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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Ye-ah! Florida is Hillary Country! Clinton clobbers Sanders in Ohio, Florida

The huge victories show that Hillary Clinton has all but secured the Democratic nomination. | Getty


Perfect.. thank you!

I like the very first paragraph..

Bernie Sanders exceeded all primary season expectations and was en route to building something of a real movement. But rather than locking in those gains and settling in for a long-haul effort, he’s opted for a legacy-busting temper tantrum instead, heading out the (primary) door in a cloud of whining, conspiracy mongering, and blame casting. It’s a bizarre finale to what was undoubtedly an incredible run. So here are some observations, not because it matters—he’s lost—but because his claims of victimhood are absolute bullshit and need to be corrected.

2. He may want to disenfranchise them, but communities of color voted against Sanders

Take another moment to savor what that would mean—a party establishment ignoring the choice of the communities of color, who have heavily chosen a woman, to undemocratically hand the nomination to yet another white guy. That, my friends, is the essence of white privilege. It’s EXHIBIT A, and in case you are wondering, yes it fucking pisses me off.

Thank you, Charly!

cornel west will be a reminder of one of the reasons BS didn't connect with our

African American Voters. sanders is completely tone-deaf.

Only4RM ‎‎@Only4RM
I knew @BernieSanders wasn't for me when he embraced the now-vulgarized SHELL of @CornelWest as surrogate. @Lawrence pic.twitter.com/Hx6WXWtIjW
Only4RM ‎‎@Only4RM
#BernieLostMe when he decided that Obama-bashing in the vilest terms was the #1 criterion to be a VIP Black surrogate for his campaign.
11:49 AM - 18 May 2016
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"... his noble efforts".. oh Good Grief! Whatever he had went out the window when

he started whining that everything was "rigged" when he lost a primary but it wasn't rigged in the states he won.

If he were winning it wouldn't be "rigged" we wouldn't have to hear about any of this.. but, he lost. More people, especially POC, want Hillary to be our President.

So everything is "Rigged" "establishment"... etc etc etc.. according to the loser.

It was the same system that Hillary lost to President Obama in 2008.. where she conceded with grace and dignity. She didn't go accusing everything of being "rigged" and look where she is today.. She's going to be POTUS #45.

From Bernie Sanders Supporters, Death Threats Over Delegates


"Death Threats" are violence.. you need to wake up to reality.

Sanders supporter Lucy Flores condemns harassment and "misogynistic vulgarities" at NV Convention

This is strong statement condemning the actions of some Sanders supporters in Nevada. It was needed after the embarrassment at the convention this weekend.

Thank you Lucy Flores!

I understand and share the frustration that many progressives in Nevada feel, but there were actions over the weekend and at the Democratic convention that very clearly crossed the line.

Progressives need to speak out against those: making threats against someone’s life, defacing private property, and hurling vulgar language at our female leaders. Regardless of whether you agree with the leadership of our Chairwoman Roberta Lange, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do her actions warrant being harassed, insulted with misogynistic vulgarities and or threatened in any way.


Yes Gracias for denouncing the violence of the sanders supporters @ the Nevada State Convention.. somebody has to from that campaign since sander wouldn't do it.

But that’s down the road. Bernie Sanders is going to face far more public neutering from all sides in the mean time. Lucy Flores, a congressional candidate in Nevada who has been so tight with Sanders that they’ve been co-fundraising, put out a statement condemning the actions of the violent Bernie loons at her state’s convention. She’s clearly not willing to allow her career to be derailed by association Bernie’s apparent descent into bitter madness.



Here's a link, Pika... you can put it in your OP if you want..

DNC superdelegate Zack Hawkins endorses Hillary Clinton: “I’m with her”

Delegate counts are estimated, and different news outlets report slightly different totals. CNN reported that Hillary Clinton started the day with a total of 2297 delegates, meaning she needed another 86 delegates in order to clinch the nomination. The confirmation of the Zack Hawkins superdelegate endorsement means that she now needs just 85 delegates to clinch.

She’ll pick up perhaps four delegates in the Virgin Islands on June 4th, and current polling suggests she’ll pick up 38 delegates in Puerto Rico on June 5th. So if she gains the endorsement of another 43 superdelegates between now and then, her expected win in Puerto Rico could put her over the top. Failing that, she’ll pick up enough proportional pledged delegates from New Jersey on June 7th (win or lose) to clinch the nomination before the polls close in California later that night.


Mahalo and Thank you to Zack Hawkins, North Carolina~

Yeah, that went over just like we predicted it would when he did it.. Thankfully

Laura ‎‎@princessomuch
#BernieLostMe when he & his campaign surrogates repeatedly said Southern black voters don't matter & then claimed to be a civil rights hero
12:23 PM - 18 May 2016
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Only4RM ‎‎@Only4RM
I knew @BernieSanders wasn't for me when he embraced the now-vulgarized SHELL of @CornelWest as surrogate. @Lawrence pic.twitter.com/Hx6WXWtIjW

Only4RM ‎‎@Only4RM
#BernieLostMe when he decided that Obama-bashing in the vilest terms was the #1 criterion to be a VIP Black surrogate for his campaign.
11:49 AM - 18 May 2016
84 84 Retweets 103 103 likes

Savannah L. Barker ‎‎@savannah_lb
#BernieLostMe when his campaign and his supporters decided to label life-long civil rights leaders as "sellouts" https://twitter.com/peruoblemchild/status/733060412254478336
12:28 PM - 18 May 2016
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In more ways than one.. This is a compelling chart, charly, Thank you!


sanders is going down in history as the poorest loser on the books.

The nomination process is the same one Hillary lost in 2008.. she didn't go whining about how it was "rigged".

She was all grace and dignity and look where she is now.. she's going to be POTUS #45 for those not keeping up.

Mahalo, rivers~
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