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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Mahalo Rose!

Mr. Sanders regularly assures his audiences that he respects Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton. But he attacks the pragmatism they have built their legacies on, even though they had no other option. The system — and by this we mean the constitutional structure of checks and balances — requires policymakers to settle for incremental changes. Mr. Obama has scored several ambitious but incomplete reforms that have made people’s lives better while ideologues on both sides took potshots. A key question in the Democratic race is which candidate would duplicate the president’s work and which would settle for rock-throwing.


"Then there was Sanders's insistence that he would be better on race relations than Obama, a slip

that you can be sure that the Clinton campaign will make sure African American voters hear about (and then hear about some more) in the coming days and weeks."

And, why not? It wasn't a "slip".

Nick Confessore Verified account 
"Senator Sanders, what's your favorite ice cream flavor?"
"Wall Street billionaires."

6:56 PM - 11 Feb 2016

Thank you, Fla Dem!

Thank you, rivers!

Yeah, just listen to BS tell you how he ranks higher than anybody on anything. some nerve.

Oh see what I mean!

Ronald Klain ‏@RonaldKlain 1d1 day ago

Sanders ranks himself better than @POTUS on race relations, than @HillaryClinton on women's issues, than Ted Kennedy on human rights. Wow
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Just ask him. keep talkin'

Thank you, rivers~

And, don't be messin' with Prez O, either, BS. It's obvious John Lewis has his back.

And, vice versa.

Oooops! I just saw another Tweet quoting Hillary.. I have to post..

Spandan @ TPV ‎@thepeoplesview
Hillary: I would expect the type of Obama-Bashing Sanders is doing from Republicans, not someone seeking D nomination. #DemDebate
5:46 PM - 11 Feb 2016
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And, she gets to say that without fear of getting a hide.

Exactly Rose.. calm, cool, confident and collected.. like Hillary and our current one..


Sorry, just saw it and couldn't resist.

Thank you, Rose~

Good graphics.. thanks for the article Gman Lots of Fact checking on bernie..

Sanders squandered his lead while Clinton shone at the latest debate

Much more.. It's a great analysis.. But, I can only do so many snips so you'll have to go to the linky!..

In what was easily her strongest debate performance in recent memory – and arguably her strongest since the campaign began – Hillary Clinton was calm, cool and collected at Thursday night’s debate.


It was as tone-deaf a line as any all night and, worse yet, it may have reminded Clinton of another line of attack she’d prepared in advance. In an MSNBC interview earlier on Thursday, Sanders had criticized President Obama’s failure to connect with Congress, saying in an interview with MSNBC, “There’s a huge gap right now between Congress and the American people. ... What presidential leadership is about closing that gap.”

From a political analyst’s perspective, it’s a completely valid criticism – but when you’re running in a Democratic primary with an extremely popular Democratic president, it is, well, a weird move.

And Clinton didn’t let him – or the audience – forget about that or other critiques of the president, pivoting near the end of evening to Sander’s frequent criticism of Obama. “I want to follow up on something having to do with leadership” she said, “because, you know, today Senator Sanders said that President Obama failed the presidential leadership test. And this is not the first time.”

Then, without changing her even tone in the slightest, Clinton launched her most vicious attack on Sanders of the debate, running down a list of the times Sanders had called the president “weak” and “a disappointment”. She ended with, “I don’t think gets the credit he deserves.”


The argument over Obama’s legacy is one that Clinton’s campaign has been wanting to have with Sanders for some time, and Sanders set her up for an easy hit. Viewers at home watching the candidates on a split screen could see Sanders huffing and puffing as Clinton spoke, laughing angrily to himself and scribbling notes as she spoke. He clearly hadn’t been expecting that line of attack, though he might well have anticipated it. When he finally did get time to respond, he told the woman whom he’d earlier all but accused of accepting campaign donations in direct exchange for political favors that repeating his own words “was a low blow”, indignantly and with no cool whatsoever.

Much more.. It's a great analysis.. But, I can only do so many snips so you'll have to go to the linky!..


"Failure to connect with Congress".. when everyone knows that the repubs vowed on election night to obstruct anything proposed by the President. they were not only going to not help him.. they would hurt him by any means necessary.

President Obama got Obamacare passed in 2009 with him and Kucinich voting for it.. how is that not connecting? With not one vote from a repub.

Hillary's Group~Mahalo~

Awesome Endorsement for Hillary, William.. Thank You! I didn't know

he said all those beautiful words before getting asked a question about BS and responding..

Which wasn't bad at all.. why they so mad. lol

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