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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 185,770

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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#FeelTheJoy! #StrongerTogether

It's been a joy knowing you, NurseJackie! We had some times didn't we?

And, now that we're getting so close to the finish line it's really nice to be with these kindred spirits who have been with us on our journey!

The Long And Winding Road as Iamaartist would post for us!

That is classy.. this is how Hillary did it in 2008.. all strength and dignity.

16 repubs and the gop couldn't take down the foul mouthed, sexual predator.. Hillary did that for them.

Mahalo, rppanier

Look at Hillary.. fresh as a daisy!

Hillary Clinton at the conclusion of the third presidential debate. Credit Josh Haner/The New York Times

The Bullfight in Vegas

"It was an appropriately petulant response, a schoolboy’s holdout when caught in a petty crime, or an outright lie. It would be no more than another self-inflicted wound on his candidacy, save for the fact that he was trying to hold the Constitution of the United States and our civic unity hostage. He then went on to say that the whole election was already rigged simply because Mrs. Clinton had been “allowed” to run, as opposed to being, presumably, in jail or under indictment. From schoolboy to caudillo, in one leap."

Brilliant articles, Agador.. thank you!

Oh that's a beautiful shot, William!


So cute!

Brwaaaaaa! i know who else might be laughing!

Yeah, #SAD

✔ ‎@igorvolsky
One of the Trump sons just told Fox News that being president will be "a step down" for his father.
5:16 PM - 19 Oct 2016
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The dim bulbs do not fall far at all from the big dumb bulb.

Thanks for that, question everything..

Dan Pfeiffer
✔ ‎@danpfeiffer
Trump is not smart and not good at pretending he is smart
3:17 PM - 19 Oct 2016
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I agree. We can do both though, drumpf. Gloria

Allred has another woman who's coming out tomorrow.

Gloria Allred announces new sex misconduct accuser against Donald Trump

"This news conference will be the first time that this accuser has spoken to the public about her allegations against Mr. Trump," the email from Allred said.

"At the press conference Ms. Allred will comment on Mr. Trump's statements in the final Presidential debate when he said 'nobody has more respect for women than I do,' " the email said.


You probably already know this.

Oh yeah, it's Owned! #NastyWoman

Kurt Eichenwald
✔ ‎@kurteichenwald
5:52 PM - 19 Oct 2016
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Thank you, msanthrope
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