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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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I was going to post this.. mahalo madame. The case put forth by a showboating U.S. Sen. EW

D-Mass., — that Obama cannot be trusted to make a deal in the interests of American workers — is almost worse than wrong. It is irrelevant"


"In Washington state, for example, exports of everything from apples to airplanes have soared 40 percent over four years to total nearly $91 billion in 2014, according to The Seattle Times. About two in five jobs there are now tied to trade.

Small wonder that U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, a liberal Democrat from neighboring Oregon, has strongly supported fast-track authority."


"But then we have Warren stating with a straight face that handing negotiating authority to Obama would “give Republicans the very tool they need to dismantle Dodd-Frank.”

Huh? Obama swatted down the remark as wild, hypothetical speculation, noting he engaged in a “massive” fight with Wall Street to get the reforms passed. “And then I sign a provision that would unravel it?” he told political writer Matt Bai.

How dare the President?! "Obama Asks F.C.C. to Adopt Tough Net Neutrality Rules"

"WASHINGTON — In his most direct effort yet to influence the debate about the Internet’s future, President Obama said on Monday that a free and open Internet was as critical to Americans’ lives as electricity and telephone service and should be regulated like those utilities to protect consumers."


How dare President ask the F.C.C. for a Free and Open Internet.. and Every Other Progressive thing he's Done while his time in Office?!!!

Obama is creating a 1,500-mile “butterfly corridor” to help Monarchs get from Mexico to Minnesota

US president Barack Obama, a friend to bees and other pollinating insects in peril, has unveiled his national strategy (pdf) to mitigate honey bee loss, increase the Monarch butterfly population, and restore the habitats of both insects, whose health is essential to our food supply. The program will depend heavily on federal agencies and will also involve Mexico and Canada, since bees and butterflies know nothing of state laws and don’t really care about borders.


How dare he?! "Changed HUD rules to prohibit gender and sexual orientation

based discrimination in housing"


How dare President Obama help the bees and Every other Progressive thing he's done since he's been if Office?!

The White House OSTP retweeted
Dept. of Agriculture @USDA
· 15h 15 hours ago
Announcing new steps to promote #pollinatorhealth http://ow.ly/N8GXP


Yes, there's always going to be stupid, insecure, racists waving their shite around but, Pres Obama

The HillVerified account
‏@thehill .@POTUS sets Guinness World Record after reaching 1 million Twitter followers in five hours: http://hill.cm/YxneEK1

"Clinton is banking on the Obama coalition to win".. she is smart.. there's a

lot of votes out here that went for the President. No one is going to win running from his accomplishments.. even though some on the internet like to paint him as the "Trojan Horse".. that's just more horseshit from the usuals who can't see the forest.

In real life President Obama's approval ratings are quite high.. Dem candidates would be silly to disregard this..

"According to the latest CNN/ORC poll, the Obama resurgence is being fueled by the growing economy. Fifty-two percent of respondents called the U.S. economy very or somewhat good while 48% said the economy was very or somewhat poor. The President’s approval rating has increased with 18-29-year-olds (57%), women (51%), Democrats (88%), and liberal Democrats (97%).


Many supporters of the President will view his increasing approval numbers as Obama finally getting credit for the economic turnaround after pulling the country back from the brink of a potential depression when he took office, but these numbers could foreshadow a Democratic strong point in 2016. If the economy keeps growing, Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, will be able to run on maintaining and expanding the Obama economy.


Mahalo for the link, Maggie

"Chained CPI Was Never Going to Happen, And Now It's Still Never Going to Happen"

"In reality, the fundamentals of the situation have not changed at all. Last year, Obama was willing to adopt C-CPI in return for concessions Republicans would never, ever make. This year, Obama is still willing to adopt C-CPI in return for concessions Republicans would never, ever make. Putting the compromise in his budget was merely Obama’s way of locating the blame for the reality that Republicans in Congress will never, ever, ever strike a fiscal deal with him. The disappointed deficit scolds sitting just to Obama’s right, and the joyous progressives just to his left, are committing the same fallacy. They are mistaking a step premised on an impossibility for a semblance of reality."


Thoughtful, informative reminder, Justin,

of how to deal and interact with the anti-Hillary baiters.

You know I know exactly how you feel.. as President Obama supporters are in the same unique boat. We have an exceptionally fine, accomplished President.. and he has beautiful supporters on DU, including yourself.. but, seemingly the majority don't know enough beyond.. "he's a trojan horse"

There really is a fine art to getting across what you want to say without getting a hide. And, sometimes we just say "Bucket" it.. that's when you really have to keep editing until you get it right! lol

I love it that he's standing up to those who are so ugly and disrespectful to him.. little CT

peddlers deserve nothing.

They couldn't dream of doing what the President accomplishes..

@POTUS: In Camden today, seeing first-hand how smart policing is making the community safer while building trust.


Oh yeah, Now I do! Obama Reads Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel! Thanks, fresh~

ODS.. at it's most malignant.. "Trojan Horse".. 200 whatevers think that's alright just like

the "fucking pos used car salesman".. It says everything about their rep on an internet board and absolutely nothing about the President.

I love being in the minority on a board filled with hysterical "Trojan Horse" pushers..

I'm with the President on caring about what people like this think..

Absolutely love it.. mahalo TBD of your OP..
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