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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Lovely pic they of have him earning even more Pinocchios, brer.. one thing about this

I finally learned how to spell Pinocchio!

And, they're calling out berny big time!

Always be "suspicious" of the sanders campaign.. they earn their Pinocchios the easy way..

The Sanders campaign provided a list of 116 superdelegates that it said had switched from Clinton to Obama. The list did not include the date that a superdelegate switched, which made us instantly suspicious. (The list is embedded below.)

Clinton dropped out of the race on June 7, when she gave her “18 million cracks” speech. By any reasonable calculation, switches by superdelegates after she conceded the race shouldn’t count.


“Dammit to hell we fight,” explained Rep. Charles Rangel. “When it’s over, we come together and go out there to win.”

So Rangel and the New York delegation considered the race to be “over,” but the Sanders campaign includes him and the rest of the delegation on a list of switchers.

the sanders campaign thinks they're so slippery and all they are sleazy.

This list shows 29 people switched from Clinton to Obama, though one later switched back to Clinton. That’s a total of 28. Some of these switches were undoubtedly noteworthy and symbolic, such as the announcement by civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis of Georgia on Feb. 14. But 18, including former vice president Walter Mondale, switched after the last primaries in South Dakota and Montana—and the same week Clinton dropped out. So it’s really just 10 people during the primary season.

So BSco pumped up 10 to 116.. thinking no one would notice.. see "sleaze"!

Mahalo brer.. this is Priceless!

Another stupid a$$ quote from trump

Charles M. Blow
✔ ‎‎@CharlesMBlow
Now that we are sure that it will be him, I will be posting constant reminders of who he REALLY is... #Trump
4:20 PM - 3 May 2016
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They got the biggest a$$hole, that is the culmination of the Koch teabaggers-2010 uprising, running on the repub ticket.. hope kochenstein likes their monster.

Right.. just think of all that $$$$$$$$ down the drain over subterfuge.. what a horrible horrible


Hillary is spending so wisely.. she knows how much money the Rs are going to be wasting on her in the GE.

You're Welcome, ucr.. thank you.. you get a bonus..



Yes, Michelle and the President will go out for Hillary.. I imagine Obama campaigning for her

in Hawaii when they're on their annual vacation here.

Hekate~All the big Kahunas will be stumping for Hillary and with pleasure!

Of course she will and she'll have tons of help.. we can do without those who

want to sit home and whine.

Stonekettle ‎‎@Stonekettle
Tell me again how you're not going to vote
7:33 AM - 2 May 2016
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That's right.. not going to happen..

"Sorry, Bernie, but you can’t “contest” the Democratic Convention. Those aren’t the rules"

First things first; Sanders seems to think that because Hillary Clinton will not have the “magic number” in pledged delegates alone, that this makes the July DNC “contested.” This shows an amazing lack of knowledge of the process. The correct term Sanders should be using is “brokered”, however terminology aside, it still will not apply to the convention. A convention becomes brokered only if a candidate fails to secure a majority of overall delegates after the first ballot, this includes ALL delegates including the super delegates. Sanders appears to be operating under the misguided idea that the first ballot is pledged delegates only and that therefore Secretary Clinton will not have the required majority. However, as the first ballot will include all delegates, Secretary Clinton will have a majority and there will be nothing to “contest” or broker.

And, one who would not be dealing in facts.

The contradiction between these two strategies by the Sanders campaign is disturbing and exposes a new level of hypocrisy. In his first argument, Sanders says that the super delegates should vote based on popular vote from their state, but in the second argument he is saying they should ignore the will of the people and vote for him because he is polling slightly better. He is, in effect saying he wants to steal the nomination not just from Secretary Clinton, but from the members of the democratic party who have given her a decisive victory.

Regardless of Sanders strategies, back-up plans and other machinations, there will not be a brokered convention and Senator Sanders will not be the nominee. He may spend the next two months pretending otherwise, but the democratic nomination process is over for everyone but Sanders and his most confused supporters.

sanders may or may not be "misguided".. either way he's trying to dupe the American People and we've already had too many Presidents like that.. No Thank you, BS.

Yo Mama~http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1107&pid=122726


The truly disgusting part about Bernie's contested convention aspirations is how he thinks he's entitled to override the will of POC/women.


Thank you for your analysis, Cajon!

Thank you! I have it some place but I better put in my journal again..

Yeah, some place like FB that I haven't been to in a year because of all the BS.

The Sun has set on that act.

I’ve had numerous conversations with Hillary supporters who’ve tried to share pro-Hillary articles on social media (or even, god-forbid, Bernie critiques), but who had been so viciously attacked for it by Bernie fans, that they decided it just wasn’t worth voicing their opinions. This bullying has been pervasive throughout the campaign, and all over the internet. The comments sections of articles have been littered with some of the most disgusting, misogynistic and hateful rhetoric you’ll ever see, and Bernie has remained silent throughout all of it. I’m sure I’ll garner my own share of vitriol for posting this, but it makes me physically ill to sit and watch these ongoing attacks.

Yeah, they're such hotshots.. all the way to the Losers' circle.

Thank you for the link, Mab!

It's a shame his supporters are so besodded that they don't know any better, either.. the two

paths to a BS victory..



She's our Firewall!

Hillary Clinton
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"Unity versus division, compassion versus selfishness, and love versus hate. The stakes don’t get much higher."
7:28 AM - 4 May 2016
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