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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 183,321

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Daddy hugs his daughter~


Nina Turner went after EW today.. BS surrogate blasts Warren: 'You don't get brownie points from me'

Sanders surrogate blasts Warren: 'You don't get brownie points from me'

During a radio interview on SiriusXM’s “Steele and Unger,” former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner said she was not impressed with Warren’s social media attacks against Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump

“It’s easy for Democrats to attack Mr. Trump,” Turner said. “You don’t get any brownie points from me and other progressives for getting into a Twitter war with Mr. Donald Trump. That’s easy.

“But when the fight was hard for Sen. Bernie Sanders, where was Sen. Warren?”

“They’re gonna attack me for saying this, but I’m a truth-teller at this point,” Turner added

Not even close, Nina.. oh and btw.. @ which point do you consider yourself Not "a truth teller"? Just sayin'


Wait a minute! Malia Obama Graduates from Washington, DC's Private 'Sidwell Friends School' Today

107.5 WBLS FM ‎@WBLS1075NYC
Wait a minute! Malia Obama Graduates from Washington, DC's Private 'Sidwell Friends School' Today! #POTUS #CONGRATS
4:49 AM - 10 Jun 2016
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JLF ‎@Happy2BeJudith
Congratulations Malia Obama on your graduation from high school today!
3:38 AM - 10 Jun 2016
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Malia Obama graduated from high school today
1:57 PM - 10 Jun 2016
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Mark Knoller
✔ ‎@markknoller
What a difference 7 years make. Malia graduates from high school today. Sasha turns 15. Pres expects tears of joy.
2:28 AM - 10 Jun 2016
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Good Morning America
✔ ‎@GMA
Happy Birthday Sasha Obama! 🎂 🎉
2:12 AM - 10 Jun 2016
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Happy Birthday, Sascha Obama!

Yes, well said.. the First in a long line of Female Presidents to come..

I don't think this is in the least "presumptuous".. there's still a lot of hard work ahead.. but she's beaten her primary opponents.. now on to beat the maniac in the GE.


"She was a formidable candidate in 2008..

And, baby won't you look @ her now!

No Worries.. We Can Do both...

West Wing Reports
✔ ‎‎@WestWingReport
Fair to say that the only person now standing between Donald Trump and this room is Hillary Clinton
1:13 PM - 3 May 2016
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Stonekettle ‎‎@Stonekettle
Tell me again how you're not going to vote
7:33 AM - 2 May 2016
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Thanks for that Great decription of what's happening the day after President Obama gave

his brilliant Endorsement of Hillary, Rose!

I read the President was excellent on Fallon's .. they have clips @ this link..

Zack Nussbaum ‎@znussbaum19
@jimmyfallon this has been without a doubt the best show you've done! Love every second of it! Major props Jimmy! 👏👏👏👏 #POTUSonFallon
6:23 PM - 9 Jun 2016
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Yeah, President Obama appreciates and respects Hillary.. the other guys have demonized her... who do we trust?

Well, yeah! I knew.. they love her just like I do! Did you see how many

endorsements she got from minority groups?

I want to Thank them all! And, Thank you, Cali, for voting for Hillary in California!


This.. Bullshit like this.. and if he thinks he's going to have a say in anything important he's

blown it.. a thousand times over. BS is his own worst enemy.

Meta ‎@metaquest
So tonight, Bernie Sanders' way of bringing things to productive closure is to put Cornel West front & center to bash Democrats again.
3:49 PM - 9 Jun 2016
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Alice Ollstein
✔ ‎@AliceOllstein
Damn, @CornelWest called @HillaryClinton a "milquetoast neoliberal" and the crowd went nuts
12:57 PM - 9 Jun 2016
18 18 Retweets 5 5 likes

Eric Boehlert ‎@EricBoehlert
ha. Poor Cornel's probably not getting Hillary inauguration tix either https://twitter.com/aliceollstein/status/741041647945977858
1:25 PM - 9 Jun 2016


Somebody just posted their favorite pic of Pres Obama, Michelle, and Hillary on TOD

Alasscan™ ‎@Alasscan_
@POTUS thank you for endorsing @HillaryClinton
A favorite picture of mine:
8:50 AM - 9 Jun 2016

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