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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Hillary was much closer to winning in 2008 than BS came this year.. how many "positions"

did she did demand on condition of her support?

BS is still grandstanding and thinks he will have the last word.. he won't.. We Will Win without him.

For every one of his BBB who withhold their vote from Hillary there will be new people registering to support her and stop trump. President Obama and Hillary will see to that and leave sanders in the dust.

He's trying to hold his fans' votes against Hillary for his ego.

And, btw, BS is the one who never compromises but now he wants everyone else to compromise with him.

For nothing.. her platform is much better than his.

Elijah certainly does! A picture is worth a thousand words.

And, President Obama just Vetoed!

Thanks Obama!


Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval Obama Approval 54% +2


This is our Revolution! Our country is on track.. we don't need BS.. we need a Dem Congress

Excellent post, Sascha.. Mahalo!

"They expect to be coddled to the end of it as well." Yes, and that's not going to happen..from my end anyway.

The fact that they even think that this is a close race is a sign of the coddling that they've needed. His entire campaign has been a certificate of participation. He lost by 6+ million votes and over 350+ delegates. That's a good old fashion landslide and the fact that he feels entitled to argue for concessions is disturbing.

I'm going to celebrate that Hillary won and Bernie lost and I'm not going to sugarcoat my glee or coddle anyone else's children because they just learned the rules of the game and realized that they lost 2 months ago.

Not after the attacks on John Lewis and Dolores Huerta. Not after the drudging up of various right wing hit pieces. Not after having to watch and listen to Nina Turner, Susan Sarandon, Shailene Woodley, and Ben Jealous argue with a straight face that because Bernie gets more white college kids then the votes of African American democrats like myself should be ignored because of some polls 6 months out. Not after the legitimization of Cornell West after his disparaging remarks against Barack Obama. Not after the absolute mess that was NVDem's convention. And especially not after, a process that has empowered people of color and women all over the country and resulted in the first female major party nominee has been accused of being rigged because Bernie didn't win certain states.

Hell No!

Yes! I was coming back to say.. whereas I OTOH.. think it's Adorable!

Just what happened, too(someone has a great imagination!)..

BS gave his stump speech in front of the White House.. and then President Obama came out and endorsed Hillary with a Brilliant and most Excellent Vid!

Wow, Good on Maher!

Another great moment - guitarist Tom Morello used the "lesser of two evils" phrase to say both parties are bad. Maher called bullshit saying that "in Florida there are hundreds of thousands of people that did not get Medicaid because the governor is a Republican. If the governor was a Democrat they'd be getting health care and not dying." The differences in the two candidates "make differences in actual people's lives, especially the ones who you purport to be most for - the poor people."

Another highlight - Maher said Hillary won fair and square and that Sanders voters can't say it's "fair when you win and rigged when you lose."

Thank you, realmirage

Sounds like this Tom Morello is just full of the ol soundbytes and has no real clue.. exactly.. "comfortable life".

Daddy hugs his daughter~


Nina Turner went after EW today.. BS surrogate blasts Warren: 'You don't get brownie points from me'

Sanders surrogate blasts Warren: 'You don't get brownie points from me'

During a radio interview on SiriusXM’s “Steele and Unger,” former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner said she was not impressed with Warren’s social media attacks against Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump

“It’s easy for Democrats to attack Mr. Trump,” Turner said. “You don’t get any brownie points from me and other progressives for getting into a Twitter war with Mr. Donald Trump. That’s easy.

“But when the fight was hard for Sen. Bernie Sanders, where was Sen. Warren?”

“They’re gonna attack me for saying this, but I’m a truth-teller at this point,” Turner added

Not even close, Nina.. oh and btw.. @ which point do you consider yourself Not "a truth teller"? Just sayin'


Wait a minute! Malia Obama Graduates from Washington, DC's Private 'Sidwell Friends School' Today

107.5 WBLS FM ‎@WBLS1075NYC
Wait a minute! Malia Obama Graduates from Washington, DC's Private 'Sidwell Friends School' Today! #POTUS #CONGRATS
4:49 AM - 10 Jun 2016
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JLF ‎@Happy2BeJudith
Congratulations Malia Obama on your graduation from high school today!
3:38 AM - 10 Jun 2016
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Malia Obama graduated from high school today
1:57 PM - 10 Jun 2016
682 682 Retweets 2,181 2,181 likes

Mark Knoller
✔ ‎@markknoller
What a difference 7 years make. Malia graduates from high school today. Sasha turns 15. Pres expects tears of joy.
2:28 AM - 10 Jun 2016
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Good Morning America
✔ ‎@GMA
Happy Birthday Sasha Obama! 🎂 🎉
2:12 AM - 10 Jun 2016
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Happy Birthday, Sascha Obama!

Yes, well said.. the First in a long line of Female Presidents to come..

I don't think this is in the least "presumptuous".. there's still a lot of hard work ahead.. but she's beaten her primary opponents.. now on to beat the maniac in the GE.

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