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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Thank you, Nancy.. Stephen King, too

I would not imagine he wants forever be known as

trumpee the #pissgate pisser.

But, that's just me.

And, that's after 8 years with President Obama and

trumpee hasn't even started yet.. but we feel like it's gone on for fucking ever.

"Pollsters also found nearly half believe Trumpís presidency will be a step down from Obamaís." Or a million steps.


Hope trumpee gets the news and tweets on it.

Mahalo, herding!

How a Lurid, Unverified Dossier Became a Crisis for Donald Trump

Gawd yes.. I want it for my journal!


By all accounts, Mr. Steele has an excellent reputation with American and British intelligence colleagues and had done work for the F.B.I. on the investigation of bribery at FIFA, soccerís global governing body. Colleagues say he was acutely aware of the danger he and his associates were being fed Russian disinformation. Russian intelligence had mounted a complex hacking and leaking operation to damage Mrs. Clinton, after all, and a similar operation against Mr. Trump was an obvious possibility.


Thank you, Tom

I really like Tom Perez.. I don't care how obvious this

is.. it's good to hear him say.

Latinos like him, too.. So do the Fire Fighters UFCW, and the UFW..

In the meantime Tom Perez is also getting important Latino support.

The Latino Victory Fund are supporting his bid for the DNC chair, and I would urge everyone to read an excellent article written by Victoria DeFrancesco Soto over at NBC Latino


The UFCW, UFW and the Fire-fighters union endorse Tom Perez


More~ http://www.dailykos.com/story/2016/12/19/1612780/-The-UFCW-the-UFW-and-the-Fire-fighters-union-endorse-Tom-Perez-for-DNC-chair

And, he's bi-linual

I believe that evidence will be forthcoming unless Trump is able to pull the rug out from under

investigators. And the only reason to do that would be because the claims are true."

Great OP and excellent point, B.. Mahalo!

He's so not normal.

I don't care if "he can see through his bias" or not.. I'm not

listening to how effective trump was when everyone I talked to thought he looked and sounded like a gd maniac. That's "normalizing" him.. Of course, it was effective for the suckers.

"Hayes says that now Trump has replaced Hillary with "The Media" as an attack object."?

Poor trump? All the shit that's come out on him just the last few days.. we'd be damn grateful if our "media" stepped up to the job.

The media attacked Hillary and loaded her down with negativity for months on end while giving trump billions of $$$ of free publicity and spinning so fast to try and normalize him.

They didn't have to try to normalize Hillary but they made sure everyone knew about emails 24/7.. and then there was comey.

'Toon's making me cry..

George Takei wrote it?

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