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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Carole King @ the White House tonight for the Kennedy Center Honors..

Mark Knoller
✔ ‎@markknoller
Tonight's Ken Cen Honorees at WH reception (L-R) Cicely Tyson, Seiji Ozawa, Rita Moreno, George Lucas & Carole King.
12:21 PM - 6 Dec 2015 37 37 Retweets
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“Who can agree with anything he says that is, you know, subject to one second of fact checking?”

Excellent response!

Thank you, rivers!

It is a beautiful pic.. thank you, rivers!

Wow! that sounds like an excellent plan.. thank you,rivers!

There's no excuse for this.. absolutley none..


Sanders: "Sometimes people forget he was assassinated because he stood up with sanitation workers fighting for decent wages and decent working conditions,” Sanders said, referring to King being shot in 1968 in Memphis, where he went to support striking workers."


The OP Notice anything? Those sanitation workers were not just people fighting for fair wages and working conditions. Those strikers were BLACK MEN, fighting for the same wages and working conditions as WHITE MEN. Through Erasure, he completely leaves out very important Basic historical facts in order to appeal to his base. And it is completely unnecessary and just plain wrong to do. If one is planning on invoking the legacy of a Black Revolutionary from OUR battle for liberation in America, one needs to not erase their very blackness in order to promote their ideology. In my opinion, it is things like this that preclude him from being the candidate of Black Americans as well as of his White Male dominated base. In order to appeal to them, certain things must be sanitized from history.

"There are many reasons to be wary of Clinton, but a subset of Democrats seem to be motivated by

something else."

No kidding!

But, I take exception to this from Bernie..

During the first presidential debate, Sen. Bernie Sanders suggested that the media coverage of Clinton’s use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state was an impediment to talking seriously about the issues. I admire Sanders — and count myself a supporter — but I think he stopped short of identifying the full problem. While Emailgate did indeed suck up much of the media’s available bandwidth earlier this summer, with news outlets across the country combing through her correspondences, the ongoing obstacle is actually even bigger than Emailgate.

Yeah. and then in the second debate BS decided that there should be more investigation of the emails. Not only wasting taxpayers money$$$$$$. But, negating what he said in the first debate.

Thank you, Nancy.

Mahalo ronny!

Excellent, MrWendel.. thank you!

“I served proudly in President Obama’s cabinet and I’m running for president now to make sure every child has a chance to live up to his or her God-given potential. And that every family can get ahead and stay ahead,” Clinton says."

Paul Helmke, former president of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, said Friday that when

Sanders declined to say he made a mistake in voting against lawsuit reforms that would have made it easier to sue gun manufacturers, it reinforced concerns many already had in the anti-gun violence community."

Thank you for this, ProudToBeLiberal


It made our website look stupid.. 122 Recs.. Good that H.A. Poorlooser brought it to light and made

fun of it. It was ridiculous.

Shouldn't Rec stuff like that if you can't be proud of it.
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