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Member since: 2002
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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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If You Can't See The Similarities in This..


Wow.. that's going to take several Volumes like Steve Benen

had on the Mittster circa 2011-2012~

thanks ashling~

WOW WOW WOW! Major Cricket Action going on!! K&R!

I'm going to Add this to my Journal, ProSense, so I can have a handy reference when I need it.

Mahalo PS

oooooh.. Alan Zegas is now David Wildstein's lawyer.. this "unseen flunkie"..

Chops licking!

Our Buddy, Alan Zegas~

From your link, DV..

"And Christie will find no comfort in Zegas, who has battled him in court, accused him of playing politics with criminal prosecutions and written scathing op-eds about his attacks on judicial independence, once comparing him to King George III of England.

“I don’t know Mr. Wildstein, but he seems wily, so it’s possible he was sending a message to the governor, that I’m going to choose someone you might not like,” said Nancy Erika Smith, an employment lawyer and friend of Zegas. “Sometimes lawyers just act and don’t think. Alan plays chess.”

another snip.. okay I'm sold!

"Friends described him as principled, brainy and kind, a “renaissance lawyer” who can impress not just with his knowledge of the law, but also his piano skills, professional photography, marathon runs in New York City and the countless biographies he’s read."

You got a real good juicy bit of news here, DonViejo!

Christie Tries to Work the Room and Fails

In his latest townhall, Chris Christie tried to resort to his old style of working the room. This time his ability to charm, deflect, intimidate and obfuscate didn't have that same old Christie magic. Here's why: people are no longer afraid and they are pissed.

For Christie, Awkward Return to a Setting He Once Ruled

When Chris Christie started to talk over a complaining questioner, a signature tactic of the bellicose, pre-scandal governor, the audience here briefly turned on him. “Answer the question,” some shouted.

When he took a microphone from a long-winded speaker, the man startled Mr. Christie by snatching it right back.

And when he singled out a young woman as his inspiration for repairing the Hurricane Sandy-battered coastline, he failed to grasp that the girl’s mother — sitting just a few feet from Mr. Christie — was angry with him for not doing enough.

“He’s full of it,” she said

It worked — at least for a while. Christie entered his 110th town-hall-style event in Port Monmouth, a blue-collar Shore town battered by the storm, without his self-promotional video. The Springsteen soundtrack was dialed down. So was the Christie swagger and sarcasm.

But then Tom Largey, a Sea Bright resident whose home was badly damaged by the storm and who is living with relatives, confronted Christie.

Why was so much money, Largey asked, being spent on private contractors to handle the storm recovery, particularly Hammerman & Gainer, the Louisiana-based company that was quietly let go by the administration in December? After all, New York did just fine without hiring outsiders.

The crowd lustily applauded Largey, not Christie. The calm empathizer was now seething, defensive.

"What's your suggestion on how I should have done it?" Christie shot back. "Should I have hired thousands of new government employees to be able to administer these programs?"

"Answer the question!" barked one woman. Heads turned in irritation. Two men loudly cleared their throats


I apologize if this has been posted.. I hadn't seen it before.

It's really good to see that more people in New Jersey are finally catching on to the sociopathic schmoozer!

Happy Birthday to Senator Ted Kennedy~ He would have been 82 years old.

Teddy is celebrating here on his 77th and last birthday B-Day on Planet Earth with Victoria, the Obamas and Friends in 2009..

"President Obama, along with the First Lady, led a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday" to Sen. Ted Kennedy, at a star-studded 77th-birthday tribute to the political legend at Kennedy Center on Sunday night.

Among the stars who performed at the celebration were comedian Bill Cosby, actresses Lauren Bacall and Bernadette Peters, singer James Taylor and conductor John Williams."

Barack and Michelle Obama celebrate Ted Kennedy's 77th birthday at the Kennedy Center on Sunday night.

Obama leads the singing of "Happy Birthday," alongside singer James Taylor.

