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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Speaking at a rally at LeMoyne-Owen, a historically black college here, Mrs. Clinton

introduced the tax credit and, without evoking Mr. Sander’s name, told the crowd, “You deserve a raise — not a tax increase, and I’m not going to stand for that.”

It's so true and if that's a "jab" then so be it.. good on Hillary.

Now there's some thread saying A lot of people posted their real names here.. well good on them..

but not really the point,

They revealed their own names.. did not take the liberty of posting someone else's name for them.

They're so fucking big into privacy except when it comes to someone else's.

They always do that. It's their Go To excuse for why bernie just doesn't cut it with so many

of the voters.. women and African Americans.

Horrors.. not everyone thinks Bernie is all that!

Exactly, Amimnoch. Some would rather have promises promises than an actual histiory of


Well done, Sheepshank. I'm proud to post there. thank goodness there are more political

boards to post on than just DU.. now with its " 85%" berni fan posters.. the Alert and Hide system where you have to walk on damn eggshells and can't say what I really of sanders without getting censored.

I love having a place to be among friends away from these people who did nothing but crap on President Obama all these years. Who is now more popular than ever in the real world. This little microcosm of hate for him has meant nothing.

"Yet here to are, in full blown ignorance carrying on as if you know it all....and carrying on the legacy that Steve O is trying to walk away from."

Nothing new there.

Shake my head, brave.. evidently some of BS's fans can't fathom how someone could like him

and then be turned off so much by the way too many of them abused #BLM activists, that it would turn anyone against Bernie himself.

Well, I saw it happen. They're campaigning for Bernie in his name all over the net and they aren't doing him any favors. And, Surprise.. It's not really important if they believe it or not .. just more denial for them.

If someone is running for office.. they better make damn sure they have people representing them, who will make a good case for their candidate without attacking anyone.

Oh Goodie.. bernie's "evolved"! "Public admission by Omission.." as a friend of mine said.

Thank you msrizzo~

He has such excellent delivery.. he reminded me a little bit of Johnny Carson.. he says

something "funny" and then he gets this look on his face waiting for their reaction.

That was so .. of course I missed the first time around.. Thank You!

Sorry, didn't see this, she. Please send me a special invitation like I did you for the BOG!

Yes, he's so fortunate to be so comfortable in who he is. And, our country is blessed to have him for President. Even though there are too many that are on the junk pile of history because they do not appreciate him. They only get off on the propaganda that feeds the beast.

From your link..

10. When he straight up played the GOP during his 2015 State of the Union Address with this back to back sting: "I have no more campaigns to run… I know, because I won both of them."

10. Let's not forget, when he made this face after he was asked about his nuclear plans against Russia at a White House press conference in 2014.

Haha.. I noticed there's two #Tens!

One of my fave pics..

11.When he let this little boy touch his hair in the Oval Office and got us all right in the feels.

Excellent OP, she.. too bad many more haven't seen it! It's precious!


What a sweet sendoff, Mahalo William~ Love your festive Cornucopia~ Pooh bear!

It hard to believe Thanksgiving is almost here.. it's not cold and snowing like it was for so many years in New York.

But, it's one week away!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Willliam.

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