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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Oh, you made that?! Wow..

It is Awesome.. you are so into IT!

Have fun.. take pics!

Hilarious! I was laughing so hard, Rose.. Mahalo!

John Oliver.. precious!

We have to remember though that Hillary played by these same rules 8 years when she lost and didn't whine.. now she's won .. same rules.

sanders knew the rules when he came in.. so it's useless for him to be whining about it. If he were winning he'd be like trump.. not whining.

I finally figured out who that "former VP candidate" was..


How quickly I forget..


Celebrity Tracker~ For Hillary~

“This is someone who, I feel like, goes home and thinks about us.”

Uzo Aduba


Thank you, yallerdawg!


After a strong April finish that put her 91 percent of the way to the nomination, Clinton was slowed by a lighter primary schedule and wins by Sanders in Indiana, West Virginia and Oregon. She still picked up more than 45 percent of the delegates at stake in May. That's because Democrats award delegates in proportion to the vote, so the loser receives some.

Clinton is 78 delegates short.

In the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, Clinton is likely to grab around 40 delegates. That will leave her shy by more than 30, heading into June 7.

With 126 pledged delegates at stake, New Jersey offers Clinton more than what she needs to clinch - even if she were to lose the state.

Also voting June 7, in order of poll close times: North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Montana and California. A total of 694 delegates are up for grabs.

Can't wait until she makes her Pledged Delegate goal!

Yeah, just one of burnie's downfalls.. The Presdient is way too popular for BS

to carry off his master plan.

sanders tries to have it both ways.. he's dissing President Obama on the campaign trail but then when Spike Lee interviewed him he said he and Obama were "friends" .. I did a report on it back then.

LOL@BS.. Now he's tellling SL that he has a "friendly relationship with PBO"..


Didn't make it though.. I totally knew he was after the ODSrs.. so sad for him that President

Obama is so popular. I know it berns his ****

NBC Nightly News
✔ ‎‎@NBCNightlyNews
NEW: Pres. Obama hits highest approval rating since 2nd inauguration, @NBCNews poll shows. http://nbcnews.to/1s5AewE
11:06 AM - 23 May 2016
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The Polack MSgt~Mahalo.. for all those compelling points.. it really does bring the whole picture together.

Oh and these..

Only4RM ‎‎@Only4RM
I knew @BernieSanders wasn't for me when he embraced the now-vulgarized SHELL of @CornelWest as surrogate. @Lawrence pic.twitter.com/Hx6WXWtIjW
Only4RM ‎‎@Only4RM
#BernieLostMe when he decided that Obama-bashing in the vilest terms was the #1 criterion to be a VIP Black surrogate for his campaign.
11:49 AM - 18 May 2016
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Hillary is a 180 degrees from sanders.. one of the most qualified presidential candidate's

ever if not the most.

One has to have dignity and grace and be even tempered.. we know Hillary has those qualities from the way she conceded to then Sen Obama.

And, we know President Obama has those same qualities in Office.. and look how successful he's been and how popular!

Thank you, rivers!

Aloha obamanut.. underthematrix did and I will be doing it, too.. they have my form

already filled out!



LOL@Kevin1957.. he's Pissed! Like we all are..

One other issue is the fact that Bernie and Jane Sanders have still failed to release one full years tax return, not one. He continues to lie about releasing his returns. We will never see them.

It’s over Bernie. Keep WAGGING YOUR FINGER and MAKING THOSE UGLY FACES but Hillary Clinton ​won’t be there to see it.

We are all tired of your DRAMA! You will never accept the fact that you have been beat by a woman and that your supporters are already starting to switch over to Hillary and donate to her campaign.

​So wag away and insult as much as you want. No more free airtime for you! We are done with you.

Mahalo, Iaaa
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