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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 182,516

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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I found this enlightening..

Bernie Sanders Fans Take Massive Dump On Nevada Democratic Convention Floor

You guys know Wonkette is officially neutral in the Democratic primary. Evan and I are bought-and-paid-for neolib corporate piece of shit Hillary shills; Dok and Robyn and Shy are fine upstanding citizens who support Bernie. We donít know who Intern Dominic is backing, but judging by some comments in the chatcave it is whoever can give him the spanking he so richly deserves. (That would be Hillary then.)

After hours spent trying to figure out why Bernie Sanders delegates were screaming that the Democrats had stolen the (Democratic!) convention, weíre still a little hazy, and Jon Ralston has yet to weigh in at his blog. But hereís what seems to have happened, as near as we can tell.



I found this interesting.. happened in Maui..

I am not a Democrat, so I did not attend the county convention in Maui, but a friend who did told me he had to rescue Sen. Schatz from an aggressive Bernie Bro who cornered him and demanded he change his superdelegate pick.

I am a democrat.

I've had it with the antidemocratic Sandersistas, and unless Sanders comes out with a clear statement by tomorrow that he wants this crap ended, I'm writing him off as another fascist who chose the wrong party.

I would have loved to have seen my Senator Schatz's reaction!

Mahalo, Lisa~

Mahalo for that, brer.. The Nordic State Dinner.. President Obama and First Lady Michelle look


I go to the Obama Diary everyday.. Thank Goodness for their site! It was started in 2009 by a former DUer who was sick of the hate on du.

The site just grew and grew.. it's had Millions of hits and no hate. See you can have hits without ODS or HDS.

President Barack Obama speaks after receiving an honorary doctorate of laws during the 250th anniversary commencement ceremony at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He is the first sitting president to speak at the schoolís commencement


Well, you thought wrong then.. the majortiy on this board alerted on and hid the Hill supporters..

who are on permanent FFR.. and theirs weren't against TOS.. it was because they are outspoken Hillary supporters.

The Jury System is FUBARED but that's no reason to punish Hillary Supporters because they got 2 hides in 24 hours. Take them off FFR or tell them why you're not.

Don't leave them in Limbo where they can't even PM their friends.. that's worse than the 3 months forced time outs Rule.. when the alert stalkers censored them, and got them 5 hides.. and NOT for posting against TOS. At least they knew when they were coming back.

If you look @ the BS fans' hides.. theirs are for being against TOS.

Why all the mystery where we have to guess what's going on?.. And, it wasn't because they weren't "playing nice". you have no idea what you're talking about.

They made the ultimate sin of getting two hides in 24 hrs by the majority of the jury

pool.. So they're Flagged for Review.. which means they can't post or even send PMs..

But, Skinner has the power to Unflagged them.. only he's not. Some have been on FFR for almost 2 months. I'm wondering what the glitch is.

These are their last posts.. researched by Fla Dem..


"..and did they think booing Boxer, a popular California senator, was a good idea before the

California primary?"

Good Point, Nancy.. one I did not think of.. hope word of this Nevada Convention spreads all over California.

p.s. "boo yourselves out of this election" I love that line.. 'cause that's what's happened.

And, this one..

"I was born in Brooklyn and I'm not afraid of bullies" Senator Barbara Boxer to BBBs


This is Danie06's take on nina turner getting booed..

Iím gonna say this here: a lot of Bernie supporters seriously think they can intimidate and insult their way into the White House. They should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

But they arenít, because they have convinced themselves that when they steal delegates its all good, and when Hillary wins the election, she has committed fraud.

Update: Bernie suporters are now booing Nina Turner of all people, because she suggested we should work towards unity and respect and because she asked them to calm down.

From the link Iamaartist provided @kos..


That's much nicer to turn your back in silent protest.. and much more effective, imv.

"For those that follow all this: today saw the utter unraveling of any decency or maturity Bernie

supporters have ever had."

Sad for the BS team.. that means they're losing badly and I blame BS for their behavior.. he's encouraged it on so many levels.

Clinton: 6316 votes= 52,6%

Sanders: 5678 votes= 47,3%.

Today is the second state-wide Nevada convention.

After an initial vote it turned out that of the total delegates showing up: 1,245 supported Clinton and 1100 Bernie.

For anyone that supports democracy, that thinks the votes of people should count: this is great news.

All in all this turn out may reset the delegate count to the original vote, and thus correct the disgusting situation that intimidation, theft and harassment actually enabled the Sandersí campaign to steal delegates.

This is how BS would run his presidency.. and we can be so grateful... that's Not happening.


Thank you, Iaaa~

LOL@Was going to correct misinformation put out by bitter Berniebots, but there is a little problem:

I have a life, appearances notwithstanding.

Mahalo, ism~
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