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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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There you are.. Mahalo to you for the heads-up on this newsy item from

Skinner, DesertRat!

Sounds like they're confused.. I know it certainly

feels good when they leave..

The hits keep coming..

Skinner (61,699 posts)
1. I wasn't familiar with that term.

But after searching it, it appears to be coming from one person. Not immediately apparent if it's an anti-gay thing, or if it's a reference to the multi-racial character of Hillary Clinton's support. Either way, I'm kind of done giving the benefit of the doubt to the most divisive people on the site.


he thinks nobody notices..


burnie math feels the burn..

Go ask cornel west.. #lol&smh...

Justin Wolfers Retweeted Cornel West
Something has happened to Cornel West.
Justin Wolfers added,
Cornel West @CornelWest Brother Bernie and Brother Trump are authentic human beings in stark contrast to their donor-driven opponents.
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Alycee ‎‎@jazziz2
Nothing's "happened" 2 @CornelWest. Three bigtime grifters. Game respects game! https://twitter.com/JustinWolfers/status/734916656422477824
4:19 AM - 24 May 2016
6 6 Retweets 4 4 likes


Well thankfully with DU3 we're able to Block posters because they come in here

to Disrupt. they like to crow about how many Blocks we have.. I have a Newsflash for them.. Don't come in here to Disrupt and you won't get Blocked.. #SimpleMath.. it's all on you, fans of BS.

Like this guy..


The majority have still ruled the juries.. coming into our Group and hiding our Posts just because they can. I want that to stop.

Gracias for that, yallerdawg~ I have another one, too.. all good!

I feel your pain, but we're going to let this thing keep running until the voting is done.

Once it's all over, we're going to clamp down pretty hard on the BS


"To be honest, one of the goals of giving civility enforcement over to members (via the jury system) was so that I could share my opinions and it wouldn't matter. One of the biggest disappointments for me is that people still point the finger at me and call me biased and hold me responsible for what juries do anyway.

"So once this primary is over I'm going to start running this site again. If I'm going to get blamed for it I might as well run it, right?"

Thank you for that! You reminded me when I saw sarae's post I wanted to go looking for this..


Skinner: When the voting is over the primary is over on DU.

This has gone on long enough. Once the voting is done I have no interest in pretending everyone doesn't already know the outcome.

My opinion is that Donald Trump represents an unprecedented threat to this country, and I have no interest in providing a platform for people to act like a Trump presidency isn't such a big deal. I have permitted it during primary season because many people seem determined to pretend we live in a fantasyland where Republicans don't exist -- but once the primary is over reality sets in and we can no longer afford to ignore our Republican opponent


Has this been discussed already and I missed it? If so I apologize for posting.. I couldn't find anything, but then I didn't get any sleep last night.

Good News!Thanks Skinner~

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