The First Lady greets Senator Kennedy and his wife, Victoria, as Senator John Kerry listens.

More pics.. the rest of the story..

Sorry, this is so late in the day.. I just realized it was Teddy's Birthday today(out here on Kaua'i) and well, bless his heart. Mahalo, Teddy Kennedy~

Christie Lies with the ease of

of a sociopath.

Thanks I gave it a kick..

Matt Katz.. the Christie Tracker! 6 Questions he has for Christie..

1) You are depicted in a picture, evidently laughing, with David Wildstein, who carried out the lane closures. The picture is taken at a 9/11 ceremony on Sept. 11, 2013, the third day of the epic traffic jam that resulted from those lane closures. What were you two talking about?

2) Why would three people in your inner circle – David Samson, Bill Stepien and Bridget Anne Kelly – carry out lane closures that caused prolonged, dangerous traffic jams, without notifying you beforehand or afterward?

3) In February you told a radio audience that you instructed your chief of staff and chief counsel to look into the lane closures as soon as you heard about them on or about Oct. 1. Why hadn’t you mentioned this in January, when you held a two-hour press conference solely about this issue?

4) You had lunch with Fort Lee Mayor Sokolich at Drumthwacket, he says, but you have claimed you don't recall ever meeting him. Do you now remember dining with him, or was he not telling the truth?

5) An extensive Sept. 13 email about the ramifications of the lane closures was sent from Port Authority Director Patrick Foye and forwarded to one of your top staffers, Regina Egea. Then what happened? Were you not made aware of the email at the time, and why not?

6) At a Dec. 2 press conference, you said you had talked to your mentor, Port Authority Chairman David Samson, about the lane closures. What prompted that conversation, when did it occur, and what information did you learn?

mahalo malaise

Oh really? Well they won't be around here during election time..

they have to go back into the woodwork.

Vote for Democrats.

Winning elections is important — therefore, advocating in favor of Republican nominees or in favor of third-party spoiler candidates that could split the vote and throw an election to our conservative opponents is never permitted on Democratic Underground. But that does not mean that DU members are required to always be completely supportive of Democrats. During the ups-and-downs of politics and policy-making, it is perfectly normal to have mixed feelings about the Democratic officials we worked hard to help elect. When we are not in the heat of election season, members are permitted to post strong criticism or disappointment with our Democratic elected officials, or to express ambivalence about voting for them. In Democratic primaries, members may support whomever they choose. But when general election season begins, DU members must support Democratic nominees (EXCEPT in rare cases where were a non-Democrat is most likely to defeat the conservative alternative, or where there is no possibility of splitting the liberal vote and inadvertently throwing the election to the conservative alternative). For presidential contests, election season begins when both major-party nominees become clear. For non-presidential contests, election season begins on Labor Day. Everyone here on DU needs to work together to elect more Democrats and fewer Republicans to all levels of American government. If you are bashing, trashing, undermining, or depressing turnout for our candidates during election season, we'll assume you are rooting for the other side.


Harder to see "facts", she, when

you've let yourself be brainwashed for years by Bullshit Mountain and he who got beaten by Sandra Fluke.

The Brainwashing Of My Dad By Limbaugh, Fox & GOP Media

"The Thinking is Done for you"

More to the story..

It could happen to a lot of people.. I won't say "anyone" because I had a unique experience with fox news in 1999 and it took me about two weeks to see what they were about. And I hadn't watched news or tv for about 10 years and I was a complete political greenhorn.

My former husband is an example of one of the "it could happen to a lot of people".. I've heard via my son who's visited him in California over the years that he's stuck in fox "truther" mode. I coined "fox truther" after our son related the story of him working on his dad's house and having fox blaring. Son told him that he charged extra if fox was on the tv. My former husband said.. "it's all true".

"No it's not" said our son.. but anyway the channel got changed. Too weird .. the human condition.


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