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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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"Republicans Just Blinked In The Big Immigration Stare-Down With Obama"

"The months-long standoff over President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration took a major turn late Monday when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) proposed decoupling funding for the Department of Homeland Security from legislative action against Obama on deportations.

Whoa! Thanks for that CreekDog

The current crop of sad gop hate that the President is Protecting our Land.. they want to Screw it..

"President George W. Bush employed the Antiquities Act five times while he was in office, and President Bill Clinton used it 19 times. According to the White House President Obama has now used his powers under the Antiquities Act to protect more than 260 million acres of land and water, which is more than any other President since 1906."

If a gop**** got in our WH.. what do you think the odds are they'd undo all this awesome Protection? High!



Mahalo napkinz

Rofl.. Obama Designates 3 National Monuments, Congressman Deems Him ‘King Barack’

Browns Canyon in Colorado(Homie State!)

****This is from 5 days ago.. ****


On Thursday, President Obama is expected to announce three new national monuments, adding to the 13 monuments he’s already designated during his presidency. Traveling to Illinois, Obama will officially proclaim the Pullman Historic District of Chicago, Browns Canyon in Colorado, and a former Honouliuli Internment Camp site in Hawaii to be national monuments.

Obama has the authority to designate federal lands for protection as national monuments under the Antiquities Act, which dates back to the administration of Theodore Roosevelt as a way to preserve archeological or historic sites. The measure authorizes the president to protect landmarks, structures, and objects of historic or scientific interest without the need of congressional approval. Republicans in a number of states consider the law to be outdated, and have pushed for bills that roll back this authority. Congressional Republicans from Colorado reacted harshly to the designation of Browns Canyon, with one representative saying Obama was acting like “King Barack.”


Former U.S. Representative Joel Hefley, a Republican who represented the district from 1987 to 2007 and originally championed the project, said that “this new National Monument will mean a lot to Chaffee County and also for future generations as they enjoy this special place. I am thrilled that after all these years it is finally happening.”

Rather than echo the enthusiasm of his predecessor, the current representative of the district, Doug Lamborn, also a Republican, expressed outrage at the designation.

Fellow Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO) went even further than Lamborn, saying that Obama was “acting like King Barack” and that this “is not how we do things in the U.S.”


That's right.. More of the knee jerk ODS we've been seeing ad nauseum.. IOW-IOKIYAR


Here's a graphic of Patricia and her quote already, apple..


Put it in your OP if you want

I disagree that there was ever anything "noble" about rudy.. but, I do like this end paragraph from


"The clock on Rudy Giuliani’s end of days began ticking as soon as he walked out of City Hall. He ran for president once, his candidacy going up in flames nearly the moment he first opened his mouth. Now he’s opened it again and all that emerges is bitterness and a contempt that borders on hate. What a brutal end; a self inflicted TKO."

Mahalo Don

Brilliant! This has already been posted but it's worth repeating from Starbucks' Howard Schultz..


Excellent Spot ON, Graphic! Here's some counter points from Mormon Dems..

Mormon Democrats @MormonDems
#ObamaLovesAmerica because he turned #GWBush's train-wreck #economy completely around. #jobs #tcot
7:28 AM - 21 Feb 2015 190 Retweets 140 favorites


What a ******* Twilight Zone.. The President has to navigate..

"...but the president has changed the conversation in such a way as to force them to highlight issues they would otherwise prefer to ignore.."

DonMahalo and Steve Benen!

Ad in the NYT today.. "Who is our Commander-in-Chief?"


Thank Goodness this Ad was put out in the NYT.. get it out there!#NoIranWar!

Let me reiterate Benjamin Netanyahu's quote from 2002 on the War on Iraq..

"I guarantee you it will have enormous positive reverberations on the region"

We all know how this turned out and is still turning out. Netanyahu was Wrong then and he's Wrong now.

Brawaaaa.. 'cause the Ghouli says so? LOL America Loves Obama and Obama Loves them Back!

GallupNews ✔ @GallupNews
51% of Americans say they have a favorable opinion of #Obama... http://on.gallup.com/1Dq9iLn
1:00 PM - 18 Feb 2015 38 Retweets 17 favorites


Mahalo napkinz
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