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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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That is interesting.. one we've been advocating for.. better do it right the first

time jurors.. you don't want your decision overturned on appeal because you were biased or didn't hide for an obvious infraction against TOS.

Mahalo, DesertRat

Here's the President Now.. lol

I love him.. lol

Obama will be one of our greatest Presidents.. burnie will be in the dust bin of history.

Mahalo, mercuryblues.. she recites those talking points like a robot.. they are meaningless..

they're leading their donors on... the ones who are still willing to believe them and donate anyway.

Actually, BS is the #establishment.. just because he disingenuously rages on the Dem Party doesn't mean he's not a big part of the same #Establishment.. it just means that jane and BS use buzzwords to accuse others of what they are.

They're insulters.. getting on tv and telling Gov Brown what he "should be happy about.." why has BS LOST then.. if he's such a BFD?.. Some pundit head should ask her that the next time she comes to spew #burniebuzzwords.

This is all going to be that much sweeter when they get their Karma served up.

Steady as she Goes, Hillary!

Mahalo, Light~

I am so excited.. been a Long time


Not equating Sam Cooke's song to our struggle.. but it's timeless and so beautiful.

I heard tell she was on cnn today dissing

Gov Jerry Brown for dumping on their campaign.

If you can't get Jerry to support you, then what's the point? Or is he another corporate sellout and a whore to boot? I'd really like to see the logic of saying that having Jerry Brown stick the knife into the Sanders campaign means nothing because it does. It does matter when the governor of California basically takes a dump on your movement just days away from the primary.


Walk away~

they trusted sanders and this is what he did to them..

"Do you wonder why some Sander supporters have a difficult time accepting he will lose? You really have to look no further than the candidate himself."

No, I didn't wonder.. because I know what BS is doing.. leading them on and on and on....

You see, leaders lead by example. His actions have a direct impact on how his supporters behave. Sorry, but this is the truth. So when he goes on the Young Turks and tells them Clintonís strategy is to announce the race is over after NJ votes, he only gins up his most ardent supporters. Those supporters who canít face reality and accept he lost this contest fair and square.

How dare she claim victory like Barack Obama did in 2008!

That's sanders' 'tude.. but Hillary will do exactly what she wants and won't be worrying about offending BS.. who's too easily disingenuously offended by far.

And, TYT? Please.. lol

BS could have had an important movement if he hadn't squandered his credibility because he's not recognizing reality.. and demonized Hillary. I sure as hell don't care about his damn rants..

President Obama's got this and now so does Hillary.

Mahalo, Iaaa~

Damn you nailed it, liberal N proud.. I have to borrow it.. it's too perfect!

They failed.

Great Addition, DesertRat.. I'm bummed the juries are going to continue..

Throughout this primary season we have been in a death spiral of declining standards. So we are going to institute some rules, and we will expect everyone to follow those rules, and we will expect everyone to enforce those rules when they serve on juries. The rules shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone -- they are mostly common sense, and they are basically the same rules we had for years when we had moderators: No personal attacks, no broad-brush group attacks, no bigotry, no right-wing smears or sources against Democrats, no advocating for spoilers or republicans, no meta-discussion, etc

"Throughout this primary season we have been in a death spiral of declining standards."

No, kidding! They're going to have to be looking @ a lot of jury decisions and who made them.

Mahalo, DesertRat!

Just in case anyone hasn't seen this from Skinner on when the GE Officially Begins..

Skinner (61,725 posts)

1. After the primaries on June 7 (California, New Jersey, etc.)...

...we will announce that the primaries are nearing an end, and members will have one more week to "get it out of their systems".

The final Democratic presidential primary is Tuesday, June 14 in Washington DC. People will have one last glorious day of primary season on June 15, and then Democratic Underground general election season begins on Thursday, June 16.


And, this..

Skinner (61,725 posts)

1. It all depends on how you do it.

Thoughtful discussions of Hillary Clinton's private email server and how it might affect the campaign: Fine.

Using Hillary Clinton's private email server as a club in order to beat her down: Not fine.



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