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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Perfect, rivers! Concise!


We shall see..

The excitement will be palpable!

The untold heroes of the 2016 election are the millions of Hillary supporters who, despite being disregarded, demeaned and marginalized, have carried Hillary to victory after historic victory.



lol don't you mean "delegate"?


Hey, I like the way you put that, Bobby.

They never learn.

Oh, you made that?! Wow..

It is Awesome.. you are so into IT!

Have fun.. take pics!

Hilarious! I was laughing so hard, Rose.. Mahalo!

John Oliver.. precious!

We have to remember though that Hillary played by these same rules 8 years when she lost and didn't whine.. now she's won .. same rules.

sanders knew the rules when he came in.. so it's useless for him to be whining about it. If he were winning he'd be like trump.. not whining.

I finally figured out who that "former VP candidate" was..


How quickly I forget..


Celebrity Tracker~ For Hillary~

“This is someone who, I feel like, goes home and thinks about us.”

Uzo Aduba


Thank you, yallerdawg!


After a strong April finish that put her 91 percent of the way to the nomination, Clinton was slowed by a lighter primary schedule and wins by Sanders in Indiana, West Virginia and Oregon. She still picked up more than 45 percent of the delegates at stake in May. That's because Democrats award delegates in proportion to the vote, so the loser receives some.

Clinton is 78 delegates short.

In the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, Clinton is likely to grab around 40 delegates. That will leave her shy by more than 30, heading into June 7.

With 126 pledged delegates at stake, New Jersey offers Clinton more than what she needs to clinch - even if she were to lose the state.

Also voting June 7, in order of poll close times: North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Montana and California. A total of 694 delegates are up for grabs.

Can't wait until she makes her Pledged Delegate goal!

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