deal that was voted down yesterday is a primer class in how the GOP’s propaganda arm, otherwise known as the MSM (left, right and center) operates to propogate an anti-PBO narrative. They know damn well that the Dems voted en mass to defeat the measure because two provisions involving African-trade and currency manipulation were excluded by Mitch McConnell. They know that these measures have nothing to do with the Warrenites complaints, and they know that once these two issues are resolved there is enough Dem support to pass the fast track authority bill. They know that the Warrenites do not have the numbers to stop the trade deal. But instead of just relaying these rather simple FACTS, the MSM decided to purposefully confuse the public by calling this a “stinging rebuke” of PBO and furthered a “Dems in disarray” narrative that is the MSM’s specialty. It was handy that the feud between Elizabeth and PBO had been in the press during the preceding weeks, so this vote could be twisted into some kind of victory for her. This is how propaganda works. It is telling that every MSM outlet parrotted the same deceitful spin, as if reading from the same GOP approved script."


I googled it yesterday and all I got from so many M$M sites.. was how the President was being "snubbed" and every other verb they could use to put the President in a very bad light.

"..transcripts show Obama has referred to male senators by their first names (including Brown) many


Ben White
✔ ‎@morningmoneyben
Contra @SenSherrodBrown, transcripts show Obama has referred to male senators by their first names (including Brown) many times.

12:33 PM - 12 May 2015 · Manhattan, NY, United States
27 27 Retweets


Ask AG Loretta Lynch if the President is sexist. Ask SCJ Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, too.

Senator Brown is wrong on this.

KICK."Ron Paul: Black lawmakers oppose war because they want the money for food stamps"


"The killing (of Osama bin Laden) was the high point of Obama’s first term, and a major factor in

his re-election." That's the second sentence of the 10,000 word article, and it's utter bullshit."

Hersh is full of bullshit.

"The risks for Obama were high at this early stage, especially because there was a troubling precedent: the failed 1980 attempt to rescue the American hostages in Tehran...After all, as the retired (American) official said, ‘If the mission fails, Obama’s just a black Jimmy Carter and it’s all over for re-election.’"

Racist idiot.

Thanks meeg & Rude.

"The story simply does not hold up to scrutiny — and, sadly, is in line with Hersh's recent turn

away from the investigative reporting that made him famous into unsubstantiated conspiracy theories."

But, Hersh will always have his fans from those salivating at calling the President "a liar".

From your link, babylonsistah.. thank you..

"The evidence for all this is Hersh's conversations with two people: Asad Durrani, who ran Pakistan's military intelligence service from 1990 to 1992, and "a retired senior intelligence official who was knowledgeable about the initial intelligence about bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad." Read that line again: knowledgeable about the initial intelligence. Not exactly a key player in this drama, and anonymous at that.

Hersh produces no supporting documents or proof, nor is the authority of either source established. We are given no reason to believe that either Durrani or the "knowledgeable official" would have even second- or thirdhand knowledge of what occurred, yet their word is treated as gospel. His other two sources are anonymous "consultants" who are vaguely described as insiders.

Thank you for the history on Washington.. don't think of him as having slaves but that's the

reality, BRDS.

As far as the "point of connecting with everyone in the country".. President Obama has done an excellent job of connecting to the People in all 50 States.


Happy Weekend to you

Watertown, South Dakota Greeters on Motorcade route..

People line the motorcade route as President Barack Obama arrives for a commencement address in Watertown

More pics from Watertown, SD.http://theobamadiary.com/2015/05/08/the-president-and-first-ladys-day-17/

Good on the President.. Pic of Jefferson Kindergarteners' Artwork Welcoming Obama..

Pete Souza: Backstage in Watertown, South Dakota.

President Barack Obama is presented with a handmade quilt as h a a gift from members of the class of 2015

President Obama gave the Commencement Address-May 8, 2015~


Mahalo former9thward~


"Obama lied to me"..

Boo HOO The clueless who spread untruths about the President.. but, "oh, he lied to me".

Oh, and I voted that the President is the best in my life time. that's the most important to me.

The White House @WhiteHouse
· 15h 15 hours ago
Let's honor the heroes who fought to protect our freedom.
Share the story of a WWII vet in your family with #VEDay70.


Thank Goodness we've had President Obama.

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