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Member since: 2002
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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Drumpf is a sociopath.. writers and pundits are

acting like he's a normal person "rejecting American Democracy".

Btw, this is his so-called "substantive" back and forth..

Jon Favreau
✔ ‎@jonfavs
As @brianbeutler notes, this was all during Trump's supposedly strong first 30 minutes: pic.twitter.com/9HR5V9mWMC
6:39 PM - 19 Oct 2016
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And, this on Russia..

Mr. Trump at first declined to do so, saying he doubted the reports by U.S. intelligence agencies. He avoided any criticism of Russia’s Vladi­mir Putin, repeatedly insisting it would be “good” to get along with Russia, with no mention of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and other actions that have made getting along difficult.

What drumpf is really saying is.. ".. that it would be good to roll over and let putin do whatever he want like he always does."

I think drumpf is an enemy of the state.

Thank you, Don

His voice is like a cartoon villian.

It seemed put on to me because I've had the distinct pleasure of never having had to hear him before in my life.

When Hillary was imitating him in that first SNL vid last year during the primaries I didn't know what to think..

Sara Benincasa
✔ ‎@SaraJBenincasa
THIS IS IMPORTANT: Hillary's Donald Trump impression is really good. Go to 2:58 and watch. …
5:36 PM - 13 Oct 2016
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Actually Hillary did quite a bit more than

"avoid gaffes"

Al Giordano ‏@AlGiordano · 8h8 hours ago
Speaking strictly for me, my favorite part of the debate was when she dropkicked him through the goal posts. Also all the other times.
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There was only one stooge on that stage.

It verifies above anything else that trump

won't accept reality and has incredibly poor sportsmanship by not accepting the results of the election before it's even held.

Whining as President Obama said instead of making his case.


Liz Mair ‏@LizMair 8h8 hours ago
Pretty sure after every newspaper and TV newscast in the country runs the "won't commit to accepting the result" line, he'll fall further.

Thanks for the tweets, BRH


It was fun doing.. we needed an OP like yours exactly now!

Funny and poignant at the same time! Broadway for Hillary

is grand, Lucinda.. Thank you!

Oh that would have been a good idea!

Closed captions. it's much less of an intense impact when you're reading what they say.

Oh well, the debates are gone now. Thank Goodness!

Gabe Ortíz
✔ ‎@TUSK81
A whopping 93% of viewers following the #debate on Univision say @HillaryClinton was the night's winner. pic.twitter.com/OCF0E87yQE
6:25 PM - 19 Oct 2016
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This is Tony Schwartz' view of when drumpf lost it..

Tony Schwartz ‏@tonyschwartz · 6h6 hours ago
The moment when Trump began to decompensate: Hillary says he went to see Mexican president and choked. All downhill for Trump from there.


drumpf was taken by a woman.. just desserts

I imagine they do..

Too bad we can't get a balance.

I'll leave you with this tweet I just saw..

Al Giordano Retweeted
Andrew Lih ‏@fuzheado · 5h5 hours ago
Bathrooms according to Trump #debatenight


#FeelTheJoy! #StrongerTogether

It's been a joy knowing you, NurseJackie! We had some times didn't we?

And, now that we're getting so close to the finish line it's really nice to be with these kindred spirits who have been with us on our journey!

The Long And Winding Road as Iamaartist would post for us!

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