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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 193,363

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

Journal Archives

Wow! Great impersonation of drumpfuck!

Awesome sense of humor!

Mahalo, Sherman!

George Orwell Quote.. 1984

Like Con way?..

All because they get bad spray jobs..

Excellent.. K&R! this needs to be thrown in his face as much as possible!

Don't try to freaking gaslight us, spicer

Mahalo, SHRED.. I uploaded it to my photobucket.

It's not very caring of the other person especially in this kind of situation..

There are two types of men. Presenting exhibits A and B..

"side-by-side of inauguration arrivals at Whitehouse 2009 versus 2017"



Many people are like President Obama.. thoughtful, sensitive to others and have the class not to barge ahead like a gd buffalo.


Yeah, because President Obama was never protested against..

I've read that's on President Obama's agenda among

many important things like the Climate Crisis.

Stark Truth! Calling out the trumpLiars and getting the Real Word out on what Dems stand for.. and have Dems on.. those Dems we never get to see. Tired of the same ol ones they trot out.. that I hear about anyway.

This country got so dumbed down it elected trump the predatory reality star for pResident.. we have officially hit rock bottom.. there is no lower.

Time to start climbing out of the abyss.

Mahalo to you, Blue

I know bigtree.. good analysis.. the m$m fawning gopress would

have loved to be the stenos for BLOTUS and his gang of LIARS but Noooooo.. they decided to treat them like the enemy. Maybe for a devastating reality that comes out they brush it off with "the press can't be trusted"?

How the hell do they think they got in power in the first place? Several factors but a friendly press to trump and a hostile to Hillary helped them immeasurably.

"I can understand why they believe we're idiots out here. After all, look who got elected."

Yeah, and they refuse to believe that Hilary got 3 Million more votes or that the Women's March got more people than their inaug.. or that it didn't get the most people EVER.. including President Obama's in 2009 and 2013.

I imagine psychologists have all sorts of names for this type of behavior.. whatever.. it's sick and they do need consequences in kind. Before they take our country down with them.

What I'm going to hope and look for is that one forum or inquiry where Trump is so accustomed to reeling off a lie, that he doesn't notice the jeopardy he's placing himself in, like in a deposition, for example. He's so arrogant that prospect is more than likely in his future.

It's got to be.. trump tripping himself up finally on his own big lying mouth.

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