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Member since: 2002
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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Yeah, "Affordable Health Care".. many more people aren't complaining about it. They're actually

getting cheaper health insurance and they aren't being turned away for pre-existing conditions.

thanks meeg

So glad President Obama called Jim Obergefell to Congratulate him! And Jim Obergefell thanked

the President too.

Not like some who don't want to give the President any credit at all!

Mahalo Don~

Mahalo babylonsistah~

"It was a demonstration of the power the president had found in the example of the people of Charleston—both the living and the dead. He wasn’t just telling. He was showing—the power he was trying to summon in this speech came from his own feeling of gratitude and obligation to serve as an example of grace."

So powerful!

Ya Deamer you!



I remember that.. that's a good one, big dog!


You're Welcome, brer cat! Candid, Extremporaneous Shots of the ACA/Obamacare being upheld Again!

Here was the first one!..

Compelling Tweet on Scalia, Lyric..

ol' dougy bastard ‎@CaptainAnnoying


ME: hey remember that time you picked the president

5:34 AM - 26 Jun 2015
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Mahalo freshwest! Thank you, President Obama~ When the Prez found out about the ACA Decision..

✔ ‎@petesouza
Read my post on when the President heard about yesterday's scotus decision on ACA: http://go.wh.gov/SPVhe2
11:08 AM - 26 Jun 2015
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This made me break down and cry, again.. mahalo kpete.

"We do not know whether the killer of Reverend Pinckney and eight others knew of all this history. But he surely sensed the meaning of his violent act,” he said. “It was an act that drew on a long history of bombs, and arson, and shots fired at churches. Not random, but as a means of control. A way to terrorize and oppress. An act that he imagined would incite fear, and recrimination. Violence and suspicion. An act that he assumed would deepen divisions that would trace back to our nation’s original sin.

“Oh,” he said, the faint traces of a chuckle bubbling deep in his chest. “But God works in mysterious ways.”


Thank you, Greg Howard.

Oh Yeah!

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